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Found 11 results

  1. first tracks up sound really nice, very moody and contemplative stuff. art is great. talented (former?) WATMMers here doing some lovely things
  2. I've been working on this album for 4 years, and it's finally ready! The album has been inspired by coming of age, exploring nature, dealing with mental health issues & alienation, transitioning as gender non-binary, and having a kid. Here's the bandcamp link: https://sephamusic.bandcamp.com/album/i-fell-into-the-unknown There's CDs & handmade tapes, and it's out on October 15th! PS, let me know if you need a free download link for any reason, I'll be happy to provide.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/190160714355150/photos/a.224281910943030.48493.190160714355150/670910902946793/?type=1 not much info, but still:
  4. Our first release from FAULT AVAILABLE NOW on digital and limited run CD Ambient Electronica (some tracks reminiscent of ambient Aphex, early Black Dog IMO) https://deadmexicorecordings.bandcamp.com/album/fault
  5. Hullo. Here's something I'm selling! Lackluster: Slice CD (u-cover024) Esa Ruoho: Spaces CD (u-cover005) Esa Ruoho: Riversmouth 3" CD-r (Attenuation Circuit) Kaneel / Lackluster: Split 3" (Awkward Silence Recordings) Lackluster: R U Oho? 12" (Merck Records, with remixes from Esem, Xhale, Brothomstates (x2) and Sense) Lackluster: Showcase Sampler 12" (Merck Records, with two exclusive tracks not on Lackluster: Showcase CD (Merck015cd)) Please get in touch privately via [email protected] if you like. You could also check out my Discogs page with super-inflated completely ridiculous prices. Ridiculous prices. Superinflated. Cos Discogs. http://www.discogs.com/seller/esaruoho/profile I can sign the cds + vinyls that are somehow related to me, the rest can't be signed by me cos i'm not on 'em.
  6. https://bleep.com/release/51965-xnx-music-for-spas Samples sound pretty promising, I might pick this up on a whim.
  7. hi all, i have these stuff for sale. it would be urgent, so feel free to send offers to biashead at gmail dot com. thanks! AFX: Analog Bubblebath Vol. 2 12" (CUT 002) AFX: Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3 12" (CAT 008) Aphex Twin: Drukqs 2 Track Promo (DRUKQS 01) Baby Ford: Normal (BFORD15) Buck-Tick: Timeless (Invitation) Caustic Window: Joyrex J4 EP 12" (CAT 004) Curve: Falling Free (The Aphex Twin Remix) one-sided promo 12" (ANXT 41) Die Fantastischen Vier: Liveunddirekt (COL 486503 6) V/A Secret Tracks 2 MC (SELECT 5/94) V/A Taking Liberties (TTPCD 005) Wagon Christ: Redone EP (RSN 114CD) + other IDM-related stuff for sale: Ad Vanz vs Gescom / Foehn Split 12" (Fat Cat) Bola: Pae Paoe 7" (SKAM) D'Arcangelo: Corner EP 12" (White Leather) D'Arcangelo: Diagrams 10.14 12" (Nature) D'Arcangelo: Pro 188 EP 12" (RePhLeX) Donnacha Costello: Diversions #1 12" (D1) Donnacha Costello: Diversions #2 12" (D1) Donnacha Costello: Infinite Now 12" (Minimise) Donnacha Costello: Mustard promo 12" (Minimise) Donnacha Costello: Olive 12" (Minimise) Donnacha Costello: Pleite Reissue 12" (Look Long) Four Tet: A Joy 12" (Domino) Four Tet: Misnomer 12" (Output) Four Tet / Mala: Nothing To See / Don't Let Me Go 12" (Soul Jazz) Four Tet / Rothko: Rivers Become Oceans 12" (Lo) Gaze: IV Instrumentals (Neu) Lithops: Sequenced Twinset / Fi 12" (Sonig) Lithops: Uni Umit LP (Sonig) Luomo: Tessio (Remixes) 12" (Force Tracks) Luomo: What's Good 12" (Resopal) Matmos / Motion Split 12" (Fat Cat) Mice Parade: My Funny Valentine 12" (Fat Cat) Miraq: Resister 12" (UCMG-UGAR) Mouse On Mars: Pickly Dred Rhizzoms 12" (Sonig) Pantha Du Prince: Nowhere 12" (Dial) Process / DAT Politics Split 12" (Fat Cat) Squarepusher & Richard Thomas: I Am Carnal And I Know That You Approve 12" (Lo) Thomas Brinkmann: Tina / Argo 12" (Max Ernst) Tortoise: Adverse Chamber / To Day Retreival (Autechre remixes) 12" (Thrill Jockey) Two Lone Swordsmen: Receive Tactical Support 12" (Warp) Two Lone Swordsmen: Swimming Not Skimming promo LP (Audio Emissions Output) Two Lone Swordsmen: The Third Dimension 12" (Audio Emissions Output) Two Lone Swordsmen And A Being 12" (Audio Emissions Output) Ulrich Schnauss: ...Passing By 12" (Domino) Vert: Broken Breakbeat Bebop 12" (Vovinyl) Vert: Mewantemooseic 12" (Sonig) Vert: Moremooseicforme 12" (Sonig)
  8. This is a CD that Zip Sound is putting out. It will be available for order January 1st, 2014. It will contain tracks from a variety of deep bass music artists from the USA. The CD will be a completely black disc in matte black packaging. The compilation will also be available as a digital download for a nominal price. We're currently uploading previews every day for the compilation. Here's previews of what's up so far: More to come! Don't sleep on this one!
  9. The rarest (?) record I own is probably The Great Annihilator by Swans: Most valuable? Maybe my first press (with the different mix of Tomorrow Never Knows) of this: I'm not sure if this thread has been done before, I couldn't find anything to suggest otherwise.
  10. I am selling some of my vinyl records (incl. IDM & HipHop) as well as loads of promo cds from the last 5 years. http://www.discogs.com/seller/haemingw
  11. D a v i dP e c k N o c t i l u c e n c e http://soundcloud.com/davidpeck/sets/noctilucence/ Noctilucence, literally meaning "to shine in the dark", is the debut EP from Indianapolis, Indiana's David Peck. Noctilucence strives to be a hybrid entity, striking a balance between synthetic electronics & organic recordings, composition & improvisation, and musicality & sound design. Not referencing any one specific genre or influence, David Peck carves out his own corner in the realm of beat-based atmospheric electronic music. Noctilucence is emotive, but still groovy. Thoughtful, but with bounce. Ethereal tones meeting earthy textures. N o c t i l u c e n c e is now available on a limited CD pressing and for digital download at http://davidpeck.bandcamp.com
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