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Found 7 results

  1. Stones Throw Link Fun straightforward summer album it appears. Seems akin to his drafts he was posting up on instagram over the years. Uptempo plunderphonics vibe on this (Avalanches) and trash retro aesthetic (Tobacco, BMSR)
  2. Mr. Abstract Butta Fingas - Invictus Cassette / Digital Bonding Tapes is proud to present Mr. Abstract Butta Fingas latest cassette, Invictus. This release showcases the producer's musical range with beats from the ethersphere.
  3. The Mothership Collective - Ghetto Galactic The Mothership Collective is back with their second tape Ghetto Galactic. It is the follow up to their critically acclaimed cassette All Nigga Radio. Be prepared to have your tape decks and MP3 players invaded with futuristic hip hop, funktech and alien soul. Features Rhymes by Mothership Collective Members and guest Emcees! GHETTO GALACTIC SIDE A Intro Ghetto Galactic (JSwift / Lukecage) Kush ( M20 / Lukecage) Backyard Party ( Lukecage / Longevity and Some Girl) Full Pull (Triple 7 / Lukecage) Adamantium (Lukecage) Interlude (Lukecage) Bricks Bitch (Lukecage / Big Bricks) Mr. YaYa (Big Hit / Lukecage) Interview With Cage (JSwift / Lukecage) They Really Beat Him (Lukecage) IDGAF (Young Mizu / Lukecage) Colors AB 4 Ghetto Galactic (Abstract Butta Fingas / Lukecage) Junky Latin Yuji (DJ Yuji / Lukecage) Kingslish (Bigg Doxx / Lukecage) Dicey 101 (Lukecage) Intermission (The Koreatown Oddity / Lukecage) GHETTO GALACTIC SIDE B Opra Got Weed For You (Lukecage) Koreatown Galactic (The Koreatown Oddity / Lukecage) Freaky Style (DJ D-Styles / Lukecage) Mothership Malt Liquor Wine The Body (Longevity / Lukecage) Ash Put This In That Video (Lukecage) Can You Smell The Flavor Coming Through Your Speakers? (Lukecage) Phase Shift (Dynamics Plus / Lukecage) Yeti Ship One (Sub Yeti / Lukecage) XMHFHJHUIGGVFVV Pimp Saint Peter (JSwift / Lukecage) Mothership My Ass Nigga Interlude (Lukecage) Street Meat (JSwift / Lukecage) Human Race (Harv Nicholes)
  4. Tim Cosner - DEADTECH/MODERNHOMES Bonding Tapes is pleased to announce the debut release of Tim Cosner's DEADTECH/MODERNHOMES album. Tim takes us on an avant garde trip of experimental abstract beats, sound design and melodies. He has been involved with other projects throughout the years such as Circuit Scarecrow, We Savage and Hello Keller. DEADTECH/MODERNHOMES is a continuation of his productions from the years prior. The album is available for free or pay what you want download, or on limited edition cassette. credits Vocals + Words: Rather Never by Aaron Freeman Canyons by Rinu Rimac Feelers by Tim Cosner Rather Never is a remix of Deeper Sons by Mothers of Gut timcosner.com bondingtapes.net
  5. Various Artists - Quality Time Vol. 1 After almost a year of planning, Bonding Tapes is finally here! And to help usher in this joyous occasion, we've released a beat tape titled Quality Time Vol. 1. Come make yourself at home and spend some Quality Time with us! Track List: Lex Looper - Tie Your Shoe Laces The Koreatown Oddity - Off To The Shaman For Some Ancient Medicines DMN SLYR - Architect Groove We Savage - Knuck Sonic D - Aqua Hello Keller - Like Life QBLA - Flatlands Vimana Aircraft - Colorful Retinal Scan Radio 92 - 35MPH V N C F - (Girl) What You Gonna Do? Dolphin Brain - 9407 Oasyum - ryoushin EMRLDS - Mattress SR388 - Therewolf Zander One - Redshift David Peck - Lunchinabag. Tim Cosner - Feelers Thiefinger - Hierophant
  6. QBLA - Where The Girls Are Green And The Grass Is Pretty This is QBLA's debut album on Architects + Heroes Records titled "Where The Girls Are Green and the Grass Is Pretty". It contains samples of T.V. Commercials, underground electronic music, ambient, smooth jazz, Psychedelic Rock, Shoe Gaze, and much more! Available as a Free Download or Pay What You Want. creditsreleased 23 April 2013 Mastered at Envy Digital Studio Digital Cover Art Designed by leftm. www.leftmgraphics.com 2013, Architects + Heroes Records. www.architectsandheroes.net Track List: 1. Jean Wearing Populace 2. Schmoove 3. Sack Tap 4. Merman 5. Rainbow In Brooklyn 6. Public Access Love 7. Wizard Module 8. The Man With The Asteroid Belt 9. I Don't Have A Running Crew 10. Miranda Inst.
  7. Koreatown Oddity - Exit The Dragon's Mouth Exit The Dragon's Mouth is the latest beat tape by Los Angeles based Hip Hop producer and Emcee Koreatown Oddity. It is his first release on Architects + Heroes Records The limited edition cassette comes in a cassingle sleeve for $5 (Download included with purchase). Or you can downloaded it for free or "pay what you want" option.
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