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  1. I'll post music here for my tsrono releases. In most or all cases this will be finished products, except for mastering, and so I'm not looking for help with direction of the songs or things like that, but I'll be welcoming any general comments you have. I'm particularly interested in feedback on production quality and suggestions based on that. Thanks for listening if you do! So here's some stuff from a new ep: You can download the entire reins ep over at bandcamp: http://tsrono.bandcamp.com I've also put up the ep over on last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/tsrono
  2. Hello everyone! Been working for quite a bit in a way to transform image into sound, and came up with a hopefully-interesting idea. In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to transform RGB data into MIDI in TouchDesigner, and feed it to Ableton Live: I’ve also uploaded both project files and the final Ableton session for all my patrons: https://linktr.ee/uisato Enjoy! 😄
  3. Hey, everyone! Just wanted to share my latest experimentation with Kinect, Ableton Live and TouchDesigner. It's amazing what can be accomplished with so little investment:
  4. Guest

    Autechre Cover?

    I do this Autechre impression at heady parties to scam mad chicks, but I only end up with mad bros. Whatevs. It's like, a mouth is a mouth, namsayin?
  5. So with all of the streaming going on, I've been looking to up my video skills. I found a decent Max for Live video plugin that should work fairly well. Is there any way of getting video output from Ableton Live? Specifically, out of Live and into OBS?
  6. https://www.ableton.com/en/shop/live/ Ableton Live 10 Intro only $70 USD
  7. Ableton announced they have launched a new, free resource for learning synthesis, Learning Synths: https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/learn-synthesis-in-your-browser/
  8. Maybe somebody can shed some light on the following issue, it's a weird one and quite annoying. This is what I'm doing: Drumrack with 16 instances of a max for live device into live external instrument plugins sending notes and midi cc to my Machinedrum. I'll make a nice boring 4/4 pattern using push, all fine and dandy, now add some per step automation, everything is ok but of course the automation needs to be shifted a bit because latency/pdc/etc issues, so the automation is shifted a bit to the left. Now weird things start happening, everytime I send a cc to the machinedrum live's timing starts slowing down. I twist a knob, there's a bunch of lag in the pattern, and it catches up again, doesn't matter what cc is being sent or on what channel. To make sure I wasn't going crazy I added an LFO in live controlling one of the parameters of the m4l controller device, timing goes completely nuts, it seems to sort of pulsate in time with the LFO, it's like space and time are melting... If I delete the clip all is well again, I can jam out a new pattern on push, add some automation and then after a while control of local space time continuum via midi cc is regained. There's no midi loops going on anywhere, and besides this issue midi timing/jitter on my current setup has been pretty great. Probably there's something super obvious or simple I'm missing but I haven't gotten that far troubleshooting this issue yet, sort of expected it would be a known bug or something but I've searched to no avail (possibly due to lack of searching skills). Any ideas? I'm using live 10 on a not super old mac. The m4l device is a slightly modified version of the Machinedrum Haters device (added level control, removed a few things), used midi monitor to check if maybe I was accidentally sending extra cc's or whatever to the md but don't see any weird things. It's as if the cc's are eating up all the available bandwidth but this seems unlikely with just 2/3 parameters being automated. Also; why I mentioned shifting the clip envelopes's timing; it doesn't seem to happen until they are adjusted and also unlinking and linking the clip envelopes seems to help?! Completely lost here.
  9. Hi all - here's some free music for you lot - [bandcamp width=500 height=120 album=498864425 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e99708 tracklist=false artwork=small] The latest in the now annual ghost cell series. Improvised laptop jams from 2016-2017, all based on various generative techniques, all one take performances. Minimal editing (normally only for length). Hope you enjoy!
  10. http://cdm.link/2017/06/exclusive-ableton-acquires-max-maker-cycling-74-inside-the-deal/ Wonder what Sean & Rob think about this.
  11. my m4l game is weak, it needs upping
  12. Guest

    Ableton Live 9

    hello, some ableton live 9 infos came out like yesterday, not so much information so far, but it's nice to see it coming soon... http://www.synthtopi...s-sneak-preview ----- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itYzaNeisUQ&feature=player_embedded
  13. Been focusing on more minimal and atmospheric tunes featuring wonderful analog sounds from my DSI Tetra. ***edit: Tracks will disappear/reappear at my convenience. 20072014 update: link to soundcloud set since I can't embed private tracks properly:: 080814 update: Album now available via VUR: http://virtualurbanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/m http://soundcloud.com/6bem/sets/virtual-urban-records
  14. So I was reading some articles about mixing in Live http://www.musictech.net/2013/03/live-9-tutorial-mix-and-workflow-tricks/ And in one part it says that I should divide my work in the "creative" part and the "mixing part" That means I shouldn't worry about mixing while creating? I shouldn't worry if one thing sounds louder or muddy or shit like that until I start the "mixing" part? I used to mix and create all at the same time. Opinions?
  15. Doesn't Ableton usually do a spring sale on Live? I recently bought a Push from a friend and have been waiting to upgrade to Live 9 when they have a sale. I thought they normally did for Easter/Memorial Day weekends, but both have come and gone and no sale at all. Any rumors or people with better memories than mine who have any idea if I'm going to be waiting forever?
  16. Sorry to lure you in all pervy. I hope that didn't break any rules. This is my EP... http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3595070575/size=medium/
  17. I posted this in the Autechre forum, but I'm kinda proud of the system I've been creating in order to perform real-time electro-acoustic music. Here's my rendition of Autechre's "Cichli" as a test run for said system.
  18. Okie dokie. This holiday post will be for the Ableton / Max for Live users here. 1st to reply to this thread gets one item of their choosing from the Bit Voltage Store Also: Bit Voltage on Facebook (if you wanna keep up with holiday goodness)
  19. https://soundcloud.com/harmonistart/silver-sucks-great
  20. https://soundcloud.com/geniegarrett/geniegarrettspace
  21. So I'm trying to make my workflow as consistent as possible and in order to minimize problems and distract myself with uncertainty and spending time converting audio, my goal is to set personal standards for two things: 1. Sample rate in my DAW for the music I'm making. 2. Sample rate for recorded music I'm digitizing from cassettes and vinyl. 3. Any advice on what to use for converting higher sample rates to lower rates. I have Ableton 8.2 linked to a Tascam US-122L interface using ASIO. For ripping I'm thinking of using Audacity, though I question if it's the best choice, and if so I might stick with Ableton or acquire Reaper for that task. I have a friends copy of Sony Acid but from a superficial first try I don't really like it. So the Tascam interface can go up to 24-bit, 96khz which and I'm perfectly content at that being the max (no 192khz for me). So my questions are: 1. Is 96khz better than 88.2khz? I'm sold on 24-bit but I can't tell if there's a benefit of 88.2 in conversion going to 44.1 versus 96 to 44.1 (for CD's). Is it better to use 48 and 96 because it's also used for video sound and digital hardware sample rates? So basically, is there a difference between 24/88.2 and 24/96? 2. I see a lot of vinyl rips done at 24bit/96khz. I know with few exceptions cassettes are inherently lower quality (metal type IV is probably better than cheaply-mastered vinyl). Is 24bit/96khz overkill for cassettes and vinyl? I'm pretty sure 16/44.1 is just fine for archiving my rare and unique cassettes but not so sure about using 16/44.1 for vinyl. After all, digitizing is still, well digitizing…right? Will 24/96 even make a difference in playback of pre-recorded music? 3. Is Ableton adequate/ideal for dithering and converting? I'm committed to recording and mixing with it because of familiarity and my workflow thus far. But should I export the raw mix and use something else for better conversions to lower rates? Also, this might be the dumbest question, but once I set Ableton to my Tascam for audio input/output and set ableton to 24bit/96khz does everything I record with my Tascam UL-122L have to be in 24/96 no matter what? Or could I set the Tascam (using it's driver preference screen) to 44/16 for my recordings of analog sources but keep my Ableton project set to 96khz? To be honest, this is where I'm most unsure. I don't want to keep changing my interface to different rates when I record different things if it can affect the sound quality within the same Ableton project. Fuck, this is long and way too OCD sounding. Sorry guys. Feel free to turn this into sample rate advice thread too, after all this one is a bit old: http://forum.watmm.com/topic/8241-sample-rate-bit-depth/
  22. if any maxforlive users out there are interested in some performance based mashup tools, check this device http://nedrush.blogspot.co.uk/p/the-knobulator-by-ned-rush.html its pretty cool, the effects are turned on when you turn the knob, and turn off when you stop turning it.
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