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Found 17 results

  1. Boxus


    Classics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=119U6ncvmqI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sW2eo5PFck Dr. Dre's first group, lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT9O-pUGsVM post yr favs edit - wrong forum lol, can someone move this to Music Discussion pls?
  2. Have you watched it yet? I loved it. Some plot holes but I think the editting was probably viscious to keep this thing at 8 episodes. I love the combo of influences that are well worn on the sleeves of this series. Richard Matheson and John Carpenter came to mind first while watching. Then Spielberg and Cronenberg creep up in to it. Twilight Zone as fuck also. Really fucking entertaining, well-acted and well-produced on the whole. The music fucking rules......members of the band SURVIVE provided the excellent music. I hope it becomes an anthology series with new stories each season. What do you think?
  3. Hi team - Some live hardware sets with edits done over three days - free to obtain; https://janehope.bandcamp.com/ https://prestonlogan.bandcamp.com/
  4. From Clone.nl: "Machine Funk... 79 unrelenting minutes of cybernetic electro-funk. A dense collection of experimental compositions and synthetic, man-machine beauty created by Cygnus which fuse with the dance-floor to perfection. Inspired by the miniseries ''Machine Man'', 1984's classic comic created by Barry Windsor-Smith. Comes in a high quality gate-fold sleeve, where you can find and read the story behind Machine Funk, along with the lyrics of each track. As usual with Fundamental Records; limited and no re-press!" Order directly from Fundamental Records: [email protected] Order from Clone Records: https://clone.nl Really excited to get this one out to you guys. Make sure you get a copy because there will never be a re-press!
  5. Note the company who makes the first cassette And of course, amazing music by HOME
  6. Mitch murder (data) is doing the soundtrack for this and there isn't a single post about it on watmm? WTF? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72RqpItxd8M http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kungfury/kung-fury
  7. "I'll be damned, you're a heterosexual". Give us your best shot, stump the Gen-Xers and Mods. All in good fun.
  8. Seriously this guy he needs his own thread in order for him not to slip under the radar. He's got a few releases up on bandcamp for free. Friends of Eccojams and 80s commercials, check this out. Televised Tragedies was my goto-summer-album this year and last year. Easily my favorite of the "Vaporwave Movement". http://18carataffair.bandcamp.com/
  9. DER HAUSFREUND - FUCKBUDDIES Porno-Mix VIDEO on PornHub (NSFW) mix on percussionlab download (320kbps) Remember this? This is the thing. Segment 16 was the controversial one. SEGMENTS: #1 - VINTAGE (Miss Kittin & The Hacker - DJ Song) #2 - CLEOPATRA (The Egyptian Lover - My House On The Nile) #3 - 80's (Miss Kittin & The Hacker - 1982) #4 - GANGBANG (Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra 2001) #5 - WRESTLING (The Egyptian Lover - The Lover) #6 - UNDERWATER (Miss Kittin - Kittin Is High) #7 - MUSCLEBABES(White Car - Mobile Phone) #8 - ANAL (The Egyptian Lover - Freak-A-Holic) #9 - DANCE (Rainbow Arabia - Mechanical) #10- RITUAL (Purity Ring - Saltkin) #11- LESBIANS (The Egyptian Lover - The Alexby Inn) #12- FOREST (oOoOO - Burnout Eyess) #13- VOYEUR (Purity Ring - Obedear) #14- BDSM (Holy Other - Touch) #15- FEMDOM (oOoOO - EGYPTYNLVR) #16- FORCED (Marina & The Diamons - Obsessions (oOoOORMX)) #17- 60's (oOoOO - Sedsumting) #18- ??? (Holy Other - Know Where) Made for PORNO-PARTY @Kunstakademie - Der Hausfreund 2013
  10. I'm such a sucker for stuff like this. If you know any similar videos or tunes, post 'em! Those synths, man...
  11. 01 Imax 02 Exolift 03 Visitor 04 Bog 05 Vengier 06 Hydrus 07 Pre - Gen 08 Tree Drum 09 Dromos 10 Aero 11 Re - Gen 12 Encarta I'm interested in this. Wasn't 100% with Giza, but I adore their debut EP. Artwork looks pretty fitting. For the uninitiated, they do nostalgic, horror film inspired EBM.
  12. http://soundcloud.com/mopfunk/unt2-vodor-l-zeck-remix
  13. I made this as a Christmas present. Fast-paced mix spanning across the career of legendary German band EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, combining some of their most energetic tracks released between 1983-1996 and finishing off with their sickest tune to date. Painting by Phil. _____________ 1 - NNNAAAMMM 2 - Die Interimsliebenden 3 - Z.N.S. 4 - Styropor 5 - Feurio (Türen Offen) 6 - Ich Bin's 7 - Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T. 8 - Installation No1 9 - Yü-Gung FÜTTER MEIN EGO! (percussionlab) FÜTTER MEIN EGO! (mixcloud) Download
  14. Kind of surprised to see this hasn't been posted yet. If you're into any of the "chillwave"/80s revivalist shit, this one is a must. One of the best albums of the year, IMO, and a significantly more coherent effort than his first. Who says Mexicans never produce anything worthwhile? Listening link at NPR (not positive it's still active, since the album is now out): http://www.npr.org/2...ian-era-extra-a Interview I enjoyed with the dude behind the tunes: http://pitchfork.com...64-neon-indian/
  15. Hello, my melodic spacesynth-trance album is now finished. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/galaxion
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