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Found 11 results

  1. I don't see a Christmas thread on here, so... Merry christmas! Hope ya'll get some hella nice presents and food and stuff!
  2. just saw an email from a couple days ago for this and have been jamming to it. Thanks for the awesome Xmas present Jonathan!! A Goon Christmas by Global Goon
  3. Just curious if any of u had any recommendations for a playlist when the snow is out, or if it’s cold. I’ve had one I’ve been adding shit to for years, it’s a lot of stuff like Vincent Gallo- When, Autechre- Eutow, John Coltrane, vangelis- Antarctica, mu-ziq- catkin and teasel, the instrumental ambient skinny puppy stuff, frank zappa’s more chill stuff (like burnt weeny sandwich) and Squarepusher iambic 5 poetry. It’s obviously way more expansive than that, but that’s a good rundown of the basics of what I guess I consider music for winter. Post whatever u think would fit!
  4. Hopefully, next year we’ll all be looking back on this time rather than having to live through it, In the mean time, raise a glass by the fireside and remember all those past Christmas days that only echo in memory. Listen for the whispered voices of the departed tumbling like shadows from the dark. No matter what’s going on the world, this festive period is always one for entertaining your ghosts. See you on the other side.
  5. Hi, Happy to announce my latest work is now available, The Last Ambient Christmas. Available digitally and as a super limited CD, it's a Christmas album that's more than a little bit different. You don't have to like Christmas music or even Christmas in general to get something out of this one. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.
  6. The first WATMM Christmas album is here. I made the thread here instead of in the recent releases subforum in order to get the most exposure. I was going to name it "A Very WATMM Christmas" but I remembered at the last second that Papa doesn't like it when we use the WATMM name for our little pet projects, which is fair enough. So I hastily tried to come up with another name, and I came up with "North Face at the North Pole". Sorry for the lame name everyone, I came up with it at the last minute. The album can be downloaded here: http://cytoplantastic.bandcamp.com/ It asks for a donation, but don't give a donation. Just enter 0 as the amount and you can download it for free. I opted to put the optional donation there, not because I'm trying to profit off of everyone's work, but because there is a maximum of 200 free downloads a month, and I wanted to make it possible for people to download it if that number is exceeded. I just want to say that, even though I included every single track that was sent to me, and even though many were last minute projects, I really like this album and will be playing it a lot in the holiday season. I unfortunately has crazy writer's block, and couldn't contribute to my own project, but I'm happy to have motivated the talented WATMM artists to contribute to this project. ENJOY! EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention, I want to give special thanks to Zephyr Nova for mastering it (really really quickly I might add), and to Gaarg for providing the amazing album artwork. I also want to apologize to anyone if I misspelled their artist name/track name.
  7. Guest


    https://soundcloud.com/zhaozhou/3tx81z tx81z and reaverb with bricasti large&deep impulse
  8. Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone could help me for a sec... I am considering getting my self some hardware for making sounds/compositions/tracks etc... I'm thinking about picking up one of the following for Xmas (my budget is £100-£150 max): Korg Volca Keys/Volca Bass/Korg MonoTribe/Kaossilator ...the first 3 are analog synths (at a pretty decent price, as other h/w synths I've seem to be significantly more expensive)... I'm not sure what to do because my main intention is to be able to make some deep pads/synths/atmospheres in my tracks but preferably with the organic analogue sound (which naturally would have decent FX). Does anyone have any of these mentioned hardware? The Volca keys is tempting me, but it only has one wave form... so I'm not sure. If anyone has any advice or feedback on these synths or *any* other recommendations in general I'd really appreciate it. Thanks and praise http://www.pearltrees.com/s/pic/or/flower-life-colour-47705095
  9. Bandcamp link: https://cytoplantastic.bandcamp.com/album/a-very-watmm-christmas-2013 Tracklisting: 1. Swegüno - Walking in the Air (You'd Better Run) 2. Jubal - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentledude 3. 53XM4CH1N3 - Sleigh Ride (Extra Fett) 4. TRiP - White Christmas (Dream'n'Doowop Mix) 5. QBLA - Christmas Time Is Here 6. psn - Away in a Manger (Def No Cribs Mix) 7. SAJ - All I Want for Christmas (No Presents Mix) 8. Jubal - Dockin' around the Christmas Tree 9. vletrmx - Rockin' Around (Nosuch Edit) 10. 53XM4CH1N3 - A 149 Christmas 11. Santa's Secret - River (Melted Holly Mix) 12. Zephyr Nova - Tinsel Dimentia 13. Prins Deigen - Rudolph, Rudolph (I Could Have Been Someone Mix) 14. Idiotek - Unsilent Night, 33. AD Comments: Thanks go out to all the artists who made this happen. I'm sorry that I have so little notice about this album, due to confusion with the Sega Genesis Bending Comp (which is still on hold). But all the artists above pulled through with some great compositions in a very short amount of time. Special thanks go out to Zephyr Nova and ga'arg. Zephyr Nova did a stellar mastering job in an extraordinarily short amount of time (and of course, contributed some excellent music). And as always, ga'arg composed outstanding artwork while listening to the tracks. I love how his artwork for this album is a mixture of adorable and post-apocalyptic, matching the style of the tracks wonderfully. So a round of applause to these fine gentledudes. Also, as with all of these compilations, please don't worry about donating. This is a free album. And consider putting the whole "Very WATMM Christmas" albums on shuffle together! Other Recent Releases: If you missed it, the last MOST IDM bracketology led to two releases: Tribute to the Rogue Planet Named CFBDSIR_2149-0403 Freely Drifting in Outer Space after Being Ejected from Orbit Heading for Outer Space Future Stuff: Frankie5fingers is currently running a tribute album to autechre. Link to thread here. If you want to get involved in a WATMM comp, that's probably a good place to start. Also, I still have two tracks kicking around that were submitted for the Genesis Bending comp that I put on hold. Any interest in reviving that?
  10. GO F A BURD is a unique, 3 part release, which includes a mashup album, a video game, and a dj mix of video game music. Every part of the GO F A BURD bundle is it's own handmade physical release, all of which you can get for free with the price of shipping. GO F A BURD (15 copies, various formats) Made from around 2009-2011, we pieced this this together using HLDJ on our respective computers, trolling in goldsrc & source games such as TFC and Synergy. Every copy is totally unique and recycled, some packaged in video game cartridges, others in little handmade pieces of art. The audio is mastered in beautiful 11025 hz for authenticity. First 5 sent off will include a special numbered packet. Formats include: CD SD USB Cassette Floppy "i loved the packaging" -7u?, aka DJ Rainbow Ejaculation THE LAKE 1 & 2 (50 copies, CD) The Lake is a game about a dog. It was made in a few days, includes 7 action packed levels, and lots of midis. The Lake 2 is a game about the same dog, out for revenge. It was made over about a year, includes cutscenes, drama, action, and romance. There are 12 huge levels, filled to the brim with challenges, secrets, and enemies to fight. There are even 3 different endings depending on how you play the game. "i think a day at the lake 2 is not olny the best gaem i played all night but the only indy game beter than bubba goes number 2" -ROCKCOCK64, The Best Gamers VGM MIX (50 copies, CD) I made this mix using entirely music and sounds from video games, using about 100 themes and a few sound effects, crammed into a little over 20 minutes. The games used span a wide range, with new and old, and console and PC games. The discs are hand painted and packaged in sleeves individually made from pages of NES era Nintendo Power. "extremely well done" -Fluorescent Grey, Record Label Records TO ORDER "GO F A BURD": email me at [email protected], and include which parts of the bundle you want, your address, and the email address for your paypal account. If you are ordering GO F A BURD and you cannot use one of the formats listed, please say so in the email. I will put together your package, weigh it, calculate the cost to ship it, and send you a paypal invoice for that. (no additional charges, etc, I promise.) As soon as you pay, I will ship your package. The launching of this bundle is also the launching of my label, GANUS & GUNCHY RECORDS (a name which may or may not change in the near future) I am hoping to use this label to publish my own music, me and gunchy's future projects, and even other people's projects and music who wish to be on the label, all of which I will make either handmade releases for, or release for free online. The site is located here for now. Merry Christmas WATMM!
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