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  1. Here is the facebook event page, any other info I found was just by googling "Warp Party Chicago 2013." I'm still trying to get word on who played, did anybody else hear of this?
  2. "Excited and honoured to announce that we have signed to Warp Records! We're looking forward to working together for a long time and feel this is the perfect home for our future endeavors." "We are delighted to divulge that our new album, entitled 'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth', is due for release on May 27th 2013 on Warp Records. Releasing new material is long overdue, finally having this second album all wrapped up and ready to go is a fantastic feeling." http://warp.net/ http://www.mountkimbie.com/
  3. Hi everyone. I am planning in ordering some t-shirt from Warp and I want to know if they really use US sizes for them. Also; Can someone kind enough measure some M male US shirt where the red lines are? I am not north American :p. Thanks!
  4. Guest

    Bytes is 20 years old today

    What did/does it mean to you? Still one of my favourite albums of all time. Ed (in particular) and Andy were on fire. From what I can work out, 8 out of the 11 main tracks were theirs: Plaid, Close Up Over, Atypic and Balil. 3/4 Heart still astonishes me. Ken's 3 tracks weren't so bad either. Carceres Ex Novum is my other major highlight. Who was/were Echo Mike? I'm kind of thinking this was Ed and Andy again.
  5. http://youtu.be/ygKLQ1ItVGY Couldn't find a thread about this, but DAMN these samples sound great. Vinyl and digital releases only. HudMo does it again. Who is Lunice? Is he one of the numbers crew? Bleep Link
  6. Hello, I'm glad to announce you the birth of a belgian vinyl label whose first LP was released a few days ago : Lord Cal. Covering a wide range of styles, Rephlex and Warp lovers might find something interesting there. Here's the first release : http://www.discogs.com/Axhan-Laols-Acsients-2/release/4058855 Audio : http://youtu.be/cZeRArV32IA Website : http://www.lordcal.com Thanks! LC
  7. http://www.kcrw.com/...c/cc120606clark 24:40 Clark announces the EP and plays the title track. Flutes
  8. http://warp.net/reco...ounces-ufabulum
  9. A nice video clip to begin : [media=] [/media] And a promotional free to download mini album : http://puzzlingrecs.bandcamp.com/album/promo-tools-2012 cheers
  10. - TONIGHT - 9:30 ENGLAND TIME! (21:30) and then 9:30 USA Eastern Time NEW SQUAREPUSHER LISTENING PARTY- WITH CHAT AND Participant VIDEO http://www.stickam.c...lectronicweekly DIRECTIONS ON SINGING IN: 1. Go to the stickam page: http://www.stickam.c...lectronicweekly 2. Click to log in with your facebook account (click twice) 3.Opt out if it asks for control to your Facebook (un tick the boxes) 4. Watch the annoying 30 second add 5. Press the 'LET ME IN" button and you're there! WARMING UP WILL BE SELECTIONS FROM "H.P. SNEAKSTEP" AND A JUST RELEASED ALBUM FROM "WAH
  11. http://warp.net/reco...w-album-u-and-i
  12. http://warp.net/reco...ep-buggn-london is good
  13. this is good read for fans of the warp: http://www.factmag.c...f-warp-records/
  14. Guest

    Quonk Numeratums

  15. might trek out to the Austin show, although this is my least fav Pritchard project, hmm 11-10 New York, NY - (Le) Poisson Rouge *^ 11-11 Detroit, MI - The Works ^ 11-13 Austin, TX - Barcelona ^ 11-16 Minneapolis, MN - Barfly $ 11-17 Chicago, IL - Smartbar 11-18 Montreal, Quebec - Cabaret du Mile End 11-19 Buffalo, NY - DBGB # 11-23 San Juan, Puerto Rico - Red Shield Music Hall 11-24 Toronto, Ontario - The Drake Underground 11-25 Denver, CO - Beta Nightclub ~ 11-27 Los Angeles, CA - Bardot ! 11-28 Seattle, WA - Chop Suey ! 11-29 Sacramento, CA - Townhouse 11-30 Eureka, CA - Noc
  16. http://soundcloud.com/skiponline/voise-90s-ae-style-demo Oi fella'z. Here is some demo from 2009,never worked on it further, might though. The mood is verry slowely changing towards nostalgic vibes, As mentioned;its totally in a 90's Ae -style.
  17. LISTEN ON MIXCLOUD Speedy J ------------------ The FUN Equations B12 -------------------------- Obsessed Musicology --------------- Telefone 529 Richard H. Kirk ---------- Reality Net B12 ------------------------- Scriptures Beaumont Hannant --- Utuba Speedy J ----------------- Symmetry Aphex Twin -------------- Schottkey 7th Path Speedy J ----------------- De-Orbit Balil ------------------------ Merck Aphex Twin ------------- Heliosphan (Live at Big Day Out, 1997) Speedy J ----------------- Ping Pong Aphex Twin ------------- Digeridoo (Live in Co
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