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Found 40 results

  1. I've been listening to a lot of noise music this past year, and decided now would be a good time to dedicate a thread to it. By noise, I mean power electronics, harsh noise, industrial (the more experimental non-EBM variety) and more abrasive avant-garde music. But feel free to post anything in the general spirit of noise here, be it noise rock or whatever. As long as it's good and noisy post it here. I was lucky enough to pick up two Thirteen Hurts CDs at this year's Victoria Noise Fest, both of which are top notch amazing noise albums. This is a video of him recording one track off of his Chemtrails album: Unfortunately it's tough to find anything of his online as he seems to be a physical-release-only artist. But both albums are definitely worth the $10 or whatever it is. You can contact him on his facebook fan page if interested: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thirteen-Hurts-13Hz/273233096049035 --super friendly guy. Fun fact: his studio is solar powered. Another album that blew me away this year is schallbruch - WakeGaze, available for free here: http://redvenicerecords.bandcamp.com/album/wakegaze It's extremely well crafted, very dark and heavy-as-fuck. I wonder what this guy's background is, as it sounds like noise made by someone who has a long musical/studio history. Chefkirk's Harsh Digital Works Vol. 1 is a another release that really grabbed me this year. As the title suggests, it is extremely harsh, digital noise, but there's something about his tones and textures that I find quite interesting. His treatment of sound is very distinctly his own. You can stream/download it for free here: http://bitbybit.bandcamp.com/album/harsch-digital-works-vol-i Die-Burial-Rot is another texturally compelling noise artist whose track names are fantastic. Case in point, The Hideous Death Cries of a Million Investment Bankers Parts 1 + 2: https://soundcloud.com/die-burial-rot/sets/hdcmib Both he and Chefkirk have a very minimal approach that really highlights each individual sound. Another favorite for me this year was a collaboration release from John Wiese and Lasse Marhaug entitled County and Western (actual release was 2010). The tracks are like collages of jagged percussive sound bites interwoven together with blasts of feedback and static. It's effective in its use of dynamics, making the really noisy sections absolutely devastating. These guys really know their shit. Unfortunately this was the only excerpt I could find on youtube, and it's one of the less noteworthy moments on the album: -I may or may not have found the download on a pirate's blogspot... but if I did, I will definitely be purchasing the physical one day because it is excellent. And of course everyone's at least heard of Merzbow, but he releases so much stuff it can be difficult to know where to start. Of the 50+ that I've heard, 1930, Pulse Demon, Venerology and Noise Embryo and Surabhi are all standouts. His mid 90's period was his best imo. It's not music you can really appreciate on a shitty system or from a shitty youtube stream, as I think getting immersed in the sound is essential for this music. But here's a shitty youtube stream of a Pulse Demon track anyway: Actually this is still somehow hitting the spot even through my lap top speakers. But hearing it on good headphones while walking along the breakwater is a truly awe-inspiring experience. Okay, that's enough for now. Let's hear your noise recommendations!
  2. i have decided this morning that it is time i finally put together a band. a band that will blow minds. i have a vision, but it is blurry as of yet. some background: recently i played fretless bass on halloween doing a goth miley cyrus cover thing. i was actually amazed how cool it sounded to play fretless with overdrive and reverb and it actually turned out amazing and the chemistry between me and the guitar player was good. he does like drone shit but he's generally versatile. a bit too much of a stoner at times but not retarded level. either way, i found the experience of playing in a 'dark' band to be actually quite exhilarating. i used to play punk, moved on to classical and then jazz. and of course i make electronic music. but the whole thing, the presentation, how much the crowd loved the drama, the theatre of the thing. it was awesome. so i'm gonna make a band. i'm gonna be the front man. i'm gonna contort myself into weird poses and come up with a strange hair-do. these things are going to happen. i got a drummer on lock who is down, he knows how to tackle any style. plus he's bald so that's kind of aesthetically cool. guitar guy is super skinny with long hair and big beard. i'm salv, u kno me. so i'm trying to draw from a lot of sources to synthesize the aesthetic i want to achieve. so i will list off some influences. - DAF. "alles ist gut". want to have dissonance and darkness and quietness - bauhaus noodly guitar noises - nitzer ebb synths - einsturzende neubauten brutality - aenima era tool live performances. i want to be all weirdly contorting and having that interplay of soft/loud - korn. a bit of 'falling away from me'. not the vocals but some of the general production and harshness - sonic youth. want to use the kind of alternate tunings and jangly bits. later era stuff with jim o'rourke. ambient loop soundscapes. - mick karn fretless bass style stuff - diamanda galas - NIN obvs - holy music such as gregorian chant and tibetan shit. out there stuff. microtones. but somehow fuse things together in a way where everything is dark and bewildering and in your face at times but then fading into shimmering ambience and drone. want it to feel like a continuous experience that fuckin blows the minds of the audience. drama. excitement. weirdness. just the whole damn package. so yeah just like gimme stuff i should listen to to get the creative juices flowin. i mean they are flowin. sort of. but i want them to gush, baby. make me gush, fuckers
  3. Theta - Reclaimed Structures Theta is an artist based in Tromso, Norway. He develops sounds that are inspired by nature and technology, but mostly by the interaction and thresholds between the two and the dystopias this interaction can lead to. The result is often close to dark ambient, soaked through tamed noise passages that carry a crust punk tonality which flirts with existential black metal. The EP was released today on the Acroplane Recordings store at www.acroplane.org It will then be released via Bleep, Boomkat, Juno, Addictech and the usual big stores one week later, ie Monday 2nd December 2019. Cover art by Shift: http://futurorg.com Mastered by Ashmus Mastering If you're interested in reviewing the EP for your publication please email [email protected] for a promo. Tracklisting: 1. Kink 2. Kraken 3. Paramedic 4. Vermin
  4. ...........................................................Out Now.............................................................. On Limited Edition Cassette / CD and Digital Download from: https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/acrelid-illegal-rave-tapes-volume-08
  5. ZONAL, the brainchild of Justin Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu/JK Flesh) and Kevin Martin (The Bug/Ming Midas Sound) present their monumental Relapse Records debut, "Wrecked". ZONAL continues where their previous collaboration Techno Animal left off, and combines a brutal ongoing obsession with beats, bass, dub, drone, noise and riff. Under their new guise, the enigmatic duo push the parameters and atmospheres that have earned them critical acclaim further and deeper; ZONAL's sound has become ever more corrupted, corroded, slower and lower; with the theme of exploring inner/outer space acts as the gelling agent for this shockingly monolithic sound. Anyone who witnessed their sonic destruction and lyrical detonation c/o MOOR MOTHER at both ROADBURN and UNSOUND festivals will not be disappointed by the slo-mo meltdown. Tracklisting 1.Body of Wire (featuring Moor Mother) 2.In a Cage (featuring Moor Mother) 3.System Error (featuring Moor Mother) 4.Medulla (featuring Moor Mother) 5.Catalyst (featuring Moor Mother) 6.No Investigation (featuring Moor Mother) 7.Wrecked 8.Debris 9.Black Hole Orbit 10.S.O.S. 11.Alien Within 12.Stargazer Get your pre-orders in on Relapse after previewing the immense System Error off the LP, as well as this banging free two-track EP the boys put out earlier this year. Then there's a pretty cool interview as well, with the lads nerding out over their Elektron gear. Street date, Oct 25.
  6. would you recommend any good gritty stompy music? in the style of: * universal indicator (green) * perc https://perctrax.bandcamp.com/track/toxic-nrg * trip i've only recently begun to explore gabba+industrial kind of music, but i'm having trouble finding good stripped down gabber.. (without the vocals and the fluff) if you know what i mean. do you watmm'ers have any good advices? thanks a lot!
  7. Dreadcore - Schematics Dark electronics blending early DnB, atmospheric soundtracks and decayed tape-loop aesthetics from Oslo based artist Dreadcore. Tracks 1 and 6 feature Theta: thetasounds.org Artwork by INTERFERON Mastering by Ashmus Mastering Released today, Monday 3rd June at the Acroplane Store at www.acroplane.org To be released via Bleep, Boomkat, Addictech, Juno, Itunes and the usual big stores on Monday 10th June.
  8. BBC.WS1 LA SANTA - PAX MAFIOSA Out Friday 16th of November - PRE-ORDER STARTS TODAY: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/pax-mafiosa CALABRIA, Southern Italy — a landscape of unmarked graves hidden by abandoned construction sites left as monuments to a corrupt state; a code of silence masking a culture of extreme cruelty; age-old folk traditions and occulted religious rites which refuse to acknowledge the passing of time; the secret brotherhoods; the holy bloodline and birthplace of the ‘Ndrangheta - part business, part religious order and part ancient military, now one of the most powerful organised crime groups in the world. Broken Britain Cassettes inaugurates its World Service imprint with Pax Mafiosa, the first dispatch from La Santa, a native Calabrese, who delivers a concoction of ceremonial death chants, phone tappings and initiation rituals. Based around collaged samples from an inherited record collection, Pax Mafiosa invokes visceral fear and spiritual ecstasy with biting electronics and harrowing field recordings. In Calabria the sacred and the profane are not mutually exclusive. The name ‘La Santa’ refers to both the Virgin Mary and the highest, most secretive level of The ‘Ndrangheta, a secret society within a secret society which links the top bosses with freemasons and extremist terror organisations. Pax Mafiosa is a sonic mapping of this dysfunctional marriage of mafia and religion. “Giuro di portare sempre con me questa boccetta di veleno e, se per disgrazia dovessi tradire questi nuovi fratelli di Santa, di avvelenarmi con le mie stesse mani.” _ wannamarchi.club radio show with La Santa featuring a special mix with music that inspired the release:https://soundcloud.com/wannamarchi-club/199radio-3rd-november-2018-with-la-santa _ PRE-ORDER PAX MAFIOSA NOW: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/pax-mafiosa
  9. My latest dark ambient track. All comments/critiques welcome. https://soundcloud.com/sanctivv/final-hour
  10. WANNAMARCHI.CLUB SUMMER EXPO 2018 Out this Friday on Cassette + Digital WANNAMARCHI.CLUB presents SUMMER EXPO 2018, a 30 minute mixtape of forthcoming material from a multinational cabal of artists. With twenty tracks in as many styles, there is something here for everyone to dislike. This conglomeration of wannamarchi.club, Broken Britain Cassettes and NKT affiliates includes luminaries such as Coil collaborator and Alabama 3 member Orlando Harrison, ethnomusic legend Roberto Musci, a menagerie of emerging artists as well as renegade outsiders coaxed out of the shadows for their recording debuts. The reaches of this international network knows no bounds. August is a wicked month but this Summer shall burn forever! PRE-ORDER NOW: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/summer-expo-2018 _
  11. NKT005 PRESIDIOMODELO - ВНУТРЕННЯЯ ИМПЕРИЯ Out this Friday on Cassette + Digital The Shaman - older than Christ - survives an endless winter of over two millennia as if preserved in permafrost like the mammoths and prehistoric horses littering the bowels of his mother Siberia. The Shaman - named ‘the priest of the devil’ by dutch explorers - endures the horror of the Soviet labour camps. He has access to the Axis and inhabits more worlds than one. NKT presents The Inner Empire , the new work from Siberian trio presidiomodelo where misty atmospheres are infused with a murky, industrial aesthetic. Following previous NKT investigations into inner conflict and alienation, The Inner Empire is a meditation on themes of self confinement and interior exile. Originally composed for theatre, here revisited to include the full original recordings, presidiomodelo ’s release is an evocative thirty minute journey that burrows deep like the diamond mines. Rumbling synths oscillate amongst delicate beds of chimes whilst ghostly chants and guttural tones vibrate around the sound of handmade instruments and hypnotic drums, all immersed into the humid Siberian forest.
The soundtrack drifts unbroken throughout sections as if shifting through different thresholds of consciousness, dilating time and projecting images of ancient scenes and archaic practices. The Inner Empire also reflects the feeling of mismatch between private and public persona in the modern world. It carries a primordial sense of imprisonment and inescapability, a familiar yet inaccessible inner empire. PRE-ORDER NOW: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/the-inner-empire _
  12. [bandcamp width=350 height=786 album=612819565 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=7137dc] This is an album I made and I think it's pretty good. I hope you guys enjoy it too! :biggrin:
  13. I just released my third album, Pt.3. It's sick and has a unique sound to it. You owe it to yourself to give it a shot, and that's not just me being egotistical or trying to hype it up. If you don't like it, that's cool, but I'm going places and imagine how cool you would feel saying "I listened to Punch Cards before she was popular". And you'll never know whether you like it or not until you try it obviously. BTW, my next album is going to be even better than this one, so keep your eyes peeled. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the album! https://punchcards.bandcamp.com/album/pt-3
  14. Primary Node - Aeolipile Primary Node return to Acroplane Recordings for their 2nd release, following on from the extremely well received 2016 debut LP My Part in this Downfall. Aeolipile continues a varied approach to techno and analogue sonic manipulation, yet arguably delivers a more dancefloor-focussed release. Two excellent remixes from long term Acroplane contributors Swarm Intelligence (Voitax, Ad Noiseam, Acroplane) and Dead Sound (Perc Trax, Null+Void, Acroplane) close out an EP that marks a fresh statement of intent for both artist and label. 1. Wrangling Seagulls 2. Heron's Ball 3. LBK MLS 4. Obstruct Distortion 5. TimeRave Zero 6. Wrangling Seagulls (Swarm Intelligence Remix) 7. TimeRave Zero (Dead Sound Remix) Available now from the Acroplane Bandcamp store at www.acroplane.org Then released via Bleep, Boomkat, Itunes, Amazon, Juno, Clone and the usual big stores Monday 18th June 2018.
  15. https://nordra.bandcamp.com/album/i-was-meant-to-live-in-a-garden-live Couldn't find any press for this killer new cassette so here's an older write-up from last year:
  16. hello people, in preparation of christmas and our lovely Deathemberfezt (http://telegra.ph/2212---0201-DEATHEMBERFEZT-mit-exLEp%C3%A4ng-12-12) we, exLEpäng!, have started a little christmas calender. every day a new mix from us and friends. enjoy! ...and if you're near leipzig between Dec 22th - Jan 2nd come around and have a beer with us! cheers! DOOR#24 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng24-lord-of-wtf DOOR#23 DOOR#22 DOOR#21 DOOR#20 DOOR#19 DOOR#18 DOOR#17 DOOR#16 DOOR#15 DOOR#14 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng14-mellow DOOR#13 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng13-eine_million DOOR#12 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng12-tilo_roth DOOR#11 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng11-marshall DOOR#10 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/pang10-disput-acid-drill-idm DOOR#9 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/pang09-mellow-breakcore-radau DOOR#8 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/pang08-nur_hechtsuppen DOOR#7 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng07-caedes DOOR#6 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng06-firle DOOR#5 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng05-aehm DOOR#4 DOOR#3https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng03-katyes DOOR#2 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng02-dj_hells DOOR#1 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng01-tilo_roth
  17. free download on bandcamp Three tracks of nanoloop minimalist techno/IDM. All created on the fly with minimal edits and only mild EQ/compression.
  18. White label 12" from Panzerkreuz. Dirty blend of Acid techno and industrial with a touch of noise. Really looking forward to this, or actually to be specific really looking forward this to end up on Bandcamp (fingers crossed) but the vinyl people better grab it while they can. Redeye says that it's expected on the 7th of August but who knows. Juno has some wicked samples: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/lycurgus-panzer-1020/652443-01/
  19. "i know there are a lot of threads in the internet but i want to ask the experts of watmm ;)" so i would like to make noise, power electronics, ambient kind of music but with "real" gear ,i can create this kind of sounds very easy in DAW but i dont think its the real deal. I´m thinking of contemporary noise artists like wolf eyes, prurient, pharmakon, and so on... whats the cheapest way to start ? i always see casette players, a mixer, pedals, microphone....
  20. these have nothing to do with jazz https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/observation https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/peak-nothing https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/heatwave-braced https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/what-the-body-remembers https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/videotape-straight-to-video that's a lot, thanks for listening to any or all.
  21. https://bleep.com/release/75702-les-gracies-low-doses https://www.discogs.com/de/Les-Graci%C3%A9s-Low-Doses/release/9357872 It's good
  22. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=1748297126/size=medium/ Veteran industrial duo Orphx just dropped this today - an excellent record all the way through. Fans of intricate polyrhythmic beats take note!
  23. OUT NOW!!! The Hatcliffe House Tapes - Volume 12 - Tools and Techniques https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/the-hatcliffe-house-tapes-vol-12-tools-and-techniques Volume 12 and the Final Chapter in the Hatcliffe House Tape series . . . availble on..... C60 Cassette / CD and Digital Download from..... https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/the-hatcliffe-house-tapes-vol-12-tools-and-techniques ...TOOLS... Equipment List: Hatcliffe House Studio -2001-2012- -Computers/Consoles:- Laptop Playstation 1 (Music Generator/Music 2000/Fluid) Playstation 2 (MTV Music Generator) Various PC's -Software:- Ableton Live 5 Ableton Live 8 Arturia Storm Native Instruments Limelite Solo Propellerheads Reason Sony Soundforge Acid Pro Various Free VST Plugins -Recording Equipment:- Casio Song Star Dual Cassette Karaoke Machine Portable Radio/Cassette Recorder Sony MZ-N510 Minidisc Recorder Technics sl-eh790 Stereo System/Cassette Recorder/Record Player TEAC CD-RW890MKII-B CD Recorder Various Cassette Player/Recorders Various DVD Players Various Video Player/Recorders -Mixers:- Akai APC40 Numark CDX CD Decks x2 M Audio NRV 10 Peavey MP600 Power Amp Mixer (B) Pioneer DJM500 Mixer -Synthesizers/Keyboards/Organs/Drum Machines:- Air Organ (B) Casio Rapman Keyboard Korg Electribe EA-1 Korg Electribe EA-1 MKII (B) Korg Electribe ER-1 MKII (B) Korg ElecTribe SX (ESX-1) (B) Korg MS20 Legacy USB Controller Korg MS2000 (B) Korg Monotribe Korg Monotron Delay Korg Kaoss Pad 1 (B) Korg Kaoss Pad Quad Novation Supernova II (B) Roland SH-201 Roland MC-303 Groovebox Yamaha DJX-2 Keyboard Yamaha Electone EL-100 Organ Yamaha Portasound PSS-470 (B) Yamaha DD-20 Electronic Drum Kit (B) Yamaha DTX500K Electronic Drum Kit (B) -Various Instruments/Mics/Effects:- Acoustic Guitars (B) Amps (B) Bongos (B) Challenge VP Bass (B) Drum Kits (B) Effect Pedals(MultiFX/Distortion/Overdrive/Compressor/Delay/Reverb/Flanger/Chorus/Ring Modulator etc...) (B) Flutes (B) Found Objects/Everyday Sounds (Wind/Radiators/Clocks/Boxes/Bins/Toys Etc...) Kazoo Microphones (B) Electric Violin (B) Guitars (B) Percussion (Tambourine/Triangle/Shakers/Rattlers/Found Objects etc...) Sitar (B) Violin (B) (B) = Borrowed Equipment "I would like to thank everyone who has lent me musical equipment over the years, without you alot of these tracks would of never have been made..." Craig/Rob/Simon/Phil/Cooper/Dean/Sanders/Karl/Anth/Tim/Jason/Casper and Beaney for Computer Spares and Repairs. ...TECHNIQUES... As you can see on the equipment list, the equipment wasn't the best, we made use of what we had and tried to make as interesting sounds from them as we could. Most of the recordings were improvised, coming from experiments with the equipment through an array of effects to modulate and twist the sounds so they sounded nothing like the original sound. Creating a sound pallet for me to mix live over the top of either Craig or Rob, playing more conventional instruments, with effects over the master channel to help blend the overall sound together. At first the recordings went straight onto cassette tape, before i got a computer around 2003. The computer opened up so many possibilities for recording, especially multi tracking and editing. Although we always used the computer for recording after that point, i still to this day record the final mix back onto tape, then back onto the computer, to get that vintage feel you can only capture through recording onto tape. Everything was also run through a Peavey Amp/Mixer which gave off a nice hiss and reverb too. It made the recorded sound more live and real, rather than polished and faked. Craig and Rob came from a band background and I was a synth and sound/visual production nerd...I still am. We were all into our own music styles, but met in middle when it came to post punk, new wave, krautrock and psychedelic music. We were bored of the music scene, especially the rock scene at the time and wanted to do something new, taking influence from past masters like CAN/Joy Division/Pink Floyd/Kraftwerk/Cabaret Voltaire/Tangerine Dream/BBC Radiophonic Workshop...the list goes on and on. I was also making alot of dance music at the same time too, that's how i started off in music production and i have never stopped, my next series will see/hear my solo electronic music recorded at Hatcliffe House during this same time period; under my Acrelid alias. At the time i was a big fan of Labels like Warp/Rephlex/Ghostbox and alot of influence came from artists like Richard D. James, Broadcast, Boards of Canada, The Advisory Circle and Autechre. These were artists who were doing something very interesting with music at the time and helped push the art form forwards, in many cases taking a step back to move forward. It was discovering Krautrock, New Wave and Library music that really kick started things off with me wanting to explore working with guitarists/bassist and drummers in a more conventional format, rather than recording solo electronic experiments by myself. This all started off when i was younger, i was given a cassette tape compilation called "2000 Girls and 1 Guitar" coming from a Rave background this opened me up to all sorts of Space/krautrock gems, the tape started with Can "Spoon Live" then moved onto Neu "Neuschnee" these two tracks alone blew my mind. The cassette continued through a krautrock and new wave odyssey, with such greats like Faust/Kraftwerk/Cabaret Voltaire/Cluster/Stereolab etc... making an appearance to my ears for the very first time. I thank Craig Bennett to this day for that tape as it took my music in totally different and new directions. The tape was so well put together as Mr Bennett is a master at compilation albums, each track seemed to roll into the other, seamlessly. This and my DJ background and love for mixtape culture, is why i decided when compiling The Hatcliffe House Tape recordings, to mix them together into volumes, finding tracks which fit a feel or genre, which roll into each other. Hoping to recapture that feeling i had when listening to that tape for the first time, and with hope, new listeners can share that same experience with this series. Another big influence was the Hauntology scene what was emerging at the time, through labels like Ghostbox and the work of Broadcast and Boards of Canada. This appeal for vintage electronica got me wondering down all sorts of strange library music avenues, a never ending treasure trove of forgotten sounds and sonic exploration, which i am still exploring to this day. The BBC Radiophonic Workshop got me re-interested in exploring and experimenting with the tape format, something which had seemed to of disappeared at the time with the rise of digital technology, but i am happy to see it re-emerging today. I am a self taught musician and producer and in the days before i had access to knowledge through the internet, i had to work stuff out for myself as i didn't know anyone into the same sort of stuff i.e. synths. I didn't get my first midi lead until 2005, i used to sync everything up manually and cut out the parts that went out of sync, syncing up layers on my CD decks, using a DVD player as a sampler. I had a CD burner, which i used to record layers on to, The purchase of Ableton 5 was a massive help when syncing up audio layers and made multi tracking/Editing and looping more possible, also i could add effects from Ableton straight onto the recording channel and effect things live whilst recording. Craig and Rob used to come round to the flat regularly, Craig i have known since school and is one of my oldest friends and Rob i met through a mate who introduced us and throughout boredom we just started jamming, plug the guitar or bass in and jam along to a track i had set up at the time. This evolved over time as we became more involved in what we were making. I started to acquire alot of borrowed equipment as people started to hear our experiments and lent us the equipment they weren’t using at the time, on loan. So the spare room in my flat after my lodgers had moved out, turned into a studio, a drum kit in a flat was a bit cheeky, but i got away with it by recording loops and layers during the day while the other Tennant was at work, then mix the layers in ableton at night. Craig and Rob would come round for a session, record a load of stuff, then go home and i would be left to mix it all together as i pleased, unless like in many instances, we nailed it in one take. To be honest I used to record nearly everything into one layer up until a few years ago when i got an audio interface which allowed me to record multiple layers at once. This meant we had to get things right on that take, notes, audio levels and the mix or the whole recording would be ruined. So it had to be tight, which was a pain in the arse in the early days before i figured out Midi and took alot of multiple takes to get right, but it's very enjoyable for me listening back and wondering...how did i do that with what we had. I would of liked to have done a full equipment list on each track on the album artwork to show this process, but my memory failed me in too many instances, so i just stuck to a summary and full equipment list at the end, for the listener to decipher. In all i recorded over 300 hours worth of music in my time between 2001-2012 at Hatcliffe House. This first Hatcliffe House Tapes series is a small fraction of that. Before i move onto my next compilation series of archive releases I would like to thank everyone who has ever visited Hatcliffe House, all my Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Musicians and Random People. Without you this music would have never of been possible and it helped shape who i am today. Thank you... John Lee Richardson
  24. When I was 13-14, I used to make instrumental industrial rock/metal on a 4 track cassette recorder. My main instruments were the Yamaha PSS 680 Music Station (keyboard) and my guitar/fx pedals. This project was called Machine. I recently digitized these tapes (along with everything else I ever recorded before going digital), and found that I still really liked most of it. So I decided to master a few of my favorites from this collection and release them as an album. 13 year old me would be very happy. Put 0 as the amount for a free download: https://machine1994.bandcamp.com/releases
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