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Found 4 results

  1. Selling some CD bundles from my private collection. PM me if interested. Shipping goes from Germany to worldwide. Please ask for shipping costs. Hymen, Ad Noiseam & Antzen Rec. bundle 18 CDs + 1 DVD (CDs are NM / packages VG+ to NM) 45 € - Mad EP - The Madlands Trilogy 3CD (Ad Noiseam) - CDatakill - Valentine (Ad Noiseam) - Contagious Orgasm - Ripple (Ant-Zen) - Exocet - Violation (Ant-Zen) - Mad EP - Not Afraif Of Spiders (Hymen) - Enduser - Form Without Function (Hymen) - Snog - Beyond The Valley Of The Proles (Hymen) - Snog - The Last Days Of Rome (Hymen) - Somatic Responses - Pounded Mass (Hymen) - End - The Sick Generation (Hymen) - Hecate - Seven Veils Of Silence (Hymen) - Nymphomatriach (aka Venetian Snares & Hecate) - Nymphomatriach (Hymen) --> Promo CD in cardboard jacket with artwork NOT ON THE PHOTO BUT INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE: - Ad Noiseam 2001-2006 2CD+DVD (Ad Noiseam) - Lapsed + Nonnon - The Death Of Convenience (Ad Noiseam) - Hypnoskull - Dark Skies Over Planet.E (Ant-Zen) Planet µ bundle 15 CDs (CDs are NM / packages VG+ to NM) 40 € - The Gasman - This One's For You (NM/NM) - The Gasman - Audiogold (NM/VG+) -The Gasman - Love Collection (NM/NM) - Exile - Pro Agonist (NM/NM) - Shitmat - Grooverider (M/VG+) - OOO - Upon Cycles (NM/NM) - Chevron - Everything's Exactly The Same (NM/NM) - Last Step aka Venetian Snares - Last Step (M/NM) - Electronic Music Composer - Abandon Music (NM/NM) - Kyler - Pur Coys Tales (NM/VG+) - Datach'i - Mmale & Ffemale (NM/NM) - Konx-Om-Pax - Regional Surrealism (NM/M) --> Promo CD in plastic sheet with cover - Ra - Ev. Panic Redone (NM/NM) - Milanese - Extend (NM/VG+) - Tim Exile - Tim Exile's Nuisance Gabbaret Lounge (NM/NM) M-nus Records 4 CDs (CDs are NM / packages VG+ to NM) 10 € - Magda - She's A Dancing Machine (NM/VG+) - Troy Pierce - Gone Astray (M/M) --> keine Promo! - JPLS - Twilite (NM/VG+) - v.a. - minMAX (NM/NM) Big Dada Promo Package 7 CDs (CDs & packages VG+ to NM) 8 € - Diplo - Florida - Ty - Wait A Minute - TTC - 3615 (Original-Release!) - New Flesh - Universally Dirty - Lotek Hi-Fi - Lotek Hi-Fi - Bigg Jus - Black Mamba Serums v2.0 - Cadence Weapon - Afterparty Babies
  2. Out a week ago I think - really glad to see Milanese brought out of hiding. Lots of hefty tracks on this one... London based electronic label Combat Recordings celebrates 10 years of audio assault with a huge compilation of sonic weaponry from old and new members of it’s clan. Started in 2004 by Stormfield with “Anger is Strength” etched into the inner groove of the label’s first 12”, Combat label has grown to 34 releases and with nearly 50 artists and crew on board. Its aesthetics of powerful, disciplined sonic aggression are informed by the low-end bass mechanics of London soundsystem culture (jungle/ early dubstep), the cinematic future dystopia of electro and the intricate, glitched out details of electronica and noise. For relatively small label that stubbornly carves out it’s own warped sonic territory, Combat punches way above it’s weight, remarkable in it’s ability to absorb a wide scope of influences and yet forge a tense sound distinctly it’s own, non-compromising yet constantly evolving, which has won DJ support from the likes of Surgeon, Aphex Twin, Plaid, Rob Hall, Mary Anne Hobbs, Rob Booth and many more. Predictably, the label pulled out all the stops for this compo with an impeccable selection from start to finish, showing its knack for sniffing out new artists and pushing them alongside established legends, with extensive remix work to combine diverse strengths between producers. Some tracks come from artists at the very beginning of the label’s history, while others feature entirely new names that hint at the label’s future releases. Tracklist: 01. Stormfield - Collapsing System (Nonima ambient mix) 02. Ontal - Discipline 03. Anodyne - Witch Fight 04. King Cannibal - Doomsday Dancehall 05. Milanese - Return to Iacon City 06. Nonima - Monolith 07. Marco Donnarumma - Hypo Chrysos (Create Her “Full Contact mix”) 08. Fausten - Scalpel Calligraphy 09. Errorbeauty - Perkz 10. Scorn - Gravel Bed (Zan Lyons remix) 11. Point B - Pareidolia 12. Monster X - Immured 13. Stormfield - Dissensus 14. Subjex - Pulsar Telecom 15. ScanOne - UFB 16. The wee DJs - A Little Atomic Bomb 17. Cursor Miner - Fungus Gnat Fighting 18. Dead Fader - Dancefloor Nemesis 19. Anodyne - No gods come here Bandcamp Link [sc5]169221868[/sc5] (couldn't work out how to embed the whole playlist but there are full previews up on there)
  3. With 1,600 vinyl records and loads of CDs in my room, I decided to clear out my closet, only wanting to keep the records which are too dear to me to be sold. So, check out my sales collection: http://www.discogs.com/seller/haemingw I ship from Germany, btw. Good thing about it: Shipping from Germany is rather cheap. One CD abroad is 4 € only. A record is generally about 5-7 €. If you have question, get in touch with me. Best Bertolt Brechtakt
  4. A compilation of electronic music, available for free / pay-what you choose - raising money & awareness for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Available here: http://musicsansfrontiers.com/ Featuring new & exclusive tracks from B12, Plaid, Nightwave, Milanese, Shadow Dancer, Global Goon, Radioactive Man, Jokers of the Scene, Hrdvsion, Posthuman and many more. This is the second charity compilation I've done, was really proud of 2011's Acid Relief (which raised money for the DEC), and this time I've doubled the target to £2000. MSF is a charity I've always supported personally - totally impartial, apolitical and non-religious: just humanitarian & medical aid where it's needed.
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