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Found 13 results

  1. how do you like to get your kick drums? I have a lot of ways of finding and making them. Battery is fucking sweet for the process. here is Randomer givin his ideas:
  2. Thru Oct 31 Klüsterjunkk is $29.25 at pornofonic.com A little side project of mine. Review here. Audio demos:
  3. A little side project of mine that just launched. 11 percussion instruments from de/reconstructed junk. 30% off intro pricing: $27.30 (£21.00): http://pornofonic.com Some music samples:
  4. Hi there fellas ! So, for the past year I've been making generic theme music for a video game I'm working on with some friends, and now that we've almost finished its development I'm trying to make it sound a bit better. Of course, I still have to work on the mix etc. but the main problem with all those tunes are the drums. The point is, I've been making almost every track within Garage Band. No fancy VSTs nor awesome instruments, just the regular Garage Band you get out of the box (I was trying to have a "MIDI" sound and thought that it was a good way to achieve that). However, the drums just aren't right. They sound weak and cheap (well, that's partly what I wanted but it went beyond my expectations and not in a good way). Hence those two questions : - Do you know a free/cheap drum VSTi that would natively work in Garage Band and sound a bit better than the generic drum kits ? I'm looking for "pop" drum kits - the soundtrack could be classified somewhere between cheesy funk and FM rock. - Do you have tips on how to improve Garage Band base drums ? I played with EQ presets, reverbs and tried to manually adjust pattern velocities but it never seems to get better. Our small dev team would be really grateful for any answer :) Cheers !
  5. Rare, live recording from 1967 - A group of 3 Yaka shamans from Congo recorded a short album in Barnstaple, North Devon, UK. https://soundcloud.com/srvll/yaka-shamans-from-congo-barnstaple-north-devon-uk-1967
  6. TRACKLIST 1. clycl - Hyperion Blast (NY Brickwald to Fark Mix) 2. Zander One ft. Aedyn - Windfall 3. Zhaozhou-Aghora - Contemporary Occurrence 4. Hilligoss - Questionable 5. Hello Spiral - If You CHATMM, They Will Cum 6. Maul Pierces - Western Shores (830) 7. Dissociate - Blur 8. Silver Trifolium - Fire-Gilded 9. Lanarc - Vent_ DOWNLOAD
  7. Was going thru my favuorite youtube videos and found this one cool to watch, imho
  8. The VI Scose Poise thread was so much fun I thought I'd start one on Gescom's Key Nell which is one of my favorite EPs ever. So, how do you think the drum sounds in Key Nell tracks were made? I think most of them are found sounds processed and looped. I think I can also hear the "mic air" and a reverb from a relatively small room with poor acoustics in some of them. So, track by track.. Key Nell 1 sounds like a processed hip hop drum loop(s) until about 1:30 when a new bit of rhythm comes in that reminds me of a ping pong ball being slammed against a table. Key Nell 2 starts with maybe a processed hihat or a sample of something metallic, then at about 0:40 comes several unrecognizable mechanical sounds. Like a failing motor or something? After about 5:20 it sounds like a processed drum loop. Key Nell 3 drums sound like somebody is slamming a chair or something against the floor + some other weird sounds that make it sound like a big moving mechanical engine. Key Nell 4 drums sound like some cutting instruments (big scissors, some cutting machine?) and metallic things being slammed against each other. With the bass drum again sounding like something heavy being slammed against the floor in some distance away in a hall or something.
  9. Hey guys, I posted a new tutorial video to my channel covering how to create complex drum patterns using Ableton's legato clips. Hopefully some of you might find a useful trick somewhere in there. I also discuss follow actions a bit, and there's a little bit of a live performance in there too. Enjoy: [youtubehd] Dud5cqGNAtE [/youtubehd]
  10. A thread for discussing percussive sounds made with synths. Additive, subtractive, NO SAMPLERS. Share examples if you swing that way. I've found a very pleasing blip noise on the MS-10 when PWM & filter resonance are up all the way (adjusting cut-off changes pitch). Probably this works for other synths. Putting a fast lfo on pitch makes an atonal worble that could be used in place of a snare in some cases. It lacks a bit of oomph, though. Snares are something I'm still trying to work out. They tend to lack force when compared to their sampled counterparts. Probably needs multiple layers of something Kicks/bassdrums are pretty straight forward. Couple of sine waves going at the same time with detune on each.
  11. Hey, I've uploaded a new video tutorial to my youtube channel that may help some of you with your mixing. It discussing sidechain compression and an effective way to apply it to a bunch of tracks at once, for example pumping everything under your kick drum which is the most common example. [youtubehd] l4h5eKuOFKQ [/youtubehd] Hope you enjoy and, as always, comment & subscribe!
  12. I've uploaded 3 new videos to youtube that demonstrate 3 different ways to slice up breaks in Live. Thought you guys might like em. More content at www.rm-sounds.com. [youtubehd] uEehw8rgKwo [/youtubehd] [youtubehd] 6jeR4f42FLQ [/youtubehd] [youtubehd] -7ZpO5sRQGw [/youtubehd]
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