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Found 11 results

  1. Releases January 20, 2023, via https://threeop.bandcamp.com/ & https://tsrono.bandcamp.com/album/vale Lost in a wooden thicket Surrounded by mist and fog The foliage is dense Reflections glimmer on the pool In this realm there is ebb and flow Echoes of all that has come to pass Premonitions of what is yet to be At the intersection of then, now, and beyond You are in the vale We are all in the vale --- I've had the pleasure to listen to tsrono's work for years now. It's the work of a kindred spirit that constantly inspires me. And it's some of the lushest, most atmospheric, and skillfully varied electronic music you will hear. Vale is the latest entry in this rich body of work, and within it you will find a delicately honed soundcraft that eschews nostalgia for raw originality. And it's with nothing but joy that we get to release vale on 3OP. In addition to an extensive self-released catalog, tsrono has released with various outlets such as allosst on Point Source Electronic Arts, n-v center on Not Yet Remembered, arche on 1834; remixed for Temp-Illusion on Pend Reworks; and collaborated as 0.syx, releasing Radials on Schematic. For the sonic construction of vale, tsrono cultivated rhythms, textures, and drones from analog & digital hardware. Included with both the digital and physical release are four select bonus tracks from the vale sessions at cross shores. We know vale will envelop and enchant you like it has us. Enjoy. -E Written & recorded at cross shores 2020-2022 Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by Andrew Bates Written & recorded at cross shores 2020-2022 Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by Andrew Bates Preview : vale is a huge, huge grower. Eerie, ethereal and lush.
  2. Out now ! via http://threeop.bandcamp.com ENG I met Amédée de Murcia almost 20 years ago, via a message board (dedicated to electronic music, obviously). He’s a French electronic musician currently living in Saint-Etienne. Somaticae is his flagship project, under which he’s published a captivating and shapeshifting body of work: from his first releases - think Autechre, Errorsmith and Drexciya - to his subsequent ventures into vastly improvised, texturized noise-heavy yet groovy AF territories, his discography is dense and luxuriant. I’m not even talking about his numerous bands: OD Bongo, Balladur, Jazzoux, Insiden… ! TD; DR: dive into his back-catalog (and thank me later). Here, Somaticae melts club music tropes, using dissonance and micro-tuning. Présent Perpétuel revolves around a 4 parts long-form piece, Faux Futur. Narratively irresistible, definitely epic, it’s an absolute, incendiary banger. Mental and moist, all at once. The balance between sophisticated composition and sound design, and immediate and sharp delivery is perfect. Somaticae records his tunes live, stretching his studio performances to get out of his comfort zone to eventually share the bits that surprised himself. And down the road, the audience as well. Présent Perpétuel begins and ends with two short pieces, titled eponymously: contemplative and suspended, out of time. De Murcia’s talent for melody shines here. We've been listening to this EP over and over for months now: we are happy to announce that you are about to do the same. n. FR J’ai rencontré Amédée de Murcia par forum interposé (dédié aux musiques électronique, eh) il y’a presque 20ans maintenant. Il est un musicien électronique français vivant actuellement à Saint-Etienne. Somaticae est son projet phare, captivant et protéiforme : de ses premières sorties convoquant tant Autechre, Errorsmith que Drexcyia jusqu’aux méandres de l’improvisation qui se danse, pleine de bruit et de groove à la fois, sa discographie est riche et foisonnante. Et je ne détaille même pas ses nombreux groupes : OD Bongo, Balladur, Jazzoux, Insiden… ! TL; DR : plongez vous dans son back-catalogue (et remerciez-moi ensuite). Ici, Somaticae s’attaque au club à grand renfort de dissonance et de micro-tonalité. Présent Perpétuel s’articule autour d’un morceau en 4 parties, Faux Futur. Puissamment narratif, résolument épic, c’est un banger absolu, incendiaire. Mental et moite à la fois. L’équilibre entre la sophistication de la composition et du sound-design et l’immédiateté de l’exécution est parfait. Somaticae enregistre ses morceaux live, étire ses performances studio pour sortir de sa zone de confort et ne conserve que ce qu’il le surprend. Sur nous auditeur, l’effet n’en est que plus grand. Présent Perpétuel s’ouvre et se ferme sur 2 vignettes du même nom, contemplatives et suspendues, hors du temps. Le talent certain pour les mélodies de De Murcia sont ici au premier plan : irrésistibles. Nous écoutons en boucle cet EP depuis des mois maintenant, nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que vous vous apprêtez à en faire autant. n. Written between March and April 2022 at citadel Raspail, Saint-Etienne (FR) and recorded/edited/mixed in July 2022 at Bergstraat, Rotterdam (NL) by Amédée de Murcia. Mastering by Nil Hartman. Artwork by Théophile Blandet, PS Shelf detail, 2018. Picture by Ronald Smits. Killer 6 tracker, halfway between SND and Dopplereffeckt by the one and only improv virtuoso Somaticae
  3. OUT NOW 🙂 releases July 8th, 2022 Deli Kuvveti is a Laptop soundsmith, texture miner, and noisenik based in Seattle, Washington. After hearing Even After released on Active Listeners Club, I was drawn in deeply to his body of work, including self-released Under a Blue Moon & Corridors, and recently `Machines have their own agenda` on EVEL. Naturally, I was super stoked when he reached out to us with Erato. Erato is Kuvveti's latest sonic collection of delicious textural bubble baths. Swathed in synthetic scrapes, resonant plucks, derezed slurps, swirling feedback, and drone haze (it's a sonic buffet really): Erato is immersive, atmospheric, contemplative, and in a serious way, moving. Nil and I think at times Erato evokes a more abstract Fennesz - Venice; it's nuanced, layered, uninhibited, and often full of warmth… and for me, it has a certain temporal transportative quality (timebending or time travelling or both?) that is enduring and continually amazes me. Deli Kuvveti told us he utilizes Max/MSP for his FM Synthesis based goodness, rhythmic patterning, spatialization, and rich textural tapestries. Sound palletes are structured, enmeshed, and interrelated in either Max or Ableton. Droney, shimmering, even soothing passages collide with playful kindred spirits dancing to digital elf forest songs. Whimsical. Wonderful. - E Written and produced by @DeliKuvveti Mastering by @Nil Artwork by @oscillik
  4. OUT NOW ! 24bit digital and USB Archive. Preview : 0F.digital is Rob Curulli, a musician and creative technologist from Melbourne, Australia. He has been releasing music under various pseudonyms and band names (most notably: Modex, Pselodux, Rooftop Access, and Italianz) for over twenty years, in many different genres. 3OP is proud to unveil his latest work. isometry cleverly guides the listener through different sonic territories: like distant planets, each abandoned by a long-extinct sentient culture, knowledge of which we can only derive from ancient artifacts and alien inscriptions. Yet deeper archaeology reveals common threads of relation. While we're tempted to describe each track meticulously (we always are), and how we've responded emotionally to these, we prefer to talk about the album as whole. What keeps on striking us is how fiercely varied and intense isometry is. Blissful violence, serene lushness and refined rawness abound. isometry is fueled with euphoria, sonic assault and intricate melodic work. It's a brilliantly paradoxical body of work, telescoping conflicting energies in a masterfully controlled and meaningful way. The experience is massive. The walls of sound are sublime. .n & -E Written and produced by Rob Curulli Mastering by Nil Hartman Picture by Andrew Bates Artwork by Rob Curulli Ps : MASSIVE and delicate LP, all at once. Killer.
  5. William Fields returns to 3OP, this time with Greek electronic musician and sound-designer Alex Retsis, aka Qebo. Recorded live in Athens during Summer 2021, what you hear was made using a selected hardware set and Fields’ own compositional system. And masterfully executed. αlive is a perfect blend of melodicism, rhythmic sophistication, playfulness, changing moods, fantastic sound design… the music here is incredibly organic. Fluid timbres, nuanced production, and the driving, skittering percussion you've come to expect from both of these artists, combine for an experience that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. When we listened to the result of this collaboration, we pretty much instantly knew we wanted to release it on 3OP. This was even before we knew it was recorded live on video. While there's nothing like being physically present for a performance, we hope the companion videos help to capture just how much this release embodies its name : αlive -E & n. released February 11, 2022 Performed and recorded live in Athens, Greece on August 11, 2021. Produced by Alex Retsis and William Fields, 2021-2022. Visuals by William Fields. Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by DEN Videos by Konstantinos Tsakmaz. The videos can be found here: https://threeop.bandcamp.com/ and here: https://www.3op.xyz/
  6. Nil


    Hi WATMM, @eczem and I are launching 3OP. Artworks will use @oscillik 's stunning pictures. I'll be mastering the releases. First entries to our catalog are insanely good. 3OP001 is out September 2021. I'm trying to keep my post as concise and factual as possible, but I'm ecstatic. I'm so grateful to everyone's involved !
  7. ENG Synalegg is a French computer artist. I discovered his work when “Beating the Odds” was released on Conditional, and have been obsessed with his music since then. Raw yet refined and deliberate, concise and luxuriant all at once, what I heard teemed personality and singularity. “Computer Series”, released last September via OOH Sound, was another musical slap in my face. A proper technical tour de force : for that record, Synalegg has built his own generative compositional system (using Pure Data) and has used it exclusively for all his audio needs. To oversimplify a complex process, his custom patch can synthesize, compose and produce a fully fledged, release-ready piece of music by clicking a button. Unaltered autonomous computed art at its finest. “Violynt Tropiqs” relies on the same system, yet Synalegg has refined his approach here. The workflow remains identical, but the rule set to channel his system has been tailored towards a more curated result. And the 7 tracker here is nothing but breath-taking and deceptively human-sounding computer music : the music totally steals the show, no matter how it was done. A masterpiece, if I may. Such emotional depth and musical finesse completely overshadows the yet thoroughly impressive, clever programming. As usual, I’ll let you discover the music yourself, and create your own connection with it. Grab the archive, download the hi-res files and enjoy. And play it countless times, just like I’ve been ever since Synalegg shared the tunes with us. n. - FR Synalegg est un artiste informatique français. J'ai découvert son oeuvre quand "Beating the Odds" est sorti chez Conditional, et suis depuis obsédé par sa musique. Brut et pourtant aussi raffiné que délibéré, concis et luxuriant tout à la fois, ce que j'entendais dégageait une personnalité et une singularité rare.. "Computer Series", paru en septembre dernier via OOH Sound, fut pour moi une nouvelle gifle musicale. Un véritable tour de force technique : pour cet album, Synalegg a conçu son propre système de composition générative (en utilisant l'environnement de programmation Pure Data) et l'a utilisé exclusivement pour tous ses besoins audio. Pour simplifier à l'extrême un processus complexe, son patch sur mesure peut synthétiser, composer et produire un morceau entier et fini, prêt à paraître... par l'action d'un clic. De l'art informatique, autonome et sans altération, à son meilleur. "Violynt Tropiqs" compte sur le même système, et pourtant Synalegg a ici affiné son approche. Le processus reste identique, mais les règles pour canaliser son système ont été restreintes et redéfinies pour atteindre un résultat plus spécifique et cadré. Et les 7 pistes sont simplement saisissantes de beauté et confondante d'humanité, aussi informatique soit la musique : celle-ci éclipse totalement la prouesse technique, qu'importent les moyens mis en œuvre. Un chef d'œuvre, si vous me le permettez. Une telle profondeur émotionnelle et finesse musicale relaient au second plan l'impressionnante et intelligente programmation informatique. Comme d'habitude, je vous laisse découvrir davantage la musique par vous même, et vous créer votre propre connexion avec celle-ci. Achetez l'archive, téléchargez la version numérique qualité master et profitez. Et écoutez Violynt Tropiqs encore et encore, tout comme je le fais depuis que Synalegg a partagé les morceaux avec nous. n. released January 14, 2022 Written and produced by Synalegg Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by Andrew Bates TL;DR : Fully generative masterpiece. Quite an immense record IMO.
  8. Out now ! Digital release (inc. 24bit downloads) & limited Archive Edition, via 3OP Notein is Mersad Muminović, hailing from Hrvatska (Croatia), and 3OP presents to the world his stunning work Salire. Like vistas of wide open space. Crisp cool air on a spring morning with droplets of dew on each blade of grass. Salire will take you to places, to environments, to landscapes. Where you end up is up to you and how you interact with the story. Salire is a saga; expansive and enveloping. Salire is a fine wine. Salire is an oceanic voyage on a seaworthy vessel. As if some drone synth machinery from a bygone era was commandeered and recalibrated with firmware updates and paired with gracefully applied field recordings, Notein has constructed detailed textures, nuanced layers, and a narrative driven sonic journey that rewards both the active listener and the weary traveler. Washes of electrical and computed synthetic fabrics purify like pools of mana. Some say the modern world is succumbing to instant gratification, consumerism, fickle attention span, cheapening of art, and the tyranny of convenience. Salire stands tall and strong against these tides, like a monolith of structure upon the sands of chaos. It's the least percussive and most atmospheric/ambient 3OP release so far, and we're excited about that. Salire boldly defies genre or categorization: it's a classic, timeless work that that we are proud to release. -E Written and produced by Mersad Muminović Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by Andrew Bates I'll simply add that Salire is an absolutely gorgeous, enveloping and masterfully executed LP by @xox
  9. https://calumgunn.bandcamp.com/album/excessive-step Preview (the first 90 seconds of each track) : Calum Gunn is a Scottish electronic musician and programmer based in Berlin, Germany. His sonic recordings and performances (as well as his label Conditional) are legendary, and we are beyond proud and excited to be able to release his tunes on 3OP. Excessive Step is of the most exciting albums I've listened to in recent memory, and we sense it's a classic in the making. Experimental, yet accessible. Emotive and contemplative, but never really nostalgic. Crisp, digital, modern: very much computer music, yet quite organic and human as well. The sonic symbiosis of human and machine in realtime. A kind of cybernetic perfection. On the surface, this is a wicked collection of pure bangers, Tidal Cycles based jams, and DJ applications. But we are confident you'll find this this to be a tantalizing and very cohesive album experience, filled with adventure and character. It's futuristic electro, yet we've found that Excessive Step has a timelessness to it. We hope you enjoy this sonic journey as much as we have over the last few months of many, many listens. I feel lucky to have had this in my playlist up to now. It really is so much FUN to listen to. -E Written and Performed by Calum Gunn Mastered by Nil Hartman Artwork by Andrew Bates Absolute belter of an LP, a future classic IMO.
  10. *** OUT NOW *** https://williamfields.bandcamp.com/album/fluidity https://threeop.bandcamp.com/music William Fields uses his very own software composition tools to create some of the most compelling computer music you’ll hear. Quite the opposite of a click-bait gimmick, his FieldOS allows him to perform live breath-takingly human yet intricate improvisations. From the tip of his fingers to our hard drives, he can bang a stunning 5 minute piece of proper sonic wizardry... in 5 minutes. This belies the countless hours of development put into his compositional system. Fluidity is a rather unique entry to Fields' discography. While I consider myself a proper fanboy of his output, I've never heard William venture into such luxuriant, at times serene, at times tectonic territories. The technical virtuosity never gets in the way of a delicate, rich, introspective listening experience. While each tune explores its own singular logic, Fluidity offers a deep, engaging ethereal narrative : approaching this 7 tracker as a whole is extremely rewarding. Numerous images come to mind as the music tells its stories : what will yours be ? We at 3OP are delighted to share Fluidity with you. The music is stellar, we know you’ll listen to Fluidity in repeat, just like we’ve been. n. credits releases October 8, 2021 Written and performed by William Fields Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by DEN www.instagram.com/__den.project/ Preview / Megamix:
  11. Core Alter is Steve Baxter and Elliott Watson. m-Realizable was made swapping sysex files back and forth between Brisbane, Australia, and San Diego, USA, mastered from the raw edits of its creative sessions. m-Realizable is sonically equally spacious and dense, disruptive and meditative, fiercely digital and organic all at once. Opaque yet open-ended in its unfolding narrative and how you’ll distill the music. Rather than hyping each tune, we urge you to dive in, and to absorb it fully. You might pick a few possible influences while listening to m-Realizable, yet I’m positive you’ll quickly realize how personal, honest, deep and singular this 7 tracker is. As a related note, this is the perfect release to kickstart 3OP : the label almost created itself before our eyes (Elliott’s, Steve’s and mine), and it was a spontaneous yet obvious decision to release a Core Alter opus first. Asking Andrew Bates to handle visuals was our next move as a collective. I’m delighted I get to master our catalogue. Dream team work at play. -Nil This release is dedicated to the memory of our friend Salvatorin (Philip Josef Glowa). Written and Performed by Steve Baxter and Elliott Watson Mastered by Nil Hartman Artwork by Andrew Bates Limited archive edition, 20 copies : Preview / Megamix :
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