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  1. One of two albums I've been working on this year is out now. The other will be out in the next few months. Thank you. 🙂 https://virtekhproductions.bandcamp.com/album/ghost-cities
  2. Previously unreleased Lustmord "Lustmord’s TRINITY was originally commissioned by Unsound Festival in 2012 as a live presentation, with the project being developed further for this album version. It includes location recordings made at Los Alamos National Laborites, where the atom bomb was developed and at Jornada Del Muerte Alamogordo Air Base (aka White Sands), New Mexico where the first bomb was detonated, along with audio gathered at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Archive via the Freedom of Information Act. " Merry tunes for the bandcamp day
  3. Collection of archival material from Columbus area goth / new wave 80s band that kind of got lost in the shuffle, as many do. Sounds timely for the hauntology / dark ambient scenes that owe a lot to this kind of sound. https://stroomtv.bandcamp.com/album/reflections-in-a-rear-view-mirror
  4. Hi, Happy to announce my latest work is now available, The Last Ambient Christmas. Available digitally and as a super limited CD, it's a Christmas album that's more than a little bit different. You don't have to like Christmas music or even Christmas in general to get something out of this one. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.
  5. Theta - Reclaimed Structures Theta is an artist based in Tromso, Norway. He develops sounds that are inspired by nature and technology, but mostly by the interaction and thresholds between the two and the dystopias this interaction can lead to. The result is often close to dark ambient, soaked through tamed noise passages that carry a crust punk tonality which flirts with existential black metal. The EP was released today on the Acroplane Recordings store at www.acroplane.org It will then be released via Bleep, Boomkat, Juno, Addictech and the usual big stores one week later,
  6. Didn't see a thread for this, dropped on June 28. Been a fan since AFTRYK, and this sounds really good! https://avianstore.bandcamp.com/album/entangled
  7. some weird ambient thing made inside of renoise. It's not masterd at all i dont even know where to start with that. Some tips on where to look for sources on mastering would be appreciated. Thonks
  8. My latest dark ambient track. All comments/critiques welcome. https://soundcloud.com/sanctivv/final-hour
  9. NKT005 PRESIDIOMODELO - ВНУТРЕННЯЯ ИМПЕРИЯ Out this Friday on Cassette + Digital The Shaman - older than Christ - survives an endless winter of over two millennia as if preserved in permafrost like the mammoths and prehistoric horses littering the bowels of his mother Siberia. The Shaman - named ‘the priest of the devil’ by dutch explorers - endures the horror of the Soviet labour camps. He has access to the Axis and inhabits more worlds than one. NKT presents The Inner Empire , the new work from Siberian trio presidiomodelo where misty atmospheres are infused with a murky, industrial aesthe
  10. NKT004 Nokuit - Patterns of Instability Edition of 100 C45 White Cassette 4 Panel double-sided J-card Artwork Available Now at WANNAMARCHI.CLUB: https://goo.gl/iP4bN2 NKT presents 'Patterns of Instability', a work of freeform experimental electronic music that moves through dense noise textures, visceral sound design and time-stopping ambient suites. Unfolding over 45 minutes, the new Nokuit album is an absorbing soundtrack probing the pervasive bewilderment of society. It’s a relentless journey where blurred melodies and abrasive soundscapes unsettle our most buried dissatisfacti
  11. https://bleep.com/release/75702-les-gracies-low-doses https://www.discogs.com/de/Les-Graci%C3%A9s-Low-Doses/release/9357872 It's good
  12. Un Chien Andalou LP is out now! Download for free on www.cairnem.com dark ambient / lo-fi / experimental / hypnotic / psychedelic / sound design facebook ~ bandcamp ~ soundcloud Un Chien Andalou I (8:56) Un Chien Andalou II (5:49) Un Chien Andalou III (7:41) Un Chien Andalou IV (10:00) Un Chien Andalou V (9:34)
  13. https://soundcloud.com/hagarddd/sets/vessel-ep
  14. https://djsaint-hubert.bandcamp.com/album/im-in-my-darkplace EP thing a lot different than the usual because it's 90% jamming on the virtual keyboard usually in odd scales
  15. Vinyls-CDs selection (and a couple of digital releases) of my collection. A part of me. Features tracks from: Alva Noto/ASC/Einsturzende Neubauten/Pact Infernal/Panasonic/RQ/Jim O'Rourke/ C.S.I./ DYL/Clarity/Netherworld/Carmen Linares/Ryoji Ikeda/Empty http://www.mixcloud.com/bicho-raro/bicho-raro-black-moons-mixtape Hope you like it!
  16. A confused mind lost in unconsciousness trying to find it's way back home. A journey through dreams, memories and nightmares. https://northernplastics.bandcamp.com/album/someone-elses-memories
  17. Hi I made a ambient/soundscape album which is now on bandcamp if anyone is in to that kind of thing http://aerotek.bandcamp.com/releases If you have some spare pennies and looking to help out a poor artist then please take a listen Thank you kindly
  18. Some of you may know I'm working on a new ambient slumbr album, which is just about getting wrapped up. This is a piece that was planned to be included but that won't make it, mainly because it's very long and contains a spoken word reading of an english translation of an old Zen verse, the Xin Xin Ming by Jianzhi Sengcan, written in the 6th century. I'm still wildly satisfied with it, and figured I'd share it with my fellow ambient fans here. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3431457664/size=medium/
  19. Came across this yesterday, am planning on purchasing the digital (I'm not too keen on splurging for vinyl usually) soon. It's a dense and dark record, lots of distortion and drones and swelling compressed parts and bass. Boomkat compares it to The Haxan Cloak, and I can see that a bit, though it's not nearly as clean. Vinyl and digital available at http://digitalisrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/ill-fares-the-land and http://boomkat.com/vinyl/933705-koenraad-ecker-ill-fares-the-land
  20. Guest


    ..anyone here an aficionado? I've sampled his stuff over the years and watching these vids of recent live performances really made me want to seriously get into his stuff. I would love to have a full concert in 5.1 surround if these videos are indicative of a whole 'performance'. can someone give me a list of his 'must hear' releases?
  21. chim

    Void Guru Mix

    Dark meditative vibes for the yogi in all of us. Leave the world behind, dive into the void of your own mind; attain the unattainable. Lots of flutey drones. STREAM DOWNLOAD Tracklist: Sean Washburn - Inner Gate Tom Heasley - Joshua Tree Loren Nerell - Borobodur Sean Washburn - To Thee Homage Nebulae - Enlightenment Lucette Bourdin - Cup Of Tea Drone Michael Stearns - End Credits David Hykes - Rainbow Voice Igneous Flame - Formless Oophoi - Cambrian Rain Tuu and Nick Parkin - Serpent Fire Robert Rich & Alio Die - Sirena Robert
  22. New Slomo album just out now. Cheap as fuck on bandcamp: http://soundsofslomo...album/the-grain Tracklist 1.The Grain - 42:14 2. Against The Grain - 25:16
  23. Well i've finally released my first album. very proud of it too. its a Dark Ambient album. it also has a Bonus track from Zander One! so give it a listen, and tell me what you guys think! http://bewegungrecords.bandcamp.com/album/what-once-was
  24. *READ BEFORE LISTENING* im really trying to make a dark creepy album that makes you very uneasy. to fully enjoy try to listen to this in the dark by yourself. im very new at this so any tips to make this creepier would be greatly appreciated. http://soundcloud.com/bewegungrecords/umbra-lurking
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