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Found 66 results

  1. So some skaters from Canada made some really great music. Mix that is not suppose to be found. --- https://mega.nz/#!kRN0WCZA!tfO_Lxd3QSBhA5w9bMv7-ucydRV42BZzC7QuGBwt1MQ https://www9.zippyshare.com/v/0qZsF0Mw/file.html Here's some bandcamp. Gruf - Druidry https://peanutsandcorn.bandcamp.com/album/druidry Fermented Reptile (Gruf and Pip Skid) https://peanutsandcorn.bandcamp.com/album/lets-just-call-you-quits Mcenroe - Convience EP (AMAZING) https://peanutsandcorn.bandcamp.com/album/the-convenience-ep Mcenroe - Disenfranchised LP - https://peanutsandcorn.bandcamp.com/album/disenfranchised Pip Skid - Funny Farm ( fuck me ) https://peanutsandcorn.bandcamp.com/album/funny-farm John Smith - Pinky's Laundromat https://peanutsandcorn.bandcamp.com/album/pinkys-laundromat This is one of my favorites - https://peanutsandcorn.bandcamp.com/album/school-day-2-garbage-day-4
  2. https://dgohn-music.bandcamp.com/releases 11-trax £7
  3. the anisotroph sequence of singles begins with two tracks; IDM-style uptempo tracks with hints of modern electro, dark ambient, and glitch. [bandcamp]2487596580[/bandcamp] available at https://tsrono.bandcamp.com/album/anisotroph
  4. ap musik presents 'the colundi sequence' by aleksi perälä 4x album & single release! 1) the colundi sequence level 1 (24 bit / 96 khz / *.wav data) 2) the colundi sequence level 2 (24 bit / 96 khz / *.wav data) 3) mental union vol. 4 (16 bit / 44.1 khz / audio cd) 4) ovuca bonus (16 bit / 44.1 khz / audio cd) = 51 tracks, >4 hours duration £20 + p&p via paypal also available:- 5) the colundi sequence level 3 (clear 12” vinyl, half-speed mastering) £9 + p&p via paypal exclusive 300 limited edition reserve your copies now! coming very soon! “an alchemy of traditional/mystical/mathematical/physical/spiritual/emotional/psychological frequencies” https://www.facebook.com/aleksi.perala/posts/10151680991383341
  5. Bandcamp is opening a physical store in Oakland, California on 1 February! https://daily.bandcamp.com/2019/01/17/bandcamp-oakland-record-store-opening-in-february/
  6. Been digging this single a lot recently. One of my fave videos of recent years as well, all the aesthetic homage details are done just right.
  7. I've been waiting this for over a year or so and now it's been finally opened: https://beauwanzer.bandcamp.com/music So thrilled to be able to get BWLP2 and CP/BW (a split with Corporate Park) in good quality. BW01 is the only Wanzer that has been available on digital until now. Definitely worth to check out i.e. here: https://www.junodownload.com/products/beau-wanzer-untitled/2811974-02/ Also, would like to remind about this Wanzer related project: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/94868-mutant-beat-dance-st/?hl=mutant+beat+dance Yey, happy days
  8. Hey guys, My name is Peter, I'm 26, and I've been a member of the forum for about a year now. I make stuff under the name Nautical Operator, and I'm in the middle of making an album. I just finished this song which I hope to release as a single soon, and I was hoping to get some honest feedback on it. I recorded it in my bedroom by myself using Logic Pro as a DAW. It's not quite electronic music (not the beginning at least), but its very inspired by it. Like I mentioned in the title, I'm mainly influenced by Boards of Canada, Plaid, Tycho, and Porcupine Tree - but also Aphex Twin, Beck, Air, Zero 7 and more. Please let me know what you think! Thanks -Peter
  9. Hi, just signed up for WATMM I hear it's where the cool kids hang out. So I won't do this a ton, but here's my self-promotion post. http://chaircrusher.bandcamp.com The latest release "SineDub & Other Numbers" is getting a lot of positive feedback. I would love your money, of course, but anyone who likes my stuff and would play it out (or on the radio) or simply asks really nicely, I'll send a download code.
  10. https://eodtracks.bandcamp.com/album/eods1 1. ASPECT 2. M.PIN comes with a secret third track too!
  11. https://christmusic.bandcamp.com/ £2.50 per album or the entire collection 13 releases for £15.44. Cheap as chips but lasts much longer.
  12. 01. wAgAwAgA - inflight frogs 5:10 02. wAgAwAgA - morning beach 4:58 03. wAgAwAgA - Yng lAz 4:00 04. wAgAwAgA - rivah jetty 2:56 05. wAgAwAgA - scrumpin selecta 6:26 06. wAgAwAgA - telescopic lug 5:00 07. wAgAwAgA - cookswait 4:51 08. wAgAwAgA - dub intent 5:09 09. wAgAwAgA - elev8or 3:52 10. wAgAwAgA - spLtinttnt 4:00 11. wAgAwAgA - ThLvLngn 4:32 12. wAgAwAgA - stithlootla 6:36 13. wAgAwAgA - wind down 5:26 https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/tasmagoria !
  13. Here: https://daily.bandcamp.com/2016/08/16/braindance-feature/ I'm sure the writing and descriptions will trigger the WATMM elite but it's a pretty cool feature that includes some high-caliber barn dance from some musicians you may not have heard of already.
  14. https://jkflesh.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-is-free just came out yesterday! lovely, heavy industrial electronic music. usagi to thread!
  15. Looks like retape is doing a series of eps too: https://retape.bandcamp.com/album/brayks-1 Insta purchase after hearing the first track Looking forward to the rest!!
  16. This label is always putting out great tapes but this batch of three albums in particular is primo drone and ambient. http://www.ctatsu.com/winterbatch-2016/
  17. Ok Here Is Something To Wet Your Appetite For Touched Two Remixes.
Released On Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer Support June 26th. 
AROVANE - Woven (Peter Benisch Remix) Loads More To Come.
  18. This lovely release slipped right under my radar. He takes a very mellow direction on this one. http://dynamophone.b....com/album/muon
  19. "Sometimes something really rough can come out of nowhere and flip life upside down. Thanks for having my back and caring about me and the music I make. Here's a special new album for you to enjoy! Thank you for your consideration!" https://venetiansnares.bandcamp.com/album/thank-you-for-your-consideration
  20. so here is an albumy kind of thing wot i done which you can pay me money to download and that. i was going to do a cassette but i don't know if i can be arsed - would anyone want one? i've got a load of unopened chrome C90 cassettes that i was thinking about maybe hand dubbing with some extra bonus tracks or something. https://acidenvmod.bandcamp.com/album/sum-tracks
  21. exm​ Releases His New Album llmnt On Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer Support​ On 25th September. This Will Be The First Release To Have Limited Run Of 50 Cd’s. Here Is A Little teaser.
  22. I recently noticed on the front of the Bandcamp page a new Robert Logan release called Extasis. I had really enjoyed past releases (Inscape and Cognessence) but nothing seemed to have emerged since... The new E.P sounds really good and surprisingly buoyant (but also very brutal/industrial and trippy in later pieces) to me. These recent weeks/months have had some great electronic releases. I understand that some might disagree, but this is a fantastic time to be listening to electronic music!
  23. https://salaamhelicoid.bandcamp.com/album/archive-ii-bullying-the-deaf-children-of-latin-teachers Something I made 10+ years ago, hope you like!
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