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Found 12 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUWAQWPSgao https://soundcloud.com/heartdrive/heart-drive-presents-aut0mated/ Heart Drive is a collaborative effort between dBridge & Kid Drama. Kid Drama is half of the group Instra:Mental (the other half being Boddika). Together dBridge & Instra:Mental created this movement of techy, futuristic, minimal dnb with the "Autonomic Podcast" back in 2009-ish. After Instra:Mental split up and became Kid Drama & Boddika respectively (with Boddika getting into making modular synth techno), Kid Drama kept on with the future dnb vibes, and he & dBridge started the Heart Drive project in 2013. Heart Drive is both a podcast that showcases their original productions, and the name they use for releasing those productions on dBridge's label, Exit Records. As the episodes of the podcast went on, they started to include more & more artists, but I'm suspicious that a large number of those artists are just dBridge & Kid Drama using pseudonyms. As for the music, it's some of the freshest & most exciting electronic music I've heard in a while. It's dance music that'll slay on a soundsystem and get a whole dancefloor moving, but still maintains a tasteful, cerebral IDM aesthetic edge to it. The sound design is the kind of top notch stuff you can only get from dnb veterans, and the lush melodies are just beautiful. Episodes 1 & 4 of the podcast are definitely my favorites (posted above). Check it out, yo!
  2. autopilot


  3. autopilot


  4. https://soundcloud.com/vaxxn/cyberfunk http://soundcloud.com/vaxxn http://twitter.com/vaxxn http://mixcloud.com/feralsound
  5. Hello WATMM. I got a new radio slot over at RWD.FM. Every Friday afternoon (2-4pm EST time) I will be playing a mixture of tunes in a variety of genres. IDM/ambient/electronica will be quite present in the tracklists, and the DJ mix/EDM segments will stay techy & heady. This graphic shows the broadcast time in a variety of time zones: Below is the pilot episode that I submitted to the station to procure the show: https://soundcloud.com/vaximal/feral-sound Hope you decide to check it out! There's a chatroom to talk shit while the show is on air. Archives downloads & tracklists here. Here's the archive for the first episode, aired last Friday... Download/Tracklist
  6. http://www.mixcloud.com/vaxxn/outlook-2014-mix-competition-vax/ Enjoy! Tracklist on Mixcloud. Fingers crossed this gets me a free ride & stage time in Croatia this year. :D
  7. This is a CD that Zip Sound is putting out. It will be available for order January 1st, 2014. It will contain tracks from a variety of deep bass music artists from the USA. The CD will be a completely black disc in matte black packaging. The compilation will also be available as a digital download for a nominal price. We're currently uploading previews every day for the compilation. Here's previews of what's up so far: More to come! Don't sleep on this one!
  8. autopilot


    https://soundcloud.com/vaxxd/wavelength This is a mix I put together this month of some very high tech future dnb stuff. It's about 30% original tunes. Please to enjoy!
  9. autopilot


    https://soundcloud.com/vaxxd/katabatic-mix I crafted this mix as a holiday gift for the fans, specifically designed to fill up the 26 remaining minutes of free space I had on my Soundcloud. It features some personal favorites of mine, as well as a chunk of original tunes in the middle. Please give a listen if you are able, and a comment/share if you're feeling it! Cheers!
  10. Out on Gradient Audio on April 12th, this EP is a collection of 5 dnb tempo, somewhat DJ-friendly songs that are completely devoid of dnb cliche. This is the last of the giant batch of late winter/early spring releases I've had lined up for a minute (hence the numerous threads). Here's some tracks on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/v_a_x/nucrb http://soundcloud.com/v_a_x/clym http://soundcloud.com/v_a_x/sole Here's a link to Bandcamp, where you can stream this & other releases in full: http://vaxtrax.bandcamp.com/album/rising This EP will be available on all the digital retail sites in a few weeks. Appreciate WATMM's continued support. http://soundcloud.com/v_a_x http://twitter.com/v_a_x
  11. Sub Culture is something between an internet radio show and a radio station. Basically, it's a Mixlr account in which we broadcast live DJ sets every few days of some combination of deep dubstep, dnb, IDM, and ambient. Emphasis on deep, there is no obnoxiously aggressive shit in our DJs' selections. Here's the link to tune in: Sub Culture Live Stream We did the first 4 episodes under the branding "Live Audio", which we thought was a clever radio name at the time, but later realized said absolutely nothing about the type of music we spin. Now we're called Sub Culture. The DJs include myself (Vax), Morning High, and Abbot. I'm trying to get more local DJs on board, since Atlanta has a very under-represented deep bass scene. When we're not broadcasting live, it's set up to rotate through the archives, so one can tune in at any time and hear some vibes. Here's a link to a free iPhone Mixlr app for those of you who want to lock in at any time from your phones: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mixlr/id583705714?mt=8 I hope you lock in when you have a moment and want to hear something new. We do new broadcasts every few days & update the autopilot rotation regularly so there's always new content. I'll bump this thread and post on Twitter when there's a new live broadcast. If you like what you hear, please help spread the word. Cheers!
  12. I've only listened to this once so far, but it's a very worthy follow-up to live for never. below you'll find an album sampler and an interview with the man himself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KGWNlwZJpY
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