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Found 20 results

  1. 1. FMsquared [royal wavetable mellodies A] 2. copperfeel 3. WSsquared [royal wavetable mellodies B] 4. good endgar 5. FMsquared [epiloggy] [beauvine bonus perc version] 6. LANsqape4 [short_oneTake] https://futureislisteningmusic.bandcamp.com/album/royal-wavetable-mellodies-old-tdks
  2. release: 3 tracks: 1 remix by peshay, 2 alternate versions by bwe it sounds good https://brainwaltzera.bandcamp.com/album/medal-headz-g-b-d-f-ep
  3. Nice new EP by these French guys. Original is very BOC vibes in a good way. Brainwaltzera remix rocks too. Listening to their old stuff too and luvin' it. Bandcamp links not active yet but soundcloud works. Bandcamp Soundcloud
  4. Fresh album, only one track available at the moment, yet colour me interested. Waiting for more to make judgement.
  5. Analogical Force and Furthur Electronix have teamed up to release a new anonymous series to make you think "who is this? is this someone i am familiar with trying to sound like Aphex or is it someone i'm not familiar with trying to sound like Aphex?" If you are put off by the quality of the first 2 tracks, check out the 3rd!
  6. Haven't seen any talk about this yet but the infamous user0000008673 Soundcloud account just released a 12" EP. I ordered my copy the other day so I'll post some pictures when it gets here. Maybe there will be a hint at who's behind the account. www.discogs.com/Brainwaltzera-Mar…p/release/9159493
  7. Just a small heads up. 5 new tracks + brainwaltzera mix. TBA soon https://www.facebook.com/suctionrecords/
  8. Released Via Touched Music & Bleep 26.3.20 100 Green Vinyl Via Touched Music Bandcamp After The Brainwaltzera Mix Via Touched Mixlr 400 Blue Via Bleep 100 CDR Artwork By Grid Pattern
  9. Anyone selling/Swapping, I need the following... Violet Alepoch... Tangram edition of Polyana...
  10. Due out this summer on Further Electronix. https://furthurelectronix.bandcamp.com/album/brainwaltzera-alepoch-ep
  11. Split EP featuring D'Arcangelo & Brainwaltzera, among others: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/175522-various-va-4?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Tuesday%20Update%2012th%20March%202019&utm_content=Tuesday%20Update%2012th%20March%202019+CID_c91195a3714a3d93ad44f2aa2ee8b627&utm_source=EmailMarketingSoftware&utm_term=VA%204%20Monomorph%20%20Brainwaltzera%20%20The%20Jaffa%20Kid%20%20SSIEGE%20%20Rawmance
  12. This just landed on the Bleep store. Wonder who it is? Bleep are hyping it as usual. https://bleep.com/advent-2018-day-21
  13. https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af021-the-kids-are-ai-ep I know many of you are pretty cynical about Brainwaltzera but for me this was an instabuy.
  14. Doesn't say much that's tangible but still... http://truantsblog.com/2019/interview-brainwaltzera/
  15. This just appeared on Juno Download https://www.junodownload.com/products/brainwaltzera-epi-log-ep/3971908-02/
  16. Available for pre-order on bandcamp....
  17. hard drive: http://www.junodownload.com/products/brainwaltzera-aescoba-ep/3392942-02/ record player: https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/84190-film006-brainwaltzera-aescoba-ep
  18. Format: CD, (2 X LP) Cat: FILMCD 003 Cat: FILMLP003 1. "Kurrytee (MIDI_2_CV)" 2. "Smit" 3. "Day Aft8r (The_Greyz)" 4. "Poly_Ana Summers" (Schoolyard Surph beat) 5. "Carniblurr Lane 6" 6. "Mixolydian Transition 18" 7. "Kurzweil Dame" 8. "BouheD Trot" 9. "Take 1" 10."Triangulate Dither" (Night More Sleepy version) 11. "Frikandel (The End Bit)" 12. "Yamaha Hill" (edit) 13. "?late ?ither" (Ma8ema8mati7s Afsxissor Nap version) http://www.juno.co.uk/products/brainwaltzera-poly-ana/659017-01/ https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/88199-filmlp003-brainwaltzera-poly-ana-2-x-lp
  19. Some nice tunes on this wee EP released last month on Bandcamp. Vinyl was available in September I think, so not that new. Not seen it here so thought I’d pop it up on the board: http://craigieknowes.com/album/knowes-universal-broadcast-seg-3-2
  20. So much wow, so excite, analogical force has uploaded a video to facebook that seems to announce a forthcoming release of brainwaltzera (user 0000008673). No date or further information. A few months ago we were speculating a lot about RDJ or mike paradinas behind this account. I've lost some info? Marzipan was one of the best records this year. Absolutely can't wait to see what this vinyl is about.
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