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Found 16 results

  1. https://thomasfehlmann.bandcamp.com Thomas drops a god-tier album over 40+ years into his career. For those that know.
  2. I just picked up "Pop Ambient 2010" a couple of days ago. It's the first one I've heard. Was wondering what others thought was the best of the series? Also are all the tracks exclusive to the respective compilation?
  3. Buy: https://kompakt-vermont.bandcamp.com/album/ii
  4. Didn't see a topic on this? A new Orb EP is out. http://www.kompakt.fm/releases/alpine Oh yeah, I have to remember to check that Pop Ambient 2016 also.
  5. New album of cosmic German sounds from Marcus Wogull and Danilo Plessow (MCDE) on Kompakt Records. 180g LP + 7 inch + CD + sticker (although mine was missing :( ). Review from XLR8R:-
  6. You might want to be quick on this one... limited to 300 records. http://www.kompakt.fm/releases/cupids_head_the_gas_remixes
  7. "Axel Willner, a.k.a. The Field, will return with his fourth studio album, Cupid’s Head, on September 30th via Kompakt. The follow-up to 2011′s Looping State of Mind is reportedly much darker in tone than Willner’s past efforts, a shift evident even in the switch from light-colored album art to Cupid‘s depressive grey." look http://consequenceofsound.net/2013/07/the-field-announces-new-album-cupids-head/
  8. "Die Zauberhafte Welt Der Anderen will arrive on Kompakt in February, and promises ten new melody-orientated sketches and experimental jams. It’s a lovely, groggy set, spotted with fragments of vocals and live instrumentation." 1. Intro König 2. Der Erste Zug 3. Der Keil NRW 4. Tja Mama, Sandra Maischberger 5. Sozial 6. Die Glocke (Endstation Wiener Platz) 7. Hotel Noki 8. Akira 9. Triptychon Nummer 7 10. Der Letzte Zug kompakt http://www.kompakt.fm
  9. Dont remember a thread about this, released yesterday Tracklist CD 1 01. Heiko Voss - I Think About You 02. Matias Aguayo - Minimal (DJ Koze Mix) 03. Dorau/Köhncke - Durch Die Nacht (Geiger Mix) 04. Matias Aguayo - Walter Neff 05. Justus Köhncke - 2 After 909 06. Voigt & Voigt - Vision 03 07. Leandro Fresco - Cera Uno 08. Michael Mayer - Lovefood 09. Pluxus - Transient 10. The Field - Over The Ice 11. Wighnomy Bros. - Wurz + Blosse 12. Mayer/Voigt - Transparenza 13. Dettinger - Totentanz CD 2 01. Jonas Bering - Melanie 02. Kaito - Everlasting 03. Superpitcher - Happiness (Lawrence Mix) 04. Gus Gus - Within You 05. Scsi 9 - Morskaya 06. Thomas Fehlmann - Making It Whistle 07. DJ Koze - Mariposa 08. Gui Boratto - Arquipélago 09. John Tejada -Unstable Condition 10. Rex The Dog - Prototype 11. Partial Arts - Trauermusik 12. The Rice Twins - For Penny And Alexis Giving a listen now
  10. http://pitchfork.com...nces-new-album/
  11. http://www.self-titl...l-mohn-project/ "According to a post on Kompakt’s website [via Self-Titled], MOHN’s first album will be released this Spring, and is extremely decelerated, slow motion techno with and without bass drum, containing lots of plasticizer." [youtubehd]E5FxGuvFrf8&feature=player_embedded[/youtubehd]
  12. New electronica album coming next week on Kompakt. First single can be heard here:- Listen on Soundcloud.com From RA: Nick Kold Eriksen, AKA Taragana Pyjarama, is ready to release his first album,Tipped Bowls. Eriksen is a Danish producer with a blissed-out, droning style of electronic pop. He just debuted around this time last year, but has received considerable praise for the one EP he's put out so far: a self-titled release on Fool House that included the tracks "Girls" and "Ocean," the latter of which allegedly piqued the interest of Kompakt boss Michael Mayer. Tipped Bowls will be Eriksen's debut on Kompakt, making him the latest addition to the Cologne imprint's ever-increasing Danish contingent (along with WhoMadeWho and Jatoma). You can stream the second track, "Growing Forehead," on Kompakt's SoundCloud page. Looking forward to hearing it, comes in a nice 2 x 10" + CD package.
  13. Looks to be mid-tempo and poppy... Resident Advisor article - http://www.residenta...s.aspx?id=15826
  14. http://boomkat.com/v...me-donnerkuppel http://www.discogs.c...release/3189681
  15. http://www.residenta...s.aspx?id=14332 http://soundcloud.com/kompakt/sunporch-by-walls
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