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Found 17 results

  1. Well, LFO - Sheath has no thread here. Track 1 - Blown - is currently blowing my mind. 18 years late. I don't know why it happened, must appeared on shuffle, suddenly it was stuck in my head. Good stuff. Back in those days, I was like "meh", skipped over some tracks, forgot about it. Same already happened for Advance. I think LFO were "past" back then, we were on other IDM trips I guess. What about you, (contemporary witnesses of) WATMM? Any preferences on Sheath?
  2. Don't know what it's all about but warp never cease to impress...
  3. Wow we slept on this one, it's been out for 2 weeks already: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/lfo-30th-anniversary-edition-reissue/754538-01/ https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/lfo-lfo-30th-anninersary-splattered-vinyl-edition-698857 https://www.viniil.com/en/ecommerce/dettaglio/ffor-025ltd-lfo-lfo-30th-anniversary-edition-reissue-limited-numbered-green-vinyl-12-quot-1-per-customer-flash-forward https://www.decks.de/m/lfo-lfo/cfs-ka https://www.phonicarecords.com/product/lfo-lfo-30th-anninersary-edition-limited-edition-flash-forward/164204 https://www.deejay.de/LFO_LFO_FFOR025LTD_Vinyl__942056
  4. Quite interesting, a few watmm favs on the list... https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/2752
  5. https://youtu.be/zWgVsAkFtUA?t=1h15s
  6. Hi I just wanted to draw people's attention to a very laudable campaign which is gaining traction. From the facebook page: The facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/lfoxmas/info and is currently at 5,882 likes. Apologies if there is another thread for this, please let me know and I'll delete this one. I really like this idea the more i think about it.
  7. Has anyone recorded Warp25? Is anyone planning to record Simple Things? Right off of the soundboard might be ideal. ty
  8. Waveform Series: techno screen prints. Available soon from Kickstarter. Follow me on Twitter @Szabo_Haslam and Tumblr for updates. Each poster visualises the waveforms generated by some of my favourite pieces of techno and electronic music. Using traditional, hand-pulled, silk-screen printing processes each waveform is lovingly crafted into a limited edition A2 print, signed and numbered by me. Track List 808 State: Pacific State / Altern 8: Activ 8 / Aphex Twin: Digeridoo / Aphex Twin: Windowlicker / Autechre: Second Bad Vilbel / Forgemasters: Track With No Name / LFO: LFO / Luke Vibert: I Love Acid / Orbital: Chime / Plastikman: Spastik / Squarepusher: My Red Hot Car
  9. From LFO's eponymous release to Hudson Mohawke's 'Chimes' to be released next month, there has been 24 years of music, listen to a selection of those releases in that time via the Warp25 playlist on Spotify. More on Warp.net Warp - Records - Warp - LFO and Hudson Mohawke at Warp25 Connect with Warp, subscribe to the Mailing List and explore more RSS feeds here View the full article
  10. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/szabohaslam/waveform-bleep-techno-and-rave-silkscreen-prints prints based on the waveforms of classic bleep / techno / rave tunes - LFO, Aphex, Vibert, etc. most of the Aphex ones already gone. i think they are very cool
  11. Waveform on Kickstarter Waveform is a series of beautiful, unique, silkscreen printed posters visualising classic techno, bleep, and rave tracks from Warp Records and beyond. These prints are available from Kickstarter, Soundwaves generated by pieces of music were analysed and redrawn as a series of bars to make beautiful, elegant, abstract shapes. Using traditional, hand-pulled, silk-screen printing processes each waveform is lovingly crafted into a limited edition A2 print, signed and numbered by the artist. Alex is a designer who grew up in Sheffield, reared on a diet of Cabaret Voltaire, industrial techno, bleeps, and chips lathered in curry sauce. 6 tracks in the series are taken from Warp Records' back catalogue, with influential works from Autechre, Squarepusher, and LFO. These join an earlier edition of posters depicting tracks from other record labels, including Aphex Twin's masterpiece 'Digeridoo' and Altern 8's anthem 'Activ 8', and will soon be joined by seminal tracks from Plastikman, 808 State, and Orbital. Waveform prints are available from Kickstarter. Waveform on Kickstarter Szabo-Haslam on Tumblr Twitter
  12. Guest

    lfo - 25minute mix.

    i finally did a mix of some lfo tracks. 1st time with ableton for a few hours...i hope you like it. some of the slower tracks from lfo. http://soundcloud.com/ploom2/lfo-mix-2-music reak - lfo lfo - lfo we are back (remix) - lfo ultra schall - lfo mentok 1 - lfo gus gus - believe (lfo remix) afrika bambaata & soul sonic force - planet rock (house mix) bjork - bacheloretter (zip remix) mokey lips - lfo groovy distortion - lfo ultra schall - lfo premacy - lfo them - lfo home - depeche mode (lfo meant to be) psychodelik - lfo premacy - lfo
  13. VCMG release EP3 / Aftermaths on 20 August 2012, with remixes from Vince Clarke, LFO, Alva Noto and more. Taken from Ssss, out on Mute now and voted # 2 in The Quietus' recent Albums of the Year So Far, the project is the long awaited reunion of electronic pioneers Vince Clarke (Erasure / Yazoo / Depeche Mode) and Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode), who joined forces for the first time in over thirty years to craft a 10-track album which demonstrates their mutual love of electronic music. NYSU have produced a series of clips, based on the album, watch them here. Following on from the remix packages available for EP1 / Spock and EP2 / Single Blip, remixes for EP3 / Aftermaths come from techno pioneer LFO, aka Mark Bell, who produced Depeche Mode's Exciter and Alva Noto, aka Carsten Nicolai, multi disciplinary artist and co-founder of the Raster-Noton label whose forthcoming project, Diamond Version (with Olaf Bender aka Byetone), will be released on Mute. The digital release features additional remixes from Vince Clarke, Gesaffelstein who has recently remixed Zombie Zombie and Sweden's Christoffer Berg, whose previous remixes including Moby and Metronomy. Track Listings: 12" VINYL Aftermaths Aftermaths / LFO remix Aftermaths / Alva Noto remix DIGITAL TRACK LISTING Aftermaths Aftermaths / Alva Noto remix Aftermaths / Christoffer Berg remix Aftermaths / Gesaffelstein remix Aftermaths / LFO remix Aftermaths / Vince Clarke remix
  14. Just posted on the Playstation US Blog: Lumines: Electric Symphony Soundtrack “4 AM” – Kaskade “Aganju” – Bebel Gilberto “Always Loved A Film” – Underworld “Apollo Throwdown” – The Go! Team “Automatons” – Anything Box “Autumn Love” – SCSI-9 “Bang Bang Bang” – Mark Ronson & The Business “Celebrate Our Love” – Howard Jones “Close (To The Edit)” – Art of Noise “Disco Infiltrator” – LCD Soundsystem “Dissolve” – The Chemical Brothers “Embracing The Future” – B.T. “Flyin’ Hi” – Faithless “Good Girl” – Benny Benassi “Gouryella” – Gouryella “Hey Boy Hey Girl” – The Chemical Brothers “Higher State of Consciousness” – Wink “In My Arms” – Mylo “Kelly Watch The Stars” – Air “Moistly” – LFO “Never” – Orbital* “Out Of The Blue” – System F “Pacific 707” – 808 State “Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)” – Safri Duo “Rocket (Tiesto Remix)” – Goldfrapp “Sunriser (Publicmind Remix)” – Ken Ishii “Superstar” – Aeroplane “The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)” – Deep Dish “The Sun Rising” – The Beloved “What’s Your Number” – Ian Pooley “Windowlicker” – Aphex Twin “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony” – Wolfgang Gartner “Wooden Toy” – Amon Tobin “Yesterday When I Was Mad (Jam & Spoon Mix)” – Pet Shop Boys Really, really glad to see one of my favourite Aphex Twin songs on here!
  15. this sounds like this do you think it is an intentional reference or just an accident or what
  16. Bleep are taking pre-orders now. http://warp.net/records/lfo/frequencies-double-vinyl-remastered Great album that everyone needs to own. Actually, the other two were amazing. Mark Bell hasn't released a follow-up to Sheath for seven years. And here I was thinking BOC were dragging their heels. Maybe the re-issue is a sign of new activity?
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