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Found 25 results

  1. saw this on bandcamp. my favorite ekoplekz record by far. seems like 2 copies left on wax Reflekzionz by Ekoplekz
  2. https://ekoplekz.bandcamp.com/album/interval-signals
  3. OK so not technically a new album... but it is kinda. Last Saturday of the month on Neon Hospice Radio, Ekoplekz presents Landfill Elektronikz... an hour of brand new tunes each month for the whole of 2021. Last nights inaugural episode can be found here: Some great tracks in here, a few droning longer pieces mixed up with weird dubby percussive stuff.... for fans of Ekoplekz (like me), this is a goldmine! Looking forward to seeing where the show goes throughout the year. He mentioned on InstaG that he hopes one of the shows will be performed fully live, and that the tracks are being written as the year progresses not just archival stuff. Also, he will not release any music anywhere else other than via this show. Will try and keep this thread updated as new shows become available. Also,,, loads of other good shows on Neon Hospice. Bunnyhausen & Slav is a great show too. https://www.theneonhospice.com/
  4. A total 80 minutes of music that has a real ethereal feel to it. Gone is the dystopic crunch and dub delay of Ekoplekz, by and large this music floats. It still has rhythm (even track "Gender Fluid" flirts with a drum and bass style step) and retains the minimalist production style of old, blending drums and synths to a great effect. Kit list on the BC pages if you are interested. Nice work indeed! Interesting he is pushing digital releases only, he used to all be about the limited tape releases and had a nomadic approach to labels - jumping around all over the place. A change is as good as a rest though.
  5. First tape releases by Ekoplekz from 2010, released digitally for the first time. Both highly recommended - great explorations of minimal sound and rhythm in the 'plekz style. Volume-2 is coming soon. https://ekoplekz.bandcamp.com/album/doctrine-789305 https://ekoplekz.bandcamp.com/album/volume-1
  6. Nice compilation from SEAGRAVE: Fugitive Pieces by Various Artists
  7. Sounds like a really dubbed out swampy drone album! Coming soon on Zona Watusa out of Barcelona (which is a new label to me, will check out their catalogue) Which is damn fine by me. https://zonawatusa.bandcamp.com/album/metabolizm
  8. Self-Released 20 18 03 03 01. Elements Unremembered 4:42 02. Pendock Close 3:00 03. Tune Back In 5:15 04. Drenched 2 3:59 05. Zeekwentz 4:40 06. Repossession 5:14 07. Fonnikz 3:18 08. Vinegar Strokes 4:58 09. Aquatikz 4:08 10. Strictly Zoned 4:13 https://ekoplekz.bandcamp.com/album/impressionz
  9. Planet Mu - ZIQ387 2 0 1 7 - 1 2 - 1 5 01. Formative 02. Bass 2 Dank 03. The Imperative 04. Nitrate Abuse 05. Jacktrak 04:26 06. Tactile 07. Bedrock 08. Mashdown 09. Seconds Too Soon 10. The Outlook Is Bleak https://ekoplekz.bandcamp.com/album/cassettera http://planet.mu/releases/cassettera/
  10. Ekoplekz - Bioprodukt Planet Mu - ZIQ386 June 2017 01 Elevation 02 Consequences 03 Expedition 04 Acrid Acid 05 Slipstream 06 Calypzoid 07 Transience 08 Descent 09 Low X-Over 10 Denier Daze https://ekoplekz.bandcamp.com/album/bioprodukt https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/82528-ekoplekz-bioprodukt http://planet.mu/releases/bioprodukt/
  11. µ20 3CD, unreleased tracks, **book with special edition** CD1 01. Kuedo – Slow Knife (2014) 02. Herva – Kila (2014) 03. Remarc – Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix) (2009) 04. DJ Diamond – Dozin (2014) 05. Anti-G – Oohh Shit (2015) 06. Ital – Digi Dub (2015) 07. Mr. Mitch – Phantom Prophet (2015) 08. Ekoplekz – Detroit (2014) 09. Claude Speeed – Center Tech (2014) 10. RP Boo – Azzoutof Control (2004) 11. Traxman – Nothing Stays Tha Same (Funk Bomb Remixx) (2015) 12. Ital Tek – Vacuum I (2015) 13. FaltyDL – Brazil (Maddslinky Remix) (2010) 14. Boxcutter – Neonia (2012) 15. Venetian Snares – Meeting A Buddha (2013) CD2 01. µ-Ziq – Cherk (2014) 02. Jlin & Fawkes – Ankou Celeste (2015) 03. Silk Road Assassins – Shaded (2015) 04. Oriol – Near Me (2012) 05. Machinedrum – Le Ol Skool (2011) 06. John T. Gast – Congress (Original Version) (2015) 07. Swindle – Airmiles (Terror Danjah Carbon Footprint Remix) (2010) 08. Milanese – 1up (2004) 09. Luke Vibert – Starchild (2011) 10. John Wizards – Lushoto (µ-Ziq Remix) (2013) 11. Miracle – Strange Taste (2013) 12. Polysick – Magog (2014) 13. Gemmy – Goin’ Up (2014) 14. Heterotic – Cute (2014) 15. DJ Nate – Awww Baby Yea (2014) 16. Vex’d – Firestar (2003) 17. Konx-Om-Pax – Astro Belter (2014) CD3 01. Jega – 103 (1997) 02. Leafcutter John – Kickcut (2001) 03. Neil Landstrumm – Beauty Sq (2010) 04. Dykehouse – Cloud Sculptor (2002) 05. µ-Ziq – Improper (1997) 06. The Gasman – 2teq-10 (2013) 07. Hrvatski – Glass (2000) 08. Datach’i – Greenwood Mating Ritual (2003) 09. Hellfish – Pandora’s Front Smash Hole (Planet Puke Edit) (2015) 10. Ed Lawes – Chain 1 & End (2004) 11. Slag Boom Van Loon – Butch (Speedy J Remix) (1999) 12. Mark One – Dirty Birds (2004) 13. Frost Jockey – Twee (1998) 14. Remano Eszildn – Contax (2008) 15. Ambulance – Circlette (2002) 16. Mrs Jynx – Coral Face (2006) 17. Tim Tetlow – Stelophane 101 (2000) 18. Shitmat – S950-003 (2008) planet mu website text massive cover in spoilers as well because this pic is bloody big .. Sep 04, 2015
  12. Ekoplekz and Farmer Glitch team up for an album of double right 'cid. https://eastvillevending.bandcamp.com/album/20-acid-clonk-greats
  13. Just been alerted to this from the latest Mordant Music email... Not had a listen myself yet, too busy with Ae today.
  14. Here's a new one from Ian Hicks + Nick Edwards, this time on old timey cassette tape, or SD card. SD includes entire eMMplekz back catalogue. First run of cassettes include a live show as well. https://emmplekz.bandcamp.com/album/rook-to-tn34-2
  15. May 18 2015 - Planet Mu - ZIQ358 01. A Caustic Romance 02. Quakers Road Skank 03. Seduktion 04. Repeater (How Did It Feel?) 05. Downtone 06. Midnight Cliffs 07. Tremulant 08. Dubnium 268 09. Canon's Marsh 10. Black Calkz 11. Saturation (Full Rinse) 12. Day In May Press release / samples: http://www.planet.mu/discography/ZIQ358
  16. 2014 - ZIQ353 - Planet Mu Tracklist 01. Ariel Grey 02. Tantrikz 03. Meek Street 04. Interstice 05. Reflekzive 06. Death Watch 07. D'Vectif 08. In Teak Effect 09. Four Track Mind 10. Return To The Annex 11. Fox Eyes http://www.planet.mu/discography/ZIQ353
  17. March 9, 2015 - Planet Mu - ZIQ357 Tracklist 01. Entropy Flash 12:43 02. Entropy Symphony 15:56 http://planet.mu/releases/ekoplekz-entropik-e-p/
  18. March, 2014 - Planet Mu - ZIQ338 Tracklist 01. Trace Elements 02. Nerva Beacon 03. Robert Rental 04. Severn Beach 05. Sea 90 06. Unfidelity 07. Coalpit Heath 08. Pressure Level 09. Analogue Twitch 10. Tuning Out 11. Sleng Zen http://www.planet.mu/discography/ZIQ338
  19. September 2014 - Mordant Music ‎- MM077 01 Name Blotter 4:35 02 Re: Re: 5:35 03 Stag Don't 2:58 04 MaMa 6:14 05 AngloruM SaxonuM 3:04 06 Magical Mystery Megabahn 3:19 07 Bedrheum Raver 78 6:47 08 Gargle Tronslate 7:04 http://www.mordantmusic.com/apps/webstore/products/show/5172827
  20. "Ensemble Skalectrik is a side-project of Nick ‘Ekoplekz’ Edwards. Previous emissions include the self-released psycho-geographical abstraction of “Snuff Mill Tapes” and a homage to Maurizio Bianchi via Feral Tapes. Focusing entirely on spontaneous composition and one-take improvisation, Ensemble Skalectrik represents the most raw, extreme performance-based electronic music in Edwards’ repertoire." "On ”Trainwrekz”, Edwards has dusted-off his turntables, grabbed a stack of old vinyl (mainly sound effects and easy listening albums), added a selection of sound-shaping devices (filters, equalizers, loop-pedals) and proceeded to record a series of delirious, derailed sonic sketches that sound like nothing else in his rapidly expanding discography." "Ranging from the portentous pile-up of ”Wrekwahn”, the oppressive atmospherics of “Wrekfore” and the serene ornithological drift of “Wreksikz”, these half-dozen pieces document the emergence of a highly personalized form of turntablism that incorporates elements of Chance, Drone, Dub, Hauntology, Musique Concrete and Free Improvisation." editions mego http://editionsmego.com/release/eMEGO+169 ekoplekz http://ekoplekznews.wordpress.com
  21. http://sexliesmagnetictape.bandcamp.com/album/devesham-dub no info. but at this point you know what to expect. samples sound really really good.
  22. "Intrusive Incidentalz Volume 2 is the concluding part of Ekoplekz’s collection of dark, oppressive atmospheres and violently unstable interludes, inspired by childhood memories of terrifying electronic soundtrack music from the 1970s. Developed through studio improvisation and channelling a sense of dread informed by the social, economic and political climate of life in 2012, Ekoplekz has delivered some of his finest, most vivid work to date. A bleak retro-futurist fantasy, or oblique soundtrack for a broken Britain? The truth probably lies somewhere between the two." http://soundcloud.com/punchdrunkrecords/ekoplekz-effluvia-from listen http://ekoplekznews.wordpress.com listen / buy http://punchdrunkmus...igital-version/
  23. New LP on Mego from Nick Edwards, aka Ekoplekz. Four tracks, each over fifteen minutes long: 1. Chance Meets Causality Uptown 2. (No) Escape From '79 3. Inside The Analog Continuum4. A Pedant's Progress More info on the Mego site (http://editionsmego....lease/eMEGO 145) and previews are up on Bleep (https://bleep.com/release/37446). It has been quite a prolific year for this guy. Plekzationz is maybe his fifth full length release this year alone (following Skalectrikz, Latent Acid, Mildew Riddims and Nunton Complekz) and his website hints at at least one more LP (Intrusive Incidentalz vol 2) and some others as well, possibly EPs. Looking forward to hearing him on Mego. Seems like a good fit.
  24. "Further Records are releasing an unusual double-cassette ‘battlepack’. Tape 1 is “Exoferric”, a collection of experimental recordings old and new by CHXFX (aka Dave Henson who also records as NOCHEXXX). Tape 2, entitled “Latent Acid”, features all-new material by me, under the alias PLKZFX, with a slightly cleaner, dare I say ‘dance-orientated’ sound than usual. Tapes are shipping at the end of this month." http://furtherrecord...ric-latent-acid
  25. "Ekoplekz will already be familiar to fans of bass music, thanks to his releases on Punch Drunk and Mordant Music (he also appeared on Further last year with a live LP). Wanda Group is a bit more mysterious; the UK artist's catalog to date consists mostly of digital EPs, 7-inches and cassettes, and is divvied up among a gaggle of pseudonyms like Dem Hunger, The Hers and Tiger Piss. The upcoming split features one long piece from each of them. "Dead Escalator Suite" and "Slow Down Your Blood" both include a number of different movements, totaling about 20 minutes each. The album will be available as a cassette with a digital download included or as a digital download alone. You can stream them right now on the Further's homepage." listen http://furtherrecords.org/album/split
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