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Found 10 results

  1. Looks like after years of waiting the new Bola album is finally done and on it's way! That's 9 years since Kroungrine... From the BOLA Facebook page: "D.E.G is done with some DEVELD to follow" "A 21st century SKAM records release... Just a small delay for artwork completion.. and a taster trailer to follow :)" "A mega Vinyl release with super high spec pressing and limited extensive artwork is happening :)" Please don't sit on this for too long SKAM!
  2. It would seem that this was just set up: https://skam.bandcamp.com/ If this is legit it's a pretty big deal; an official vendor to purchase all these formerly vinyl-only tracks. It's strange though, listening to the previews it would appear that some are obviously vinyl rips, such as MASK 100: [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2284040868 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small] But then the preview for MASK 200 sounds totally clear... Clearer than ever, like it is driect from the DAT: [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1312612526 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small] Thoughts?
  3. Details Mango + Sweetrice Records & Bit-Phalanx Music present: 22rpm : An all-day Electronic Music Festival. • RPM EVENTS MOVES TO SHOREDITCH! • London's newest annual A/V festival of cutting edge Electronic music and classic IDM returns for its third instalment on Saturday 7th October, 2017. This time, we are moving to Shoreditch with our all new home for 2017... St. John's church on Bethnal Green. Expect another stellar line-up, mind-bending visuals and very special treats you've come to expect from the rpm events. ROOM ONE: The Church Hall. • VALGEIR SIGURÐSSON LIVE | Bedroom Community (presenting new album 'Dissonance', live). • BOLA LIVE | Skam Records (Debut UK performance of new album D.E.G) • ASH KOOSHA LIVE | Ninja Tune • COPPÉ LIVE | Mango + Sweetrice (presenting new album, 'Milk') + New live band: Malcolm Chalmers: Programming & live mix | Damon Brown: Trumpet | Adam King: Double Bass | Leon Greening: keyboards | Kim Minchan: Drums • SCANNER LIVE | Monotype Records | Sub Rosa • B12 LIVE | Warp Records | FireScope • DIGITONAL LIVE | Toytronic | Data Wave • DEREK PIOTR LIVE | Bit-Phalanx Music | LINE Imprint (European live debut) _____ The return of: • LIGHTRHYTHM VISUALS (Ben Sheppee) Exclusive live visuals & staging throughout the day. _____ VERY SPECIAL GUEST DJS (MAIN ROOM): • ULRICH SCHNAUSS Special guest DJ | PIAS / Independiente / Domino • PLAID Special guest DJ | Warp Records • GESCOM (Andy Maddocks) Special guest DJ | Skam Records _____ ROOM TWO: The Lumen Crypt: Three Channel Wireless headset 'Silent Disco' Channel One: • BLEEP.COM Special guest Bleep DJs, Exclusive playlists and more. Channel Two: • ABSTRAKT REFLECTIONS Five artists from the label on an all-day DJ rotation. Feat... C0MA | FLINT KIDS | ANDREW COURSE | HYPERCUBE | MICROSCOPISTS Channel Three: • EIF (Earth Is Flat) + Friends Bit-Phalanx Music | All-day DJ / LIve hybrid sets. ...Plus unique AV installations & performances from: • HOWLROUND • CHROMATOUCH _____ TICKETS NOW ON SALE: http://tinyurl.com/22rpmticket £25.00 - Limited Early Bird - Standard Entry £30.00 - Advance - Standard Entry £35.00 - Very Limited On The Door
  4. In 1996 Darrell Fitton got his Bolaman out of the box and onto vinyl. 20 years later I look back on a great selection of lush sounds and haunting melodies. As always, Single Source Publishing is strictly vinyl and strictly for lovers. Enjoy the memories. And sorry I made lush
  5. 21 years ago the mega collective of Gescom incl. Autechre, Bola and probably half the Skam roster started releasing a wide variety of mad beats and tunes. Let's celebrate them properly with a career-spanning 1-hour mix. Enjoy the przzzzzzz and krrrzzzzz and woooooo-ahhhhhh.
  6. Hey folks, Darrell Fitton aka Bola posted an image in my facebook wall I don't know what is it, have you seen it before?
  7. Howdy, just wondered if any other WATMMER's were going to this event (lineup looks fucking amazing) and if you fancied meeting up for a pint beforehand. I'll be meeting up with Encym, others are more than welcome. https://www.facebook.com/events/1605784146355488/1617510448516191/ Thanking you edit. freaking BOLA! edit edit: I should probably have put this in the general music forum. mods, is it possible to move? thankyouplease
  8. So the NASA discovered that Pluto is bigger than we thought and that there is yet another earth-like planet in the Kepler system. And - believe it or not - we still don't have a proper soundtrack for our space exploration. Until now, though. This is the first of extra-terrestrial journeys from sun to the Oort Cloud featuring all your favorite electronic heroes. Enjoy your space walk.
  9. Another one I've just uploaded - lots of ambient stuff with a bit of William Burroughs mixed in 00:00 low profile society - example 6 / labradford - recorded and mixed at the sound of music, richmond, va 04:43 blackdown - crackle blues 07:33 aphex twin - tha / miles tilmann - particle 3 / arovane and phonem - valid edge 11:52 aphex twin - saw2, cd2, track1 15:05 michael brook - distant village 17:09 autechre - bronchussevenmix / freeform - a.t: autechre remix 20:45 ensemble - disown delete: tim hecker remix / tim hecker - chimeras / robert henke - ground kaven 25:25 unknown track 29:13 kettel - electrician and adventurer 30:00 burial - night bus 20:33 monolake - indigo / mira calix - ms meteo: poolside mix 37:12 biosphere - the things i tell you 39:41 global communication - 9:39 44:22 brian eno - lantern marsh 48:30 radiohead - treefingers 50:59 spooky - seneschal / stephan micus - concert for gender, shakuhachi and zither 52:18 cliff martinez - will she come back? 56:38 deathprod - journey to the centre of the first 1:1 / woob - the gate 59:26 fennesz - city of light / keith fullerton whitman - track 3a (2waynice) 62:15 kettel - a french composer / boards of canada - diving station 66:27 brian eno and harold budd - the silver ball 69:04 loess - viscer 71:11 bob holroyd - earthwatching / autechre and the hafler trio - ae3o 75:59 bola - whoblo
  10. http://s3.amazonaws.com/media.percussionlab.com/audio/mp3s/4746/SKAMix.mp3 01 Push Button Objects - Striffle 02 Quinoline Yellow - Ethyl Maltol 03 Liquitex - Droids 04 Quinoline Yellow - The Tractor Track 05 Push Button Objects - Missing 06 Freeform - Poundland 07 Bola - Untitled (Cobalt/Scope) 08 Jacobean - Untitled 09 Team Doyobi - Nomen Luni 10 Freeform - Untitled 11 Bola - Triangle Cake 12 Hakan Lidbo - Ashes To Ashes 13 Bola - Psilab Bobs Cabin 14 Geiom - Isene Percussionlab
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