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Found 22 results

  1. WeMe Records have secured the rights to reissue Dopplereffekt’s epic Linear Accelerator album from 2003. Previously only available on CD on International DeeJay Gigolos, now for the first time you can fully luxuriate with it on double vinyl. This was an unexpected and much more experimental change in direction for them at the time and came after a six year gap of new material. It begins with the slowly unfolding 21 minute ‘Photo Injector’ and over its six tracks takes us on a long and very strange trip. Inspired by the high energy particle psychics being explored at DESY, Dopplereffekt appear
  2. https://wemerecords.com/shop/dopplereffekt-linear-accelerator-2lp-crystal-clear-vinyl-pre-order/ DOPPLEREFFEKT “Linear Accelerator” 2LP (Crystal Clear Vinyl!) PRE-ORDER WeMe313.27 Special limited (Crystal Clear vinyl ! – only on this website!) PRE-ORDER! WILL BE READY FOR SHIPPING THE 19th of JULY 2020 WeMe Records have secured the rights to reissue Dopplereffekt’s epic Linear Accelerator album from 2003. Previously only available on CD on International DeeJay Gigolos, now for the first time you can fully luxuriate with it on double vinyl. This was an unexpected
  3. now non-turntables owners can get rid of their old mp3! the lastest & mighty arpanet album is available on CD: http://www.warprecords.com/frameset.php?se...s.php?cat=REC32 http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=31713 + one of the best record of the whole known world is available again: http://www.clone.nl/item8115.html !!
  4. Dopplereffekt will release their first album in ten years on April 7th. Cellular Automata is coming out in vinyl and digital formats via Leisure System, the Berlin-based label that put out 2013's Tetrahymena EP and 2014's split 12-inch with Objekt, Hypnagogia. The group's first full-length since Calabi Yau Space in 2007 "approaches mathematical growth and decay as an iterative process, with each data input considered individually relative to the overall model," according to the label. Dopplereffekt are Rudolf Klorzeiger, AKA Drexciya's Gerald Donald, and To-Nhan. You can find out more abo
  5. Dopplereffekt - 'Athanatos' Leisure System / LSR022 1. Athanatos 2. Hayflick Limit 3. Eukaryotic Chromosomes 4. Telomere 5. Mitosis https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/102040-lsr022-dopplereffekt-athanatos' https://leisuresystem.bandcamp.com/ Expected Release Date: 26 Oct 2018
  6. The Exaltics are back with new transmissions from their universe in form of the second part of "Das Heise Experiment". The first part from 2013 on Abstract Acid will see his follow up end of 2017 on 2xLP inclusive a Comic book about the story of the Heise Experiment. This amazing looking shape picture disc, developed with the dutch artist Godspill aka Mehdi Rouchiche, is "The Prequel" release and sees The Exaltics in assault mode. Side A brings a stomper in typical exaltics style with deep strings and a pumping bassline like an alien invasion which is on course to earth. Side B begins wit
  7. Any watmm'ers going? Dopplereffekt (live) N>E>D Chloe Frieda (NTS) Special Guest: Andy Stott (live) Embracing their shared sensibilities for electronic music, Clock Strikes 13 invites Berlin’s Leisure System to the Village Underground this November. The record label and Berghain residency have put together a stand-out lineup headlined by Detroit enigmas Dopplereffekt, who will perform a new A/V show for the occasion, with Alien Jams’ Chloe Frieda and Leisure System resident N>E>D on support. Special guest on the night is Andy Stott. Following the release
  8. https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ This sounds rather promising, I figured I'll leave it here so I remember to check up on it. :)
  9. Luxus Varta – Everything Is Nothing (Hubble Telescope Series Vol. 1) feat. Paris The Black FU (Detroit Grand Pubahs) supported by Objekt Description: For the past 25 years, the space telescope "Hubble" has been orbiting 540 kilometers above Earth. Black holes, iridescent gas mist, distant planets: Hubble has changed our view of the cosmos by capturing some incredible photos of our galaxy. Without the Hubble telescope, we would not know such beautiful images of space, and have discovered many different perspectives of Earth too. Feeling inspired by the journey into space, SolarOneMu
  10. SOM035: The Exaltics - The Truth Remixes A1: The Exaltics-My Language (ERP Remix) A2: The Exaltics-Compressed Thoughts (Ultradyne Remix) B1: The Exaltics-IMOEH (Gosub - Turbidity Mix) B2: The Exaltics-Journey To Jupiter (Objekt Remix) B3: The Exaltics-Instinct (Dopplereffekt - Hubble Constant remodel pre order -> solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ SolarOneMusic proudly present the follow up to The Exaltics retrospective "The Truth 2008 - 2013" (SOM032) released early this year and according to The Exaltics himself, this was the project of their life so far.Can you figure ou
  11. The Exaltics - The Truth 2008 - 2013 Is the Truth out there? With "The Truth 2008 - 2013" anthology, Solar One Music presents a refine selection of some of The Exaltics greatest tracks from 2008-2013, reviewing in 2xLP/CD/Digital/Lim. Box Set , five years of a highly prolific career. This future classic retrospective gathers together the very best of the Jena located artist on labels such like Transient Force, Bunker, Clone or Last Known Trajectory just to name a few. Only a handful of talents succeeded to emerge from the shadows and raise up such enthusiasm the way The Exaltics did over the
  12. Marcus Mumm aka Das Muster returns to SolarOneMusic with the REAKTIONSZEIT EP, the last part of the "Elektronische Werke" series. After releases on Transient Force and contributions for different compilations for labels such as Abstract Forms, Bass Agenda or Alek Stark's Fundamental Records, Marcus drops this great 12" full of minimalistic, cold and dark electro music. Limited Edition!!! Feb. 2015 preorder: https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/album/reaktionszeit-ep
  13. Not sure if the Dopplereffekt track is already out there somewhere, but I'm loving the Objekt one.
  14. After the dynArec release on SolarOne's "Elektronische Werke" Series comes the second part. The talented new artist Q-Chip, known for his split 12" debut with Cestrian (Ali Renault) on Bunker Records, delivers his first full EP release for Solar One Music´s "Elektronische Werke" series. Dark, intense tracks brew all over the two sides, demonstrating the Q-Chip vision of pure, futuristic electro music. Artist: Q-Chip Title: Difference that Makes a Difference EP Label: SolarOneMusic Cat-No: SOM028 Genre: electro, Format: 12” , digital Releasedate: OUT NOW!!! Distribution:
  15. "Stunning collaboration between the fresh and immensely talented Visiona and the mighty Dopplereffekt. 'Die Reisen', encapsulating what you will soon recognize to be the distinctly warm and engulfing sound that is Visonia, here morphing with Dopplereffekt's unmistakable, deadly bass arpeggio and subterranean stratospheres utterly amazing. Flip over to the AA side and witness Visonia with two markedly different styles, as 'Antarctic Love' is just about THE most emotive piece of electronic music you will hear this year. Finally comes 'Impossible Romance' a fresh, new-wave inspired and dare I say
  16. Solar One Music is back with Marcus Mumm´s project Das Muster. After 2 albums for Transient Force, now he delivers this full length masterpiece for SOM. Minimalistic, ice cold and robotic electro music at its best. Don´t sleep on this one. Limited to 99 CD's in 3 different cover versions! Each is limited to 33 copies. Presented in a beautiful metal box. Releasedate: 14. october 2013 [sc]http://soundcloud.com/solar_one_music/das-muster-durchleuchtung[/sc] infos: https://www.facebook.com/SolarOneMusic
  17. "Formed in the mid-1990s, Dopplereffekt make the most cold, clinical electro on the planet, and although the project ran alongside Gerald’s more well-known group Drexciya until 2002 when James Stinson, the other member of Drexciya died of a heart condition, musically it owes more to Kraftwerk than Donald and Stinson’s hometown of Detroit. Dopplereffekt rarely play live or give interviews, though there have been exceptions: they headlined London’s XOYO in Summer 2011, and were featured on the cover of The Wire in 2009." "In a forthcoming feature with promoters and record label Leisure Syste
  18. http://boomkat.com/v...abril-2003-2012 http://www.bigtimers...ronica-en-abril
  19. http://drexciyaresearchlab.blogspot.com http://clone.nl/item22092.html sample: http://soundcloud.com/no_comment_platform/no-comment_0005-a1-der-zyklus-untitled Can't wait. More optomistic vibes this time around.
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