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Found 11 results

  1. got this as a mail out, Andrew Liles has been included in BBC Radio program on Yorkshire's experimental musical realms not heard yet, but as one of the more original producers to have worked in electronic music in the last couple of decades, interviews on his approach to sound are a bit thin on the ground for someone with such an eclectic & varied catalog: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09rzqjj apologies in advance if its lame
  2. Waylaid & involuntarily inconvenienced in a classified government sleep experiment program? Run audio. *Caution - doors do not open from the inside.
  3. When the background static of the world seeps & creeps in beyond specific thresholds, music offers a release unlike anything else. Soothing analog tones leading to rich unfolding harmonics, prescription free. *No copyright pings included https://soundcloud.com/cwmbran-city/triggers-emotions-thoughts-images-sensations
  4. Imagine an occult dog walk along Glamorgan's liminal coastline, where Arthur Machen meets Jack Russell in *70-degree April radiance through to dusk & nightfall. The results are conjured from Nurse With Wound, Andrew Liles, local legends Julian Cope & Thighpaulsandra, Jim Williams & Martin Pavey, with Sun Ra for cosmic leavening. *the improbable proven possible. https://soundcloud.com/cwmbran-city/porthcawl-meridian
  5. A mix developed for parasympathetic breathing exercises, where art & science coalesce. Music membrane courtesy of Deux Filles, Andrew Chalk, Andrew Liles, Operating Theatre & Coil....with a full artist update pronto: https://soundcloud.com/cwmbran-city/parasympathetic-resonance-ritual "In developing 'Music Breathing', Korlin (2007-2008) adapted the Bonny Method to address complex post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociation, and other trauma related disorders with clients who may not be suitable for The Bonny Method experience. In doing so, he developed a four-stage intervention: silent grounding, music breathing for grounding, music breathing for dissociation, and music breathing for integration. As such, Korlin has taken the template of the Bonny Method and adapted it to a specific population, modifying the music listening experience accordingly"....
  6. A chthonic tonic for therianthropic visions, covering electronica, jazz & psychedelia. Artists include the Hafler Trio, Andrew Liles, Sun Ra, Nurse With Wound, Nils Peter Molvaer & Moritz van Oswald, Whitehouse, P.G. Six & John Surman. Excerpts from sci-fi classic Zardoz to etch the sketchy.
  7. Metaphors in sound exploring the relationship between the forces of nature & human psychology. Or something like that. Your guides through this audio terrain include Syntonic Research Inc, Andrew Liles, The Bohman Brothers, The Sonic Catering Band, Steven Stapleton, William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Maeror Tri, Wolfgang Dauner & Jon Hassell. Track-list soon,,,,
  8. A homage of sorts to the music of Andrew Liles & Stephen Stapleton, the main sound alchemists behind Nurse With Wound. Field-work & distillations were conducted at Avebury stone circles, Carreg Cennan castle near Llandeilo and the westward range of The Black Mountains along Gwent's border with England. Interspersing elements include bits by James Joyce, Alvin Curran, Kink Gong, Brian Eno/Jon Hassell, Autistic Argonauts, Vakula & Jodey Kendrick. Translation is in the topic title..... https://soundcloud.com/cwmbran-city/eneinio-mewn-cysgodion
  9. Andrew Liles - First Monster Last Monster Always Monster Label: Dirter Promotions ‎– DPROMCD114 An instrumental, electronic adaptation of an entire Sisters of Mercy album. https://youtu.be/fzt6DVW5pEM
  10. Heyho, after some time I recognized that I have to sort some things out. Mostly on CD, this is nevertheless interesting as some parts are not available in any vinyl format. Here is the list (mostly non-IDM): CD Atom TM - Muster (Rather Interesting) CD Kangding Ray - Automne Fold (Raster-Noton) CD Saint Etienne - Hobart Paving (incl the 2 Aphex Twin reworks) (Heavenly) Maxi-CD Sven Schienhammer - Altostratus Translucidus (BineMusic) CD Pomassl - Spare Parts (Raster-Noton) CD irr. app. (ext.) - Dust Pincher Appliances (Crouton) CD Dean Roberts - And The Black Moths Play The Grand Cinema (Ritornell) CD Random Industries – Selected Random Works (Ritornell) CD Alois Huber – Founder (Laton) CD Marc Wannabe – Things Don't Last Very Long (90% Wasser) CD David Sylvian – Died In The Wool | Manafon Variations (Deluxe Boxset 2xCD) (Samadhi Sound) David Sylvian – Manafon (bit bend and worn) (Samadhi Sound) Park Modern – Mechanical Bowels (Laton) CD Various – Maschinelle Strategeme (Ritornell) CD Column One – The Audience Is Sleeping (90% Wasser) Kouhei Matsunaga – Self VA. (Important Records) CD Achim Wollscheid – 60 x X (Ritorell) CD Autechre & The Hafler Trio – æ³o & h³æ (Phonometrography, LEGIT copy) 2xCD NWW - Angry Eelectric Finger serie (only together for sale!) (Beta Lactam Ring Records) 3xCD Andrew Liles - Mind Mangled Trip Monster (Dirter) CD Vinyl Mika Vainio - Rasputin 3000 7inch The Notwist - Where In This World b/w Odd Nosdam Remix 7inch Groupshow (Jan Jelinek-related) - Groupshow 7inch Andrew Liles/Fovea Hex - Gone Every Evening 7inch Anla Courtis - Psi GTR Avalanche 7inch Raymond Dijkstraa - Dadaphon 10inch My vinyl and CDs are treated very carefully and are Mint/Near Mint if not otherwise stated, pictures can be made on request. Please make serious offers for the items you wish, all other can be discussed via PM then.
  11. "Coming in beautiful, matt-laminate digipak! From England to the United States and back again... it all started as a simple drone project between LULL (aka Mick Harris of SCORN, ex-NAPALM DEATH), and BETA CLOUD (aka Carl Pace), based on the concept of how insomnia can effect your thought patterns. Billows of powerful bass drones set to indistinct flourishes of temporary insanity, it was released as a limited 3" CD in 2008. Now proudly presented in a deluxe digipak edition on cold spring, the original track is there, but also included is a fierce remix track by none other than legendary sound artist Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND), with stunning new packaging and artwork. Fans of Lull and Beta Cloud will really sink their teeth into this one; what Liles has created here is not a simple remix but a raging, deconstruction as only he can do. A captivating listen for dark ambient and harsh noise fans alike." http://www.stormingt...econfigured-cd/
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