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  1. Hello, Just wanted to share my love for one of the latest album by our watmmer Coppice Halifax (alias Milieu, Brian Grainger, ...). It's the last Coppice Halifax album, amazing music. Check it out here, it's an essential purchase : http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/pawleys-island
  2. Excellent lineup on the track list: https://iabsentee.bandcamp.com/album/death-certificate
  3. TIGRESS 11 new Coppice Halifax recordings for fans of High Hawaiian Fog, Ocean Lion, Swaying Palms, Sun Cast & Pawleys Island. Releases on Valentine's Day at Bandcamp, on a full-color factory printed 2xCDR edition, but... Stream the title track here : https://soundcloud.com/slowlid/coppice-halifax-tigress Twitch Listening Party happening this Thursday, Feb. 13th 2020. 5:30 PM EST (USA) 10:30 PM GMT (UK/EU) http://twitch.tv/analogbotany Facebook event page : https://facebook.com/events/495321081035681 Generative psychedelic visuals by ABM&D 2 hours of new music (plus) Chat with Brian & other fans Party favors dispensed at the end of the night Come hang out ?
  4. Yo WATMM heads, just pinging you here to letcha know that I have been in a housey-funk mood lately with Milieu and now there's an hour of stuff like this at Recycled Plastics. Recommended if you liked Shallow Earth, and bonus points to anyone who can trainspot any of the samples used here. Price capped at $5.55, also! Long distance hugs and virtual high fives, Your pal Brian
  5. https://recycledplastics.bandcamp.com/album/boredom-composed New compilation of tracks from the variety of aliases from resident polymath Brian Grainger aka Milieu/Coppice Halifax/Bike/etc. Lush beats, merry melodies, spacey drones...what's not to love? (also a great starting point into a VERY deep back catalogue for those who haven't dipped in yet.)
  6. https://milieumusic.bandcamp.com/album/sun-cast While I only just finished listening to this behemoth in full for the first time, I had to take a moment and drop words about this album here. A man many of you are familiar with 'round these parts has put together maybe the defining album of his very prolific career. Of all the music I have been listening to lately (a LOT), no one album has captured my attention quite like this one. Imagine this: a total runtime of 3 hrs and 23 minutes with NO filler. Ambient washes, warm melodies, funky grooves -- it's all here. It's a lot of music, but so well worth the trip. Check it out.
  7. Hello there WATMM, I am pleased to announce the first of two very special compilations of Milieu trax, assembled exclusively for release at the excellent Touched Music label. The two-volume Sunbather's Pharmacopeia is designed to appeal to both longtime listeners, first-timers and the casual consumer in between, and this first volume focuses on material from the earlier phase of the Milieu sound - the slow tempos, detuned synthesizers and bittersweet melodies. As of right now, the release has only been announced via the Touched social media outlets, and there isn't anything on Bandcamp just yet. HOWEVER, a good amount of promo is being done, and some of it is the cool and interactive kind, so read on! To start, multiple videos have been made for some of the tracks on this collection, the first by Mr. Touched himself (and can only currently be viewed via the Touched Facebook page) and the second by Broken Machine Films (the in-house videographers at Illuminated Paths) which is soon to come. There may yet be more videos, but don't quote me because I'm not the one in charge of that department. Secondly, there will be a three-hour online event on the Touched Mixlr feed, on Friday July 26th, which consists of a DJ set from the talented Steve Brown (Combinations In Electronic Sound), a DJ set from myself (moonlighting as DJ Brian Damage) and then a screening of the Touched album. The link to the Touched Mixlr is here, and this will happen at 2PM Eastern Daylight time (7PM in the UK and 8PM in much of the rest of Europe). I will be hanging out in the chatroom at Mixlr to answer questions and shoot the breeze, likely with a couple shots of whiskey in my hand. If anyone here has attended the listening parties I did on Twitch for Sun Cast or Shallow Earth, this will be somewhat like that. And speaking of that last bit - depending on how the Mixlr show goes, and whether or not anyone there missed out, was late coming in, or still wants to listen to music and chat, I'll be willing to have an afterparty on my Twitch channel, where I might even break out the synths and drum machines and jam a bit, or play tracks, or whatever! Bedtime is relative in Milieu Land. Finally, I've answered some studio-related questions in an interview segment for Synthspotting (Twitter & Facebook) and given them a few badly lit photographs of what the studio looks like right now. I don't know when they will post their Milieu feature, but I will try to update this thread when it happens. So there you go - some cool Milieu-related things to look forward to soon. And definitely, if you can, check the DJ set out on Mixlr - it's not your usual DJ affair of just spinning records, but rather, more like an old hip-hop mixtape that takes loops from dozens of different tracks and uses them as building blocks for brand new grooves. I have done one previous DJ mix in this style and you can download that here. There also may or may not be a bootleg cassette containing both of the Brian Damage DJ sets coming out after the Touched release... More info posted here as it comes!
  8. Didn't see a post about this, but it's really been scratching my downtempo/ambient IDM itch today. https://milieumusic.bandcamp.com/album/amtrax-plus
  9. https://recycledplastics.bandcamp.com/album/under-water The artist and gentlemen known to his family as Brian Grainger and to fans as Milieu, Coppice Halifax, Bike, etc has generously put together a compilation in support of people very close to me that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. I am actually a counselor at a school over in the Meyerland neighborhood in Houston that was hit particularly hard. https://www.wsj.com/articles/flooded-again-a-houston-neighborhood-faces-a-wrenching-choice-1504287854 Trying to do every little bit I can do to help....and Brian helped me to deliver the braindance. Quality is high (as usual) on this one. If you want to throw a few bucks toward helping the families at my school, we'd appreciate it! Enjoy!
  10. I got this one for the Jodey Kendrick tracks. Also check out Megan Mcarthy's soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/megsmusicjourney Tracklist 1. DR Phlux – Ct3 (05:52) 2. Jodey Kendrick – Unk (04:11) 3. Foamek – Rotating Wizard (03:42) 4. Milieu – Briam (07:21) 5. Koré – Plasteline Mono (02:43) 6. Face Culler – Rainlands (03:51) 7. NN* – Island To Remind You [Phuket Bird Mix] (04:17) 8. Coppice Halifax – Vapor Dub [Fresh Flesh Flash Mix] (04:46) 9. Melotone – At Last (04:43) 10. Koré – Letter To M (05:56) 11. Nntblst – Blade Runner Blues [spider Eggs] (06:17) 12. Jodey Kendrick – Boo Worm WRK (06:57) 13. Zander One – RUST. (02:37) 14. SoulSonic – Surfing On Analog Waves (04:22) 15. Phoen – Chinaski (06:12) 16. Aia – Thirds (05:49) 17. Coppice Halifax – Leaf Cloak [Healing Herbs From The Forest Mix By The Nautilus Project] (09:14) 18. Brother Blue – Blit Terminal (05:04) 19. DR Phlux – Motor City (03:39) 20. Oonkooma – Polyton C [intelligent Dembow Music] (04:35) 21. Time For Trees – Trails (08:58) 22. Dusklark – Ramune King (03:31) 23. Mosca – Armalite [Ten_Rapid Remix] (06:58) 24. Melotone – Ether (07:10) 25. Milieu – Pawprint Path (07:25) 26. Oxynucid – Suft (06:08) 27. Blind Slime – Through A Backcountry Fox Followed (03:09) 28. The Green Kingdom – Healing Loops (03:31) 29. Orson Throb – After The Rain (03:56) 30. Andrea Porcu – Looking Outside From A Window [soundtrack] (02:48) 31. Substak – Hope & Drone (03:32) 32. Zwei Kreise – Solomon Reach (07:33) 33. Forrest – Sambson (05:52) 34. Megan McCarthy – Untitled [Logan Tipaza Tribe] (06:25) 35. Katsura – Katsura II (11:05) 36. James Shain – Sunny Days (16:23) 37. Parallelism – Sabotage [storm Version] (12:48) 38. Strange Meat – Mercy (03:24) 39. Orson Throb – Underground (04:05) 40. Arjen Schat – Rhodes Improvisation (04:00) 41. Brian Grainger – Gardensoil (58:54) Total length: 04:49:43 https://meganmccarthy.bandcamp.com/album/3067-megs
  11. Hello WATMM! This one's been a long time in waiting, but it's the kinda stuff I think you'd enjoy. Bouncy braindance, originally commissioned for a minimalistic math puzzle game on iOS (which is still available to play, if you like). You can check it out here: https://milieumusic.bandcamp.com/album/zen-original-soundtrack-recording Also, for interested parties, I've just kicked off a new series called PLANGENT LIQUEURS, which will compile all of the hours and hours of Milieu remixes from the last decade. The first two volumes are now out! Also also, I'm running a quick sale this weekend only, it ends midnight on Sun-Day, March 13th EST. ALL THE MUSIC AT MILIEU MUSIC AND RECYCLED PLASTICS IS 20% OFF, digital stuff, CD-Rs, tapes, everything. Enter SPROING at the checkout and watch those moneys roll off... Finally, any new first time orders that come in as of today will receive one of three (or maybe more than one!) new exclusive samplers. Dig it! https://milieu.bandcamp.com/artists Love, Your pal Milieu
  12. http://malfokusita.bandcamp.com (Hit the link above for an 11-minute video of me explaining the series in a bit more depth)
  13. So I realized last year that in all this time producing electronic music, I've never really attempted an acid record. So I tried it, and it got so tangential that I ended up with 2 hours of material. Sensing that the world didn't need yet another double-album, and also because of the fact that the music is more playful than highbrow, I decided to split it into two separate parts. I'm not quite sure how much this qualifies as true acid - it doesn't - but it definitely bears the marks of the genre, as well as all my other favorite things from electronic music. There's loads of melodies and a couple spots of breaks and even a weird jungle track (that's on Part 2)...anyway I put it on FIFTEEN copies of black cassette tape. Get in! Milieu - Polypsilon, Part 1
  14. 01 Swamp Bike 02 Night Bus 03 Plastic Swamp Log http://attacknine.bandcamp.com/album/swamp-bike Pay what you want and pass it around! This is a free single to provide a taste of what is to come in a few months at Attacknine. Some of you may remember the title cut from the Highschool Guitar EP (only a few copies of the clear 12" vinyl are still available here), and Night Bus was previously an iTunes-only exclusive track and now freed from its digital chains. Plastic Swamp Log is a newer recording, written specifically for this single, and features an eight-minute psychedelic reimagining of Swamp Bike with some new changes and vocals as well. Bonus points for some of the additional guitar overdubs on PSL being played by WATMM's own leafs! This is also only the second time I've recorded vocals for something, the first instance being Didn't Sleep At All on the Children Of The Hill 2x7" split with Orick (also still available on lovely vinyl here). Also, there is a mind-melting video for Swamp Bike. HD and full-screen is recommended for this one! [youtubehd]Wvqgicw7Lsk[/youtubehd] You can download the uncompressed high-definition video here: http://t.opsp.in/a19h9 So yeah, hope everyone digs this. I'm really excited to start releasing the stuff I've been working on for Attacknine for years now. More to come!
  15. COPPICE HALIFAX SPRING BLEND MILIEU MUSIC / MMD024 / 2013 Originally commissioned and assembled in 2010, and scheduled for release at Other Heights, Spring Blend is now finally coming up for air, three years after its creation. Essentially, Spring Blend is the perfect doorway between the 2009 Analog Botany series (which has recently been reissued) and 2011's Dusk Versions album at Recycled Plastics (which was also recorded during this time). Inspired by the onset of Spring after the AB series drew to a close, the AB tracks Dusk, Dusk II and Mirror are treated to lovely lush reimaginings by such talents as Ohrwert, Axs, Quantec, Textural Being, Zzzzra and Grad_U, and bookended with two original pieces that both establish and close the colorful mood. STREAM THE ENTIRE RELEASE HERE: http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/spring-blend BUY A LIMITED EDITION CD-R (ONLY 50 COPIES PRODUCED!): http://store.milieu-music.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=60&product_id=163
  16. I've only recently discovered this artist's vast array of music (why has it taken me so long to bump into his stuff!?), and so far I am extremely impressed, especially Brian's work under the Milieu pseudonym. I wanted to create this thread to generate some discussion over his music and I was wondering what are people's favourite releases from him? I'm sure most of the BoC fans here can relate to his music. There are some tracks getting a lot of replays from me - I need to spend more time listening to releases all the way through but so far, the stand out tracks under the Milieu pseudonym for me are: Acid Fried Skate Rink Blackwood Moth Pileus Forest Summer Honey Summer Vacation Daisy Scrapbook Sun Dress Pillow Whiter Pinwheel Carousels (what a track) But I know I have barely scratched the surface... The music is very well produced - surprised the likes of Warp haven't snapped him up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Oph1C6vKd8
  17. http://milieu.bandcamp.com/album/tidewater-petrol-2 Haven't done a big melodic Milieu record like this in a while. Hope everyone enjoys it.
  18. I haven't posted about this series at WATMM yet, but now that it's completely finished (minus a very special remix effort underway) I figured it would probably appeal to a few people here who appreciate things like GAS and the deeper side of the techno pool. Basically it all started with that Rachmaninoff 3LP set of Isle Of The Dead that xxx was posting about here (remember that?). When he was selling some vinyl off I bought that from him, among other things, and thought at the time it could be cool to really take it all the way into deep techno territory, since the material was already very much along those lines. What ended up happening was much bigger than I could have ever expected. I ended up turning out over an hour of recordings for every side of the 3LP set. I built these pieces almost completely live with the worn out vinyl being almost completely by itself as the non-rhythmic source sound, run through reel to reel tape loop processing, a series of hardware FX such as loopers, delays, reverbs, a flanger, a phase modulator and an 8 track mixer. The rhythmic and bass elements were done with three different drum machines run through similar processing, I decided to focus the sessions on a loose arc of time passing in a dense forest acre - volumes 1 and 2 would be pre-dawn/sunrise, volumes 3 and 4 would be midday/sunshine, and volumes 4 and 5 would be sunset/dusk/late night. I wrote several abstract pieces of text to accompany the music as well, and took a bunch of lo-fi Holga photographs for all of the album art. All the pieces were left unnamed, to add to the elemental, sprawling side of the music. In the end it amounted to almost 10 hours of music. 7 different volumes of work, plus Verdant Versions - a Basic Channel BCD-styled compilation of one track from each volume, reworked in a more club-friendly rhythm-heavy form. Then I produced the epilogue piece - Verdant Overgrowth - which is an 80 minute suite that collects and seamlessly mixes every rhythm track from the entire set over an ambient backdrop reduction of all six sides of the original vinyl. I pressed 50 copies of each release individually, then compiled them all in a limited box set at the end. Now, everything from the physical run is out of print (except a small amount of copies of volumes 4/5/6 and Overgrowth) so I've taken some time to put together a definitive digital version of the whole thing. http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/verdant-acre-box-set You can also now buy the individual volumes digitally too: http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/verdant-acre-volume-one http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/verdant-acre-volume-two http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/verdant-acre-volume-three http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/verdant-acre-volume-four http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/verdant-acre-volume-five http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/verdant-acre-volume-six http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/verdant-versions http://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/verdant-overgrowth I know this is a massive amount of music to experience and digest, but I'm incredibly proud of it all and I hope some of you here can dig it as much as I have.
  19. Hello everybody, I know a while back, there was some interest in my dub techno project SEAS with David Tagg - we released a short-run CD-R and 12" back in 2009 and then went into hibernation... Well, we're finally back again, and we've got a new 80 minute album (and corresponding EP), a reissue of the debut album from 2009 (with the vinyl exclusive track " ") and not one but two massive digital compendiums of field recordings/textures/white noise/atmospheres that make up the source of the backdrops from the SEAS albums. To keep everything together, we've put up a new microsite for the band, packed with information: http://seas.recycled-plastics.net/ From there you can buy the SEAS reissue and SEAS 2, either solo or in a discounted bundle. We've also got both albums fully streamable on Bandcamp for those of you who would like to listen first: SEAS: http://recycledplast....com/album/seas SEAS 2: http://recycledplast...om/album/seas-2 And here are the two digital releases, available for a "pay what you want" price: Assembled Landscapes [Volume I]: http://installsound....scapes-volume-i Assembled Landscapes [Volume II]: http://installsound....capes-volume-ii Anyone who wants to get a copy of the new album - HASTE IS ADVISED - we've pressed only 60 copies, just like the debut in 2009, complete with a deluxe plastic case hand-assembled and designed by David Tagg. This deluxe version is also the ONLY place you will get the 20 minute Restructural EP. 100 minutes of new SEAS material awaits!
  20. Download (10 tracks): FREE CD-R (18 tracks, incl. Milieu & Mrs Jynx remixes): $8 plus S&H One of the CD-only bonus cuts: [youtubehd]mRH--NLA4vM[/youtubehd]
  21. Mono/Rot is a double EP (each side of the tape is an entire EP), by Brian Grainger (Aka. Milieu, Coppice Hallifax, and more) as Bike. The Rot EP is a series of 6 tracks presenting a more rhythmic style for Brian. In general they feel like Aphex/Tuss doing a take on minimal dub techno, but with a certain Grainger uniqueness. On the other side, (no a or b here) Mono EP is a single long track that takes the style of the individual tracks on Rot EP, and works it into one long master track. I have to say this work is top notch, very unique and a great ammount of detail to listen to. Pro-dubbed cassette tapes. Limited to 50 copies. http://www.cicadashell.com/MP3/bikepreview.mp3 Buy Now @ www.cicadashell.com
  22. BRIAN GRAINGER & DAVID TAGG PILLBOX T-Z SECOND SUN RECORDINGS / 21MG SERIES 12x3" CD-R SET IN HANDMADE WHITE PLASTIC BOX This is the fourth and final box set of the 21MG Series, a four-year project wherein David Tagg and myself alternately produce an EP of ambient music each month of the year. David designs, cuts and assembles the plastic boxes by hand, and this set is only available for a limited amount of time. Additionally, the previous three years' box sets (A-G, H-M and N-S, respectively) have also been temporarily reissued for this occasion. Each box set is $95 individually, or you can obtain all four sets at once for a discounted price. Anyone who enjoys my ambient output as Milieu or Brian Grainger would like the music contained in these sets, and of course if you're a David Tagg fan then the same goes for you too. LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE FOUR YEAR SERIES: http://21mg.bandcamp.com/ PURCHASE A BOX: http://blackbox-util...ategory&path=66
  23. COPPICE HALIFAX DUSK VERSIONS RECYCLED PLASTICS / RP2 CD-R / EDITION OF 119 From www.recycled-plastics.net : Available for streaming/ordering here: http://www.recycled-plastics.net/
  24. COPPICE HALIFAX & SUBMERSION DILATE / ERODE MILIEU MUSIC / ABX11 / 2012 FIRST EDITION OF 50 (SOLD OUT) SECOND EDITION OF 50 LISTEN OR BUY FOR $12 Musically, this album would likely appeal to any fans of GAS, early Vladislav Delay, and any kind of womblike longform ambient techno. The first 50 copies sold out overnight, so Submersion and I put together a slightly different second edition of 50 to keep up with the demand! Thanks to anyone here who already bought this release!
  25. Available for PREORDER on Saturday September 10, 2011. Street Date: Monday September 26, 2011 A dual 7" Split Release from Brian Grainger and Orick (longtime friends and musical collaborators, John Borucki & Nick Huntington). ***The first 48 Preorder Customers will receive three One-Of-A-Kind photo prints taken by Brian, John, and Nick. These first 48 7"s will be stamped, numbered, and signed by Brian, Nick, and John on the inner sleeve. Limited to 500 Pieces. The set includes: Dual Mixed Color 7"s 7" #1 - BRIAN GRAINGER Side A: "Didn't Sleep At All" & "Endless Orange Daydream" Side B: "Summer Camp" & "Bedroom Curtains" ***(Vinyl-only Track) 7" #2 - ORICK Side C: "Southern Son" Side D: "Chatsworth Evening Glow" & "Grand Old Ocean" ***(Vinyl-only Track) Digital Audio of "Didn't Sleep At All", "Endless Orange Daydream", "Summer Camp", "Southern Son" & "Chatsworth Evening Glow" plus TWO TRACKS EXCLUSIVE TO THIS SET "Didn't Sleep At All (Pacific Version)" mixed by Orick, and "Southern Son (Overhills Version)" mixed by Brian Grainger. One 4"x 4" Vinyl Sticker Four 1" Buttons Preorder Customers will receive a link or code for download of the Digital Package via email on Saturday September 24th, two days before street date. PREORDER HERE
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