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  1. My next album is out now. Neon City features tracks from the same album session as 'Ghost Cities'. Thanks to all those who have supported me so far. I really appreciate it! https://virtekhproductions.bandcamp.com/album/neon-city
  2. Ourson - Night Lily minimal noise drones for television static. an A/V project, ongoing. thought i'd post this here since bandcamp lifted their fees today. i hope you guys are well/staying safe. the visuals for title track. made in OBS:
  3. There is forthcoming release by me. Check it out. Resident Advisor seems to like it. Cheers
  4. Mind over MIDI 'Soft Science' EP 7" Dubplate Version is now available on Bandcamp! https://rohsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/soft-science 
It comes with the original picture taken by the artist himself and used for the original Album artwork.
This record will be shipped around 27th April 2018. - Edition of 20 copies - Reviews: If you can picture the very furthest, coldest, darkest part of Norway, that’s where Mind over MIDI resides. If you want to get an idea of what it’s like there, and can do without the frostbite, then this is the perfect solution. Helge Tømmervåg produces
  5. https://soundcloud.com/bitterlad/lazy-pecking_7b
  6. http://malfokusita.bandcamp.com (Hit the link above for an 11-minute video of me explaining the series in a bit more depth)
  7. A lot of loops I made a while back: https://bitterlad.bandcamp.com/album/journal-tracks https://bitterlad.bandcamp.com/album/journal-steh-bl-vs-butter-lumps-2
  8. [sc5]216477112[/sc5] This came out real minimal and gloopy, maybe analordy (???). one time when I was on drugs, and freaking out, I came upon a golden wall that stretched in all directions, infinitely. I walked up to the wall and felt its cool smooth surface and felt a profound calm and love. my panic and anxiety was, at least, momentarily, alleviated and i basked for a bit. the wall was totally inscrutable and it struck me that it would give me no answers and no clues about what was on the other side of it. true story. heh.
  9. After almost ten years of silence South African musician Felix Laband is back with his new album Deaf Safari. His previous albums are some of the clearest music I've ever heard, so nicely produced. using a lot of field recordings like dripping water in a basement, a sink flushing, a pencil writing on paper. With Deaf Safari he focusses a bit more on vocals and sampling and is more influenced by the Kwaito house scene, while stil maintaining his singnature sound. I've been waiting a couple of years for this album so I'm pretty excited about this one Deaf Safari is out on the 29th of May on Cop
  10. https://soundcloud.com/vaxxn/cyberfunk http://soundcloud.com/vaxxn http://twitter.com/vaxxn http://mixcloud.com/feralsound
  11. Hi, first time poster here lol Thought you guys'd like to check out my Bandcamp page. Lots of releases and genres, some of them not very good, and some decent ones. Comments, suggestions, or criticism is more than welcome. Cheers from Perú! https://carlosfrench.bandcamp.com
  12. I tried my hand at making a minimal ambient mix. First mix I've made public, ever. Comments welcome! http://www.mixcloud.com/omzk/dj-mokz-comamix-2/ Tracklist: 36 - susurrus rosy parlane - willow retina.it - attrazione magnetica dadavistic orchestra - strung valve checkout eleh - circle one: summer transience seesaw - 3sons michael mayer - sully (wolfgang voigt mix) ffwd - meteor storm autechre - altibzz biosphere - déviation oneohtrix point never - submersible brian eno - matta stars of the lid - dopamine clouds over craven cottage autechre - overand
  13. autopilot


    https://soundcloud.com/vaxxd/wavelength This is a mix I put together this month of some very high tech future dnb stuff. It's about 30% original tunes. Please to enjoy!
  14. http://soundcloud.com/minilogue/minilogue-blomma-new-album Minilogue: Blomma (Cocoon Recordings) CD1.: 1. Everything Is All You've Got 2. Atoms With Curiosity That Looks at Itself and Wonder Why it Wonders 3. Forgotten Memories 4. Existensberättigande 5. Nor Coming Nor Going CD2.: 6. E de nån hemma? 7. Mellan landet 8. Evaporerar ut från sitt gömställe
  15. limited edition, 90 minute guitar-ambient tape recorded by an anonymous duo as "The Blue Spaces". cassette & digital available now.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZWdWzMdndc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiwQ4SElvw8 This is really awesome.
  17. shit, this is actually pretty damn good, nice and loose "Two new tracks on this 12″ by Ricardo Villalobos. … a pretaste of his upcoming full lenght album, scheduled for summer 2012." http://www.wordandso...e/article/76320
  18. I'm in need of three musicians/bands to do an important remix or reworking of a track for an upcoming Body 13 project. It can be any genre, style, or what-have-you, but it needs to be no less than 10mins and no more than 20. It will also need to be done ASAP, as in, about a week or two. If you're interested, give me a yell and I'll give you the files. Thanks everyone!
  19. http://love3xrecords...m/track/rhodium Looking for constructive criticism, comments, anything really. My other releases are here: http://love3xrecords.bandcamp.com/
  20. C. Hans - Shot Through With Fakery Nathan Fake - You Are Here (FortDax Remix) [border Community, 2006] Datassette - Humans [Echoecho, 2009] Lusine - The Stop (Robag Wruhme Remix) [Ghostly International, 2007] Grasscut - Muppet (Nathan Fake Remix) [Ninja Tune, 2009] Antoni Maiovvi - The Chase Part 1 [seed Records, 2009] Nathan Fake - Coheed (Traum Schallplatten, 2005] Holden - 10101 (Border Community, 2006) Nathan Fake - Bauxite Dream [border Community, 2012] Margot - Liuff Dub (Margot Records, 2010] Daphni - Ye Ye [Text Records, 2011] Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (Ice
  21. *READ BEFORE LISTENING* im really trying to make a dark creepy album that makes you very uneasy. to fully enjoy try to listen to this in the dark by yourself. im very new at this so any tips to make this creepier would be greatly appreciated. http://soundcloud.com/bewegungrecords/umbra-lurking
  22. Guest

    Netic - Inauora

  23. Guest

    Netic - All Zeroes

  24. http://soundcloud.com/zanderone/suncloud As usual, any comments/criticism welcome
  25. http://label.experimedia.net/022/ http://www.thesingularwe.org/celer/ http://soundcloud.com/experimedia/celer-bedded-in-shallow-blades
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