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Found 16 results

  1. Can only find a Juno listing for now, but holy shit WHAT? https://www.juno.co.uk/products/alva-noto-martin-l-gore-william-subterraneans/911325-01/ Limited edition 12" to be released on Noton on 16. December. Will post on here again once more news about this shows up, since there's nothing on the Noton shop yet.
  2. New Alva Noto coming this November. He posted some snaps on Instagram today, more details to come soon. Supposed to contain rhythmic and ambient pieces. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUczSNRtnsa/
  3. confirmed on instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/Ba4LONrl3V5/ ( more info on fumi's topic lol https://forum.watmm.com/topic/94609-alva-noto-unieqav/ ) 01. Uni Sub 02. Uni Mia 03. Uni Version 04. Uni Clip 05. Uni Normal 06. Uni Mic A 07. Uni Blue 08. Uni Mic B 09. Uni Dna 10. Uni Edit 11. Uni Tra 12. Uni Chord comes out march 16, hype tho!
  4. New artist and forthcoming release on Alva Noto's label next year, single released today. Quite stripped down and minimal, brings to mind Ø and Raime a little bit. "I like it. It's got that it's-a-cruel-world-let's-throw-ourselves-in-the-abyss type ambience." https://www.saelevalese.com/discography/
  5. Alva Noto covers The Cure for the 40th anniversary release of this seminal track. Thanks to fumi for the heads up: https://bleep.com/release/180464-alva-noto-a-forest
  6. 01. UNI SUB - https://youtu.be/dktnqmvNYbc 02. UNI MIA - https://youtu.be/--mL1-6wxBQ 03. UNI VERSION - https://youtu.be/kghIf1jr8Kw 04. UNI CLIP - https://youtu.be/9KWQfNatt30 05. UNI NORMAL - https://youtu.be/vr0eGbSp79U 06. UNI MIC A - https://youtu.be/UIoTP2xlL_c 07. UNI BLUE - https://youtu.be/WhaQJ3Gj5W4 08. UNI MIC B - https://youtu.be/MnGVLnScoFo 09. UNI DNA - https://youtu.be/bHh2Mo_jIBU 10. UNI EDIT - https://youtu.be/27hiBK_c3Oc 11. UNI TRA - https://youtu.be/mg3z3sekw0c 12. UNI CHORD - https://youtu.be/shMIwTdqvvE Lovely stuff
  7. In other news, more Alva Noto. Tracklist, info (including 3 live tour dates), and a single can be found at this friendly RA link: https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/44625 On mobile, too lazy to copypaste it all out. Whatever. Cool! Also this is coming out on the same day as the other recently announced Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto album. Damn.
  8. Sorry for the long title :^) Released on NOTON. CD/LP can be purchased at https://noton.greedbag.com/buy/two-120/ On 15th November Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto present ‘TWO’, which captures the esteemed duo’s 2018 performance at Sydney Opera House. The concert saw the pair performing new improvised work and key collaborative compositions from their joint catalogue, which has now reached five albums, one major film score and an EP. Last year the duo undertook a series of live events entitled ‘TWO’ at Berlin’s Funkhaus, Barcelona’s Theatre Grec (closing Sonar Festival’s 25th Anniversary), London’s Barbican Centre and Melbourne’s Hammer Hall, before culminating at Sydney Opera House, where their two hour set was recorded and edited down, forming this album. “’TWO’’s pulsing, immersive live performance melded electronic and analogue instrumentation with striking visuals to create one of the most precise, beautiful and challengingly magnetic pieces we have ever had the privilege of staging. That Sakamoto and Noto are pleased enough with the recorded result to share its continuously unfolding, sinuous, questioning music with others is as singular an honour as it was for Sydney Opera House to host them." Ben Marshall - Head of Contemporary Music, Sydney Opera House. Sharing a deep simpatico synergy, Alva Noto’s abstract electronic formalism contrasts and compliments Sakamoto’s exquisitely elegant piano finesse, which incorporates an individualistic take on classical, contemporary, minimalism and even a touch of jazz. At points melodic, atmospheric, gently rhythmic, textural and spatial, audio headspaces range from intimate and serene womb-like flotation, infinite fathoms of dark metaphysical expanse and moments of devastatingly poignant beauty. The sparing, subtle use of parts populating the mix belies a deceptively effective whole, which indicates two masters’ skill and confidence in being able to say something profound with an intentionally restricted sonic vocabulary. At all times the album maintains a calm poise, and despite its improvised nature withholds an innate harmony and graceful order. Like two aural architects free-drawing, this is sound design for better living. Inosc Propho Trioon II (Live) Scape I Berlin (Live) Scape II Morning (Live) Iano (Live) Emspac Kizuna (Live) Gitrac Monomom Panois Naono (Live) The Revenant Theme (Live) So yeah.
  9. NOTON - N-043 2 0 1 8 - 0 1 - 1 9 01. Movements 1 03:42 02. Movements 2 03:48 03. Movements 3 01:21 04. Movements 4 07:36 05. Movements 5 03:18 06. Movements 6 05:06 07. Movements 7 04:20 08. Movements 8 04:40 09. Movements 9 00:30 10. Movements 10 05:49 11. Movements 11 04:24 http://noton.info/ https://soundcloud.com/noton-info/mika-vainio-ryoji-ikeda-alva-noto-movement-2
  10. https://twitter.com/carstennicolai/status/553636940151816192/photo/1 you can listen to the track Xerrox Eboshi in the end of this mix: http://boilerroom.tv/upfront/007-opium-hum/ omg omg tracklist: samples => http://www.kompakt.fm/releases/xerrox_vol_3
  11. 04 Sep 2015 - Monkeytown Records - MONKEYTOWN060 01 Curved Engines Part 04 (Plaid Remix) 4:37 02 Restless Water Shapes Part 05 (Alva Noto Remix) 6:05
  12. http://www.raster-noton.net/ http://www.residenta...s.aspx?id=14748 http://www.factmag.c...s-on-new-album/
  13. "Diamond Version is a collaborative project between two of the most groundbreaking, experimental and forward thinking creators in modern music, Byetone and Alva Noto." "As joint heads of the German-based label Raster-Noton, and with solo projects Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) and Byetone (Olaf Bender), they have been releasing work that spectacularly blurs the lines between the visceral and the conceptual, bridging the gap between gallery and dancefloor. The release will be supported by audio-visual live performances with featured special guests and the premiere of Diamond Version TV, at Sónar 2012 on Saturday 16 June will feature Atsuhiro Ito." "Opening the EP series is Technology At The Speed Of Life / Empowering Change. The combined effect of these tracks’ crisp, synthetic surfaces and the slogans hyperreal imagery is twofold, drawing attention to the sinister utopias the titles suggest, while also hinting at their inherent absurdity." “Diamond Version is a project born out of a live situation. We occasionally performed encores together after our solo sets. These spontaneous and improvised tracks always had a kind of “special energy” which we missed in our solo works.” “Diamond Version tries to capture this energy and combines it with conceptual ideas: every day we are exposed to the Daily Short Message Information Culture (DSMC), the aesthetic of this information system became a strong topic and a Blueprint of the visual identity of the Diamond Version project.” explains Diamond Version. Diamond Version’s aesthetic is charged with surreal and subversive humour, drawing titles and iconography from a host of corporate slogans which are used as track titles across the releases. “We both are obsessed with company logos,” says Nicolai. “We collected these slogans and started reading them, without knowing the companies. In this amount and concentration they become absurd.” The duo have known one another since they were teenagers growing up in Germany. A common ground proved intuitively easy to tap into. “Carsten and I share a strong interest in rhythmic music. We also share an idea of general aesthetic, as in design, and prefer even in music, more and more roughness. With Diamond Version we will follow this rough rhythmic direction, we are not DJs and we’re less interested in delivering a functional music to a social situation,” Bender explains, though he’s keen to emphasise that despite its very powerful presence, Diamond Version is not simply a project aimed at club floors. “It’s a bit harsh, and a bit more noisy [than our solo projects], but this is not the main focus.” http://mute.com/diam...-23rd-july-2012
  14. June 2014 - Mute - STUMMDV1 01 This Blank Action (Feat. Leslie Winer) 4:53 02 Access To Excellence 4:20 03 Turn On Tomorrow (CI) 4:49 04 Feel The Freedom (Feat. Kyoka) 4:15 05 Raising The Bar 3:19 06 Were You There (Feat. Neil Tennant) 4:03 07 Operate At Your Optimum (Feat. Atsuhiro Ito) 3:36 08 Science For A Better Life (CI) 4:05 09 Connecting People 3:49 10 Make.Believe (CI) 6:11 http://diamondversion.info/album-ci-announcement/
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