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Found 18 results

  1. Posted on his twitter on NYE. Presumably old material. Stooooked for new (old) Jega
  2. File Name: afx Day for Night 2016 File Submitter: silentvision File Submitted: 18 Dec 2016 File Category: Aphex Twin Tentative tracklisting 0:00:00-0:00:58 Baudouin Oosterlynck - Refuge 0:00:47-0:02:26 Andy Stott - Posers 0:02:27-0:04:21 Sd Laika - Great God Plan 0:04:21-0:05:37 Eprom - Samurai 0:05:33-0:07:08 Heorge Garrison - Nag Champa Breaks 0:07:00-0:08:32 NRSB-11 - 685 471 2 0:08:12-0:09:08 Fis - DMT Usher 0:08:52-0:11:20 Jlin - Hatshepsut (unreleased, played at Jlin's live shows) 0:11:21-0:12:55 Qebrus - hmn fshn 0:12:51-0:14:03 Oxhy - Burning Tories 0:14:04-0:16:00 0:16:01-0:17:59 Der Zyklus - Krypton 84 0:17:23-0:19:18 Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - 00:26 - Ryan Davis Rethink 0:18:34-0:20:44 Jlin - Guantanamo 0:20:29-0:22:14 User18081971 - Tamclap2 0:22:15-0:23:48 Jlin - Infrared (Bagua) 0:23:49-0:25:45 Powell - Rider 0:25:32-0:27:08 Jlin - Erotic Heat 0:27:05-0:29:05 Concrete Fence - Industrial Disease 0:28:42-0:32:00 Aphex Twin - Hedphylum 0:32:00-0:33:24 0:33:19-0:35:40 DJ Nigga Fox - LUMI 0:35:32-0:37:34 Bloom - Quartz 0:37:15-0:39:20 Cannibal Cooking Club - Rumpelstylzchen 0:39:21-0:41:40 Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707 0:41:17-0:42:20 HVAD - ANGST 0:42:13-0:44:51 Current Value - Gear Up 0:44:49-0:48:28 Aphex Twin - Polynomial C "acid version" 0:47:48-0:50:32 Edge Of Motion - PG. 300 0:50:18-0:52:31 Tango & Ratty - Tales From the Darksid 0:52:29-0:55:08 Aphex Twin - no stillson 6 cirk mix_ (DfN white label) 0:55:24-0:58:49 µ-Ziq - Brace Yourself Jason 0:58:49-1:02:13 X-103 - Eruption 1:02:00-1:05:28 User18081971 - Nightmail 1 1:05:18-1:08:29 The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12 1:08:16-1:10:24 Aphex Twin - 73-yips 1:10:24-1:12:06 Hellfish - The Anti-Citizen 1:12:03-1:15:26 Rolando Simmons - Yuo're Life You'r Tsois 1:14:48-1:17:01 1:17:02-1:21:22 unreleased afx track1? (same drums as T08+4) 1:21:25-1:23:55 unreleased afx track2? (similar melody as cutting/tuss era) 1:23:56-1:25:48 Qebrus - Vlcnmtr 1:25:46-1:27:50 The Boogie Down Kru - Boogie Down 1:27:38-1:31:20 Squarepusher - Untitled 1:31:20-1:35:32 Paradox - Dirty City 1:35:00-1:37:12 1:36:38-1:40:19 Sniper - Dubplate Pressure RMX ft. MC GQ 1:40:20-1:42:49 Dom & Roland - Deckard's theme 1:42:49-1:45:34 1:45:35-1:47:17 1:47:15-1:48:54 1:48:54-1:51:27 Click here to download this file
  3. Second single off new Tycho LP (date TBD) released today: https://soundcloud.com/tycho/epoch
  4. This is a collection of 18 electronic tracks I did in Ableton Live 9 over the last years & uploaded to YouTube. Click a pic to go directly to a single clip - or else use the links to 3 playlists (each containing a set of 6 clips). Electronic Tracks -1- Ralph Nolte Electronic Tracks -2- Ralph Nolte Electronic Tracks -3- Ralph Nolte ---
  5. here we are. pick your #1 of 2016. these are all records that were cited in the nominations thread 4 times or more. this seemed like a healthy cutoff, and also allowed for less than 50 choices which is the max for a single poll question. there were some cool picks that didn't make the cutoff, alas. some of the top contenders were as expected, although Danny Brown and Huerco S got a lot of love also. only one choice is possible in this poll, as we've already pooled together the top x based on citations. this isn't so much about which record was the most generally appreciated in 2016 - though there will be a winner in the end - but more about which records were most important to individuals and if there is a pattern there. I'm interested to see if this will result in some more diversity. leggo
  6. Figured I'd start one, it's December 1st and the EOTY album thread is going already. Top 10 EPs Gold Panda - Kingdom Odd Nosdam / Boards of Canada - Sisters / Sisters Remix Remix Zeal And Ardor - Devil Is Fine Illum Sphere - Second Sight Best Available Technology - Twisted Floating Points - Kuiper Pts 1 & 2 DJ EQ WHY - New Jack City Amnesia Scanner - AS Djrum - Space Race Cyclist - Pressing Matters Notable Mentions Rabit, Strict Face ‎– Tearz / Into Stone Radiohead - Daydreaming DJ MASTERCARD - Corrupt Memories Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP Laura Mvula - Overcome Rabit/Dedekind Cut - R&D VCNF - I N T E R N E T G O L D DJ Earl / 0PN / MoonDoctoR - Open Your Eyes DJ Clent - California M.E.S.H. - Damaged Merc Mr Fingers - Outer Acid EP Nosaj Thing - NO REALITY Factory Floor - Wave (JLin Remix) Anenon - Mouth / Once Dalek - Asphalt For Eden Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket Nicolas Jaar - Nymphs EP compilation Ras G - The El-Aylien Tapes 18 Carat Affair - N. Cruise Blvd Babeheaven - Friday Sky Ruf Dog - Island Remix
  7. can't remember who normally does this, or if it even is done by a regular person. anyway, post your contenders for AOTY itt (LPs only, let's have a separate thread for EPs) and let's follow with a poll for the top picks. my top pick currently: other picks: Nails - You Will Never Be One of Us Ital Tek - Hollowed The Body - One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache Shackleton - Devotional Songs Neurosis - Fires Within Fires Sumac - What One Becomes JK Flesh - Rise Above Dälek - Asphalt For Eden Plaid - The Digging Remedy you will notice the distinct absence of elseq and that is because I don't consider it an "album". Ae seem to be moving away from that concept entirely and I'm keen to see where it goes. but all things equal, I do consider elseq the best music of 2016. honourable mention to Andy Stott - Too Many Voices. this still has some classic Andy moments but it's a bit inconsistent and it hasn't pulled me like his other works. it may grow on me. some killer tracks for sure though but not solid through and through. the opening track is one of the most annoying things I've heard all year. dishonourable mention to Machinedrum - Human Energy. ffs. yeah it's good but I fucking hate it. also, I just realised there was a new Sepalcure LP this year and I haven't even spent any time with it. damn.
  8. File Name: Autechre Live in Zagreb, 06.11.2016. File Submitter: xox File Submitted: 08 Nov 2016 File Category: Autechre Recorded with Olympus LS-11 as 44.1k/24bit wave file. After editing converted to 44.1k/16bit FLAC. - xox Click here to download this file
  9. I'd like to begin the official nominations with this: Fast forward to 4:15 for a special treat. But you really should watch every second of this video, this person is more IDM than all of WATMM x100
  10. 1. Insane 3:50 2. Rotting in Vain 3:33 3. Black Is the Soul 4:01 4. The Hating 4:22 5. A Different World (featuring Corey Taylor) 3:20 6. Take Me 3:00 7. Everything Falls Apart 4:17 8. Die Yet Another Night 4:28 9. When You're Not There 3:24 10. Next in Line 3:28 11. Please Come for Me 2:53 Bonus tracks: 12. Baby 4:55 13. Calling Me Too Soon 3:23 14. Out of You 3:19 there's a 90$ special edition: http://www.kornmerch.com/s-o-s-limited-edition-box-set.html#.V7N9-pMrKu4
  11. Two tracks, with love & respect to Mario Bava. Recorded April, 2016. As always, thank you for listening. https://titchthomas.bandcamp.com/album/planet-of-the-vampires Post-script - Reactions to Casio Cult: This one sounds like it was left on the floorboard of a Honda Civic hatchback for about 20 years. You want to play it, but not necessarily touch it. - Local zine Tuberous Music Were you drunk when you made this? - My mum It's not the 90's anymore. You need to get a job. - Greg I'll definitely give it a spin, if I can find our cassette deck. - Employee at the record shop around the corner You're causing a nuance, sir. You'll have to come with us. - Constable Margaret TT
  12. Two tracks, with love & respect to Mario Bava. https://titchthomas.bandcamp.com/album/planet-of-the-vampires Recorded April, 2016. As always, thank you for listening. Post-script - Reactions to "Casio Cult" This one sounds like it was left on the floorboard of a Honda Civic hatchback for about 20 years. You want to play it, but not necessarily touch it. - Local zine Tuberous Music Were you drunk when you made this? - My mum It's not the 90's anymore. You need to get a job. - Greg I'll definitely give it a spin, if I can find our cassette deck. - Employee at the record shop around the corner You're causing a nuance, sir. You'll have to come with us. - Constable Margaret TT
  13. Ok, save your anti RSD diatribes, this is just to inform watmm of what is upcoming, no one says you have to stand in line or shop at hipster stores, although some of them could really use your business. Shop accordingly, and give that vinyl a good home, lol. Lush - Origami 5 LP Box Set John Frusciante - Foregrow [12'' EP] (limited to 1000, indie-retail exclusive) David Bowie - I Dig Everything: The Pye Years 1966 [LP] (Exclusive 50th Anniversary Release) Chvrches - Remix [12" EP] (4 tracks, indie-retail exclusive) Frank Zappa - "My Guitar" / "Dog Breath" [7"] (Colored Vinyl, remastered 1969 mono recordings, numbered) Star Wars: The Force Awakens - "March Of The Resistance b/w Rey's Theme" (Soundtrack) [10"] (Picture Disc, limited, indie-retail exclusive) Locust - Morning Light [2LP] (gatefold, bonus tracks, first time on vinyl, indie-retail exclusive) Various Artists - Der Zeltweg: Italian Tapes Industrial Music 1982-1984 Volume 2 [LP] (160 Gram, limited to 500, indie-retail exclusive) Ennio Morricone - Paura (limited to 499) Various Artists - Get Me Home For Tea: Rare Psychedelic Rock From The U.K. [LP] (limited to 2000 copies on red, white and blue swirl vinyl)
  14. so Diplo & Skrillex just won best electronic album AND best electronic track welp nominees: https://www.grammy.com/nominees live feed: http://live.grammy.com/
  15. File Name: Solid Steel Radio Show 22/1/2016 Hour 1 - Autechre File Submitter: Herr Jan File Submitted: 22 Jan 2016 File Category: Autechre Solid Steel in association with Serato (22nd January) In Hour 1 we welcome back legendary Warp artists Autechre to Solid Steel. Their history with the show goes back many years with their first mix back in 1997 and again in 2003, (which can both be heard at SolidSteel.net ), plus their music has been a permanent fixture since they began producing pioneering electronic music in the early 90's. The hour long mix takes in music from Disjecta, Industrial legends and previous guests Cabaret Voltaire & Throbbing Gristle, Raymond Scott, The Residents, John Cage, Mark Fell and The Hafler Trio. They recently launched a new webshop with lots of live recordings available to buy autechre.bleepstores.com/ The Solid Steel website solidsteel.net/ for track lists and archive shows. You can follow Solid Steel on 
facebook.com/pages/Solid-Steel/175027509192663 twitter.com/SolidSteelRadio Email [email protected] Go to Hour 2 here Ninja-tune – Solid-steel-radio-show-2212016-hour-2-shalt Hour 1 - Autechre disjecta - pit throbbing gristle - what a day cabaret voltaire - makes your mouth go funny pero - pommes john carpenter - he’s still alive / romero the human league - the dignity of labour (part 4) raymond scott - lightworks (instr) portion control - he is a barbarian asmus tietchens - ausverkauf zeebox - pepi de vince moebius & tietchens - kattrepel arthur kreiger - short piece bernard parmegiani - sonare mouvement 2 moebius & plank - muffler b severed heads - theme from the surface paul lansky - say that again the residents - would we be alive bbc sound effects library - birdsong delia derbyshire - great zoos of the world fred frith - speechless :zoviet*france: - kess saffer plaint john cage - williams mix asmus tietchens - falter-lamento otto luening & vladimir ussachevsky - incantation david lynch - hybrid mood mark fell - abjection philip jeck - thirtieth/pilot reprise the hafler trio - a small child dreams of voiding the plague peter rehberg - showroom dummies track 2 The Broadest Beats Click here to download this file
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    Youtube Mix Tape

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    Sweet 2016

    Best wishes from the future be safe and well in the new gregorian year
  18. I just realized I could use an Ipad in the studio, what's the best one to buy if I want to use it as an outboard synth host? How do you iPad owners integrate yours into your setup? Do old Ipads run new iPad OS'es? Any caveats?
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