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Found 9 results

  1. "The BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, which created theme tunes and sound effects for programmes including Doctor Who and Blake's 7, is to reopen after 14 years.Composer Matthew Herbert, known for his use of "found sounds", has been appointed creative director." " Matthew Herbert will lead "seven fellow cutting-edge collaborators" in making new sounds and music.The composer is known for his experimental sound collages, which often have socio-political themes.On last year's One Pig film and album, he recorded the life of a pig from birth to its slaughter at 20 weeks, and its subsequent serving as a meal.In a live performance at 2004's London Jazz Festival, he drove a tank over a replica of a meal Nigella Lawson had cooked for Tony Blair and George Bush." http://thespace.org/items/s0000q7e http://www.bbc.co.uk...t-arts-19568120
  2. https://www.deliaphonic.co.uk/about-deliaphonic https://www.coventrycathedral.org.uk/wpsite/?doing_wp_cron=1642766333.4229838848114013671875
  3. Nest issue of Electronic Sound comes with a sweet looking colored 7" of the classic Doctor Who theme: https://electronicsound.co.uk/subscribe/?utm_source=Electronic+Sound&utm_campaign=db55cf4f86-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_12_04_03_14_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_07c18cd97f-db55cf4f86-134845965&mc_cid=db55cf4f86&mc_eid=d860b98512
  4. This guy sits on gems for years before they’re “ready” for release. This might be another limited sale, so I wouldn’t delay. https://drewmulholland.bandcamp.com/track/cambridge-calling
  5. This has been reissued again, this time on purple 7" vinyl, it's a really nice gatefold single, I have the previous pressing and it's well worth keeping: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/148826-delia-derbyshire-the-delian-mode?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Thursday Update 3rd March 2020&utm_content=Thursday Update 3rd March 2020+CID_5f69d0473955747871715d095d58942a&utm_source=EmailMarketingSoftware&utm_term=Delia Derbyshire
  6. Something for those with with a musical taste for the arcane and esoteric. Jonny Trunk's ability to dig out the rarest dusty reels and DATs from the archives, basements and attics of the Radiophonic workshop's various entourage has turned up possibly his most unbelievable find yet. Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield's original electronic soundtrack to the avant-garde film Circle of Light: The Photography of Pamela Bone, directed by Anthony Roland. Circle of Light was premiered in 1972 and within three months was selected to represent Great Britain in the Art Film class at the Cork International Festival where it won first prize. Surprisingly for a film held in high regard, the nocturnal drones that Delia and Elsa produced to soundtrack it has never been commercially released before on vinyl. Believed to be Delia's longest surviving work, elements of her more esoteric workshop material bleed into the two compositions, Blue Veils & Golden Sand spectral tape loops glow in the midst and unravel a sinister edge to the soundtrack, while the second side's birds chirping casts a dreamlike haze that's both sedating and disorientating in the best way possible. Described by Chris Watson as "quite simply one of the best records I have ever heard..." and despite being over forty years old, the music really stands up and sounds incredibly current, the closest comparison we could offer would be if La Jetée starred Peter Capaldi as its main protagonist and was scored by PYE Corner Audio. Imagine that and you are half way there. https://bleep.com/release/74453-delia-derbyshire-and-elsa-stansfield-circle-of-light-original-electronic-soundtrack-recording
  7. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/154/789/535/publish-delia-derbyshires-music-from-the-bbc-sound-archive/?taf_id=10123317&cid=fb_na Most of electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire's music exists in a single copy in the archives of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Many dozens, if not hundreds, of pieces of her beautiful work are mouldering unheard. Delia's music broke new ground on several fronts: technological as she pushed what was possible with the equipment of her time, rhythmical as she experimented 11- and 13-note bars, and tonal as she freed herself from the 12-tone scale and voyaged into soundscapes and pure sound. Of Delia's work, only a tiny percentage is known to the public, whereas by far the majority of it is on tape in the Archive of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the custody of Mark Ayres. We petition the BBC Trust to apply pressure to the BBC so that these recordings be swiftly published on traditional audio media (CD, DVD) so that the public, and in particular the British public who paid for it to be produced, be able to learn from and develop this woman's amazing musical visionary style.
  8. The work of electronica pioneer Delia Derbyshire is being celebrated in Manchester tomorrow. As part of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop team, Derbyshire realised the Doctor Who theme music, composed by Ron Grainer, and her work creating sounds strongly influenced the world of pop and electronic music. After her death in 2001, her collection of 267 tapes was entrusted to Mark Ayres and then loaned permanently by Ayres and the Delia Derbyshire estate to the University of Manchester, where they were digitised. Tomorrow, Band On The Wall, a non-profit venue in Swan Street, Manchester, will be hosting the first Delia Derbyshire Day with performances, screenings, and talks in honour of the composer and arranger. Among the events, the daytime "mini-symposium" - from 3pm to 6pm - will include a screening of the documentary The Delian Mode as well as a listening session of rare Derbyshire tracks, while the evening session - from 8pm to 10.30pm - will include the première of new commissions by Ailís Ní Ríain, Caro C, and Naomi Kashiwagi - who together comprise the event organisers Delia Darlings - inspired by their time spent with the Delia Derbyshire archives.
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