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Found 14 results

  1. i rlly like it so plz share some!! i like dopplereffekt, drexciya and the other people place (various james stinson and gerald donald projects)
  2. New Terrence Dixon album out on 30D Records. edit: This is even more stripped down than Galactic Halo on Axis, with one side focused on soundscapes/textures. Really good album.
  3. ''Tresor Records proudly announces From The Far Future Pt. 3, a new album from Terrence Dixon. Continuing the story of his previous two iterations on this title, spanning 3 vinyl discs, it is a serene undertaking of unrivalled Motor City rhythms and sound. It finds the Detroit producer oscillating, from excursions in paradises of synth pointillism to husky storytelling and Dixon’s peculiar beat work. A master in letting shapes find their form, Dixon allows the listener to wallow in recurring scenes. Lost Communication Procedure, Found In Space and Remarkable Wanderer etch a sound world of choral vibrations and cinematic dirge. Where gaseous clouds scrape the natural sonic pastures of such environments, the hypnotized listener staggers a drunken step, moving sideways by 0 or 1 or -1 into new scenes. Not least an expert in industrial abstraction, a human silhouette permeates Dixon’s sound. His ethereal storytelling portrays the heart-rending romance of Unconditional Love and unearths in I’m Away In Detroit monologuing moodscapes recalling our GPS voice assistants. Out of Darkness initial recalls Kraftwerk’s Geiger counter, as from pure signal data and feedback spells an unceasing locomotive wormhole. Hazy, dense grooves drive across bleak city scenes in We Can Rebuild Him, into the raw vibe of Framework and the rude stabs of Spectrum of Light. The varying presence of Dixon's work is one of his textural signatures, at arm's length, brushing right within, and far out. The bumping mood of Earth Station is one such moment, close enough to isolate the diving bass somewhere within, simultaneously from afar it becomes positively gravitational. The first two records of the series are rightfully considered among the finest embodiments of contemporary minimalism, symbolic documents of afro-futurism. This new work revives the classic series, continuing the relationship between Tresor and the undisputed master of Detroit techno into the present day.'' Some bits here.
  4. Vol.4 was the first Jeff Mills release I picked up on vinyl, worth the price of admission for A1 alone (IMO). I've been enjoying the series starting up again this year, and now Axis are offering offering Vol.4 as a free download (MP3/WAV) from today, until the 26th of December. https://www.axisrecords.com/axis-shop/
  5. “There are influences of the Moon we can detect, measure and document as scientific facts. If these are perceived as rational explanations, then it should raise questions about the possibility of other unseen mental and metaphysical connections humans have, not just with the Moon but with all other celestial bodies in and outside this Solar System. On the flipside, as we recognize that our Sun gives us light and a lifespan, what does an even greater force in the Cosmos, perhaps the darkness [or absence of anything] affects us. If we look at the Moon as a component in a vast configuration of integral connected parts, then an intuitive sense might lead us to a wider understanding about how deeply our relationship lies.” – Jeff Mills 1 Control, Sattva And Rama 7:03 2 Stabilising The Spin 5:04 3 The Tides 4:25 4 Sleep-Wake Cycles 8:32 5 Erratic Human Behavior 4:45 6 Lunar Power 5:20 7 Electromagnetic 5:35 8 Decoding The Lunar Sunrise 4:05 9 Peaks Of Eternal Light 3:25 10 Measuring The Doppler Shift 4:10 11 Theia 4:43 12 180-Degree Repositioning Phase 4:19 13 Absolute 6:06 https://www.axisrecords.com/product/moontheareaofinfluence_cd/
  6. http://www.mixcloud.com/SirAdamo/detroit-mix-14-07-2014/ 43 tracks of uptempo stuff in 60 min mix, inspired by mr Stingray, naturally tracklist: Erotek - Refresh Galaxian - Repent Dexter - Intruder Basic Units - Explode The Advent - Dark Fader Side Dexter - Echo Park Shadow People - The Secret Society EP B1 Cosmic Force - Optical Rape Galaxian - SKINT Electronome - Influence The Advent - Wasper Illektrolab - Overdrive Dexter - No More Boddika - Electron Transllusion - Power Of The 3rd Brain Electronome - Bass Commander Partisan Midi - Tilt Cosmic Force - Master Blaster Illektrolab - Internal Software Fastgraph - ../../ Erotek - Get Ur Freq On Frustrated Figures - Elastic Black Narcissus X - Paro Taktsang Maurizio - M05A (Edit) Transllusion - Dimensional Glide Fastgraph - Forensics Dexter - Raad Het Woord (What's The Word) Aux 88 - Welcome To Avolon Illektrolab - I Am Illektro DJ Stingray - 2.4 Ghz ISM Duplex - Hydraulic Mind Erotek - safe Mode Drexciya - Digital Tsunami Drexciya - Fusion Flats (Kaotic Spacial Rhythms Mix) Drexciya - Positron Island Der Zyklus - Von Neumann Replicator Ultradyne - Fantasy Era Transllusion - Do You Want To Get Down? The Advent - Temptation Tactical Systems - Detroit Biot Invasion DJ Stingray - Mindless Anthony Shakir - Your Little Black Robot L.A.M. - Hostile Bacteria
  7. Next on the "The Crystal Issue" series after Mantra and Perseus Traxx is EXS a side project from Robert Witschakowski better known as The Exaltics. After the debut for Solar One Music's sublabel Unhoerbar (UHB006) they return to SOM. Authentic Soul Techno flows on this clear blue vinyl edition. German Techno rooted in Detroit for those who know. limited Vinyl only! out now!!! EXS - These Days: clone.nl/item30021.html EXS - UNTITLED: clone.nl/item23423.html Order: bit.ly/SUwtrA Soundcloud: Shops: http://www.rushhour.nl/store_detailed.php?item=77146 http://www.decks.de/t/exs-these_days/c32-o4 https://hardwax.com/label/solar-one-music/ http://www.interstellarsounds.com/product.php?productid=5509&cat=470&page=2 https://clone.nl/item30021.html http://www.deejay.de/Exs-These_Days_the_Crystal_Issue_Cycle_1__152137 http://www.juno.co.uk/labels/Solar+One+Holland/
  8. Enjoy my bad ass Detroit mix I made spontaneously! http://www.mixcloud.com/finestvibes/detroit-mix-11-04-2014/
  9. Upcoming limited vinyl (300 copies) release from FrameWatcher and Sonornote on Shimmering Moods Records (Netherlands). Tracklisting: A1 FrameWatcher - Afterfeast A2 FrameWatcher - Seed Growing Secretly B1 Sonornote - Detroit Collapse B2 Sonornote - Mubmulp Will keep topic updated about release date soon
  10. Love how they had to change the setup to oldskool Technics. ;D
  11. Hi there, you watmmers! The Minister of Information from UR knows very well how to make it REALLY nice in 2012. Superb new release. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nVzzZ4B6Ms
  12. So I have been mixing for about 12 years now, and I think my mixes are now good enough to be enjoyed by others. Here's a recent one with a good focus on Detroit Techno: http://www.mixcloud.com/sojacalcium/mix-sengle-vdkrb/ And here's a more Rephlexey/varied mix: http://www.mixcloud.com/sojacalcium/mix-945162/
  13. http://www.mediafire.com/?oyb441ekghtpdn4 tracklist 1. Timeline - Return of the Dragons [underground Resistance] 2. Mad Mike - Alpha UR-040 [submerge] 3. UR - Rainbows Over Paradise (The Rain) [underground Resistance] 4. Atlantis - Words from Atlantis [underground Resistance] 5. Underground Resistance - Transition [underground Resistance] 6. Mad Mike – The Illuminator [underground Resistance] 7. Funkadelic - One Nation Under a Groove [Warner Bros] 8. George Clinton - Man's Best Friend [Capitol] 9. Sweat Band - Freak to Freak [uncle Jam] 10. George Clinton - Atomic Dog (Instrumental) [Capitol] 11. The Martians and Starchild - Starchild [Red Planet] 12. Members of the House - Share this House [10] 13. X-102 - Xanadu [Tresor] 14. Mad Mike - Hi-Tech Dreams [underground Resistance] 15. Underground Resistance - The Theory (Mind Mix) [underground Resistance] 16. X-102 - Tethys [Tresor] 17. Drexciya - Wavejumper [underground Resistance] 18. The Aquanauts - Relentless (Xpect no Mercy Mix) [underground Resistance] 19. Los Hermanos - Galaxy Traveler [submerge] 20. Underground Resistance - Amazon [underground Resistance] 21. Final Cut - Now to that's Funky [Full Effect] 22. Underground Resistance - Eye of the Storm [underground Resistance] 23. Esteban Adame - Aztlan Reclaimed [ican] 24. Ican - Caminos del Niño [ican] 25. Thee Midniters - The Town I Live In [Rhino] 26. Ican - A Quien [Planet E] 27. Mantronix - Bassline (Instrumental) [sleeping Bag] 28. War - Galaxy [MCA] 29. The Aztec Mystic - Jaguar [underground Resistance] 30. DJ Skurge - [email protected] (54m4r174n h4x0r) [underground Resistance] 31. DJ Skurge - Slide Skate [underground Resistance] 32. DJ Skurge feat Juan Atkins - Turn the Knob (demo) [underground Resistance] 33. Waajeed - Tron [bling 47] 34. Waajeed - Tetris [scion A/V] 35. P-Gruv & DJ Dez - Grind [Hipnotech] 36. UR - Codebreaker (Side A) [underground Resistance] 37. The Martian - Meet the Red Planet [Red Planet] 38. UR - Ma Ya Ya [underground Resistance] 39. Timeline - The Ghost of Greystone [underground Resistance]
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