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Found 12 results

  1. We've had this on our bandcamp for a short while, but it hits all the main online stores today. wAgAwAgA - Acid Highway wAgAwAgA returns to Acroplane Recordings with this blistering 9 track acid LP. 1. Dubbage 2. Machinesound 3. Darks1de 4. Spooks Patrol 5. Hypnotechniq 6. Midnight At The Arcade 7. ElBoogie Acid 8. WHITEnoise 9. Egyptian Elevator Rave "UK drumwork producer Wagawaga has been a bit quiet since his last album Hyper Typewriter back in 2011. Now he's back with Acid Highway and it's an even more intensely vibrant listen than its predecessor. Featuring nine blistering tracks of scattershot beats, informed by jungle and dislocated dub, it nevertheless sounds like it's been blasted into orbit by a serious acid injection. Next level sounds." - Juno Plus Available to buy from our Bandcamp store now : http://acroplanerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/acid-highway-2 Some other stores.. Juno : http://www.junodownload.com/products/wagawaga-acid-highway/2541385-02/ Amazon : http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00M5D6KXQ/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp?ie=UTF8&qid=1407741918&sr=8-18&tag=chrome03-21 Boomkat : http://boomkat.com/downloads/1072285-wagawaga-acid-highway
  2. Available from Monday 19th September via The Acroplane Store, Bleep, Boomkat, Juno etc.. Check out some clips on our soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/acroplane If anyone is interested in reviewing this for us, get in touch with some info about you and your publication, website or whatever : [email protected]
  3. Shit & Cheap (Neil Landstrumm and Mat Consume) - Deaf & Dumb 1. Rat Crew 2. Eh Aye 3. Relax Neil Landstumm and long term collaborator Mat Consume the belligerent can't pay the rent. Old (school) boys too old to be rent boys return on the firm foundations of 2012's Gotterdamerung ep on Shipwrec records with a more bangers and mash of 3 tracks of non amen - mayhem. Going across the harder dance floor genres like UKIP through Essex in as much that you'll want to shit yourself and throw up the A1 'Rat Crew' is a dose of UK electro with consume spitting enunciation akin to kicking in your back alley gate and going through your bin (any old iron??? any any any OLD IRON ! ) whereas 'Eh Aye' is dyslexic as it gets assisted by vicious pink's 808 dropped from a considerable height. Cheap clearly thinks Shit is a cock. Like the previous EP's there's a cover track as shit and cheap clearly have no talent of their own. Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" is given a deadpan south london drawl and psychobilly disco slant . Hit me with those laser beams. All in all it's fucking shit and cheap mate, deaf and dumb. Fuck the Queen, fuck the Tories, fuck you all. Stream and buy from www.acroplanerecordings.bandcamp.com Also available from Bleep, Boomkat, Juno and the usual stores.
  4. Part 3 of Fluorescent Grey's Antique Electronic/Synthesizer Greats 1955 - 1985 series is now available for free download in wav/flac/mp3 formats from our bandcamp page. http://acroplanerecordings.bandcamp.com/
  5. UPDATED: Released now! In addition an entirely new 90 minute LP Pt 3 of the series will be out in a month and a half. A limited edition cassette dual pack as a joint effort between Acroplane and RecordLabelRecords will be available at the launch before Part 3 is available digitally. artwork by Justin Bergstrom tapes limited to 100 copies each, binder set limited to 10 (ordering links soon) Pt 2 Tracklist: 1. Bridegroom Groin Igloo 2. Uncle Saw 3. Lard Scar Hue 4. Sneaky Charcoal Wash Wish 5. Hazel Plush Ducks 6. Sir. Gator Norm 7. Derrick May's Assertion About Tecno Sounding Like George Clinton and Kraftwerk Stuck In An Elevator Is Not Accurate 8. Denotative Dart Gild GNU 9. Superintendent Olive Scam Log 10. Brian Tegaskin's Grandpa, Alan Hawkshaw 11. Glimmer Ghost Jelly Ride 12. Ogre Dub 13. Ninth Car=His Jag 14. Vee, Galvanic Piss Red 15. Incoherent Ox Gown Dump running time: 94 minutes order Pt 2 and 3 on cassette here Pt 2 Free Download Options: Download album @ 320kb/s MP3 Download album in Flac format Download album in WAV format
  6. ACPR022 : Rory St John - Astroakoustic 01 Astroakoustic One 02 Astroakoustic Two 03 Astroakoustic Three 04 Astroakoustic Three remixed by Christoph de Babalon 05 Astroakoustic Three remixed by Diasiva (aka Monolog and Swarm Intelligence) 06 Astroakoustic Two remixed by Duran Duran Duran - A new, fairly unclassifiable EP from Rory St John. His 1st release on Acroplane Recordings. - Features heavyweight remixes from Christoph de Babalon, Duran Duran Duran and Diasiva (aka Swarm Intelligence and Berlin veteran Monolog). Listen and buy from our own store. http://acroplanerecordings.bandcamp.com/releases Alternative store links can be found below.. http://acroplane.org/content/astroakoustic
  7. ACP078 : Electromeca vs Wahn - Standard Swap 1. Electromeca - Weightlessness 2. Electromeca - Weightlessness (Wahn Remix) 3. Wahn - Slow Controller 4. Wahn - Slow Controller (Electromeca Remix) These guys came to me with remixes they'd made of tracks of each others that we've released previously on Acroplane. We decided that it'd be a good idea to give the remixes plus the original tracks away as a free EP. Enjoy. The original tracks have been remastered along with the new stuff and are sounding better than ever. Artwork by Jacob Bettany. Mastered by Alex Lennon. Download FOR FREE from our bandcamp page here.. http://acroplanerecordings.bandcamp.com/
  8. Available to buy from today. ACPR019 : Swarm Intelligence - Surveillance 1. Execute 2. Thrash 3. Collide 4. Execute (Blackmass Plastics Remix) 5. Thrash (Rory St John Remix) A bruiser of an Electro/Techno/Bass EP from Dublin born Berlin resident Swarm Intelligence, including remixes from Blackmass Plastics (Combat Recordings, Rag & Bone) and Rory St John (Singularity Recordings, Mantrap). Buy direct from our bandcamp store http://acroplanereco...um/surveillance Also available to buy from Boomkat, Bleep, Juno, Itunes, Addictech etc..
  9. wAgAwAgA - Hyper Typewriter 28 Feb 2011 - Acroplane Recordings - ACPR009 1 Hyper Typewriter 4:17 2 Streetnoise 6:49 3 Mephedrone 7:12 4 Chubby Dub 8:13 5 Daisy Town Acid 4:07 6 Kitchqoorredux 10:26 7 Yudo 7:11 8 Tpswskemn 7:24 9 Pushpuh 8:18 10 Luna 12:55 11 GiNuMAnA 7:50 12 Mr Toad 7:43 13 Nightingale 3:36
  10. artist: wAgAwAgA title: Midnight Sampler release date: 2/13/2012 format: Full Length MP3, FLAC label: RecordLabelRecords cat#: RLR30 a decidedly more laid back and tribal dub flavor for wAgAwAgA more information to follow.... http://soundcloud.com/fluorescentgrey/wagawaga-varanasi-puja-from
  11. ACPR008 : Sunken Foal - Mother of God Available from Today! Btw, it's well worth spending the extra cash on the Flacs. Tracklisting Low Mountain Light Socket Gift Knee Pads Colloidal Glass Platforms A Row of Gods Pearl Bearings Boomkat review - "Two years after their well-received Planet Mu album, Sunken Foal return with six tracks for Acroplane. 'Mother Of God' finds their sound at a juncture of Alex Smoke-like, Autechre-referencing electronica in 'Low Mountain Light Socket' and the mercury fuming synths and quickstep syncopations of 'Gift Knee Pads', while 'Colloidal Glass' is a glassy IDM configuration and 'Platforms' like some swaggering Gescom beat. Ace." Soundcloud clips of all tracks. http://soundcloud.com/acroplane/sets/sunken-foal-mother-of-god-clips/ Buy from Boomkat http://boomkat.com/downloads/367044-sunken-foal-mother-of-god Buy from Addictech http://www.addictech.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=66221 Buy from Juno http://www.junodownload.com/products/mother-of-god/1677621-02/
  12. hello acroplane.org asked me about 6months ago if i wanted to do an ep. we decided on dec 1st and then i didnt think much more deeply about it until a week ago. i wanted to wait til the last minute before picking the tunes in case i wrote anything worthwile before the release. so this week i started picking tracks and i couldnt resist putting as much music on there as possible. so instead of a 4/5 track ep its become an 11 track lp. i tried to get it to flow so it was listenable as one solid piece of music rather than just isolated tracks. musically its all quite similarly paced, sitting somewhere between dub acid and jungle with plenty of bass. its nice to finally have picked out some tunes to present properly to people rather than the usual method of just giving random bundles of tunes bit by bit. i hope people enjoy it as much as i do. waga http://acroplane.org/static.php?page=static070108-202548
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