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Found 15 results

  1. Deepchord's 14th album released on Soma, accompanied by two EP releases (clips from Extraits 1 and Extraits 2 on Juno). Not really my thing, but might of interest to some.
  2. http://13.silentes.it/private_sounds/sps1830_our_lady_of_the_flowers.htm https://www.normanrecords.com/records/173462-our-lady-of-the-flowers-holiday-in-thule
  3. https://rohsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/metro-pol Metro/Pol is Herwig Holzmann's 2nd full length album under the "Mono Peninsula" moniker. It's a collection of 6 monotonous, repetitive dub atmospheres, tape saturated ambient soundscapes and lo-fi hardware explorations.
  4. the previous album by them on modern love is a dub techno classic and i am looking forward to get more. they are also in the process of releasing an album of their cv313 (Dimensional Space) project sometime this summer too. http://www.factmag.c...on-modern-love/
  5. Finds excavated from deep crate digging, so only the grooves & their pants swinging potential. Giddy up. African Blues - Word Sound Power Weekender - Spirit In Your Soul Michael Whitehead - Under My Spell (Meat Mixx) DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell - Complete Spiral DeepChord & Mike Huckaby - Sound Of Thought (Rod Modell's DeepChord Mix) Gemini - Where Do I Go Kerri Chandler - No Surprise Norma Jean Bell - Dreams Kuniyuki Takahashi - Precious Hall (Original Mix) Seven Davis Jr - Fighters
  6. Artist: Deepchord Presents: Echospace Title: Silent World (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack) Catalog: echospace [detroit] 313-LP-2 Format: 3 X 12″ LP (160 Gram Mixed Colored Vinyl) + CD album in cardstock case Packaging: Full Color Heavy Matte Finished Jacket w/Resealable Poly Sleeve Release Date: June 17th, 2012 (also packaged with CD album in a matte finished cardstock sleeve, as pictured below) Tracklist Vinyl: A1 Lisbon B1 Rippling C1 BCN Dub [Original] D1 Orbiting D2 In Echospace [Original Version] E1 Ghost Theory (Bonus) F1 Theme For Silent World CD: 01. Silent World (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack) http://digforfire.net/?p=5398 http://www.residenta...s.aspx?id=16686
  7. ^ Least DeepChord DeepChord cover ever DeepChord - Lanterns Cat: AI 01 Double 180 gram Crystal/Red/Blue coloured vinyl 12" + poster 20th May 2014 A1 Red Lantern (parts 1 & 2) B1 Red Lantern (part 3) C1 Blue Lantern (part 1) D1 Blue Lantern (part 2) "DeepChord has a new album on the way called Lanterns. The LP sees Rod Modell move away from his favoured outlets in recent years, Soma and his own echospace [detroit], to provide the first release on Astral Industries, a new London-based label and club night. The party launched back in August 2013 with a party in Brixton headlined by Modell. The label has gone all-out on the packaging for Lanterns, which will be released on double 180gm coloured vinyl, with hand-drawn artwork and a bonus poster. The three-part "Red Lantern" suite that opens the album "is an ode to the eerie red glow that once beckoned sailors to the port of Amsterdam," a press release says. The two-part "Blue Lantern" that follows is pitched as classic DeepChord, "merging dub techno and ambient experimentation." "
  8. I was asked by this record label to come up with an ambient/field recording mix. Ended up going with 138 min of late nite ambient tropes. Thought some of you might enjoy it. Title is tongue-in-cheek. It can be downloaded through SoundCloud. Tracklisting (for convenience): Deepchord - Barcelona Tomasz Bednarczyk - Little Spring Martin Stig Andersen - City Deepchord Presents Echospace - Untitled 1 Simon Scott - Aki Twerk - Kogepan DJ Olive - Scooter Susumu Yokota - Shinsen Biosphere - Black Lamb & Grey Falcon Andrew Pekler With The Silhouette Strings & Chorus - Music To Sleep Walk On By DJ Olive - Gone Fishing With No Hook Tape Loop Orchestra - beginning of Maybe I Told a Small Lie Deathprod - Twin Decks Asher - 11 Shuttle358 - Spiff Matt Christensen - Track 01 (off Sleep) Aidan Baker - The Taste Of Summer On Your Skin Steve Roach - Quiet Friend
  9. "Rod Modell has been making experimental dub-techno under the Deepchord moniker since 2000, and has today announced the project's latest full-length, 20 Electrostatic Soundfields. The album is planned for a release via Modell's longtime label home, Soma, marking his third release for the outpost. 20 Electrostatic Soundfields is said to be more ambient than its predecessors, and according to the press release, its 20 tracks are "an assemblage of conceptual audioscapes culled from video soundtrack and installation works made between 2008 and 2012." The press release also notes that "the album has an otherworldly, nocturnal feeling that would sit well on a David Lynch soundtrack." look http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2013/08/deepchord-announces-new-album
  10. "New projects underway with echospace [archival] editions: d e e p c h o r d " 0 7 / 0 9 " [ r e m a s t e r e d ] We're pleased to introduce the launch of echospace [detroit] archival editions. A special edition series focused on the rare, historical works of deepchord. The long out of print deepchord catalog has since been remastered and will finally be available again on this gorgeous triple LP set. The release includes photography by Rod Modell and a 12" X 12' (frame-able) photograph emphasizing the creative eye and instincts of the artist. It's been a lengthy and timely process restoring old analog tape, DAT and cassette recordings (some dating back to 1994) all of which have been carefully resurrected from the vault of Detroit's revered NSC Studio. The long out of print catalog has been remastered, mixed, and once again bounced down to tape to ensure the best possible listening experience. Great measures, focus and time were spent to preserve the analog warmth and sonic integrity of the original masters. For those who don't know, these releases are considered by many some of the most inspired and influential sounds to emerge from Detroit well over 10 years ago, a blue-print was set here for many artists to come, a step in the evolution. Expect gorgeous plumes of sound deeper than the ocean floor, a rich analog tapestry made in the heart of Detroit, Techno City."
  11. "When it comes to dub techno, there could hardly be a more consistent producer than Modell. The Detroit-based artist has been tweaking his formula for years, trying out various balances of muffled beats, hazy ambiance and field recordings. This is precisely what you can expect from Sommer (German for "summer"): meditative electronic compositions enriched with organic sounds, many of which Modell collected at the beach near his home. The album comes barely a year after his last one, Hash-Bar Loops." 01. Glow 02. Aquatic 03. Cruising Towards Dawn 04. The Universe as a Hologram 05. Beneteau 06. Fourier 07. Aeronautics 08. Flow-Induced Vibrations 09. Spring Mist 10. Amber 11. Alfama 12. Gliding 13. Wind Farm http://www.residenta...s.aspx?id=16951
  12. "The inspirational Rod Modell aka Deepchord follows up Sommer, his second album on Soma, with two exclusive tracks perfectly laid down in only the way he can, giving us 'Tonality of Night'. Both tracks clock in over the 10 minute mark as Deepchord takes us on yet another journey through the unfathomable depths of his unmistakable production." listen http://www.piccadill...Soma-86686.html
  13. Out today on Beatport and Soma's website in digital format. http://www.beatport....s-part-2/675229 http://www.somarecor...usic/soma_319d/
  14. A 1. Deepchord - 01-06 (cv313 Rework I) 2. Deepchord - 01-06 (cv313 Rework II) B 1. Deepchord - Electromagnetic Dowsing (cv313 Live Rewire) 2. A Silent Storm (cv313 Reprise) C 1. cv313 - Seconds To Forever (Intrusion's Lost Dub) 2. cv313 - Altering Illusion D 1. cv313 - Above Clouds 2. cv313 - Hypnosphere E 1. Deepchord presents: Echospace - Spatialdimension (Intrusion Dub) F 1. Deepchord presents: Echospace - Spatialdimension (Intrusion's Narcotic Intake) G 1. Variant - As Time Stood Still H 1. Variant - MagneticPulsation 2. Variant - Enchanted Samples http://diskunion.net...tail/CM-0042616 Most of the tracks are newish. Samples sound lush.
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