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Found 10 results

  1. Since we have a few Zombies on here, thought it about time we have a MBM club. Something to start things off right: http://cratedigging.co/10/11407/rchecka_-_jacked__a_meat_beat_manifesto_dj_mix_?fbclid=IwAR17LJJYVnULsi8ukBjKvcxZOiQRo2Kuey5wHfI98ahT1A1Mbp4tZzO130g
  2. Another digital album from Jack Dangers + Bass Kittens: https://igloomag.com/newswire/the-jds-store-detective-video?fbclid=IwAR0y4w9TAGAx8g2ipesDmfmwMmIZQlIZZTdE2qfXCFkTlbmXNR3lZAacB70
  3. https://yellow-machines.bandcamp.com/album/ym016-one-scanone-meat-beat-manifesto?fbclid=IwAR0mWMH2MIEKGz-4DJ3VGcDmRHJXfYPgETMH8fPV84YChMoM-Yoytvy4cZA
  4. https://armcomm.co.uk/products/s-o-o-n-noise-a5-cd-digipack-arm-cd-004?fbclid=IwAR0EeWsRjFPdWjpDXEqrFrakmWGUAjey6H04XuXk5hIby0ozqT26cpxUpCo
  5. "The picture disc is limited to 300 copies, with 150 copies allocated to Electronic Sound readers, and this edition will not be available from any other outlets in the UK or Europe. ‘Opaque Couché’ follows hot on the heels of last year’s ‘Impossible Star’ and is a double album, so two slabs of chunky vinyl for your money. It features 16 brand new Meat Beat tracks – a stew of window-rattling beats and pyrotechnic electronics – and is released in an embossed gatefold sleeve. The album takes its title from what has been described as the ugliest colour in the world. It’s often used on cigarette packaging in an attempt to discourage smoking. The picture disc version features a solid block of opaque couché on all four sides of the album, which was the only way that Meat Beat man Jack Dangers could get the colour onto vinyl." 1. Untroduction 2. Pin Drop 3. [Ear-Lips] 4. Agelast 5. Hailing Frequencies Open 6. Bolinas 7. Call Sign 8. Moving Pulse 9. No Design 10. C/2015 V2 11. CarrierFreq 12. Forced To Lie 13. Break Test 14. Present for Sally 15. Critical Soul Vibrations 16. Wandering Soul #11 https://electronicsound.co.uk/product/meat-beat-manifesto-opaque-couche/ https://meatbeatmanifesto.bandcamp.com/album/opaque-couch
  6. Edition of 300 vinyl copies. https://meatbeatmanifesto.bandcamp.com/album/meat-beat-manifesto-pin-drop-b-w-no-design
  7. Album announcement forthcoming. Interesting read on Jack and Ellen's house being rebuilt from the ground up, moving the massive EMS Synthi-100, and pics of their vinyl collection and new studio: https://www.dwell.com/article/moving-mountains-d0524ee4
  8. 7" vinyl available to order separately for subscribers, or bundled with Issue #33 for everyone. The Alt. mix is pretty tight. https://electronicsound.co.uk/product/subscriber-only-gary-numan/ https://electronicsound.co.uk/product/issue-33-vinyl-bundle/ JACK DANGERS THE MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO MAN TALKS US THROUGH HIS REMIX Q: You’ve remixed the likes of David Bowie, David Byrne, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails, where does Numan fit in? A: I really liked the early stuff, and I revisited it when I knew I was doing this mix, and those songs really stand the test of time. Listening back to that material, you realise how alien it all sounded first time round. Q: How did you go about creating this particular remix? A: I’ve always loved Numan’s vocals and wanted to hear them isolated. With singers liked Trent Reznor, or Bowie, it’s interesting to hear their vocals on their own. They’re always good singers, these people. If you isolated one of my vocal takes you’d hear all the drop ins and outs. But these guys sounds like they go all the way through in one decent take. Numan’s a really good singer, he doesn’t really get credit for it. He has that sneering English accent, he doesn’t do any Americanised vocals, does he? Who is the female singer? Q: That’s Persia, his daughter. She’s 11 years old A: Are you serious! Fucking hell. Her vocal gives it a real world music feel. I would never have thought she was only 11! Q: You’ve quite the electronic arsenal, what weaponry did you bring to the mix? A: I used the Buchla 200 system, an original one, to provide the synth sounds, and an EMS 3000, which I put Numan’s vocals through. I was playing chords to supplement his vocals, which was main thing that I added. I followed the beat, changed some of the drum sounds. That was for the first mix, which is available as a bonus download. On the second mix, which is on the vinyl, I stripped everything back using an Elektron Machinedrum, the Buchla and a vocoder. Q: You have a new album ready to go, haven’t you? A: Thanks for mentioning it. Yes, it’s due for release in December.
  9. Goddamit I'm out of the country :( Sep. 23 - Cold Waves V Festival - Chicago, IL Sep. 30 - Club Data - Dallas, TX Oct. 01 - Numbers - Houston, TX Oct. 21 - DNA - San Francisco, CA
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