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  1. They Might Be Giants is offering their Idlewild compilation for FREE download from their store: https://tmbgshop.com/collections/all/products/idlewild-a-compilation-download
  2. Our first compilation, We Are The Music Makers | Volume One came out back in 2004. Since then, I've always wanted to do a Volume 2, following the same formula of having the community contribute tracks, vote on the best tracks by the community, and then have a professional-pressed CD of the release. It would be great if we could do a vinyl version as well, but of course that costs money - the way we did it back in 2004 was by getting at least 100 preorders to fund the CD pressing. This was long before things like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc. changed the crowdfunding landscape. Now, we could do the same, or maybe go the Kickstarter route like we did with the Caustic Window LP? Have stretch goals for vinyl versions, shirts, etc.? I'm 100% open to ideas, suggestions, etc. on getting this off the ground and making Volume Two a reality (and have fun doing it) - so let's hear some of your ideas and suggestions!
  3. Breakbeat compilation from MCM, should be up on bandcamp tommorow
  4. https://xephem.bandcamp.com/album/compiler-level-2 Some wonderful tunes from wonderful folks, myself included! Enjoy! ?
  5. The first WATMM Christmas album is here. I made the thread here instead of in the recent releases subforum in order to get the most exposure. I was going to name it "A Very WATMM Christmas" but I remembered at the last second that Papa doesn't like it when we use the WATMM name for our little pet projects, which is fair enough. So I hastily tried to come up with another name, and I came up with "North Face at the North Pole". Sorry for the lame name everyone, I came up with it at the last minute. The album can be downloaded here: http://cytoplantastic.bandcamp.com/ It asks for a donation, but don't give a donation. Just enter 0 as the amount and you can download it for free. I opted to put the optional donation there, not because I'm trying to profit off of everyone's work, but because there is a maximum of 200 free downloads a month, and I wanted to make it possible for people to download it if that number is exceeded. I just want to say that, even though I included every single track that was sent to me, and even though many were last minute projects, I really like this album and will be playing it a lot in the holiday season. I unfortunately has crazy writer's block, and couldn't contribute to my own project, but I'm happy to have motivated the talented WATMM artists to contribute to this project. ENJOY! EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention, I want to give special thanks to Zephyr Nova for mastering it (really really quickly I might add), and to Gaarg for providing the amazing album artwork. I also want to apologize to anyone if I misspelled their artist name/track name.
  6. Hey I will be updating this thread with our latest releases! I missed the last one so this will include our last two compilations, if you dig it go check out the rest on our Soundcloud and Bandcamp. A mighty 45 track beast from back in May, a true insight into the modern day braindance scene and the folks trying to make things happen outside of senpai level artists. https://elmc.bandcamp.com/album/egregore Our first collaboration effort, unused tracks from 3 artists all using parts of each others to create new and interesting sounds with je1ku (USA), illocanblo (Russia) and Dr. Doctor (UK) https://elmc.bandcamp.com/album/i-x-d-d-x-j The second release from morphlex graced our release page with this fantastic 6 track IDM EP, all analogue modular for those that care about that kind of thing! Wicked sounds from a very talented bloke https://morphlex.bandcamp.com/album/midi-parlor Recently we have released a more focused compilation gearing more towards the braindance/techno side of things! https://elmcollective.bandcamp.com/album/psionics
  7. WANNAMARCHI.CLUB SUMMER EXPO 2018 Out this Friday on Cassette + Digital WANNAMARCHI.CLUB presents SUMMER EXPO 2018, a 30 minute mixtape of forthcoming material from a multinational cabal of artists. With twenty tracks in as many styles, there is something here for everyone to dislike. This conglomeration of wannamarchi.club, Broken Britain Cassettes and NKT affiliates includes luminaries such as Coil collaborator and Alabama 3 member Orlando Harrison, ethnomusic legend Roberto Musci, a menagerie of emerging artists as well as renegade outsiders coaxed out of the shadows for their recording debuts. The reaches of this international network knows no bounds. August is a wicked month but this Summer shall burn forever! PRE-ORDER NOW: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/summer-expo-2018 _
  8. Hey Everyone! Be sure to check out our latest release Chthonic Tones available as a double CD, download and stream on Bandcamp and Soundcloud! http://elmcollective.bandcamp.com/album/chthonic-tones https://soundcloud.com/elmcollective
  9. http://www.upitup.com/releases/upfree70
  10. https://100percentsilk.bandcamp.com/album/silk-to-dry-the-tears
  11. evening all, ?? those who follow me on social media may have caught wind of this already, but I've taken it upon myself to curate a [what is now shaping up to be a massive] tribute album to Leyland Kirby in regards to his Caretaker project - I've already received an upwards of 30 quality submissions in a matter of a week - at this point, I'm thinking I'll cut it off at 72 tracks as a nod to Theoretically pure anterograde amnesia - figured now is the time to open up submissions to watmm artists. for those interested in contributing -- tracks would need to fall in line with the style of the Caretaker material (i.e. haunted ballroom music, dark ambient drones, noise, subdued sampling of 1920's and 1930's jazz, orchestral, and big band music - original compositions are welcome, as is any "Shining" fanfare (as long as it's not too 'disruptive'). track length should preferably not exceed 10 minutes - no intentional remixes of existing Caretaker tracks, no trap beats (you wouldn't think I'd have to say that, but seeing as how I received 3 already), i'd also suggest steering clear of sampling "Midnight, The Stars, And You" - email submissions (.wav) to [email protected] - general inquiries can be addressed there as well. the loose deadline for now is August, might possibly release it in October, or at least some time after Stage 3 of Everywhere At The End Of Time has soaked in a bit - this should give everyone ample time to turn in tracks - right now I'm thinking this will be released via a one-off bandcamp page, sold digitally - that's not to say arrangements won't be made with a label, if it's a deemed a worthy venture (physical run, etc). in the spirit of the subject matter, all digital proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association, which aims to advance research, and enhance care for those living with Alzheimer's and dementia. hope to hear from some of you! regards, Alex / Nmesh
  12. Hey WATMM Heads^^ We are very proud to finally unveil the first installment of 30 precisely-curated auditory artifacts ~ Taken from our long-coming, debut compilation offering under DSPH Sounds's music imprint ↑?️--?️--?️↑ ❒ DSPH_001 | Various Artists ~ Objects of Auditory Perception ∞ https://dsphsounds.bandcamp.com/album/objects-of-auditory-perception 30 x exquisitely-crafted auditory objects / Contributed by some of globes most delicate and abstract sound experimentalists / Totaling in 2.5 hours of intricate, thought-provoking journey through a complexly-structured, forward-thinking, underground electronica. With auditory contributions by the following line up of artists >>
 ❒ Avtopat ❒ Autemu ❒ AB/DX ❒ Blochemy ❒ Bunai Carus ❒ B.atl ❒ Datolar ❒ Disphilharmonia ❒ Drone Travolta ❒ Isoproflex ❒ Eczem ❒ Gast ❒ Good Egg ❒ Jeremic ❒ Khng Khan ❒ Luh ❒ Maka ❒ Modem Priest ❒ Mika Technika ❒ Noitu ❒ Nukua ❒ Onsy ❒ Randomform ❒ Sanmi ❒ Scott Strain ❒ Skogn ❒ Tempus ❒ Trohi ❒ zK ❒ 0968B3251 OUT?NOW >> Preview / GET the compilation for FREE / 
NameYourPrice download via our Bandcamp page >> 
http://dsphsounds.bandcamp.com/ **Please refer to the individual track pages on Bandcamp for detailed info and credits on each of the works as well as links where you can hear more works and support the contributing artists. Hope you appreciate and enjoy the sublime quality and the immersive sound contained on this compilation ~ as much as we do here at DSPH Sounds^^ To celebrate the final launch of the platform we’ll be also doing a special 3-hour radio broadcast ~ Playing a live mesh-up selection of hand-picked, rare and exclusive tunes from the artists and producers involved in this very first release. As well as some #forthcoming exclusive material that is about to be released via DSPH Sounds early this year. More info on the air-date and the event will follow up soon ~ STAY TUNED ^^ Have a Stellar 2017 Everyone ? 
With Love from Eastern Europe// dsph
  13. Volume 15: HTWV 1. Rowan - Tenacity Scorched 03:47 2. DataSports - Sunshade Summit 02:27 3. Tricone - Awaiting The Rains 03:46 4. Sunnyside Corporation - Sidewalk Mirage 04:20 5. PabulumAttic - Fan Collapse 04:04 6. Hello Spiral - Bacardiwave 11:51 7. DJ Saint-Hubert - blotches dont know 04:25 8. pan pipe crafter - pineapple lost at sea 00:44 9. PabulumAttic - Fever Bursts 03:19 10. soothsayer - Heatwave (Braced) 04:46 Theme: Heatwave Cover art by: Justin Bergstrom (www.behance.net/patternoverlap) Music by: barbu, DorkingtonPugsly, Friendly Foil, hello spiral, lamourfou, patternoverlap, pyramidpanes, Ragnar, Tricone RC. Link: https://chatmm.bandcamp.com/album/volume-15-htwv
  14. Cheers guys. I am releasing a compilation of 10 tracks by 10 artists on my new label Unit Shifter which will be out on February 18th on 12" vinyl and digital. It's a good mix of IDM, experimental, braindance, ambient stuff etc. Been working a long time on getting this album together so I am happy we have come this far. I will post some full tracks later but here's a minimix of the album for now: https://soundcloud.com/unitshifter/unit-shifter-compilation-one-album-snippet
  15. Been a long time since I've posted here, but I'm happy to be back. At the moment, I'm looking for a bit of help: A few weeks ago I heard what seemed, at first, to be an Internet rumor/ghost story about a kid in Detroit who documented his suicide on Instagram. Sadly enough, it turned out to be true, and I was surprised to find out that he was a young music producer. He had a Twitter account (https://twitter.com/djkillbill313), an Instagram account (http://www.pikore.com/djkillbill313), and at least one Soundcloud page (https://soundcloud.com/djkillbillprod), possibly two (https://soundcloud.com/djkillbill313). His name was Billy Watts, and he changed the header/description on his Instagram profile prior to his suicide to read "If you are wondering or even disappointed.... Just click the link below. Enjoy your life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D86ArQDvWSY" The YouTube link brings you to the final album he created, which is an instrumental hip-hop piece entitled ".Nothing." I've listened to the beginning, and I like it a lot. I also mostly tend to listen to music when I'm taking walks outside, and so I'd really like to get a high quality copy of the album that I can stick into iTunes and transfer to my mp3 player. My hope was that he left a link for a download somewhere as well, but I haven't been able to find any. Basically, I'm hoping someone out there might be familiar with this young man and his work (his real name is Billy Watts), and have access to a high quality copy of the .Nothing. album - or maybe there's at least someone out there a bit more versed with hunting down .rar downloads, and can ensure that a .rar/zip of the album isn't actually a virus that some piece of crap stuck in there to try and take advantage of those familiar with the story. Barring those options, I'd also be interested in learning a way to copy the album directly from YouTube, in as high quality as possible. I've heard of and used some programs to copy a track or two in the past, but it's been awhile, and I'm hoping someone is familiar with an effective version. Anyway, that's the gist of the situation - any help is greatly appreciated. I'm also always into discussing and learning about new instrumental/instrumental hip-hop/electronic-type albums as well, so if this branches into a discussion involving similar types of music, I'd be happy as well (from what I've heard, the album reminds me a bit of some of DJ Signify's work - but still, I'm really interested in listening to the rest, closely).
  16. Hello. The baton has been passed, end of an era etc etc. Friendly Foil has retired as curator of the CHATMM compilations and Roasty and I have taken over. The next theme will be Academic Electronic Music. We mean this in a vintage 1930-1960/70 sense. Stiff audio experiments, geometric diagrammatic artwork, men in white/tweed coats, smoking pipes and toiling over vast machines with blinking lights spilling out ticker tape. Also, we'd appreciate it if you also submitted at least a paragraph with your track explaining what the concept was and how you went about executing it. 'show your working out' so to speak. FAQ: Yes. Wav or Aiff I thought "show your working out" p much had this covered You can submit up to two tracks, if you want. If you're collaborating on a track with someone else, you can submit that too, though it'll count as one of the two tracks. Please keep them at a sensible length though (don't make me force a time limit - but if absolutely must - 8 minutes max) Some examples: Feel free to post other examples.
  17. I have just had this murky & minimal hip hop track released on this compilation "Things Which Get You" out now through the MFT Preservation Series! It is available as a digital download or a limited edition cassette tape. The compilation highlights various experimental / ambient / left-field musicians from the state of Indiana! You can check out the comp here: http://mftpreservationseries.bandcamp.com/album/things-which-get-you Thanks for listening! 'Because Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is to go where they can find you.” ― A.A. Milne
  18. project1ep.bandcamp.com Project1EP is an effort to make independent musicians come together and create music for a good cause. Each artist has been given a month to compose and submit up to 15 minutes of new material, without any genre restrictions. The result, our first edition, is an impressive collection of amazing and unique music of all kinds, mostly within the electronic realm. Ranging from organic and earthy recordings to abstract and surreal experiments, each submission is a glimpse into a different world. All proceeds from this album go to Doctors Without Borders. All music has been composed as a token of support of Doctors Without Borders. If you enjoy the album, please consider paying what you feel it's worth and supporting our cause. Thank you to MSF UK for your correspondence and support. A huge THANK YOU to all incredibly talented artists who made this possible.
  19. Bandcamp link: https://cytoplantastic.bandcamp.com/album/a-very-watmm-christmas-2013 Tracklisting: 1. Swegüno - Walking in the Air (You'd Better Run) 2. Jubal - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentledude 3. 53XM4CH1N3 - Sleigh Ride (Extra Fett) 4. TRiP - White Christmas (Dream'n'Doowop Mix) 5. QBLA - Christmas Time Is Here 6. psn - Away in a Manger (Def No Cribs Mix) 7. SAJ - All I Want for Christmas (No Presents Mix) 8. Jubal - Dockin' around the Christmas Tree 9. vletrmx - Rockin' Around (Nosuch Edit) 10. 53XM4CH1N3 - A 149 Christmas 11. Santa's Secret - River (Melted Holly Mix) 12. Zephyr Nova - Tinsel Dimentia 13. Prins Deigen - Rudolph, Rudolph (I Could Have Been Someone Mix) 14. Idiotek - Unsilent Night, 33. AD Comments: Thanks go out to all the artists who made this happen. I'm sorry that I have so little notice about this album, due to confusion with the Sega Genesis Bending Comp (which is still on hold). But all the artists above pulled through with some great compositions in a very short amount of time. Special thanks go out to Zephyr Nova and ga'arg. Zephyr Nova did a stellar mastering job in an extraordinarily short amount of time (and of course, contributed some excellent music). And as always, ga'arg composed outstanding artwork while listening to the tracks. I love how his artwork for this album is a mixture of adorable and post-apocalyptic, matching the style of the tracks wonderfully. So a round of applause to these fine gentledudes. Also, as with all of these compilations, please don't worry about donating. This is a free album. And consider putting the whole "Very WATMM Christmas" albums on shuffle together! Other Recent Releases: If you missed it, the last MOST IDM bracketology led to two releases: Tribute to the Rogue Planet Named CFBDSIR_2149-0403 Freely Drifting in Outer Space after Being Ejected from Orbit Heading for Outer Space Future Stuff: Frankie5fingers is currently running a tribute album to autechre. Link to thread here. If you want to get involved in a WATMM comp, that's probably a good place to start. Also, I still have two tracks kicking around that were submitted for the Genesis Bending comp that I put on hold. Any interest in reviving that?
  20. Guest

    Disc Jockey

  21. Tracklist: 01. Jonas The Plugexpert - snelle jackson 02. Slack Bun Empire - Bad Braincells 03. Hilligoss - Submerged Mate 04. wabby - Drumpelstiltskin 05. GRVGLTCHR - Nucleo 06. lhoka - inglan 07. clycl - Charybdis 08. DorkingtonPugsly - Chatmm Is My Sphincter 09. Zander One - Copse 10. Mauer Hag - Bag Up 11. Pselodux - Ratikin 12. Jonas The Plugexpert - Kneeing Abobo 13. Hello Spiral - A Wallowed Mongrel Hewn 14. underscore - code nurser DOWNLOAD
  22. Oy, Tefosav put a collabo album out today on bandcamp featuring a few watmmers, Forlon a.k.a Missing Sense & I did 2 tracks; https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/120-bpm-jonas-robert-evolvered Check the complete thing here; http://tefosav.bandcamp.com/album/tefosav-aggregation-project-0x0006?fb_action_ids=10151935613517976&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582
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