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Found 10 results

  1. Beautiful four tracker of snappy rhythmic soundscapes. Recommended.
  2. https://datassette.bandcamp.com/album/void-fill-product Haven't had a chance to listen yet but a full length album from datassette sounds like great news, I love his previous work.
  3. another new one from datassette. love his last one one cpu, it really got me. https://bleep.com/release/142880-datassette-existenzmaximum-ep "Just a few short weeks on from his excellent Kestrel Manoeuvres In The Dark EP, Datassette becomes the first artist to put out a solo release on Future Massive. After the label threw down the gauntlet with their impressive Volume 1 compilation back in April - an LP that featured The Gasman, Rolando Simmons and Plant43 - Existenzmaximum continues to cement their reputation as an exciting new force in the world of electro and contemporary IDM. As is often the case when it comes to Datassette drops, Existenzmaximum covers a lot of stylistic ground. Opener ‘Shooz Who’ is detailed watercolour IDM that draws as much from Jean-Michel Jarre’s busy harmonies as it does from modern-day practitioners like, say, Brainwaltzera. ‘Mechanical Advantage’ strips out the beats and muffles its synths to leave it skirting close to Lorenzo Senni territory. Existenzmaximum’s title-track wobbles between unidentifiable glitching, future-garage and the jazzified house sound of early Eglo Records - the latter of which rears its head again on burbling closer ‘Drinking Paint’, a cut that could quite easily have fitted into Floating Points’ Shadows EP. Much like fellow elite proponents of IDM, braindance and other more ‘experimental’ kinds of dance music, Datassette manages to strike a good balance between tinkering and groove across Existenzmaximum’s five tracks. Datassette and Future Massive team up for the quirky and innovative Existenzmaximum EP."
  4. Datassette - Kestrel Manoeuvres in the Dark EP 1. Kestrel Manoeuvres in the Dark 2. To the Scullery! 3. Stoatle Excelsior 4. Polyhedron Navigator Bandcamp vinyl and Digital pre-order From Bleep: "UK producer, programmer and DJ Datassette aka John Davies lands on CPU with a stunning braindance E.P. entitled 'Kestrel Manoeuvres In The Dark'. Four tracks of intricate analord-esque rhythms and melodies that will satisfy even the most discerning IDM fans." Tired of this label's non-artwork, but excited for new Datassette.
  5. Datassette - Selected Offal I was just made aware of this via Bleep's Facebook page. Out today it seems? I never listened to Offal (1999-2004) for whatever reason, perhaps because it was daunting, perhaps because I forgot. So this 18-track collation is very much appreciated. https://bleep.com/release/76811-datassette-selected-offal Shipwrec cement what is hopefully the first of many albums from ambient-electro lynchpin Datassette with Selected Offal. Arriving two yeas after his Apollo 12", which bought the Datasette sound to a wider audience, he submerged himself back in the electronic underground before without little fanfare or warning dropped a hundred track strong pick 'n' mix of 100 strong dubs written between and put into the binary title Offal (1999-2014) . Moving to the present day and Shipwrec have done the world a favour by collating a seventeen track album, spread across two 12"s (and for the digital heads a bonus track to boot), Selected Offal features a stripped-back and finely tuned entry point into the vast project. Compiled with suggestions of fans, unheard and alternate versions, Selected Offal goes a long way to showcasing how diverse a talent Datassette is. Whether it's producing fuzzy tape tekno on Hands Faces, washes of neo-classical ambience on Vocoder Mic Tap Loop Verb, cut and paste disco on Floozen B or providing a must-be-heard-to-be-believed cover of the John Maus classic Crucifix. For many of you we imagine Datassette may well be a name unknown, but on Selected Offal his mixture of crisp production and well executed, yet cheeky swagger are sure to see those with a soft spot for Bochum Welt, Mood Hut, MNLTH, James Ferraro. Leyland Kirby & Chris Clark make some well deserved space on their record shelves and hard drives for him.
  6. https://touched.bandcamp.com/ Hello watmm I'm spreading the word of this massive compilation which is due to be released this month, with all the money going towards Macmillan Cancer Support. The man behind this compilation is Martin Boulton, which he has been doing all the hardwork to get this compilation together and out there. It feature's over 100 artists including The Future Sound of London, VHS Head, Arovane and the list goes on. Confirmed Artists so far: (ghost) 10.32 2020K 2ndMOUSE A God With Horns Abereiddy Astronomical Society Ade Hodges Adviruz Am-Boy Ambidextrous Anders Ilar Antonymes Arovane Awkward Noise Bagpipe Whiskey Bearhead Bengalfuel Blamstrain Brambles Brothomstates Cali May Chris Weeks Christ Christian Kleine Ciarán Byrne Cousin Silas Datassette Dementa Derren Heath Dez Williams Digitonal Dunaewsky69 Eigenheimer emptywhale Endote Erothyme Eyesix Fil Ok Floating Spirits Funckarma Future Sound of London Gang Violins Generate George Sarah Goto80 hunc. Ian Holloway Ilkae Illl Imploded View Intriacte Irma Ishq James Bernard Jet Jaguar Jet Jaguar Julien Neto Kettel KINGBASTARD Kreuztot Lackluster Little Eris Logreybeam Maps & Diagrams Marsen Jules Meta Program Michael Manning Miles Tilmann Milieu Min-Y-Llan Missingsense Noboru Watanabe Nonima & Dissolved Normal Noumen Novel 23 Ochre Offthesky Ola Bauriman Olan Mill Plaid Playman54 Plazmatron Production Unit Protman Pub Qemikal Flow Roel Funcken Ross Adams Ruxpin Scyye Segue And Pleq Sense Shadow Priest Shammen Delly Si Begg Skytree Somatic Responses Soutien Gorge Sun Glitters Surface10 Swegüno Ten and Tracer The Angling Loser The Dandelion Council The Inventors Of Aircraft Tim Hutton Tim Koch Tom Roberts Twerk Twisted Perspective UNKNOWjp Ursa Minor Vector Lovers Verbose VHS Head View Weldroid Z-Arc Zan Lyons There is more info here on the facebook page and share it around. It's going to be jammed packed full of gems. https://www.facebook.com/touchedmusic
  7. Mar 2014 - Apollo - AMB1403 01. Datassette - Cagney XOR Lacey (Part 1) 02. Datassette - Vacuform 03. Datassette - Helvetica Calcium 04. Datassette - Cagney XOR Lacey (Part 2) http://randsrecords.greedbag.com/buy/cagney-xor-lacey/
  8. "New release by Datassette! Proper contemporary electro tracks with a bit of that early nineties emotional yet funky Rephlex/electronica feel. One of the hottest releases of the already hot Shipwrec catalogue so far... Free download included." http://clone.nl/item23665.html
  9. Mark Archer's rebuild of the classic 1991 Altern8 rave anthem FREQUENCY is out today, for completely free download! Reconstructed from the original samples, a completely accurate rebuild but now in stereo, with modern mastering & production standards balkanvinyl.bandcamp.com/album/frequency-remixes Also available are remixes by Luke Vibert, Ed Dmx, AGT Rave Cru, and Killa Productions (aka Ben Sims & Paul Mac) Plus, exclusive to bandcamp, are two extra remixes by Chevron and Datassette. Also, by purchasing from bandcamp, most of the purchase price goes directly to the artist & label. A limited edition 12" yellow vinyl version is also available, find it at the usual shops...only 500 copies worldwide.
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