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Found 14 results

  1. Just released on Gated. Absolutely lovely album. Warm sound, inventive, playful, melodious. Perfect for summer. "Lucita Octans is floating adrift somewhere. She is looking for the perfect world. Melodies kind of come to her by a somekind of phenomenon. She begs you not to take her too seriously. She was never here and neither are we."
  2. Our newest release is the rather lovely EP from Canadian musician Dopefist. Here's the official skinny: Following two stand-out cuts on recent Mindcolor Music and Touched Electronix compilations, Mike "Dopefist" Verde makes his full EP debut for Gated. Across six tracks, the Canadian native showcases music that dips and sweeps with life-affirming electronic goodness. This is music for the head and the heart, celebrating the magic found in unrepeatable details, a studio full of warm analogue synths, and classic drum machines. Verde records all his tracks in one take, emphasizing the element of improvisation, pushing his boxes to the limit to create woozy off-kilter jams. Taking influences from the likes of AFX's Analord series, Ceephax's United Acid Emirates, and Bochum Welt, this is an unmissable debut: picturesque, dreamy, and utterly unique. Quite proud of this one -- we worked hard on it. And Mike is such a perfectionist he wanted the release to be as good as it could be. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Stellar steps slightly aside from his mostly electro output to release a varied six-tracker of moody but mindful melodies and rhythms. Highly recommended.
  4. Our latest full-length cassette has just been released, this time from user77099097. Here's the blurb: The super-mysterious user77099097 first came to our attention when the icy, dubby Up At Lenrock was first uncovered by the equally mysterious ColorSquad collective. The origins of this crisp and spacious album are still unknown - it appears to have been sourced from some tapes found in late 2018 - although its true age has yet to be determined. Clearly, there are SAW-era Aphex vibes here, or perhaps a tinge of BoC, but make of it what you will. Either way, it's atmospheric, sparse, and wintery - perfect for this time of year. Digi also available from https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/up-at-lenrock Clips: https://soundcloud.com/gatedrecordings/sets/user77099097-up-at-lenrock-gtd
  5. Our first compilation, released today digitally to coincide with Bandcamp's no-fee day, and for preorder on gold vinyl. Here's some words about it: If you’re looking for the middle ground, you’ve come to the right place. Ever since Gated launched we’ve always kept an eye out for those tracks that sit somewhere in the middle of dancefloor and home, between outright groovers and armchair head-nodders. On our journey we’ve come across these tracks, some one-offs that you’d want to bang out as a DJ, others you’d just like to put on and trip the fudge out. So we've collected them here on a record called In the Key of G, which is packed full of wigged out breaks, weird noodlers, downbeat shufflers, and glitched out crunchers. Some names you’ll recognise, some you won’t. But trust us. Open your mind (and your ears) and relax. As DJ Node says: “It’s got depth but mixability.” Album mix by Node here: Enjoy!
  6. The first split EP on Gated takes in some tough acid house from Glasgow-based brutalizer Krokakai and some old-school breaks from the ever-eclectic Liðvarð. First up, Krokakai’s experience as a DJ and party-starter comes to the fore, with two deeply trippy acid chuggers. The Artificial Horizon label boss takes no prisoners, pushing rubbery acid lines and spaced-out atmospherics in the aptly named Doubleplus Acid, before taking it a step deeper with Lost Acid. Norwegian Liðvarð, meanwhile, goes for the early 90s hardcore jugular on another literally-named track, Quadcore Hardcore, all piano stabs, vocal samples, Amen breaks, and hands-in-the-air breakdowns. Rave Research is even more genre-fluid, somehow combining dub, downtempo, old-school hardcore and IDM into a rolling beaty pleasure. Kosmosis ends the EP with a little snifter of tense ambient, a perfect comedown after all those highs. This marks Liðvarð’s third outing on wax, following a sought-after release on Occult Research in 2014 and an album on Mystic & Quantum last year. Samples: Preorder from Bleep: https://bleep.com/release/179330-krokakai-livar-split-ep And of course it'll be on our Bandcamp soon too. Out April 10.
  7. For GTD006 we present the ridiculously prolific The Jaffa Kid with a 5-track EP that covers quite a few bases, musically. Out March 20 via our Bandcamp and the usual retailers. Clips: Some blurb: Daniel “The Jaffa Kid” Pringle has been brewing a steady stream of lo-fi, icy, melodic tracks since the late 1990s from his bedroom setup of various synths, software and drum machines. But it’s only recently that his spaced-out take on techno, breakbeat and electro has been picked up by labels like La Beauté Du Négatif and Brokntoys. On his debut for Gated he takes influences as diverse as Detroit techno, ambient and low-slung acid and mashes them together for an involving and off-kilter 5-tracker. At times driving – see ‘Echelon’ on the flip – at others emotive and deep, the EP works as well for the 4am dancefloor as it does the discerning listener.
  8. This has very little to do with electronic music so I'm in two minds whether to post it here. Anyway maybe you'll be interested because it marks a bit of a departure for us as a label. It's also a very good album, so I'd be interested to hear your thoughts either way.
  9. This won't be out for about a month, but seeing as Bleep have already opened it up for preorders I thought I'd post it here. It's clubbier than our other output so I have no idea whether you guys will dig it or not. Anyway, here's our marketing text explaining all the gubbins: Joel Brittain's music is defined more by what it isn't than by what it is. This is breakbeat... but not, house... but not, electro... but not. Hell, there's even a hint of prog in these expansive, indefinable tracks that switch-up in oh-so-unexpected ways. Perhaps it's because this US-born, UK-based producer has been bubbling in various scenes for so long. Brittain had a string of releases in the 2000s on labels like Wrong, Reverberations, and Tango, plus ran his own label Nonsuch Recordings. But all the while he was busy making music, refining a vast cache of unreleased tracks. It’s from this treasure trove that States of Mind draws, but it still sounds like it could have been made this year. So yes it's breakbeat, yes it's house, and yes it's electro... and it's all the better for it. Preorder: https://bleep.com/release/162703-joel-brittain-states-of-mind-ep Clips: We may have a few white labels to sell at the beginning of Jan, but only a few.
  10. Hello, as a little Christmas treat, we've got 3 tracks from 3 of our favourite musicians for you. Free, forever. Enjoy! https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/xmas-lock-in
  11. Very proud to present our third release: Goldefish's Passive Pleasure EP. Goldefish first came to our attention after RDJ commented on his track 'Radon'. All he said was "dope" but it was enough -- that track now has over 7,500 plays on SoundCloud. But it turns out Goldefish is, in my humble opinion, a startling new talent. His productions are rhythmically superb and detailed, drawing on old school dnb and breakbeat, as well as acidic techno. He sent us new track 'Moonlight' to complete the EP, which pushes things even further. After communicating with us for a while it turned out RDJ commented so he could get access to 'Radon' so he could play it out. But he privately sent a message to Goldefish asking for his remix of Dare Balogun as well... so that's the hidden gem on the B-side for you. Here are clips: And you can buy digital and vinyl here: https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/passive-pleasure-ep Vinyl is released on Sep 7. Hope you enjoy!
  12. We decided to launch a cassette sublabel for experimental/analogue/modular/ambient type music. This is our first release on that, coming out on Oct. 25. There will be 50 cassettes that have been professionally dubbed and 5 that I recorded at home on Type IV metal tape with hand-stamped sleeves. We haven't pushed this to Bandcamp just yet but I wanted to let you all know in advance. There are some samples on SoundCloud: Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Here's a bit of blurb about it: We take a slowdive into the fuzzy analogue loops of new French musician Akim Drml for a cassette-only release rich in ambient arpeggios pulsing from modular synths. Across 8 tracks (and one inspired electro reinterpretation from Gated regular Sound Synthesis), Drml offers up addictive loops and atmospheric textures, mostly beatless but always emotion-rich, obsessive and cathartic in equal measure. All tracks were recorded in a single take without overdubs, leaving room for pleasant surprises and imperfections. Drml's influences range from Rival Console and Alessandro Cortini to Suzanne Ciani and Caterina Barbieri, but Analog Resolution carves out its own space, nostalgic and melancholic but forward-moving, always forward.
  13. For the second release on Gated, Maltese musician Sound Synthesis takes us on an emotive electro journey. The A-side, though, is all about the floor. It kicks off with the atmospheric bass-driven Jupiter Bazz, before taking a decidedly Kraftwerkian turn with the EP’s title track, Xjenza Eletronika. Flip to the B for three deeper, emotional cuts, with Traveller’s melodic intentions apparent from the off. Waiting Rooms continues the deepness, before the EP is rounded out with a little snifter of positivity on How It Feels. The EP’s digital-only bonus track Immersive Rhythms should need little introduction, the title giving the game away somewhat, but a sneaky little acid line works its magic in this spacey and, yes, immersive track. Sound Synthesis is the moniker of Malta’s Keith Farrugia, who has been releasing music since his 2009 debut on Paul Blackford’s Militant Science label. Sound Synthesis is his melodic bass-driven electro project. Out on June 28 on 12" vinyl and digital via our Bandcamp https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com or in stores via our distributor Lobster. Clips: Produced by Keith Farrugia Mastered by Keith Tenniswood
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