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  1. New on Folklore Tapes. Sort of Delia Derbyshire, Nigel Kneale's early 70s BBC Drama 'The Stone Tape', Drew Mulholland, Early Ghostbox, etc. You know the vibe.
  2. http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/swifter-than-the-moon-s-sphere-english-fairy-lore DBH - Genuine Leaf Fairy Sighted in English Woodland The Funz - Emain Ablach to Avalon Mary Stark - King of the Faeries Ian Humberstone - Swinging Lamps in Starlit Globes Dean McPhee - Pudding Pie Hill Tragic Magic - Rowan Ash and Red Thread Bridget Hayden - The Stone Woman Emily Oldfield - Diptera Brian Campbell, Peter Smyth and Carl Turney - Requiem for the Lost Magpahi - Transposed to Stone David Chatton Barker - Starlight Quickbeam (Rowan) Jennifer Reid - Boghart Hall Clough David Jaycock - Sam Spriggan Sam McLoughlin - Green and Brown Sarah Lundy - Piseog [egg of ill omen] Arianne Churchman - The Night-Mare Steve Patterson and Mark Patterson - Faery Abstraction
  3. https://bleep.com/release/238459-the-universal-veil-helioshind https://www.normanrecords.com/records/188337-the-universal-veil-helioshind
  4. FT is crowdfunding to reissue Theo Brown and the Folklore of Dartmoor on a gatefold double LP, and another book release celebrating the labels 10 years:
  5. Coming soon: http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/two-kings
  6. http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/devon-folklore-tapes-volume-vii-two-ruins
  7. Back in the 1980s, British occultists in the know strove to get their hands on the releases from a series entitled Cornucopia - A Compendium Of Practical Occultism. A collection of private-press cassettes, these tapes were sound art compilations which oscillated between tales of magick, instructional spoken word, drone music and blissful ambiences that could have been described as new-age if they weren’t so intimately linked with the dark arts. This stuff comes off as woozy, often beautiful, rather than black-hearted. The Cornucopia releases are some of those records which could easily have been lost to history. They are almost impossible to track down, even through internet search engines, and hardly any of the original copies are still in circulation. What a boon, then, that Folklore Tapes boss David Chatton Barker has managed to procure the audio of one Cornucopia volume for a new cassette release. Over two lengthy sides of tape, this record delivers a sort of hallucinatory, curious sound collage that serves as the missing link between Nurse With Wound and Hype Williams. Christmas, as we all know, is a magical time of year. As part of Bleep’s 2019 Advent Calendar, Folklore Tapes have got into the holiday spirit with a new release of occult electronics and spoken word from their Art Of Magic series. https://bleep.com/release/158011-various-artists-cornucopia-a-compendium-of-practical-occultism
  8. - 12” LP featuring acousmatic sound compositions, site-specific field-recordings and original audio of local storytellers spinning out black dog yarns. - DVD containing a 10-minute film by David Chatton Barker, hand-treated 16mm using haunted materials and distressed in rust, accompanied by a special mix of the project’s audio. - Full-colour, 80-page book by Ian Humberstone, containing original articles focussed on each tale covered by the project, as well as photography taken on-site during fieldwork. - Riso printed poster of Dob Park Lodge and Troller’s Gill—two locations featured in the project. - All contents captured in an embossed, hand-numbered and hand-stamped box. - Edition of 500 with first 100 copies containing an additional cassette version of the project audio https://soundcloud.com/folklore-tapes/ftoci-black-dog-traditions-of-england-excerpts
  9. Commission work for Folklore Tapes & The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, be quick on the cassettes: https://boomkat.com/products/art-of-magic
  10. •Full-colour, 104-page exhibition and project book. Containing all the 39 object-less index cards in their original form along with photographs of each artistic interpretation. Essays by Steve Patterson and Lara Cetinich Cory. Photographs from the live performances and exhibitions. • 7” Vinyl featuring 12min of material hewn together from 10 hours of live recordings from 8 performances. • D/L Codes: Containing extensive archive of material: Aid to Practice (originally on ten-inch) / Tramping and Loring Vol.III (originally on cassette) / Eight part two hour live album (originally on cassette) / Five tracks taken from the installation pieces) •All contents captured in an embossed, hand-numbered and hand-stamped box gold sigil box. •Edition of 231 special editions housed in box with seven-inch (with d/l code) and 169 stand alone books (with d/l code) Founded by a showman, shaman and collector of folk magic by name of Cecil Williamson over fifty years ago, The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic moved through a number of incarnations and locations before resting on the rocky shores of Boscastle, Cornwall, UK. Folklore Tapes celebrate the museum and its founder with a project that brings together over three years of visits exploring the extraordinary labyrinth of artefacts and largest public library of occult publications. The collective immersed themselves in the practices of folk magicians and wayside witches, creating improvisational performances around the museum and on the harbour cliffs, incorporating handmade instruments and tools, alongside objects from the storeroom, such as amulets, wands, charms and cauldrons. The folklorist and artist Steve Patterson introduced the group to the astonishing archive of index cards made by Cecil Williamson. Amongst the draws of unique index lay a selection of that were of particular interest as they no longer had the objects they pertained to, having been lost for many years through reasons unknown. These fascinating cards formed the basis for the project The Art of Magic, each one suggesting a new conjuration through artistic explorations. Thirty-nine of these object-less cards were sent across the country in an envelope along with an invitation to respond in whatever medium desired. The interpretations formed a traveling exhibition, journeying to six venues around England, with performances at each show drawing upon the combined presence of the artefacts, incorporating improvised sound, live projection and immersive sensory theatre. This lovingly assembled 104 page book brings together all the documentation from the project and includes facsimiles of all the object-less index cards along with the conjured interpretations, essays and live show photography. The seven-inch is a distillation of over ten hours of recorded live material. All the sonic output surrounding the Art of Magic project over the past three years has been made available through the download codes and arrives at around four hours of audio. The set is held within an gold embossed black box featuring the sigil used by Mr Williamson, that has come to represent our magical endeavours...! Already sold-out on Bleep. Copies still at Folklore Tapes. http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/the-art-of-magic-book
  11. Vinyl companion piece to the tarot deck released last yr. by FT: http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/museum-storeroom-tapes
  12. Folklore Tapes' long-promised Customs Calendar arrives just in time for 2018. Created to mark the manifestation of the Calendar Customs 4 x LP box set, Folklore Tapes present a unique arcane calendar of customs, rites, rituals and lunar phases…lovingly researched and compiled to showcase seasonal customs that don’t make it on to the roadside calendars and year planners. Instead of opting to squeeze off the bank holidays, royal dates etc, they allow instead the enchanted folk customs of old to fill and shape our year's adventures ahead. There are also four pages of research notes to be found at the back of the calendar. As a bonus, each calendar includes a limited edition Ritual Year Tape (Games, Traditions & Rites of Britain) - an arcane 60min odyssey through the ritual year of Britain's ancient to modern customs. Collaged together using a hundred amateur clips (gathered from youtube) captured in far-flung recesses of the nation's folk memory over the past ten years. Told through the vestiges of remaining dances, games and fertility ceremonies once alive and abound all around us. the price alone is already hurting my wallet, and i haven't bought it yet
  13. This set comprises of the four tapes released some while back. If you need it on vinyl, here it is. four twelve-inch vinyl records containing thirty-eight tracks • includes the releases Merry May, Crown of Light (Midsummer Traditions and Folklore), Fore Hallowe’en, Midwinter Rites and Revelries • researched and executed by fifteen artists over a two year period (2014–2016) • forty-page booklet comprising illustrations, research notes and an in-depth calendar customs essay by Jez Winship • also includes a set of four postcards featuring original artwork by David Chatton Barker, a unique photogram print and download code • held by a hand-numbered and stamped litho-print box • limited edition of 250 £62 http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/folklore-tapes-calendar-customs-box-set
  14. Damn, I might have to fly in for this one. Tickets Here: https://www.summerhall.co.uk/event/folk-horror-revival-unseelie-court/
  15. http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/wester-ross-folklore-tapes-vol-1-sacred-island-the-legend-and-magic-of-isle-maree photo sharing sites no sign up
  16. 1) t/e/u - Balm (Melissa officinalis) 2) The Silver Funz - Birch (Betula) 3) Joshua Bonnetta - Cactus (Cactaceae) 4) Kelly Jayne Jones - Chaste berry (Vitex agnus-castus) 5) Debra Kirdiv - Elder (Sambucus) 6) James Green - False Shamrock (Oxalis triangularis) 7) Arianne Churchman - Foxglove (Digitalis) 8) Paper Dollhouse - Gorse (Ulex) 9) Belbury Poly - Hawthorn (Crataegus) 10) Sam McLoughlin - Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) 11) Carl Turney & Brian Campbell - Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) 12) David Jaycock - Hottentot-fig (Carpobrotus edulis) 13) Stu Bannister - Houseleek (Sempervivum) 14) Hugh Metcalfe - Jasmine (Jasminum) 15) Mary Stark - Lavender (Lavandula) 16) Delphine Dora - Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) 17) Sally Golding - Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) 18) Ian Humberstone - Moss (Sphagnum capillifolium) 19) Alison Cooper - Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) 20) Zoe Naylor - Nettle (Urtica dioica) 21) Hannah Leighton Boyce - Oak (Quercus) 22) Joe Duddell - Oregano (Origanum vulgare) 23) Steve Patterson - Plantain (Plantago major) 24) Mary & David - Rowan (Sorbus) 25) Bridget Hayden - Sage (Salvia officinalis) 26) Modern Studies - Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris) 27) Alice Hartley - Teasel (Dipsacus sylvestris) 28) Jennifer Reid - Thyme (Thymus) 29) Dean McPhee - Verlerian (Valeriana officinalis) 30) Eva Bowen - Willow (Salix) http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/folklore-of-plants
  17. comes with 3 bonus tracks releases may 29th https://thelosttapesrecordclub.bandcamp.com
  18. Folkore Tapes continue their recipe for expansion, putting the words 'Folklore Tapes' in front of anything. Bingo. A new series in the making. Series: Industrial Folklore Tapes Vol.I Title: Instruments of Industry Artist: Hannah Leighton-Boyce Format: 10" Gatefold with Booklet http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/industrial-folklore-tapes-vol-i-instruments-of-industry
  19. Well, speak of the Devil. https://thelosttapesrecordclub.bandcamp.com/album/the-lost-tapes-record-club-ep-3
  20. http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/somerset-folklore-tapes-vol-i-the-lost-village-of-clicket
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