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Found 17 results

  1. Swedish supergroup from the 70's and 80's ABBA have reformed and will have new music out in December, to be performed by their virtual selves (they will be touring as a hologram virtual band) on a BBC programme. While they have recorded two new songs, they have quickly shot down any rumours of touring or headlining Glastonbury or similar festivals.
  2. Guest


    anyone else love the shit out of italo disco? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcwYp0musC8 ohhh those smoove sounds! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDV_dBYp4h0 oh god i just get off on this stuff, and i don't even know why. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HXydRY_B3s this was rereleased recently, wish i'd have tought to grab a copy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1rcdPCuWcI let's not forget the fantastic italo disco revival that seems to be going on. mostly from an imprint called "italians do it better." not a misnomer! anyways, anyone got any italo disco favorites to share? i'd love to hear em. also please don't crucify me, tia.
  3. Yo! Been a while since I've posted. Hope everyone is okay. Anyways have a listen to this and let me know your thoughts. Nice one!! https://soundcloud.com/thebro/the-bro-winter-boogie-demo
  4. Rhythm-centric grooves for a change of scenery, as the daffodils begin their slow seasonal reveal. Maestros include Devo, Bobby Caldwell, Curtis Mayfield, Sir Victor Uwaifo, Mr Monday, William Aura, Massimo Lippoli, Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart, Orlando Julius & The Afro Sounders, Wally Badarou, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, AFMB, Shalark, Chez Damier & Holy Ghost Inc. Steady through the gears. https://soundcloud.com/cwmbran-city/the-golden-verses-of-pythagoras
  5. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=4276390554/size=medium/
  6. HEY! Please consider helping me do this awesome thing. I'm attempting to give my most popular album, CYBERIA, a small vinyl pressing (100 copies) and I need YOUR (yes, your!) help! Even if you aren't interested, if you know anyone who might be, please share the post and get the word out - especially for people who do small-time distro. On transparent purple vinyl, it's as gorgeous as it gets. Even if you don't have a turntable, simply reserving a copy just to donate to the cause helps just as well! If you think it's too expensive, message me and we can work something out. The important thing is that I get enough backers to make this thing happen. If you want to order more than one copy, I'll give you a special rate of $14.42 per copy. https://qrates.com/artists/kyonpalm/items/10144
  7. I know this is probably not a record that's going to be huge on here. But there might be a few fans. And these guys are so laid back that they don't really promote their records. So I figured I'd post on here in case anyone hadn't realised it was out. You can preview on Sound Clud if you want, but I wouldn't bother, just buy it. The production on this album is amazing, and SC resolution just wouldn't cut it. I listened to it the first time driving a rental car that I just picked up, and I thought 'Man, this car has an incredible sound system for a rental.' But then I listened to a different cd and I realised it was the album and not the car that was incredible. You can get signed copies with a bonus mix cd from their web store. http://crazyp.tmstor.es Was really fast from the UK to US. Wish they'd tour North America, you never know. They really don't sound too much like anyone else on here, I love how they'll have songs that suddenly get all cinematic and dark without warning.
  8. Just saw this and the other two releases in the store: http://www.anthologyrecordings.com/albums/disco-club/ The samples sound pretty nice, at least in that there are more tracks now than the Rephlex "reissue" (which was only 2 tracks for some reason), and they appear to have been re-re-mastered once again or something. Anyway the sound sounds pretty clear. No Kerrier District remix this time tho, of course. Less sure about the other two Fevre re-releases on this label. One is library-style, I guess? Anyone else have any details/opinions?
  9. Extended mixes of the 4 best tracks from Saturday Night Fever, the pre-Scientology Travolta Jersey polyester dance fest. http://www.discogs.com/Bee-Gees-Extended/release/6873907
  10. File Name: Kerrier District - Live @ BBC Radio 1 (Mix + interview) File Submitter: Herr Jan File Submitted: 15 Apr 2015 File Category: Luke Vibert http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02ng8jj Tracklist: Kerrier District - Showbix Cerrone - Strip Tease Moebius - Light My Fire Kerrier District - Discotron Kerrier District - Rock the Discotek Richie Rome - Busy Body The Flying Lizards - Money B Click here to download this file
  11. Just found an interview from last summer with the label boss of Hypercolour, Jamie Russel. When asked what is on the horizon he said this: TM: So what’s on the horizon? JR: We’ve got amazing releases coming from some legends of the scene. We’ve just done an album with Luke Vibert and we’re following that up later this year with a new Kerrier District album which is in and it sounds amazing. Source: http://www.themetropolist.com/music/latest-news/label-me-jamie-russell-hypercolour-records/ I'm hyped as hell about this! We've got the Amen Andrews EP upcoming on Blueberry, more EP's on Hypercolour and Luke also mentioned a new Planet Mu album and another Wagon Christ album somewhere in the future too, so it's absolutely going to be a great time! http://youtu.be/J_94VxJmvkk
  12. hello i just thought i'd plop these here as i only come on here once in a blue moon (apparently that moon was yesterday) Here are some new releases that are available to download, we'll come to whats coming out in the future at the bottom of the page.. first. my last 12'' for mathematics. Slam the box is now out. i never got my share of the vinyl so i don't know how that sounds.. so this is a ''directors cut'' remastered version with a bonus track!! http://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/slam-the-box-ep - second up is my 'summer' ep. inspired by the sounds of roule & crydamour and all that good 90's filter house stuff. everything in this album is sampled apart from a few synth bits and drum programming. i had the most fun making this! (sample recognition is in the metadata) http://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/tropical-ep - Also i have just finished 2 12'' EP's which are coming out on 2 diffrent labels around sep/october time. i can't say what labels yet. but they are very good, and have released some mega good music, and i am stoked to be releasing on their label! thanks chris
  13. [sc5]71600412[/sc5] A fun mash-up I did with the Mr. Oizo tracks "Gay Dentists" and "TV Slut". Please listen and comment. aF
  14. http://www.mixcloud....-for-the-night/ NIGHT: Daphni - Ahora Mala - Tribal Vessel - Aries Four Tet - Jupiters Teengirl Fantasy - Vector Spray Barker & Baumecker - Crows Lorn - Weigh Me Down (Illum Sphere Rmx) Sun Araw Band V - Impluvium Old Apparatus - Realise Groundislava - After Hours Com Truise - Alfa Beach The Gaslamp Killer - In The Dark.... http://www.mixcloud....et-for-the-day/ DAY: Liquid Skulls - N33D Belong - A Walk Oneohtrix Point Never - Zones Without People Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - 11 Pye Corner Audio - Through The King's Wood Cruise Family - Gone By Dawn Demdike Stare - Conjoined Ensemble Economique - Bonfires Howse - Fete Cuticle - Trickle Kuedo - Truth Flood VHS Head - The Violent Breed Meat Beat Manifesto - God O.D. The first one for the night is a great mix of dance tracks. For the day is a great mix of chill tunes. please listen and enjoy. Akkad the Orphic Priest
  15. C. Hans - Shot Through With Fakery Nathan Fake - You Are Here (FortDax Remix) [border Community, 2006] Datassette - Humans [Echoecho, 2009] Lusine - The Stop (Robag Wruhme Remix) [Ghostly International, 2007] Grasscut - Muppet (Nathan Fake Remix) [Ninja Tune, 2009] Antoni Maiovvi - The Chase Part 1 [seed Records, 2009] Nathan Fake - Coheed (Traum Schallplatten, 2005] Holden - 10101 (Border Community, 2006) Nathan Fake - Bauxite Dream [border Community, 2012] Margot - Liuff Dub (Margot Records, 2010] Daphni - Ye Ye [Text Records, 2011] Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (Icelandic Version) [border Community, 2004] Moby - Go [instinct Records, 1991] When asked to compile a short set for SonarFM (broadcast 22/06/12), the anticipation of Nathan Fake's new album led to this selection (due end of August). http://www.mixcloud....gh-with-fakery/ http://www.mediafire...59g1avju41jr766
  16. Here is a rough draft of a track im working on. Any comments, hating, or suggestions are competely encouraged. Thank you ! REverb Rock http://soundcloud.com/reverbrock/reverb-rock-lovecrunk
  17. Guest

    2011 Mixtape

    So this is a couple of weeks late admittedly but... still... It is my pick of music released in 2011. Spans quite a few genres so it is a little erratic. Key mixed like my other sets (feel like an arse saying that but it's just to indicate time and effort have gone in). Ray Charles - Good Thymes (Opiuo Remixx) [self Released Bootleg, 2011] Alias - Dahorses [Anticon, 2011] Letherette - Bruse [Ho Tep, 2011] Floating Points - Marilyn [Eglo Records, 2011] Callous Hans - Mocking the Dead Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (Toby Tobias Deep Dub) [Amazing Sounds, 2011] Walls - In Our Midst [Kompakt, 2011] Cassetteboy - Obama's Speech [Youtube Rip, 2011] Robag Wruhme - Thora Vukk [Pampa Records, 2011] Toomy Disco - White Clouds [Nang Records, 2011] Gatto Fritto - The Curse [international Feel Recordings, 2011] Si Begg - Come Correct [Mutate Records, 2011] Daphni - Ahora [Amazing sounds, 2011] Luke Abbott - Brazil (Slow Version) [border Community, 2011] Extrawelt - Pontiac [Cocoon Recordings, 2011] Four Tet - Pinnacles [Text Records, 2011] Point B - Jakt [bonus Round, 2011] White Lies - Bigger Than Us (Datassette Remix) [Fiction Records, 2011] Das Glow & Para One - Pulsar [Marble, 2011] Beardyman - You...Win! [sunday Best Recordings, 2011] Tycho - A Walk [Ghostly International, 2011] Amon Tobin - Goto 10 [Ninja Tune, 2011] Machinedrum - U Don't Survive [Planet Mu, 2011] Dave Monolith - Farewell Frenchman [Rephlex, 2011] http://www.mixcloud....h/2011-mixtape/ http://www.mediafire...oktkkpcko5m654v
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