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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RF4wSzvzB3M
  2. New Ceephax Acid Crew album landing may 31st! https://ceephax.bandcamp.com/album/box-steady https://ceephax.bandcamp.com/album/box-steady https://ceephax.bandcamp.com/album/box-steady
  3. Not very many of them, but quite unique and very beautiful I find...
  4. I've been thinking about starting this thread for ages now. Rephlex is, at least in the grand scheme of things, quite a leftfield electronic music label. I remember especially becoming obsessed after listening to the Rephlexions compilation. It's mysterious and reclusive attributes obviously go hand-in-hand with the ways of it's artists. That said, I've quenched many of my questions and overall curiosity over the years regarding the stories and tidbits behind the "main" artists of the label: AFX, Vibert, Cylob, μ-Ziq, DMX Krew, Ceephax, Global Goon, Wisp, Bogdan Raczynski, Aleksi Perälä, etc. Still, there's quite a few releases and signings that still puzzle me: Whatever happened to Sam and Valley? I suppose their signing coincided with Rephlex touring Japan in 98'? Whatever happened to the Gentle People? Anyone every listen to the J.P. Buckle LP? The track of his on Rephlexions was an unexpected earworm after I heard it. Does anyone actually own this release? The one called 100% that consists of mailbox recordings. Anyone here manage to acquire all of the Universal Indicator releases? Freakwincey - I Farted...well to that I must ask why? Why the farting? Who is Dave Nicholls, aka P.P. Roy? He had a mix recently posted and I recall reading that he was the one who found the original copy of Black Devil Disco Club. Other than that, I'm only aware of the two releases at Rephlex. Also, that album cover, it's in that special category of wtf!? that leaves me intrigued everytime I see it. With these potentially being answered, I might risk killing whatever mystery and intrigue Rephlex holds in my mind, but what the hell. It's all about the music, right? I also figure this thread could serve as a general discussion of all the one-off artists who been on the label, many of which I have not listened to. I'd love any recommendations of underrated Rephlex releases. I know many watmmers have more thoroughly browsed the catalog than I have.
  5. https://wemerecords.com/shop/ceephax-acid-crew-acid-cask-1-pandemonium-yellow-vinyl-pre-order/
  6. SO Far... 13-16th March 2020 https://bangface.com/ebang/weekender2020 Squarepusher Tommy Cash Venetian Snares Plaid Fabio & Grooverider Helena Hauff Altern 8 DC Breaks DJ Rap Sound Murderer Luke Vibert Lennie D Ice Benny Page Sentimental Rave Hellfish The DJ Producer Chris Liberator Ceephax Acid Crew Konx Om Pax Claro Intelecto Reso Lucy Furr Coco Bruce Hallucinator Kursa Spyro Shosh Forbidden Society Broken Note Rachel Rackitt Casual Gabberz Djinn Seppa Audiotist Sei2ure Ewa Justka Somniac One Kanji Kinetic Mr Bad Monkey FFF Wan Bushi Dave Skywalker Saint Acid & The Bang Face Hard Crew
  7. Big fan of Squarepusher here. I am trying to get into the work of Tom's brother. What is the best album/ep to introduce me to the Ceephax Acid Crew?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPyZGCKu2wg&feature=player_embedded
  9. New double from Andy! https://ceephax.bandcamp.com/album/box-steady ahh dang, didnt see there was already a thread, mods pls delete this
  10. http://www.planet-mu.com/discography/ZIQ255 Finally coming out, should be good. Has the awesome Life Funk on it which he's been playing live for a couple of years now.
  11. Probey (first track of the mix): http://soundcloud.com/mixmag-1/scene-selection-planet-mu ...it's going to be glorious
  12. this got uploaded on the channel haven't heard it all yet but this seems pretty interesting!
  13. Searching trough his channel he has uploaded a couple of new vids apart from the c64 one lately, some new tracks?
  14. 'unreleased thgni 4 rainy daze n nitez' Bit lush innit
  15. Listen to Slimepit on psa mission 40 http://penrynspaceagency.com/showinfo.php?mission=040 1:37:40 releasedate on psa says 24-01-2018
  16. https://wemerecords.com/shop/ceephax-camelot-arcade-3lp-transparent-vinyl-pre-order/
  17. [youtubehd]xdzX35VDVZE[/youtubehd] lol
  18. I just found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99vyCglXyPE Maybe there's someone else who didn't know. Has anyone heard of other unreleased tracks?
  19. I've heard exidy tours and I thought it was the shit. But I havn't heard his Acid Crew album cause it's out of print :cry2:. I'm new to him, although I did just buy the Megalift EP. How do you compare him to good ol' Tom. I also ask because I have CD money from my birthday so I don't know whether to go out of my way and get Volume 1. Or pick up Squarepushers Square Window and Venus #17 releases off ebay. I missed those 2 cause in the states they're nearly impossible to find. And don't say get em all... I get stuff 1 at a time, I'm a puss like that.
  20. OUT NOW - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/touched-two Some might have you believe that the most exciting electronic music releases of 2014 have already happened - well they would be wrong! Coming soon, on November 28th, a jam-packed display of the best in electronic, ambient, experimental and neoclassical music, contributed by the cream of the crop from the world over. Even better, it's all for a fantastic cause - Macmillan Cancer Support, with all proceeds being donated to the charity. Over two hundred artists have banded together to produce this amazing spectacle, quite simply a who's who of awesome talent ready to please your ears. Featuring; 808 State, Autechre (æ), B12, Bibio, Brothomstates, Christ..Cim, Christian Vogel, D’Arcangelo, Datassette, Dub Tractor, EOD, Esem, Freeform,Funckarma, Luke Vibert, Luke Slater (OFFICIAL) 7th Plain, Plaid Machinedrum, Marsen Jules, µ-Ziq, Oberman Knocks, Ochre, RED SNAPPER OFFICIAL BAND, Richard Devine, Sense, Sun Electric, Team Doyobi, Future Sound of London - FSOL, Ulrich Schnauss, Richard H Kirk. …And that's just the start of it! Watch this space for more info!
  21. File Name: Ceephax - Live PA at WMF, Berlin 1/25/01 File Submitter: herrdoppler File Submitted: 07 Aug 2016 File Category: Ceephax This is a pretty rare set that I and perhaps a few others may have recorded, I just noticed it on mixcloud although I'm the only person I know to have ever had this show. I recorded it from a realplayer stream in 2001 and it was an av archive....it had this live PA with interesting low-grade pixelated video, of IIRC, a man doing acrobatics. I think it was an olympic setting. It was weird :) This is notable as it's the first time I heard Acid Vaccination, and also an extended version of Ceelink on Acid Quakers 1000 with a wicked 606 breakdown and rythm change. There's also tracks in here that were never released. Appos if this is already out there and well known. Click here to download this file
  22. https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af004-shifting-multiverse-ep
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