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Found 22 results

  1. always been a fan - love family portrait. looking forward to this!
  2. YESSSSS!!!! new album april 3rd on brainfeeder, i'm so excited!! ?
  3. The final chapter in his epic 'End of Empire' trilogy including the albums 'Righteous Fists of Harmony' & 'The Light Brigade'. Out September 20th on BRAINFEEDER Records Single: Bandcamp pre-order: https://daedelusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-bittereinders
  4. FINALLY ! I know I won't be the only one here happy with that news haha. You can stream the first single "Bug Thief" here : It sounds really good and I can't wait to blast the full LP
  5. March 2013 - Brainfeeder - BF037 Tracklist 1. IAMSYS (Tape Intro) 2. Guuurl 3. Kelly Brook 4. One Thing (Feat. Jenna Andrews) 5. Flower 6. Swallowing Smoke 7. Without You (Feat. Kerry Leatham) 8. Straight Over My Head 9. Dance (Feat. Astrid Williamson) 10. The Dead Sea 11. Walking Words 12. O E A (Feat. Kerry Leatham) (Tape Outro) Bonus 13. Operate source https://soundcloud.com/lapalux/guuurl
  6. One of my favourite producers is releasing on Brainfeeder this year. First track out now. If you don't know this guy, check out his earlier EP's. Some quality 'organic', eclectic and experimenta
  7. June 2013 - Brainfeeder - BF040 Tracklist 1. Tenfold 2. Heartbreaks + Setbacks 3. The Life Aquatic 4. Special Stage 5. Tron Song 6. Seven 7. Oh Sheit It's X 8. Without You 9. Lotus and the Jondy 10. Evangelion 11. We'll Die 12. A Message for Austin / Praise the Lord / Enter the Void http://www.brainfeedersite.com/
  8. April 2014 - Brainfeeder - BF044 Tracklist 01. The Endless 02. View Point 03. Holiday (Featuring Jonti) 04. Shoouss Lullaby 05. SOTM 06. Hi Hat (Featuring Populous) 07. NY pt. 1 08. Piano Days 09. Piano Months 10. NY pt. 2 (Featuring Prefuse 73) 11. Mondaze 12. Wavxxes (Featuring Lars Horntveth) source https://soundcloud.com/brainfeeder/teebs-view-point/
  9. Well i made a search and there very few about this guy on watmm! Not even a major thread, so here it goes! What do watmmer's think of him? My troubled mind EP is short and unsatisfying, but most of his remixes are great. I love his Death Gate EP (especially Shattering Inner Journeys) and Helll And The Lake Of Fire Are Waiting For you (I never get tired of it).
  10. August 2013 - Brainfeeder - BF039 Tracklist 01 Back On the Planet 3:57 02 All Is Well... 3:03 03 CosMc Lounge Kisses 2:17 04 Along the Way... 3:25 05 _G Spot Connection 2:47 06 OMMMMM... 2:53 07 One 4 Kutmah 2:54 08 Culture Riddim 1:35 09 Been Cosmic 2:04 10 Injera, Lentils, and Kale 2:21 11 Asteroid Storm... 2:50 12 Find Ya Self (ANU Wrld) 2:07 13 Natural Melanin Being... 3:29 14 Ancestral Data Bank 3:01 15 Children of the Hapi 3:22 16 Jus There... (feat. Brotha There) 2:05 http://www.brainfeedersite.com/
  11. Feb 18 2013 - Brainfeeder - BF036 01] Phemy 02] Subordinate CEO 03] Purge 04] Oil free acne scrub (Hey, Jere 05] Anxious / Upset 06] Akew 07] Blink 192 08] Stam-pee'd 09] Ee-co.frendl-ee 10] Sign language 23:30 http://ninjatune.net/release/miguel-baptista-benedict/super-b-child-ran
  12. My Dry Wet Mess — Stereo Typing BFDNL035 Released 12/11/2012 Stereo Typing is the sum of the parts of a journey. Giovanni Civitenga, aka My Dry Wet Mess, composed his forthcoming album for Brainfeeder over a 15 month period (November ‘10 through January ‘12), between Barcelona and Berlin, in four different houses. And out of the many changes and different chapters, comes a densely layered body of work that - despite being a product of transition - stands as his most grounded and resolved work yet. The title derived, My Dry Wet Mess explains, “from the concept of typing for the stereo field, as in writing narration through sounds. Writing a story as a writer would do, but using sounds instead of words.” The 14 album tracks use live instrumentation, tweaked samples, slap-bass riffs, slanted beats and winding melodies to form playful narratives and plot shifts, leading the listener to places completely unexpected, and unknown. Twists and turns abound, each track is a journey in itself, at times traversing through intertwining synth lines in a buoyant underwater bassbin, other points diverting into R&B-sampled scifi wonderlands, filled with otherworldly sounds conversing. The album ends on sensory bliss, with the sublime "Prismas" and the daydream-inducing "Youth Reboot". Though his living situation changed throughout the album’s formation, there’s a inherent sense of family and home in the LP. His father plays guitar, Gianluca Pellegrino (an old friend and regular collaborator) plays various electric guitar parts, and his good friend in New York, Maryam Modarressi, sings on two songs, and her sampled voice makes an appearance throughout the album. The artwork was also created by his close conspirator, Berlin based illustrator Elliot Beaumont, a homage to one of MDWM’s favorite painters, De Chirico. “It's got this hard to define quality to it, a sense of "future nostalgia" that I love and that I find extremely appropriate for my music and the ideas behind it.” http://ninjatune.net/release/my-dry-wet-mess/stereo-typing
  13. 12 Nov, 2012 - Brainfeeder - BF035 TRACKLIST 1. Berlin Stereo Hands 2. Austere Coincidences 3. When We Were Wrong 4. Words I Didn't 5. Lick 6. Mombasa Tutu 7. Clappin' Ears 8. A Wrong Number 9. My Warped Tits 10. Bullshit Indeed 11. Glue and the Love in It 12. Nowhere Now 13. Prismas (featuring Eva Puyuelo) 14. Youth Reboot samples http://ninjatune.net...s/stereo-typing
  14. Lapalux - Some Other Time 16 Oct, 2012 - Brainfeeder 1) Quartz 2) Jaw Jackin' 3) Forgetting and Learning Again (feat Kerry Leatham) 4) Strangling You With The Cord 5) Close Call / Chop Cuts Web single to celebrate the announcement of Some Other Time (EP) out 16th October 2012 on BRAINFEEDER http://lapalux.bandc...track/the-hours
  15. Jeremiah Jae - Raw Money Raps Jul 23, 2012 - Brainfeeder - BF030 01. Man (Revolution Pt. 1) (1:03) 02. Guns Go Off (2:54) 03. Greetings Ft. Tre (2:49) 04. Rover (1:05) 05. Leaders (2:25) 06. Ignorant Mask Ft. K Embry (3:15) 07. Cat Fight (2:25) 08. Tourist (3:10) 09. Money And Food (3:34) 10. Wires (2:22) 11. Seasons (3:03) 12. False Eyes (3:22) 13. One Herb (1:52) 14. The Great Escape (1:43) 15. Raw Money (Passage) (1:21) 16. Money (2:06) 17. Guerrilla (Evolution Pt. 1) (4:47) 18. Hercules Versus The Commune (3:00) 19. Cable (2:39) 20. Latest Cars (Bonus Track For Japan) (2:54) http://www.brainfeedersite.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xqGp6slVgs
  16. Teebs returns to London bringing his innovative live show to the XOYO stage, after selling out Village Underground back in March. His set on July 12th will no doubt be one to remember. After signing to Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label, Teebs released the critically acclaimed ‘Collections 01’ plus various collaborations with Daedelus and Prefuse 73 amongst others. Add to this, a rare London show from Nosaj Thing – back with his unique blend of psychedelic hip hop. His finely tuned live set mesmerises crowds on every occasion and we are expecting big things for this show! After releasing an incredible body of work himself Nosaj has remixed Islands by the XX which was everyone’s favourite last year, plus the amazing co-production with Kendrick Lamar. Innovative as ever, Ninja Tune’s Eskmo completes the triple headline line-up, serving up an ever evolving cross genre set featuring live electronics cut to his own live vocals. With a new LP on the way we are expecting some exclusives as well as classic material from his last records on Ninja Tune and Warp plus the amazing Eskamon LP produced with Amon Tobin. Needless to say this will be a very special night! Information + Tickets: http://www.soundcras...aj-thing-eskmo/
  17. Ryat - Totem Jun 4th, 2012 - Brainfeeder - 01. Windcurve 02. Owl 03. Howl 04. Seahorse 05. Hummingbird 06. Footless 07. Invisibly Ours 08. Object Mob 09. Invisibility Cage 10. Raiz 11. Totem http://www.brainfeedersite.com/ http://ryat.bandcamp.com/ Ryat was featured on Taylor McFerrin - Place In My Heart as well..
  18. Martyn - Hello Darkness Mar 14,2012 - Brainfeeder - BF028 A1 Hello Darkness B1 Bauplan B2 We Are You In The Future http://ninjatune.net.../hello-darkness
  19. http://ninjatune.net.../collections-01
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