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  1. https://autechre.warp.net/twentytwentytwo
  2. Hello everyone! Through the use of a depth camera (Kinect V2), I’ve managed to create this cool real-time filter in TouchDesigner. What do you people think about it? Can't wait to see this badboy live on stages! Music and visuals by myself.
  3. (photos via https://www.waste.org/~alone/autechre.html) So I've rediscovered this set and gotten heavy into this weekend. I need all good iterations of it and generally just want to gush over how good it is. As of right now I've got three good copies of this: Toronto (soundboard), Oakland, and Cologne. Links: TORONTO https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1587-autechre-2001-05-09-canada-torontomp3/ or https://archive.org/details/Autechre2001-05-09 COLOGNE https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1557-autechre-2001-04-01-germany-cologne-1mp3/ https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1555-autechre-2001-04-01-germany-cologne-2mp3/ https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1678-autechre-2001-04-01-germany-cologne-3mp3/ or https://archive.org/details/Autechre2001-04-01 OAKLAND (track 1 on archive isn't AE, just seems to be recorded from before they started, some sort of sludge metal or something, I assume the watmm downloads is the same thing so i didn't link the first part) https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1687-autechre-2001-05-18-usa-california-oakland-2flac/ https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1695-autechre-2001-05-18-usa-california-oakland-3flac/ https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1601-autechre-2001-05-18-usa-california-oakland-4flac/ or https://archive.org/details/Autechre2001-05-18 So basically, this is great stuff. Essentially an album's worth of material...I'm generally terrible at this sort of thing, but I don't recognize anything that got used elsewhere...would be curious if anyone's better ears for that makes some connections to released tunes. The 'tracks' remind me now of NTS in its general structure, flow, attitude, and even sounds...even though obviously we're talking about ~17 years apart, different equipment, etc., AE just gonna be AE it seems. There was this thread (https://forum.watmm.com/topic/85140-autechre-live-in-toronto-9-may-2001-redux) that had some remaster of it, but I wasn't particularly curious in hunting down a copy as the links I tried didn't work. But otherwise, except some praise in a few other threads, this stuff hasn't been fully discussed or appreciated as far as I can tell. I think it deserves some time in the sun. Beyond just chatting about it, what I'm curious about is this: what other good recordings are there of this set? I see a fair amount from very near these dates, but I haven't begun digging through the rest. Obviously we have a soundboard, but there does seem to be a bit of variation between dates, I'm wondering if there's even more music they were doing as part of it that I haven't found yet...anyone else familiar with these already, or want to start digging through? tl;dr good Confield era tour set is good and needs to be heard
  4. Had a jam with some hardware stuff yesterday. I plan to do more these in future, just combining various gear in different combinations and see what comes out. The sequences were made earlier but the arrangement was fairly improvised. https://youtu.be/FHxqDLEHjVw
  5. Guest

    Autechre Cover?

    I do this Autechre impression at heady parties to scam mad chicks, but I only end up with mad bros. Whatevs. It's like, a mouth is a mouth, namsayin?
  6. this is super fucking good y'all. great combination of composition, live performance/installation type with room audio and just.....really dynamic and good. not much quite like this out there. https://astridsonne.bandcamp.com/album/live-from-berlin-atonal-2018-camera-feed
  7. Real nice listen just before bed.
  8. https://neurone45.bandcamp.com/music This is not "new" as far as it's been produced between 2005 and 2014, but exept giving some cd-r when having live gigs, this have never been released or uploaded on the internet so far. Almost everything is hardware, raw 2-tracks recording out of analogue mixing desk (no daw multitrack mixing, no editing, no post-prod, just go and rec, just a bit of mastering process). If you go for a listen, I suggest you to start by the most recent ones (coz' more interesting i.m.o.) though, if you're into ambient, you should try the older "venale suite" or "etorpe winter harvest". I also have some more jungle / drumn bass stuff, that I still have to pack and upload. Last recent years I was more busy working with another project in duet with a friend, (live techno / breakbeat / rave stuff), that I will post a bit later. Well also last years I was very busy working and raising kids... but I'mactually back in the studio so I hope I will soon put out some more music ! Feedback is welcome ! Cheers ! Neurone
  9. Aphex Twin will perform at Funkhaus in Berlin on Thursday, November 1st. Richard D. James announced his first Berlin gig in 15 years via Twitter this morning. It'll go down at Funkhaus, a former GDR radio broadcasting centre that mostly hosts large, high-profile events. There will be a show at 8 PM, when James will be joined by a "special guest," and an afterparty at 11 PM, all in the same complex.
  11. An hour of unreleased tracks & edits from Scottish electronic auteur Lanark Artefax, recorded at the closing of Sheffield's No Bounds Festival this year. https://www.nts.live/shows/guests/episodes/lanark-artefax-live-at-no-bounds-3rd-december-2019 Some amazing tracks in this set - listen!
  12. Aphex Twin will be playing for the f i r s t t i m e in México! Festival Ceremonia will take place Saturday April 6, 2019. Venue is Foro Pegaso in Toluca, México, which is about 1.5hr drive from Mexico City. In the lovely words of gordo, the city proper of Toluca "is ugly af and there's nothing to do there", so we'd both generally recommend staying in cdmx if you are interested in doing any touristy things around the festival, but if not, staying in Toluca should be alright. There will be official shuttle transportation (separate ticket for this) between cdmx and the venue. Im stoked to see aphex for the first time, even though its not the ideal festival (here we would call it a fresa vibe..). Para los méxicanos/as de watmm, tal vez nos vemos allá. And for foreigners who may be interested, I´d be happy to answer any questions or doubts you have. If you´ve never visited, I´d really recommend taking a few days on either end of the festival to be a tourist in mexico city, there is tons to see/eat/do and your american-bucks will go far here.
  13. A night of divine electronic music with... Plaid (Warp Records) LIVE AV Set Christ (ex Boards of Canada - Benbacula Records) LIVE Plus some very special guests DJs TBA... Saturday June 8th at Mama Roux's, Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1222958?fbclid=IwAR0z2C4GVXD1L0C3rKdxU-Wx3oBu2mJ35qgwybEmshov8UktGqP8ZbhvQ0U
  14. Frank Bretschneider + Higher Intelligence Agency Live @ Oscillate, Saturday 11th May in Birmingham. Lovely venue in Summer, great soundsystem.
  15. File Name: afx Day for Night 2016 File Submitter: silentvision File Submitted: 18 Dec 2016 File Category: Aphex Twin Tentative tracklisting 0:00:00-0:00:58 Baudouin Oosterlynck - Refuge 0:00:47-0:02:26 Andy Stott - Posers 0:02:27-0:04:21 Sd Laika - Great God Plan 0:04:21-0:05:37 Eprom - Samurai 0:05:33-0:07:08 Heorge Garrison - Nag Champa Breaks 0:07:00-0:08:32 NRSB-11 - 685 471 2 0:08:12-0:09:08 Fis - DMT Usher 0:08:52-0:11:20 Jlin - Hatshepsut (unreleased, played at Jlin's live shows) 0:11:21-0:12:55 Qebrus - hmn fshn 0:12:51-0:14:03 Oxhy - Burning Tories 0:14:04-0:16:00 0:16:01-0:17:59 Der Zyklus - Krypton 84 0:17:23-0:19:18 Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - 00:26 - Ryan Davis Rethink 0:18:34-0:20:44 Jlin - Guantanamo 0:20:29-0:22:14 User18081971 - Tamclap2 0:22:15-0:23:48 Jlin - Infrared (Bagua) 0:23:49-0:25:45 Powell - Rider 0:25:32-0:27:08 Jlin - Erotic Heat 0:27:05-0:29:05 Concrete Fence - Industrial Disease 0:28:42-0:32:00 Aphex Twin - Hedphylum 0:32:00-0:33:24 0:33:19-0:35:40 DJ Nigga Fox - LUMI 0:35:32-0:37:34 Bloom - Quartz 0:37:15-0:39:20 Cannibal Cooking Club - Rumpelstylzchen 0:39:21-0:41:40 Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707 0:41:17-0:42:20 HVAD - ANGST 0:42:13-0:44:51 Current Value - Gear Up 0:44:49-0:48:28 Aphex Twin - Polynomial C "acid version" 0:47:48-0:50:32 Edge Of Motion - PG. 300 0:50:18-0:52:31 Tango & Ratty - Tales From the Darksid 0:52:29-0:55:08 Aphex Twin - no stillson 6 cirk mix_ (DfN white label) 0:55:24-0:58:49 µ-Ziq - Brace Yourself Jason 0:58:49-1:02:13 X-103 - Eruption 1:02:00-1:05:28 User18081971 - Nightmail 1 1:05:18-1:08:29 The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12 1:08:16-1:10:24 Aphex Twin - 73-yips 1:10:24-1:12:06 Hellfish - The Anti-Citizen 1:12:03-1:15:26 Rolando Simmons - Yuo're Life You'r Tsois 1:14:48-1:17:01 1:17:02-1:21:22 unreleased afx track1? (same drums as T08+4) 1:21:25-1:23:55 unreleased afx track2? (similar melody as cutting/tuss era) 1:23:56-1:25:48 Qebrus - Vlcnmtr 1:25:46-1:27:50 The Boogie Down Kru - Boogie Down 1:27:38-1:31:20 Squarepusher - Untitled 1:31:20-1:35:32 Paradox - Dirty City 1:35:00-1:37:12 1:36:38-1:40:19 Sniper - Dubplate Pressure RMX ft. MC GQ 1:40:20-1:42:49 Dom & Roland - Deckard's theme 1:42:49-1:45:34 1:45:35-1:47:17 1:47:15-1:48:54 1:48:54-1:51:27 Click here to download this file
  16. DEFUNKT is excited to present Prefix - an electronic music takeover and pre-festival meetup. Join us for an evening of sights and sounds from artists across the US alongside local Texas talent. Featuring sets by: Vytear Mopfunk Five Step Path wahrk Midi Fister Yakul https://www.facebook.com/events/135948357107238/
  17. for fans of dub, dancehall, The Bug, and everyting in between: Kevin Martin's started a monthly RBMA show with a two-hour live dub mix. it's fucking good, chekkit. link
  18. http://cdm.link/2017/06/exclusive-ableton-acquires-max-maker-cycling-74-inside-the-deal/ Wonder what Sean & Rob think about this.
  19. Hiya again. On Friday, going in on some real twisty electronic music. The Stag's Head, Hoxton, London, 8pm, £5. https://www.facebook.com/events/323441911385943/ RENICK BELL (UIQ, Quantum Natives, Halcyon Veil...) Masterful live coding don, all the way from Tokyo. FLORA YIN-WONG (Pan, PTP) Kaleidoscopic genre traversal. CXLO New local heroine who killed it last week at New River with her vision of post-AI London. CALUM GUNN (Conditional, Baba Vanga) Impossible rhythms, 303, punished footwork.
  20. Checked out the Glasgow 2005 set last night after seeing it mentioned on here (Dear lord it lived up to the hype) and remembered the free download with the represses. Got it downloaded and damn it's good! What did you guys think? I've also created a Spotify playlist for ae live sets and found some downloads on here. I had a great commute this morning.
  21. Heyyy youse. You might like: A night of luxe electronics, from your favourite friends at Conditional. All happening on Friday at New River Studios, Manor House, London. Tickets: https://billetto.co.uk/en/events/morkebla-cxlo-en-creux-cosi-and-the-source-of-some-certainty MORKEBLA Dense textures colliding in a vacuum, smeared beats and a deft subtlety. As seen on Where To Now?, Farbwechsel and Slumdiscs. "Morkebla's angular yet refined sound portrays alien landscapes being created and destroyed in constant mutation." - The Wire http://morkebla.com/ CXLO The sound of post-AI London, painted in broad strokes of glossy synthesis and stuttering rhythms. https://soundcloud.com/cxlo en creux Experiments in unruly meter, pulsing and unravelling. Repetition, reference, reduction. https://soundcloud.com/lucia-h-chung COSI, プチプチ AND THE SOURCE OF SOME CERTAINTY A special duo performance, grabbing samples from thin air and creating a confounding whole. http://sourceofsomecertainty.com/ https://soundcloud.com/c_o_s_i https://holodisc.org.uk/
  22. Hey all! I would like to invite you all to this pre-DfN meetup and showcase that we are hosting in Houston on 16 December 2016, the night before Aphex melts all of our minds. https://www.facebook.com/events/1838877753024022/ The lineup will have live performances from some awesome braindance /// acid /// electro /// experimental artists. There will be some dope visuals by Trip The Light, a food truck, and more. Don't miss. Feel free to join the event if you will be down in Houston then. Any questions can be directed here, or there. Hope to see you soon
  23. File Name: Autechre Live in Zagreb, 06.11.2016. File Submitter: xox File Submitted: 08 Nov 2016 File Category: Autechre Recorded with Olympus LS-11 as 44.1k/24bit wave file. After editing converted to 44.1k/16bit FLAC. - xox Click here to download this file
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