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Found 24 results

  1. Can he get an offical subforum? .... There are many more examples and projects to support the cause...
  2. new albums free download http://www.legowelt.com/ serious
  3. An enchanting Legowelt LP for his long time acquaintance Mystic & Quantum records. First one in a new ‘spellweaver’ series of LPs. 7 ethereal compositions gleaming with poetic synthesis. Artwork by Danny Wolfers himself. VINYL Out end of 2019- early January 2020 100 COPIES VINYL PREORDER https://mysticquantum.bandcamp.com/album/legowelt-secrets-after-dreams Limited to 300 copies purple vinyl inner sleeves with artwork Artwork by Danny Wolfers Mastering By Alek Stark Concept by Vagon Brei SpellWeaver Series 001
  4. http://www.legowelt.org/ In light of the current crisis Legowelt is giving away a new album for free... Lovely! https://legowelt.bandcamp.com/album/tips-for-life Thanks, Danny!
  5. Haven't seen a thread for this one yet. Four sweet new tracks by my man Legowelt! Bought in a heartbeat. https://legowelt.bandcamp.com/album/omnibus-babylon-ep
  6. preorder link out [email protected] This is the story of a nameless astronaut, drifting alone in the vast emptiness of space. No window to return home, although every world he is visiting could be one... A living stasis, with all hope lost. All that endures are his thoughts and the fleeting memories of another life... A time when love and hope still remained in his heart. Each artist on this album has recorded their own interpretation of this tale, inspired by their own unique experiences and imagination. Combined with you, the listener, they form the complete story. Feelings like lo
  7. SolarOneMusic announce part two of the Acid Saga "Signs of Decay" First part featured tracks by Helena Hauff, The Exaltics, Ekman, Drvg Cvltvre and Perseus Traxx. This part comes with THE HACKER, Legowelt, Chris Moss Acid, Impakt and Crotaphytus. Artwork is again from the mighty Mehdi Rouchiche Godspill!!! Shipping around 15. december!!! pre order: https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/solar_one_music/signs-of-decay-2-impakt-legowelt-the-hacker-crotaphytus-chris-moss-acid
  8. http://awolfe.home.xs4all.nl/ Saw this up on Fact this morning. I just loaded it up into Ableton. Sounds fucking unreal, includes a full Effect Chain and what not. All the sample songs he uploaded to demo it are pretty cool too.
  9. "This is the story of a nameless astronaut, left forgotten in his ship, drifting alone in the vast emptiness of space. No window to return home, and no opportunity to find another. A living stasis, with all hope lost. All that endures are his thoughts and the fleeting memories of another life... A time when love and hope still remained in his heart. Each artist on this album has recorded their own interpretation of this tale, inspired by their own unique experiences and imagination. Combined with you, the listener, they form the complete story. Feelings like loneliness, longing and love a
  10. October 2015 - Nightwind Records - NW003 01. Dominon Network 02. Paracruise Waffles 03. Calimex Institute 04. Jean Luc Picards Cucumber Station 05. Ethiopian Ski Dream 06. Son Of Shinobi 07. Like A Futuristic Science building 08. Carnival Of Souls 09. Reality Is Possible 10. UFO Club 2015 11. Heladero Del Espaccio 12. In The Heat Of The Nite (Programming) 13. A Wolf In The Desert
  11. another great artist from Legowelt's label. i like the chilled tracks the most, wish the whole thing was one big John Carpenter soundtrack. samples: http://www.xs4all.nl/~awolfe/strangelifepsychic.htm
  12. One of the best Dutch labels out there, Creme Org, is already operating for 15 years now. To celebrate they are releasing some good stuff, starting off with a free album with tracks by the Exaltics, Legowelt, Jorge Velez, Neville Watson, Drvg Cvltvre and more. It is free to download right here: https://cremeorganization.bandcamp.com/album/there-is-no-authority-but-yourself-15-years-creme-organization-part-1-golly-its-free "From the first babysteps in the Bunker basement in 2000 till the giant babyleaps of today we've been struggling not to get trapped in our own metaphors and circular reason
  13. "OUT NOW!!! get it at bandcamp: https://legowelt.bandcamp.com/…/rising-sun-systems-oberheim… Time to hit the vape and embark on the journey of your lifetime, or at least a most pleasant trip this week…or as long as your attention span can handle it--->RISING SUN SYSTEMS - OBERHEIM SPACE 11 tracks of ambient g-funk slow jams and psychedelic space muzak. Using special frequencies to alter your brain waves and make u a smarter and better human being. Recorded at The North Sea Insitute for Quantum Consciousness, Scheveningen, Holland."
  14. Legowelt is dropping a new EP through Unknown to the Unknown. 4 tracks, dark-ish, dance-y, weird melodies. Solid stuff. http://soundcloud.com/hothausrecs/sets/uttu_051 There's also a video; all info via: http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/legowelt-readies-new-ep-for-unknown-to-the-unknown-stream-it-in-full-now/ edit: the Soundcloud link above should play the entire 4-track playlist.
  15. New alias / project by Danny : Occult Orientated Crime "Occult Orientated Crime is my new ambient nu-age synth project. More then one hour of hardcore spaced out synth music recorded above Kurt Russels winebar at the haunted Union Hotel Los Alamos California ---- > Its time to hit the vaporizer Listen to and download the 70 minute performance on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/legowelt-official/occult-orientated-crime# I will perform a new OCCULT ORIENTATED CRIME performance in Rotterdam Holland on the 26th of June at the cult Noodlebar Modular Synthesizer event currated by modular s
  16. "Nightwind Records NW001. The first Occult Orientated Crime album on Nightwind Records. Extremely trippy PRO ambient not just some jumbled up random chiliwave overcompressed 80s retro soggy biscuit jerkoff --- this is PROFESSIONAL AMBIENT - 100% psychedelic drug music with perfectly finetuned selected frequencies to alter your state of mind and take you to complete loss of subjective self-identity: the result of years of experimentation and research." Available now on Bandcamp: http://legowelt.bandcamp.com/album/the-occult-orientated-crime-album
  17. Sounding lovely, more on the afx side of the Legowelt spectrum Sounds Buy https://clone.nl/item26650.html Too bad it's 42+ dollars shipped to the US.
  18. "The new album is going to be called The Paranormal Soul. Soundwise, it will be a mixture of all kinds of stuff I do, resulting in a kind of deep paranormal techno soul. Most of the stuff was produced in Los Angeles. Right now I can’t really tell more about the record or who else were involved – you will have to wait a few months for that, I’m afraid." [youtubehd]_Kl5vl3AI0M[/youtubehd] read http://ravintolaadam...8-may-legowelt/ legowelt http://www.legowelt.com
  19. L.I.E.S. coming out with their first CD release, a 2 CD compilation coming Dec. 1st 2012. First CD is released but out of print stuff, second CD is unreleased. http://www.residenta...s.aspx?id=18045 Tracklist CD1 01. Jahilyya Fields – Servant Garden 02. Steve Moore – Frigia 03. Marcos Cabral – 24 Hour Flight 04. Legowelt – Sark Island Acid 05. Terekke – Pf Pf Pass 06. Maxmillion Dunbar – Cassette Arabic 07. Bookworms – African Rhythms 08. Torn Hawk – Shock Tape 09. Two Dogs in a House – 5th Floor 10. Svengalisghost – Deep Into Memory 11. Vapauteen – Measure CD2 01. To
  20. Line-up says it all. 8 hours of Andrew Weatherall b2b with Sean Johnston in room 1! Legowelt et al in room 2! Funktion 1 stacks in both of those small concrete rooms..... lovely
  21. http://www.factmag.c...x-296-legowelt/ Kurtis Scott / XOSAR – Uncrowned /Wolfpack Legowelt – Danger in the Air Somewhere in West Hell Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui – Pacific House Celestial Love Jamie Principle Your Love unreleased acid mix Unreleased Moonmist California Games Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui – Forever II Occult mysteries of San Fran Vakula – Legowelt Remix Beautifull and Alone Some acid stuff Jus Ed – I’m Coming XOSAR – Xosardonyx Saucolito Park
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