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Found 11 results

  1. Autechre Live @ National Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland 15 July 2018 View File Live recording of Autechre performing at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland on 15 July, 2018. Submitted by @italiceyeball: Submitter Joyrex Submitted 05/09/19 Category Autechre  
  2. Aphex Twin @ Funkhaus Berlin, 1 November 2018 View File Excerpt from NME, 2 November 2018: https://www.nme.com/reviews/live/aphex-twin-funkhaus-berlin-review-nov-2018 Submitter Joyrex Submitted 05/09/19 Category Aphex Twin  
  3. we have automated ourselves out of jobs soon we will automate ourselves out of music making then perhaps out of existence itself? who is to say. let us ponder these things, and perhaps what it is to be truly Most IDM Hiding the fact that you automated your own job. I believe it was Braintree who automated his own job and nominated this entry, many congratulations to him for being IDM, inadvertently so or not. Let us celebrate by automating enthusiastic responses, sadness for moths, rolling lols, and Uli jokes. Many thanks to everyone poking and prodding along this year with the grab bag of IDM entries we had, voting and shitposting and all. Discussion for possibility of a compilation here or in EKT? I dunno, chat.
  4. It's the finals. To choose between two...can you? Each IDM-lover must make this decision at some point in their lives... Michael, or Marcus? Sean, or Rob? Tom, or Andy? Andy, or Ed? Clark, or Chris Clark? Richard, or Richard (the dead one)? You have to decide between the two. Vote hard. IDM depends on you.
  5. Most were close on the last one, guess that means the voting is getting difficult. And/or there's going to be lots more whining this time...and that's okay. This is general banter, after all. Not much else here but whining and complaining and shitposting so what I'm saying is vote and post your shit and start thinking up ideas for tracks based on these entries 'cause it could be any one of them
  6. Almost done, take a moment away from searching Instagram for new Aphex advertisements and vote carefully. IDM needs you.
  7. This one will be make for some difficult choices, perhaps. But you can do it.
  8. Pretty straightforward from the last round to this one. No ties, 59 voters last time, but there were some sad losses... anyway, there's some interesting pairings and some of us will surely cry once this round is done, but we must be strong, together, and push on despite this. Think of the historical significance, perhaps even of the compilation album (maybe?).
  9. Vote as many times as you like, but you have to vote in each section I believe. Root used to randomize the entries but I ain't got them abilities so they're in order that they were nominated. I took pains to faithfully replicate as best I could each entry but occasionally there were bits that had to be cut off, and obviously the pics/videos don't really work in a poll so... If you need to refer to images/videos in the nomination thread, the polls being listed in order should help you find the original post, thread is here: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95071-most-idm-2018 I don't think there are any repeats but if so I'll combine them upon consolidation to the next round. Top scorers will go on to a bracket thing next time. edit: I just realized the k subgroup will be over-represented in the polling since voters HAVE to vote at least once in each section and it's a small section. Oh well? I can edit it if everyone cares enough though :)
  10. ... After the announcement of Tokyo and Melburne, Sydney, Hobart, and Dublin have grown. I think that in the days to come new dates will be announced, it seems to me so useful to dedicate a post to the events that, with a little 'luck, will temp 2018. At the moment: 13 Jun 2018 / - Tokyo 13 Jun 2018 / - Hobart (the same date of Tokyo? Roberto Rossellini and Samuele Bersani have conquered the power of ubiquity?) 20 Jun 2018 / - Sydney 21 Jun 2018 / - Melburne 22 Jun 2018 / - Hobart second round (...mhhh...) 15 july 2018 / - Dublin https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/autechre/dates At the moment it seems to me that the only live designated for a theater, is that of Dublin: for other occasions there are clubs, and in the worst case, inside festivals. This thing discourages me. Onesix tour was hosted entirely within theaters, except the Italian date, God damned. A fucking festival (Club To Club). The experience was frustrating. Totally inadequate system, and the place was shittingly inappropriate, among hundreds of noisy and harassing teenagers calling for techno . Same thing in Katowice: a poor shed with farting system. Only the Krakow date, although in a festival, was memorable, but that was the Sacrum And Profanum, and it was the twenty-fifth anniversary of Warp: different story. In any case: my balls are full about these situations. I would like to avoid these big circus of stupidity (extremely expensive), and listen to Autechre in a dignified place. Only autechre. Do not want to endure 1000 club dick heads dj for just one hour of pleasure. Autechre: leave behind these idiocratic festivals and come (in theater) even in Italy, please. You still have to compensate me for the bad experience of Club To Club. Forgive this controversy, but I have already invested enough money and energy in these situations, to tolerate a recidivism. Especially now that the decisive step has been taken from the club to the theater: it is contradictory to go back.
  11. https://anklepants.bandcamp.com/album/pollen Been listening to this all weekend, it's quite lush.
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