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Found 21 results

  1. cardiac by nebulo about after completing his last album 'artefact' thomas pujols felt the need to change nebulo's aural focus towards immediacy and beat-underlaid directness. in the summer of 2011 he recorded one draft track every day to substantiate his ideas and inspirations, and he used these drafts as resources for this release. to prevent the feeling of electronic coldness and to achieve an more organic texture unusual production devices like a 4-track recorder were used. each drum sample was chosen with extraordinary diligence, e.g. the clap sounds were entirely self-recorded on
  2. Not sure how I feel about this one. There seems to be a certain satisfaction to this movie but it also makes me uneasy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1-NRmuXTls
  3. Hot Sugar - Moon Money EP Released May 2012 on Ninja Tune Yeah its' not really new or upcoming but I really like the sounds and chill dreamy melodies.
  4. Early contender for 2012
  5. whether it be fueled by believers or disbelievers, this coming year is going to be filled with the 2012 hysteria. even if the world does not come to the end, i'm sure by december 21st we are all going to wish it had
  6. Following this year’s hugely critically acclaimed new album Lucifer, LA duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, AKA Peaking Lights have announced the imminent release of Lucifer In Dub – a special collection of dub edits conjured up by Coyes himself which will be released on December 10th through us here at Weird World. The Sonic Boom-mastered, six song collection takes the glistening strands of krautrock, minimal house, analogue dance music, skewed pop and the band’s core influence – dub – which Lucifer so successfully fused together and pushes even more deeply into the murky heat of the latter. Th
  7. Two years after the debut album "Kuker's" huge success, the creators of БALKANSKY Ivo Christov and Ivan Shopov present their new album "ORENDA". Official co-author of the project is the unique musician and "kaval player of the planet" Theodosii Spassov. In some of the compositions join guest musicians like Yanka Rupkina (vocals), Haig Yazdzhiyan from Armenia (oud), Milen Kirov (piano) and Ivan Georgiev (kaba bagpipe). released 22 October 2012 БALKANSKY are : THEODOSII SPASSOV / kaval, trumpet & voice /www.theodosiispassov.com IVAN SHOPOV / programming and mixing / www.ivanshopo
  8. My Dry Wet Mess — Stereo Typing BFDNL035 Released 12/11/2012 Stereo Typing is the sum of the parts of a journey. Giovanni Civitenga, aka My Dry Wet Mess, composed his forthcoming album for Brainfeeder over a 15 month period (November ‘10 through January ‘12), between Barcelona and Berlin, in four different houses. And out of the many changes and different chapters, comes a densely layered body of work that - despite being a product of transition - stands as his most grounded and resolved work yet. The title derived, My Dry Wet Mess explains, “from the concept of typing for the stere
  9. David Peck - "ACTUALLY" http://soundcloud.com/davidpeck/actually
  10. Any genre, the stuff you chaps have found worthy in your travels. Maybe post a clip from youtube/soundcloud as an example, as long as it's kosher. ( Sure it's only the 18/09 .. but it's nearer to the end of the year than the beginning and i'd like some guidance on what you've thought nice given my tendency to not look anything up. Plus in before troon.)
  11. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/squarepusher-dreams-up-his-own-electronic-light-show-20120807
  12. http://soundcloud.com/pan_recs/nhkkoyxe-638-pan-24
  13. http://warp.net/records/squarepusher/moogfest
  14. http://blog.iso50.com/28204/tycho-summer-tour-starts-today/ JUN 25 Reno, NV JUN 27 Salt Lake City, UT JUN 28 Fort Collins, CO JUN 29 Denver, CO JUN 30 Colorado Springs, CO JUL 02 Lawrence, KS JUL 03 St Louis, MO JUL 05 Minneapolis, MN JUL 06 Chicago, IL JUL 07 Pontiac, MI JUL 08 Cleveland, OH JUL 10 Toronto, Canada JUL 11 Montreal, Canada JUL 12 Portland, ME JUL 13 Pattersonville, NY JUL 14 New York, NY JUL 16 Pittsburgh, PA JUL 17 Columbus, OH JUL 18 Milwaukee, WI More dates listed on Tycho's Farcebook™ page...
  15. Been lurking on here on and off for years. Visiting London and realizing that this show wasn't posted here inspired me to make an account. If you'll be there and you want to grab a pint with a giant synth-minded American, drop me a message. http://www.residenta...ent.aspx?363891
  16. http://soundcloud.com/davidpeck/noctilucence This is the title cut from my debut EP release "Noctilucence"! I've been looking forward to sharing these tracks with you guys for awhile now, I hope you can dig it! Check out my bandcamp page to get more info & buy the EP for just $1.
  17. Is there one? Do you believe there will be one?...I'd love history to repeat itself. I'd love it if there was another introverted kid with such talent and sensibility, that would just sit in front of the pc and some more equipement and play with it, experiment with it, just doing music for the sake of it in its purest form...There's still no music that makes me feel the same as richards.
  18. what are ur new year resolutions in 2012??? did u set goals for yourself and what are they my new years resoltuions: 1. make a new Aphex Twin EP every month and it will be like a series also finally finish roger dancemores album 2. just be COOLER even lol 3. cant say #3 its secret
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