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  1. https://bleep.com/release/288650-jodey-kendrick-village-of-the-damn-fine?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Jodey+Kendrick+-+Village+Of+The+Damn+Fine+(DUB+Recordings)+|+Just+Announced&utm_campaign=Jodey+Kendrick+-+Village+Of+The+Damn+Fine+(DUB+Recordings) https://www.juno.co.uk/products/jodey-kendrick-village-of-the-damn-fine/863201-01/ https://www.decks.de/track/jodey_kendrick-village_of_the_damn_fine/cja-63 https://www.beatport.com/release/village-of-the-damn-fine/3807212
  2. New Kendrick EP on Clone imprint Repetitive Rhythm Research. "The Repetitive Rhythm Research project continues... This time it's former Rephlex artist Jodey Kendrick dropping some Techno. Known for his braindance releases he is now diving into the realm of 4/4 Rhythms and delivering some mind-warping techno. A mind meld between 90's Detroit techno and modern mix tools for creative DJ's who can layer up tracks and control and steer dark dancefloors or early morning raves where every connection of spacetime has been abandoned for strobes and smoke! Eat this, you business techno DJ! πŸ˜‰ "
  3. EDM O by EDM i only skipped through the previews so far (now enjoying closing track "spanglia mews") but this one seems like a chill vibe theme. nice sound design.
  4. 4 new releases from EDM / Jodey Kendrick on Bandcamp Name your price Show the man some love and some money! AD FTP WTFLOL Avro Prat
  5. Acid, breaks and stuff. Wicked!
  6. Sold at the colundi gigs, this is a limited to 300 12" compilation. A1 Written & Produced by Aleksi Perala A2 Written & Produced by Krzysztof Oktalski A3 Written & Produced by Reid Dunn A4 Written & Produced by F.M. D'Arcangelo 1-a Written & Produced by Jodey Kendrick 1-b Written & Produced by Todd Osborn 1-c Written & Produced by David Barnard 32 mins 33 rpm Bought it saturday and it's fantastic :) suprised to see it's already on YouTube, so here it is: You might have a shot at ordering one through [email protected]
  7. 2019 09 17 01. Switching Tables 04:43 02. Hoptimist4 Dif 04:44 03. SM02fym 05:34 04. Jodyssey ar1 04:20 05. KANKWERK 1m 05:13 06. 170 D.FAFMinate 06:32 07. PAnus.sambsx 03:36 08. ms20yK2 05:39 09. jm Fnk19 04:46 10. Molecule 156b 05:21 11. Heliox Abm156 06:04 12. Pre Untitled 170 05:47 13. Projec17b 05:14 14. Muton1a 04:26 https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-m-2
  8. https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/super-deluxe-edition Quality copshow dadfunk meets 80's aerobics workout tape. Sounds like Jodey solo to me but who knows. Getting Jake Slazenger, early Cylob & DMX vibes as well. Nice art by Marco D'Arcangelo too.
  9. "NEWS: distribution company for rephlex, SRD, just informed me: "stock on Aleksi Perala 'Mental Union' Double Album (CAT213CD) manufacturing towards the end of this week and Jodey Kendrick 'Plus Ten' Double Album (CAT203CD) towards the end of next week". I hope this means you should be able to have them both before the end of August. top sounds i.m.o , hope u enjoy em too. Jodey has a sequel double album to follow directly afterwards, 'Steel Erector', together with Pierre Bastien's new album and video, 'Machinations'." http://www.rephlex.com
  10. Limited to 250 copies Coloured vinyl 1 H120 Acid 2 NSJ 20 3 120 HEIDANCE ARVM1 4 ELSE1 H MULTI Limited edition acid braindance from the mind of Jodey Kendrick. early samples https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/126893-dub044-jodey-kendrick-h120-acid https://www.juno.co.uk/products/jodey-kendrick-h120-acid/789078-01/ https://bleep.com/release/203100-jodey-kendrick-h120-acid
  11. Looks like another physical release for some of Jodey's tunes: https://clone.nl/item57899.html
  12. Double vinyl on Clone / Dub: https://clone.nl/item54179.html https://bleep.com/release/121438-jodey-kendrick-edm-vol1 01 Lo Pan 02 (CAPS) 03 Sister Ruth III 04 Signal From Inside 05 Submerged Pulsar 06 Deep Mum 07 Heidi kann brauchen 08 Googol 09 Dyna 4 10 TBS1 11 Antic Live
  13. New EDM volume. Nuff said. https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-l
  14. I don't know exactly what this is but I count no less than 6 Jodey Kendrick tracks under 5 aliases. http://www.normanrecords.com/records/137978-various---edm-a2
  15. Just dropped on bandcamp, haven't given it a listen yet but spreading the word. Welcome back Jodey, hope you're doing ok https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-iii Perhaps i should have attributed artist as EDM. Nevermind
  16. In the past couple days, I noticed some posts come up on my Facebook Newsfeed via Jodey Kendrick's account that it appears his wife Heidi, who recorded as Heidi Lord, has passed away from cancer. :( It's so sad to hear it finally got the best of her. It just adds yet another layer of emotion now when I listen to her album English Electric, and to EDM E1: Mount Vernon Soundtrack. Fuck cancer.
  17. EDM 3 June 2017 EDM i 1. Hooverslayer 04:48 2. EDB 04:26 3. CLTRE AVA V2 05:23 4. DwnStrsLpyy V2 07:22 5. Bash The Bishop 06:18 6. Let It Bowl V3 06:10 7. 180z Cint 04:44 8. 156Jayzclb2 04:26 9. Y140Z Ab 04:49 10. Kagemusha 06:04 11. Slopac 04:08 12. Crosshair 06:14 13. C10 03:16 https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-i EDM ii 1. WYBTM 06:02 2. NSATO 06:20 3. ASDIM 06:20 4. STF 06:35 5. FIIK 07:03 6. OLCTLCOY 10:38 7. Singularity 05:43 8. ELE 07:24 9. SRTOTO 04:00 10. TTBTC 04:44 11. SOS 08:16 https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-ii
  18. New single from the upcoming collab album (? I think) by Jodey Kendrick & dgoHn, really excited for this one :music:
  19. I got this one for the Jodey Kendrick tracks. Also check out Megan Mcarthy's soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/megsmusicjourney Tracklist 1. DR Phlux – Ct3 (05:52) 2. Jodey Kendrick – Unk (04:11) 3. Foamek – Rotating Wizard (03:42) 4. Milieu – Briam (07:21) 5. KorΓ© – Plasteline Mono (02:43) 6. Face Culler – Rainlands (03:51) 7. NN* – Island To Remind You [Phuket Bird Mix] (04:17) 8. Coppice Halifax – Vapor Dub [Fresh Flesh Flash Mix] (04:46) 9. Melotone – At Last (04:43) 10. KorΓ© – Letter To M (05:56) 11. Nntblst – Blade Runner Blues [spider Eggs] (06:17) 12. Jodey Kendrick – Boo Worm WRK (06:57) 13. Zander One – RUST. (02:37) 14. SoulSonic – Surfing On Analog Waves (04:22) 15. Phoen – Chinaski (06:12) 16. Aia – Thirds (05:49) 17. Coppice Halifax – Leaf Cloak [Healing Herbs From The Forest Mix By The Nautilus Project] (09:14) 18. Brother Blue – Blit Terminal (05:04) 19. DR Phlux – Motor City (03:39) 20. Oonkooma – Polyton C [intelligent Dembow Music] (04:35) 21. Time For Trees – Trails (08:58) 22. Dusklark – Ramune King (03:31) 23. Mosca – Armalite [Ten_Rapid Remix] (06:58) 24. Melotone – Ether (07:10) 25. Milieu – Pawprint Path (07:25) 26. Oxynucid – Suft (06:08) 27. Blind Slime – Through A Backcountry Fox Followed (03:09) 28. The Green Kingdom – Healing Loops (03:31) 29. Orson Throb – After The Rain (03:56) 30. Andrea Porcu – Looking Outside From A Window [soundtrack] (02:48) 31. Substak – Hope & Drone (03:32) 32. Zwei Kreise – Solomon Reach (07:33) 33. Forrest – Sambson (05:52) 34. Megan McCarthy – Untitled [Logan Tipaza Tribe] (06:25) 35. Katsura – Katsura II (11:05) 36. James Shain – Sunny Days (16:23) 37. Parallelism – Sabotage [storm Version] (12:48) 38. Strange Meat – Mercy (03:24) 39. Orson Throb – Underground (04:05) 40. Arjen Schat – Rhodes Improvisation (04:00) 41. Brian Grainger – Gardensoil (58:54) Total length: 04:49:43 https://meganmccarthy.bandcamp.com/album/3067-megs
  20. Electric Dance Music presents: EDM F/A-18+ STIMULATOR x200 strictly ltd. edition sets: 1-sided, 3-track 12” + 15-track CD album + B&W, F/B T-Shirt Release: April 2016 Β£20 + p&p Reserve yours now, exclusively at [email protected] Please email with size of garment required (S/M/L/XL) + country for dispatch (via Royal Mail) & we'll keep you up-to-date! P.E.A.C.E. https://youtu.be/P9IinoApa4Q https://youtu.be/_suV1F5SEqo https://youtu.be/CS3OukbNUFg More previews here: https://youtu.be/_suV1F5SEqo?list=UUE-DD-NXwBeNw29HR5dLGEw
  21. https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-g-0 French Police are a bunch of wankers that all hate eachother but squatted together in the 70's in the luton and dunstable area. they even had a makeshift studio in one of Vauxhall's disused factory buildings. Pete & Dave Shredder are the lead guitarists, John Peters on Vocals, Steve Philips on Bass, and last but not least the man known only as Minty Bollox on drums. Due to wifeswapping and incidents of robbery, prostitution and grievous harm, the band are no longer on speaking terms. But EDM has managed to obtain the copyright from their then manager, Alvarez Cortinez, who royally (but legally) screwed them over at the beginning of their career. They famously supported Queen at Pink Flamingo Transport Cafe, a video of which can be obtained by a bloke with a suitcase in Brick Lane , London , on certain Sunday Mornings. Proceeds from the sale of this album will go towards future bail petitions. At time of going to press, the band are being sued by a wealthy famous pop star over their chosen moniker.
  22. Guest

    +10 - grace

    does anyone know how I can get hold of this awesome album? http://www.discogs.com/10-Grace/release/1299158 it came out in 2008 and i remember hearing tracks on youtube and myspace they were really good i've been looking for years on and off and I can never find any trace of it ! was thinking maybe with band camp t might be on there but nope I know that kroniktronikboy posted the whole this as a mix on mix cloud but i'd love to get a copy of the original tracks i am sure someone's already asked this but i can't find anything on here.....
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