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Found 17 results

  1. Dedicated thread for this because wew lad
  2. Artist : EXM Title: Modulus Label: Touched Music Cat no: TM36 Format: CD/Digital Country: U.K. Artwork: Style: IDM/Electronica Release Date 21.July.17 Well well well, if it isn’t exm again. This prolific artist has a multitude of self-released EPs under his belt and returns once more for his fourth contribution to Touched with music of fantastic quality. Each track piques your interest, every sound feels like it has a purpose and my are their lots of sounds. This release isn’t just generous in terms of style but at a shade under 90 minutes I don’t think anyone could complain that they weren’t being looked after. The opening of ’Modulus’ is sinister. ’3i2’ puts you on edge and alerts you to the presence of the next nines track lined up, a piece that wouldn’t sound out of place in the most epic of science fiction. Even the first sound’s pacing is so perfect I could loop it and be satisfied. But I don’t need to. Waiting for me is a barrage of noise all seemingly in its place and well thought out by the composer. Some of it is illusory - ’Wall’ has a pace that appears to increase whilst not actually doing so. If I didn’t have an anchor to the real world in the form of tapping feet I might certainly be lost. As a midpoint, ’5’ is a masterpiece - it’s an earworm. Its melody cohesive, at 9 minutes in length it still doesn’t feel long enough. And it’s a turning point too, the second half of ‘Modulus’ feels takes a robotic tone, like you’re stuck in an automated factory but you don’t really care about getting out, satisfied with the rhythmic beat of machines you are faced with. This is as good as any electronic music I’ve heard. It shows there are those out there who really care about their art, who want to push boundaries and challenge those who listen to it. I had previously compared exm to other great masters Autechre and their influence still shows however it feels more distant now. A place has been found by exm, he's carving out his niche and it's incredibly enjoyable. ‘Modulus’ is available as a limited run of CDs and as always a digital download (with bonus track ‘Meltt’) which is also provided to those who make a physical purchase from the Touched Bandcamp site. So show your support once more for Touched and get something great in return. Buy - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/modulus
  3. It would seem that this was just set up: https://skam.bandcamp.com/ If this is legit it's a pretty big deal; an official vendor to purchase all these formerly vinyl-only tracks. It's strange though, listening to the previews it would appear that some are obviously vinyl rips, such as MASK 100: [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2284040868 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small] But then the preview for MASK 200 sounds totally clear... Clearer than ever, like it is driect from the DAT: [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1312612526 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small] Thoughts?
  4. hi folks I'm trying to make a d e f i n i t i v e spreadsheet out of the uncomplete (but very helpful) spreadsheets that are already around, documenting the many many Autechre and Gescom remixes, comp tracks, rare tracks, leaks, etc.. The definitive archive!! Comments are enabled, so if you see something's wrong, missing, or improvable, either leave a comment on the spreadsheet or post here. ------------> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gh9WmE-Vp8vbUEPpCRMnz2PtycbNshCbo7_HDEYrK-o/edit?usp=sharing <----------- Ignore the lossy/lossless columns they're my personal checklist. Copy the doc, clear the columns and use it if you want. All tracks acquired legally. WATMM and its users do not condone piracy cheers
  5. File Name: "Gescom DJs - Warp Radio 2001.mp3" File Submitter: madisonthorne File Submitted: 05 Aug 2016 File Category: Autechre Rip of Gescom DJs on Warp Radio, circa 2001. This was streamripped and then burnt to a CDr. After about 15 years and the loss of the original digital file, I found the CDr and cleaned it and ripped it to a single mp3. This originally came from http://warp-net.com in its puzzle incarnation, specifically the radio page which had mouseover pieces which would slide out. You could click and stream. Artists included Gescom, Broadcast, Plaid, Mira Calix and others. It has long since vanished. Click here to download this file
  6. Along with several other sets from Broadcast, Mira Calix etc. , I ripped this Gescom set from the Warp Website in 2001. It was when they were using the puzzle incarnation of the site, and had a radio page where several pieces would jut out on mouseover and you could play sets. I tried reviving the Mira Calix from a CD I have, but I couldn't get any decent quality...too damaged. The Broadcast is lost although I have the tracklist. I found this one tonight and after several cleanings and different drives, I got a good rip of it. It's not perfect though, there are moments where it stutters or repeats itself very briefly. Overall it's really acceptable though considering it's been stored on a CDR for 15 years without much care. It was 18 tracks split on the CD via indexes so I joined it all into one file removing any gaps and tagged it. Link below. It's alot of hip hop and IDM etc. Hopefully i'm not doubling any efforts here if this has already been available. D/L: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10698524/Gescom%20DJs%20-%20Warp%20Radio%202001.mp3 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10698524/Gescom%20DJs%20-%20Warp%20Radio%202001.mp3 Cheers
  7. 21 years ago the mega collective of Gescom incl. Autechre, Bola and probably half the Skam roster started releasing a wide variety of mad beats and tunes. Let's celebrate them properly with a career-spanning 1-hour mix. Enjoy the przzzzzzz and krrrzzzzz and woooooo-ahhhhhh.
  8. exm​ Releases His New Album llmnt On Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer Support​ On 25th September. This Will Be The First Release To Have Limited Run Of 50 Cd’s. Here Is A Little teaser.
  9. Sadly there are no digital vinlys available but I noticed that this is up for sale on blerp: https://bleep.com/release/62085-dual-purpose-runfastmaybefaster Don't recall whether this was ever confirmed to be a Gescom release or not but blerp are certainly tapping in to the speculation. Rubbaband is pretty nuts and reminds me of the end of Sublimit.
  10. Having a baby surely reduces time for DJ mixes. So it took me a while this time to get things together. But here we go! Floor Excursions VIII (Follow The Waters) is literally following the global water cycle from beginning to end (which is the beginning again). The mix is a circular motion fitting the tracks in places along the journey, reflecting the respective state & dynamics of water. Furthermore, the mix only contains records I have bought in 2013 (though not all of them). Enjoy the swimming!
  11. Guest

    Record collection sale

    Sadly it is time to dispose of my collection :-( On ebay and discogs: Gescom - Key Nell Gescom - Minidisc Autechre - Incunabula (2xLP, Ltd, Album, Sil) Autechre - LP5 (2xLP, Album) Plastikman - Spastik (12") Plastikman - Krakpot (12") Plastikman - Plastique (12") Plastikman - Sheet One (2xLP, Album) Plastikman - Musik (2x12" + 12", S/Sided, Etch + , Album, Ltd) Plastikman - Consumed (3x12", Album) FUSE - Dimension Intrusion (2xLP, Album) FUSE - Train-Tracs (12", Ltd, Num, Whi) Global Communication - 76:14 (2xLP, Album) Global Communication - Remotion: The Global Communication Remix Album (2xLP, Comp) Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories (2x12", Album, Ltd) Various - The Theory Of Evolution (2xLP, Comp) DJ Shadow - Endtroducing..... (2xLP, Album, Gat) Hopefully that appeals to someone. Tim:>
  12. This mix rides along the alphabet incl. Alan Moore, Beefcake, Clubroot, DJ Food, [...], Wisp, X-Asp, Youngblood Brass Band, Zomby. Vinyl only. Enjoy the literacy lesson.
  13. Birthdays are to get... and give. I give you an electronic session behind the wheels of steel with 60 minutes of weird rhythms and mad melodies - hand-picked and mixed by Bertolt Brechtakt. Check the mighty Phonometrics show on http://byte.fm/ this Sunday, March 31, at 11 pm (CET). The 60 minutes mix includes tracks by Autechre, Gescom, Ital Tek, Steinvord, Squarepusher, µ-Ziq, Ital Tek, Rone, Kangding Ray, Diamond Version, Pangaea, Rone, Emanuele Di Raymondi, Two Fingers, Konx-Om-Pax, Philip Glass & Ryoji Ikeda. Enjoy.
  14. Bored by endless one-style mixes? For his 40th birthday, mcBodach randomly picked 20 records from my 1,600 pieces record collection - Jazz, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Postrock, Electro, Surf, Eurovision Song Contest. You name it. Only 20 records for a 40th birthday? So I chose 2 tracks per record and mixed them in a pendular motion. We start and end with Iceberg Slim, Biz Markie comes 3rd and 38th, Orbital come 13th and 28th, Martyn comes 15th and 26th and so on. The peak time is for Tortoise. It became a mad mix with unexpected transitions. Ever heard a Eurovision Song Contest title swoon over Orbital? Well, here we are. Enjoy the journey. http://www.mixcloud.com/BertoltBrechtakt/assignments-random-mcbodach/
  15. The VI Scose Poise thread was so much fun I thought I'd start one on Gescom's Key Nell which is one of my favorite EPs ever. So, how do you think the drum sounds in Key Nell tracks were made? I think most of them are found sounds processed and looped. I think I can also hear the "mic air" and a reverb from a relatively small room with poor acoustics in some of them. So, track by track.. Key Nell 1 sounds like a processed hip hop drum loop(s) until about 1:30 when a new bit of rhythm comes in that reminds me of a ping pong ball being slammed against a table. Key Nell 2 starts with maybe a processed hihat or a sample of something metallic, then at about 0:40 comes several unrecognizable mechanical sounds. Like a failing motor or something? After about 5:20 it sounds like a processed drum loop. Key Nell 3 drums sound like somebody is slamming a chair or something against the floor + some other weird sounds that make it sound like a big moving mechanical engine. Key Nell 4 drums sound like some cutting instruments (big scissors, some cutting machine?) and metallic things being slammed against each other. With the bass drum again sounding like something heavy being slammed against the floor in some distance away in a hall or something.
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