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Found 12 results

  1. Soutien Gorge - Meseerdo **Out Now On Touched Music** 100 CD Only And Selling Fast Listen And Buy Here - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/meseerdo
  2. All profits donated to War Child UK. War Child provides protection, education, livelihood, and advocacy of children in areas of conflict. This spectrum of help is being provided in Syria, Iraq, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Yemen, Afghanistan, Burundi, the Central African Republic, occupied Palestinian territory and Uganda
  3. It brings me great pleasure to share the debut release from E.L.M Collective Records here on WATMM Nature of Chaos Vol. 1 is now available for download on Bandcamp for a £5 donation to Habitat for Humanity https://elmcollective.bandcamp.com/album/nature-of-chaos-vol-1 All proceeds go to help fund HfHs Global Village initiative to rebuild homes for those that need them after the stretch of extreme weather left many homeless. More details can be found here - https://share.habitat.org/globalvillage
  4. New Album Released On Touched Music For Macmillan Cancer Support poP Campaign - Dead Dark Released 30th October 2015 PoP Campaign were born out of a frustration at the apathy of modern music. They have teamed this with their belief that electronic/predominantly instrumental music can portray a political message. PoP have been Inspired by bands such as Orbital and Mogwai; who whilst using very little in the way of vocals, have very clear messages through their music. The duo have taken their music around the world, from their beginnings in Glasgow, to Scandinavia, the Baltics, Europe, and even as far flung as South Korea and Japan. Dead Dark is their fourth album and it explores the depths of the human psyche and the limits that people are driven to. Having lived in London for the past 3 1/2 years the band are fascinated by the history of the city and the secrets it must carry within it. They are particularly drawn to the dark side of Victoriana and murky characters like Jack The Ripper set in a misty landscape of the city they call home. They have channelled all these elements into this record. exm - Remix Of Twatting A Tory PoP Campaign - [Twatting a Tory | exm remix]
  5. project1ep.bandcamp.com Project1EP is an effort to make independent musicians come together and create music for a good cause. Each artist has been given a month to compose and submit up to 15 minutes of new material, without any genre restrictions. The result, our first edition, is an impressive collection of amazing and unique music of all kinds, mostly within the electronic realm. Ranging from organic and earthy recordings to abstract and surreal experiments, each submission is a glimpse into a different world. All proceeds from this album go to Doctors Without Borders. All music has been composed as a token of support of Doctors Without Borders. If you enjoy the album, please consider paying what you feel it's worth and supporting our cause. Thank you to MSF UK for your correspondence and support. A huge THANK YOU to all incredibly talented artists who made this possible.
  6. Some of us guys thought we could use another project to help us all be creative, and we came up with this. You have the whole of February to make 1 EP containing up to 15 tracks at a max total length of 15 minutes. Anybody is allowed to submit any content under any artist name, provided it's your own material, not offensive and not OLD material! No folder dumps! There are no genre restrictions, make anything you want. If you are stumped for ideas, message me and I will send you two randomly selected words, and the combination must be the title of your EP. The rest is up to you. Submit your EP in a ZIP to me, either as a private message or to mikewestaudio (at) gmail.com , together with all relevant info, before March 1st. The final result will be compiled into one MASSIVE digital release - including top of the line mastering, provided that you don't brickwall your tracks. It will be available as pay-what-you-want and ALL proceeds will be donated to the international charity Medicines Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders. So, what excuses have you got? Try something new out, challenge yourself, just do some music. Let's go! Follow us on Facebook for more updates and information: https://www.facebook.com/project1ep https://www.justgiving.com/Project1EP
  7. OK, based on the suggestions in the thread discussing which charity should benefit from the proceeds of the Ebay auction of CAT023, please vote in the attached poll - the poll will be open until 31 May, so that should be plenty of time to narrow it down to a charity the majority can agree upon. The charities chosen were based on their international natures, if anyone was wondering why some suggested charities were not listed. Please click the links provided for more information on each charity. Update: Added Greenpeace per GWC's request!
  8. Let's hear your suggestions about which charity you think should benefit from the proceeds of the Ebay sale of the CAT023 record - please just don't throw out a single name - provide details: The charity's website and name What their mission is Why you think they deserve the donation - provide evidence the charity puts their donations to good use and are deserving of the money If you don't have a particular charity to suggest, you may offer your support for a suggested charity by quoting the original mention (not someone elses' agreement) - that will make it easier for me to see which charities are the most popular. This thread will only remain open until 12:00PM CST on 30/04/2014 - after that, the most popular charities will be compiled into a poll, and we will vote on it, with the most popular one being submitted to Rephlex for dual consideration, and a final charity announced shortly thereafter.
  9. Plaid has remixed this track of Min-Y-Lan, and the remix is to be released in early December, in a compilation album, aimed to gather money for Macmillan Cancer Support. so, stay tuned.
  10. WATMMers, I am currently partaking in the "World Cerebral Palsy Challenge". It is a fundraiser designed to raise money for those individuals affected by cerebral palsy, and their families or caregivers. I am taking steps in place of those that can't walk on their own because they are physically challenged by cerebral palsy. I have already walked 114033 steps, or approximately 56km, over the last 8 days, and I commit to walking and running another 200km over the next 3 weeks. Please support me as I continue in this endeavour, and donate if you can. $1, $5, or $100 can go towards making life easier for those with cerebral palsy. Funds donated go directly to the United Cerebral Palsy association and are spent on research, equipment, medicine, and any other expenditure related to the affliction. You can donate or become a fundraiser by following the link below. Just type in my full name "Stephen Gautreau" as the team member you'd like to donate to. More cerebral palsy information in the 2nd link. https://donate.ca.wo...pchallenge.org/ http://www.ucp.org/ Cheers, Thanks for your time. Stephen
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