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  1. And why not. I think we need a Drexciya thread pinned in GB as this music is the music that all need to hear. If you don't know Drexciya then you probably only like Ganjasufi and Grizzly Bear so fuck you. I'm listening to Triangular Hydrogen and my dick is rock hard. ROCK HARD. Amazing music.
  2. https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/71250 https://www.deejay.de/Abstract_Thought_Abstract_Thought_EP_CAL015_Vinyl__943890 Three unheard tracks from the archives. One to grab quick!
  3. a lot of you might have read this one already, but is always inspiring to hear the man himself. enjoy!
  4. https://www.discogs.com/Transllusion-A-Moment-Of-Insanity-/release/11990237 "It appears that Clone Aqualung have a new 12" by Transllusion upcoming or even out now. The EP, A Moment of Insanity, features four tracks, 'Moment 1 - 4'. I presume this is more unreleased material they have been given access to. However, there is no mention of the release on any of Clone Records websites. I contacted the person who submitted it to Discogs and they told me they bought it direct from Clone's shop in Rotterdam. For now that might be the only place you can purchase it. If anyone else knows more abo
  5. The Exaltics are back with new transmissions from their universe in form of the second part of "Das Heise Experiment". The first part from 2013 on Abstract Acid will see his follow up end of 2017 on 2xLP inclusive a Comic book about the story of the Heise Experiment. This amazing looking shape picture disc, developed with the dutch artist Godspill aka Mehdi Rouchiche, is "The Prequel" release and sees The Exaltics in assault mode. Side A brings a stomper in typical exaltics style with deep strings and a pumping bassline like an alien invasion which is on course to earth. Side B begins wit
  6. Clone Aqualung Series - CAL008 June 2017 01 Song 6 (instrumental) 02 Song 2 03 Song 1 04 Song 4 05 Song 3 06 Song 5 (Vocal) http://clone.nl/ https://bleep.com/release/83841-jack-peoples-james-stinson-laptop-cafe omgomgomgomg
  7. Available at all good record shops https://www.factmag.com/2017/05/23/dj-stingray-kern-vol-4-tresor/amp/
  8. https://www.normanrecords.com/records/162098-dj-stingray-psyops-for-dummies-purge?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Tuesday%20Update%2025%20October%202016&utm_content=Tuesday%20Update%2025%20October%202016+CID_5f48f77895c9ef42639e4618b34e6b1d&utm_source=EmailMarketingSoftware&utm_term=Psyops%20for%20Dummies%20%20Purge
  9. Any watmm'ers going? Dopplereffekt (live) N>E>D Chloe Frieda (NTS) Special Guest: Andy Stott (live) Embracing their shared sensibilities for electronic music, Clock Strikes 13 invites Berlin’s Leisure System to the Village Underground this November. The record label and Berghain residency have put together a stand-out lineup headlined by Detroit enigmas Dopplereffekt, who will perform a new A/V show for the occasion, with Alien Jams’ Chloe Frieda and Leisure System resident N>E>D on support. Special guest on the night is Andy Stott. Following the release
  10. FINALLY Just announced on Clone and Drexicya Research Lab, they're finally repressing this rare Drexciya 12"! So thrilled about this https://clone.nl/item37324.html http://drexciyaresearchlab.blogspot.ie/2015/10/clarence-g-reissued-by-clone.html
  11. The Exaltics - The Truth 2008 - 2013 Is the Truth out there? With "The Truth 2008 - 2013" anthology, Solar One Music presents a refine selection of some of The Exaltics greatest tracks from 2008-2013, reviewing in 2xLP/CD/Digital/Lim. Box Set , five years of a highly prolific career. This future classic retrospective gathers together the very best of the Jena located artist on labels such like Transient Force, Bunker, Clone or Last Known Trajectory just to name a few. Only a handful of talents succeeded to emerge from the shadows and raise up such enthusiasm the way The Exaltics did over the
  12. It's coming, this is enough confirmation for me: As previous editions, it'll probably released early in the new year (part I in early 2011, part II in early 2012, etc.). Rumours are there are more unreleased tracks on this one, so I'm looking forward to this one!
  13. Enjoy my bad ass Detroit mix I made spontaneously! http://www.mixcloud.com/finestvibes/detroit-mix-11-04-2014/
  14. For the better part of the day, I've been reading bits and pieces of this internet archive page: http://drexciyaresearchlab.blogspot.nl/2005/05/drexciya-speaks.html A nice, rounded collection of Drexciyan quotes about music, the process of it and the Drexciyan Attitude. Good read. Anyway, I came up to some interesting quotes which peaked my interest. It concerns the Storms series Holding pattern? Sounds interesting. Sounds like they're in the pipeline, ready to be released. Later on, these suspicions seem to be confirmed: .. But I haven't heard anythin
  15. bunyip

    A mix

  16. http://boomkat.com/vinyl/72593-transllusion-l-i-f-e you might wanna grab a copy before it's too late!
  17. If someone willing to sell, I am willing to buy (for a reasonable price). PM please.
  18. yeah, I am seeing them perform tonight with the amazing Cygnus. And yes, they were wearing their masks and only purchased colloidal gold. Legends.......... thanks Phil. Call me Brandon. 777
  19. 'First part of the Drexciya re-issue series! Drexciya might need an introduction for some, for others it is the most influential techno project ever. Part of the heritage of Detroit's Underground Resistance, Drexciya explored techno music like no-one else before. Raw and uncompromising music that reflects the harsh environment of the city where Drexciya was conceived. The aesthetics and the mythical approach combined with the unique music made this one of the biggest cult projects in techno music. Drexciya arguably stands for the darker side of techno and electro, music not only made for the c
  20. http://drexciyaresearchlab.blogspot.com http://clone.nl/item22092.html sample: http://soundcloud.com/no_comment_platform/no-comment_0005-a1-der-zyklus-untitled Can't wait. More optomistic vibes this time around.
  21. Selling some more of my less loved records, all vinyl is NM, most covers are in really good condition too, see individual auctions for better details and pics. the clark, boc and autechre are especially pristine. Here's links to each one: Drexciya - Deep Sea Dweller (UR) Chris Clark - Clarence Park Autechre - Splitrmx12 Bogdan Raczynski - MyLoveILove Boards Of Canada - Hi Scores EP i hopefully was not foolish in starting them all at low low prices, i shall see!
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