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Found 9 results

  1. TBA Bleep Listen to the 1st single here https://anworecords.bandcamp.com/track/lisc
  2. With the new SERWED III on Flaty's promising ANWO RECORDS, Flaty and OL set out to explore and celebrate the altered visions of today's mundane futurism with a kind of keen aesthetic intuition that could only be enabled by the vast volume of their listening, production, and teaching experience. Following the first two SERWED albums on Asyncro and West Mineral Ltd., the current fruits of the flourishing long-time collaboration between OL and Flaty comprise an oddly coherent kaleidoscopic set of free-wheeling journeys across varied pseudo-desolate soundscapes full of anomalies and sometimes thrills. Beyond the now seamless blending of the artists' individual styles, a whole bunch of other boundaries get blurred on the record, whether it be between the human and computer data processing algorithms, originality and referentiality, anxiety and euphoria, signal and noise. SERWED III postmodern world is the one where the orbital space is just another littered parking lot, neural networks are appreciated mostly as a source of absurd imagery, and delivery drones are used as designer drug mules. The sonic collection is fittingly complemented by the visuals based on Regula Bochsler's The Rendering Eye, an art project capturing the “erroneous” yet “picturesque” renderings found in the 3D world of Apple Maps.
  3. https://anworecords.bandcamp.com/album/raltd-anwo-05 [RALTD] is a collection of spectral works recorded between 2020-2021. Available on CD & digital.
  4. Russian sonic marauders Flaty & OL serve up the second edition of their SERWED project for West Mineral. Distributed by Boomkat Vinyl & Digital out MARCH 2020 • Initial 2 (2:29) Plastm (4:29) Save vs. Spell (3:24) Grip (3:56) In Spare (2:40) •• Lima (2:31) Shade Lyra (4:49) Live Cut 01.06.19 (1:35) Plane (4:54) Promises (4:11)
  5. From their native St. Petersburg, Square Fauna evoke a score for imaginary protoplasmic oceans, surreal, sepia-tinged space operas and Russian sci-fi folk tales; lush, green landscapes littered with the burned out husks of automobiles, military vehicles, and askew telephone poles no longer in use though marked by pools of water in which can be found the debris of modern society. Primitive kosmische electronics and vintage spacescapes cascade around complex polyrhythmic percussion. Ethereal mists of gaseous reverb are scattered by windswept synths and white-noise striations. ‘Meet The Fauna’ is as much of a cheeky nod to The Residents and Coil (or even Haroumi Hosono and John Hassell) as it is to the likes of B12, Black Dog, Richard H Kirk. A completely singular, modern sci-fi soundtrack for the discerning sofanaut. Artwork by Al White aka Crud. Available end of March 2020. Distributed exclusively worldwide by Rubadub.
  6. New forthcoming GOST ZVUK release by Flaty On the sixth double LP in the label's catalogue the Saint Petersburg-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Flaty presents another phase in the development of his project AEM Rhythm-Cascade. The sound of the record is kept true to the stylistic vector defined by the artist way back on one of the first Gost Zvuk's releases, a three-tracker with its main hit «Vspominafoniya» («Memoryphonics») currently enjoying a well-deserved status as the de facto anthem of the label. On his new album «Lit'yo» («Metal casting») Flaty continues to experiment with various dance music genres, attempting to bring diverse stylistic features to a common denominator, a perfect «golden ratio». With his strict and thorough approach to sound synthesis and arrangement, keen attention to detail and «deep» sound atmosphere, here he designs rhythmic structures almost organic, the pulse of percussion smooth and fluid without a slightest hint of technological engineering. The spirit of this quest for flawless harmonic proportion is also present in the symmetric design of the album: two records hold twelve tracks, three on each side. GOST011: AEM Rhythm-Cascade "Litie" Side 1 А1: New Day (6:02) А2: Mimicore (4:33) А3: Soap Water (4:30) Side 2 B1: Spiral (5:30) B2: Razmetka (4:26) B3: Serviz (5:28) Side 3 C1: L–Expo (5:26) C2: Orange (3:48) C3: Partial Presence (4:16) Side 4 D1: Volnushka (5:18) D2: Plaksa (5:40) D3: Emulsiya (4:45) producer — Flaty mastering — Simon Davey photo — Ernest Yakovlev design — Pavel Milyakov executive producer — Ildar Zaynetdinov St. Petersburg city 2 x 12" LP, full colour print June 2018, Russian Federation. © «ГОСТ ЗВУК»
  7. New music from buddy Flaty. He presents his Wrong Water this time. Release date: TBA 2018 Check this out!
  8. New ANWO release is out today! Flaty & Fama87 story goes back to their childhood passion for hip-hop culture. They'd been doing graffiti together for years, which then transformed into a shared interest in DJing and music production. Since then it's been a continuous parallel evolution of ideas, vision, and understanding in the field of sound and beyond. They've gone from traditional sample-based beatmaking in the early years to producing everything on their own, thus contributing to the styles they once borrowed from. Over these years they've both done many solo projects, as well as various collaborations. Among the recent ones is FFAA, their joint laboratory for sonic exploration, production and recording. «Globhead» is an album of FFAA studio experiments from 2013 to 2017. Bandcamp
  9. Check it out We begin our history with the first full-length Dada Ques release, written and produced by the founder of the label, Flaty. Called "1" ("One" or "Album One"), the release is timed with the launch of ANWO / AMONARI-NO-WORD which has been conceived and designed as a creative platform for own musical projects and various other art initiatives. "Album One" presents a wide array of styles grinded and melted into one solid and breathing soundscape, it's electronic romanticism with advanced detail. Available SEPT–15–2017 on heavyweight vinyl and digital.
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