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Found 15 results

  1. Sean mentioned it in AAA, so I looked for more info: Out at the start of 2014 as a limited edition vinyl and digital release will be Dilankex with a 17 min remix from Autechre. http://www.obermanknocks.com/
  2. http://pitchfork.com/news/56876-thom-yorke-announces-new-album-tomorrows-modern-boxes/ From Thom & Nigel: "As an experiment we are using a new version of BitTorrent to distribute a new Thom Yorke record. The new Torrent files have a pay gate to access a bundle of files.. The files can be anything, but in this case is an 'album'. It’s an experiment to see if the mechanics of the system are something that the general public can get its head around... If it works well it could be an effective way of handing some control of internet commerce back to people who are creating the work. Enabling those people who make either music, video or any other kind of digital content to sell it themselves. Bypassing the self elected gate-keepers. If it works anyone can do this exactly as we have done. The torrent mechanism does not require any server uploading or hosting costs or ‘cloud’ malarkey. It's a self-contained embeddable shop front... The network not only carries the traffic, it also hosts the file. The file is in the network. Oh yes and it's called Tomorrow's Modern Boxes. Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich"
  3. Guest

    Idiotek - 'quadrat'

    hi. my new album is out. it's called 'quadrat'. it's more idm than the previous one, and also darker. hope you enjoy! http://idiotek.bandcamp.com/album/quadrat
  4. Just posted on his Facebook page; potentially/probably a new album on Planet Mu. https://www.facebook.com/vsnares/posts/10152348064078394?stream_ref=10 **UPDATE** Link to album previews on µ - (tour dates also on page) TrackList 01. 10TH CIRCLE OF WINNIPEG 02. DELETED POEMS 03. 1000 YEARS 04. YOUR SMILING FACE 05. AMAZON 06. MY LOVE IS A BULLDOZER 07. SHE RUNS 08. 8AM UNION STATION 09. SHAKY SOMETIMES 10. TOO FAR ACROSS 11. DEAR POET 12. YOUR BLANKET
  5. File Name: Autechre - Live in Utrecht (2014) File Submitter: Herr Jan File Submitted: 09 Aug 2015 File Category: Autechre Click here to download this file
  6. Robert Henke has announced a new after 3 years coming out some time this month. His website [http://roberthenke.com/releases/ml-027.html] doesn't offer much info but RA did a lil write up about it - http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=27370 Info on next years live performances, pulling an AE: http://roberthenke.com/concerts/ML2015.html
  7. eclipsis


    Ae_Krakow / download here: http://www.neuralcorrosion.com/?id=aekrakow
  8. Ràdio Web MACBA's most listened podcasts 2014 1- MEMORABILIA. COLLECTING SOUNDS WITH.... Andy Votel Part I. Produced by Matias Rossi Over the past twenty years, Andy Votel has travelled far and wide in a quest to buy as many records as he could. His main motivation is to listen to music, and the only way to get the music he likes is generally to buy and collect it. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/memorabilia-andy-votel/capsula More info: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20131212/Memorabilia_Andy_Votel_eng.pdf 2- MEMORABILIA. COLLECTING SOUNDS WITH.... Brian Shimkovitz. Part I. Produced by Matias Rossi The tale of how a student of ethnomusicology from Brooklyn spent a year in West Africa buying tapes off street markets... and how he managed to turn that bizarre collection into one of the most revered record labels in recent years. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/memorabilia_brian_shimkovitz/capsula More info: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20130903/Memorabilia_Brian_Shimkovitz_eng.pdf 3- PROBES #1. Curated by Chris Cutler PROBES #1 sets the scene and investigates early reconsiderations of pitch: probes that postulate new scales to be constructed through the ever-greater subdivision of the inherited intervals of equal temperament. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/probes1_chris_cutler_/capsula More info: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20121023/Probes1_eng.pdf 4- ONLY GIRLS OF 17 CAN HEAR UP TO 16.000 HERTZ. A short history of the audio cassette. Curated by Felix Kubin Following with Felix Kubin’s line of research on the creative underground tape scene, in this brief podcast we revisit the origins of the format with former Philips employee Wim Langenhoff. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/extra/wim-langenhoff/capsula More info: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20140917/Wim_eng_PDF.pdf 5- INTERRUPTIONS #16. On duration: silence is unavailable, please buy time or switch dimensions. Curated by Dave Phillips Dave Phillips' mix is a true assault on the senses that reflects on extreme durations in music and our relationship with the temporality of sound. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/dave-phillips-on-duration/capsula More info: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20140220/16Interruptions_eng.pdf 6- MEMORABILIA. COLLECTING SOUNDS WITH... Eric Isaacson. Part I. Produced by Rosanna Arbon It may seem obvious looking back but Eric Isaacson had no idea that a childhood obsession with The Beatles and an armful of Daniel Johnston cassettes would be the foundation for his work as founder of Mississippi Records label and shop and the keeper of a uniquely free flowing record collection that is detached from time. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/memorabilia-eric-isaacson/capsula More info: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20140313/Memorabilia_Eric_Isaacson_eng.pdf 7- PROBES #3. Curated by Chris Cutler This is where pitch becomes weightless and all that is solid melts into air: futurism, noise, electricity, ecstasy and uncertainty. We look at the lure and power of sliding tones. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/probes3_chris_cutler_/capsula More info: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20130221/Probes3_eng.pdf 8- OBJECTHOOD #2. Curated by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros Cuts, folds, scales, sound objects, charts, chimeras. Artists Erick Beltrán and Florian Hecker discuss different theories about objects in relation to their respective artistic practices. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/specials/objecthood2-florian-hecker-erick-beltran/capsula More info: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20140613/Objecthood_2_en.pdf 9- SONA #119 Interview with Allan Sekula about the relationship between art and photography, about artistic activism, the role of the artist in the public sphere and "Waiting for Tear Gas". Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/allan_sekula/capsula 10- INTERRUPTIONS #15. Cumulative Tails. Curated by Vicki Bennett Cumulative Tails is a pun upon the 'cumulative tale', where each part of a story relates to that which just preceded and followed it. This radio mix, curated by Vicki Bennett, has been created using that process – a succession of audio tracks picked in conceptual relation only to that which was previously played. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/vicki-bennett-cumulative-tails-/capsula More info: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20131230/15Interruptions_eng.pdf
  9. Presents Link to stream: http://www.mixcrate.com/utilitarianaudiotapes/2014-walking-hiking-companion-audio-recording-125bpm-8913237 link to download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/4zlfnw 1-Ulrich Schnauss-A Strangely Isolated Place 2-Distal-Frozen Barnacles 3-Aphex Twin-minipops 67 (120.2)(source field mix) 4-Soul Oddity-Welcome Back To Earth 5-Cloud Capture-captureclouds p2 6-V.L.A.D.-Roll X 7-Aphex Twin-wet tip hen ax 8-Dynamix [email protected] 9-Mrs Jynx-Sci Fi Sofa 10-µ-ziq-Vinxel 11-Tipper-Pringle Guts 12-Dave Monolith-Farewell Frenchman 13-Clark-PhrenicMix 14-Soul Oddity-Freq Shift 15-Boards of Canada-Sundown 16-Boards of Canada-June 9th 17-Clark-Night Night 18-Team Sleep-Live From The Stage 19-Radioactive Man-up in the air 20-edan-aeoc 21-Barry Long-A journey in Consciousness The first minute of the audio is for stretching your legs out while looking up at the sky and mentally preparing yourself for the journey. Once the beats begin please start walking at the pace of the music. Sway your arms at or near the 125bpm pace to experience this recording properly. This recording is suitable for easy hiking or moderate walking between 2.8-4.1mph at full stride with an average distance of 1.25-2.1 miles. This audio recording is meant to be enjoyed on Sentry Sport Hooks Clip-On Digital Earbuds from your local Dollar General Store. Thank you and walk safely.
  10. 3rd November 2014 http://throttleclark.com/clark/
  11. ( - space reserved - ) TONIGHT!! those DSPH guys set a hight standard, you belgian lot know what to do! ;) as always this should turn out interesting, comparing set differences... ooh can't wait :)
  12. I https://soundcloud.com/unistasis/kkpo-tte-r-med-syre
  13. Morphology - Identity Component Morphology - Intercal I like ♥
  14. 2014 predictions events, music releases, films, anythings mine is a la sylvia browne: i predict that somewhere, in the western hemisphere, something BIG will happen in 2014 also at least one big thing will happen in the eastern hemisphere
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