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  1. Douglas is on a roll with his own releases, and now we get this nice look into his electronic taste (which is interesting because his own music is hard to fit into any style/scene). So many things I've never heard though! If anyone can ID any tracks, please do so. I'm especially curious about the first and second track, assuming the heavy dark beat marking the beginning of a new track. Ever since I've heard Andy Stott's We Stay Together, the beat-track at the beginning of this Dalglish mix is what I've always hoped any future Stott albums to sound like. I was always disappointed. Now I'd love to know what this is.
  2. Ice Cold Soundcloud Link I'm looking for support/interest/enjoyment of a mix I spent a lot of time on the past couple months. I know this message board is probably partial to this style of music but I tried to make it as tasteful as possible. There's another mix up on my page the WATMM'ers would probably like more which has a more wide variety of tunes including a nice IDM bit towards the end (The Rated E For Algorhythm Mix). But today I'm promoting this dubstep in hopes people here will keep an open mind and find some interesting sounds! You know the drill, slap a like and follow on Soundcloud and I'll check out your page in return. I also have 170+ original tunes uploaded. Ty and bless up my twiddlers! Here's the full track list
  3. made a mix of a bunch of stuff i bought yesterday on Bandcamp links in the Soundcloud description in no order - or also you could just peruse my recent Bandcamp purchases here: https://bandcamp.com/araucariaceae i don't make mixes so forgive if some of the transitions and such are weird, but they're deliberate and i like them so ? hope you enjoy and maybe find some new tunes + artists you like
  4. Hi, So since early 2019 I've been spending a lot of time gathering all my favorite bits from Vsnares catalog, eventually gathering them in this massive mix. I tried to make it more eventful than a simple "deck to deck" mix, yet smooth and enjoyable for a casual listener. Hardcore fans might enjoy tracking down all the subtleties too. No deck was used, all the sync & mix was done with Audacity and Calculator, a few effects were added sporadically. Almost every track has been edited at some point. I tried a Mixcloud upload but this got instantly unavailable for USA listeners (really...), so I quickly did a Mixlr link : https://mixlr.com/nyuhm/showreel/lcmx03-venetian-snares-4 Tracklist : https://pastebin.com/JYAnFYTN Hope you enjoy. PS: some might remember 4 years ago i applied the same principle on Autechre discography, still online (and ok for USA ;) : https://www.mixcloud.com/NYUHM/autechre-25-years-the-megamix/
  5. heeellooooo:) I received a lot of requests to upload the mixes from the super radio shows we are doing, as archive, and especially for this one, which seems to have triggered a lot of friends and headz! so im happy to make it public for your psycho-physical well-being during these hard days, and to celebrate, and thanks for a big small victory...having reached 3000 friends on Soundcloud platform!!! bless u, stay safe, stay rave ! (will post tracklist soon!!
  6. Hi gang, I would like to share with you all my jungle mixtape... it's got classics, its got acapella, its got rolling basslines, no it hasn't been very well mastered or EQd but lots of love and hell of a lot of time went into it, thanks and hope you enjoy, heres the link + tracklist: https://www.mixcloud.com/shruggit/junglistic-voyage/ DJ Food - Fungle Junk (1995)Kid Lib - Jugglin Set Speed (2013)Bay B Kane - Mother Earth (1995)DJ Nut Nut - Back To My Roots (1995)Plug - Back On Time (2011)Intense - The Dreamer (1994)Lemon D - I can't stop (1995)Ray Keith - Special Technique (1996)Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Om Unit VIP) (2016)Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP) (1995)LTJ Bukem - Horizons (1995)Adam F - Circles (1997)Sully - Flock (2015)Nut-E-1 & Teknarchi - Tuneful (1995)Novelist - Incredible FreestyleNine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (Aphrodite remix) (1997)MTS - Assembly Line (1995)Macc - If... (2005)Babylon Timewarp - Changing (1995)Origin Unknown - Valley of Shadows (1993)Spirits from an Urban Jungle - Prologue to Freedom (1994)Lemon D - Manhattan Melody (1995)E-Z Rollers - Walk this land (Lock Stock full length mix) (1999)Alex Reece - FVR (1997)Double X-Posure - Go with the Flow (1993)
  7. Well it's that time of year again, time for another annual Halloween mix!!! Now on the 7th year of this tradition, I'm proud to keep the spooky vibes coming. Another blended mix of dark heavy rhythms, growling synths, and eerie vibes for whatever spookiness you may get up to this month. PM me if you want a DL... Tracklist: Meemo Comma - Lake Besides // Pessimist & Karim Maas - A7 // Ossia - Devil's Dance // Scorn - Feather // Hide - Close Your Eyes // Fret - Slowly Moving In // Overlook - The Totem That Guides Us // Cub - Seeing From Above // Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa - Time Of Deceit // Lonefront - Chariot // Karim Maas - Civilize // Broken English Club - Funny Games // Pinch - Walking With Shadows // Katsunori Sawa - Frozen Dirt Trace // Mmph - Tragedy (Roly Porter Remix) // Brick Reds, Black Mauves - Cabochon
  8. hey guys, Here's a mix i did a feew weeks ago, think you might like it. 2,5 hours of IDM with AFX, Autechre, Wisp, Microlith, Analogical Force records etc.
  9. The second episode of CLEAR CHANNEL, the new monthly wannamarchi.club show on CAMP Radio is now available to stream and download https://soundcloud.com/wannamarchi-club/clear-channel-ii Popol Vuh - On The Way (Spalax) Deathprod - Treetop Drive 3 (Smalltown Supersound) Saturn and the Sun - The Central, Sick and Forbidden (iDEAL Recordings) Non - Fire In The Organism (Mute) Boëthius - Marble Floors (Unreleased) Verge - Transient (Avian) Marcus Fjellström - Something Comes From Nothing (Miasmah) Phurpa - Puja Offering and Praises (Ideologic Organ) Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway - Untitled (Fabrica) Radiante Pourpre - II (Antinote) Coil - The Golden Section (Threshold House) Ravenmaster - Poppy Appeal (Broken Britain Cassettes) Drew McDowall - Convulse (Dais) Black Zone Myth Chant - Orbit Slut (Editions Gravats) SHALT - Hypermalthusian (Astral Plane Recordings) Psychic TV - Part IV (Cold Spring) Mike Cooper - The Ordeal (Sacred Summits) Evan Albam - Begotten (Worthless Recordings) Angel Dust - Excavatum (Dinzu Artefacts) Michael Abels - Surgery Prep (Back Lot Music) Nokuit - Patterns Of Instability (NKT) Cristobal Tapia De Veer - Standing Dead (Death Waltz Recording Company) Dead Can Dance - Dawn Of The Iconoclast (4AD) Scuba Death - Mortality Salience (Further Records) Arca - Immortal (Not on label) British Murder Boys - First (Downwards) Ron Morelli - Cross Waters (Hospital Productions) Ray Harman - Vision (Not on label)
  10. The first in (what I hope will be) a series of mixes that explore new/old/obscure electronica. IDM, ambient, experimental electronica...and that stuff in between. clocolan - Redstone - 00:00 The Holocene - The Blood Friends - 01:17 Vangelis - Mare Tranquillitatis - 05:19 Dellalzade - Part One - 06:55 clocolan - In The Rainbow - 09:24 Vangelis - Entends-tu Les Chiens Aboyer? Part 1 - 14:22 Corwin Trails - Arkrider - 16:11 Freescha - Abominable Love - 16:56 Jean-Michel Jarre - Eros Machine - 20:51 Boards Of Canada - Gyroscope - 22:40 clocolan - Machine Learning - 26:07 Christ. - Substation - 28:32 Tangerine Dream - Sequent C - 31:12 Deru - Midnight In The Garden With Ghosts (Remix) - 33:16 Jean-Michel Jarre - Ethnicolor II - 33:55 Ten And Tracer - The Bauplan - 41:10 Aphex Twin - QKThr - 42:16 Ten And Tracer - Bearable Parable - 43:34 Thom Yorke - Pink Section - 46:18 Last Days - Leaving Home - 48:36 clocolan - The Most Vivid Shade Of Green - 50:00 The tracks of my own here will be on a special edition vinyl release due out ~September 12th.
  11. New #podcast/mix: PROBES #16.2. Auxiliaries. Chris Cutler wonders how far you can go with banjos, mandolins, balalaikas, jew’s harps and ensembles of folk instruments. And it’s pretty far. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/probes16-2-chris-cutler/capsula Playlist: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20160129/Probes16_2_eng.0.pdf The PROBES Auxiliaries collect materials related to each episode that try to give a broader – and more immediate – impression of the field. They are a scan, not a deep listening vehicle; an indication of what further investigation might uncover and, for that reason, most are edited snapshots of longer pieces. We have tried to light the corners as well as the central arena, and to not privilege so-called serious over so-called popular genres. In this new auxiliary, we wonder how far you can go with banjos, mandolins, balalaikas, jew’s harps and ensembles of folk instruments. And it’s pretty far. And here you can find the complete series of PROBES! Enjoy!
  12. A Night Of Music From Syl Kougaï (Hear His New Track From Touched 3) Syl Kougaï is a French electronic music producer who lives in the south of France. He composes radically chiseled electronica with very unique sounds. Elaborating them with extreme demands, he has the passion for complex synthesis and deluding acoustics: Molten steel squirted above organic rhythmic structures, acid drops instilled inside food of modulations, bended titanium basses, endless rope mechanism triggered inside the skull. Syl Kougaï has released his third full studio album ΙΧΘΥΣ in a joint effort between the well respected labels Schematic Records (USA) and Hymen Records (DE). Described as « Immense and warped » by the Stalker RadioShow and selected as the best album of 2015 by DSPH Sounds, Dmute.net, LostinSound and Touched Music, it is no exaggeration to say that this opus has shaken the world of IDM. Since its release, ΙΧΘΥΣ has been supported by renowned artists Plaid (WARP Records) who played several tracks in their recent DJ sets and publicly commented « It is indeed a most excellent album! ». The double vinyl version is coming on Schematic this summer. Since then, strong rumors have spread over the web about the track Faucon Titane on the successful compilation Covert of the label Touched Music. Autechre track? Syl Kougaïs one? Obviously, fans of Kougaï seems to have closed the debate. https://soundcloud.com/touched-music/faucon-titane-taken-from-covert-a-touched-music-release What we know with certainty is that he will appear on the next compilation Touched 3 alongside some of the biggest names in the electronic scene, with an exclusive track. Scheduled for late July. Syl Kougaï is currently playing with his total real-time sound generation system all over Europe with scorching new material and has shared the stage with Arovane, Richard Devine, Monolake, Roel Funcken, Monolog, Lakker, Flint Kids... One point is clear, his performances generate the respect and admiration of his fellow musicians. His next apparition will be for the Krake festival in Berlin, Saturday 30th July. Brace yourself for some new exciting and uncompromising music. Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/533308466875757/ Tickets: http://www.killekill.com/shop/ SYL KOUGAÏ MUSIC STORE : http://sylkougai.bandcamp.com/ SYL KOUGAÏ WEB PAGES : http://sylkougai.com/ http://www.facebook.com/sylkougaioffcialhttp://twitter.com/SylKougai https://www.youtube.com/sylkougaitube/
  13. I did a mix of some recent (and not so recent) drone / ambient / techno-ish stuff, mostly played at the wrong speeds. This is a straight from vinyl mix and its all layered rather than beat matched. I think the tunes work together quite well. More mixes to come soon - all from my extensive vinyl collection. I am planning house, techno, trance and d&b mixes where I can actually do some proper mixing - this was a palette cleanser to get me back into the mood for DJing. Note:- There is a bodge transition into the Autechre tune because my wife kept trying to talk to me. Edit:- Complete with surface noise. I love that shit.
  14. 5 hour mix of my favourite Aphex tracks, from almost all his pseudonyms and styles. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OtwLY9HpE0 I'm expecting this to get removed by youtube at some point
  15. File Name: EatTreats003 Anna Lias - Chris Clark Mix [24-05-09] File Submitter: Perezvon File Submitted: 23 Jan 2016 File Category: Clark "What I tend to do is just jam stuff through as many boxes as I can... until everything sort of bleeds into itself and all its surrounding parts." Anna Lias lays down a thick mush of sublime noisepieces from the electronic entity known as Clark. Click here to download this file
  16. File Name: XLR8R Podcast: Clark - November 5, 2013 File Submitter: Perezvon File Submitted: 23 Oct 2015 File Category: Clark 01 Voltek "D503" (Net Lab) 02 Burial "Stolen Dog" (Hyperdub) 03 Clark "Untitled Beat" 04 Black Dog Productions "Olivine" (Warp) 05 Neon Jung "Delirium Tremens (Nathan Fake Remix)" (Magic Wire) 06 Ancient Methods "Untitled" (Ancient Methods) 07 Clark "Amp Loop" 08 Clark "Untitled" 09 Joe "Maximum Busy Muscle" (Hessle Audio) 10 Clark "Untitled Riff" 11 Cristian Vogel "Xpute the Woop Woop" (Tresor) 12 Nathan Fake "Unreleased Error222" 13 Clark "Untitled" 14 Special Request "Broken Dreams" (Houndstooth) 15 Clark "Shuttle Track" 16 Clark "Unreleased Modular Jam" 17 Traxman "Electric Funk" (Lit City Trax) 18 Mark Pritchard "Natty" (Warp) Click here to download this file
  17. New podcast: PROBES #13.2: Chris Cutler digs into new sounds with long-forgotten instruments. Featuring Nissim Schaul, Arvo Pärt, Phil Legard, Ryōhei Hirose, Bülent Arel, George Crumb and more! Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/probes13-2-chris-cutler/capsula Playlist+info: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20150729/Probes13_2_eng.pdf The PROBES Auxiliaries collect materials related to each episode that try to give a broader – and more immediate – impression of the field. They are a scan, not a deep listening vehicle; an indication of what further investigation might uncover and, for that reason, most are edited snapshots of longer pieces. We have tried to light the corners as well as the central arena, and to not privilege so-called serious over so-called popular genres. Related material >>PROBES #13 >>PROBES #13. Transcript >>And here you can find the complete series of PROBES And if you liked PROBES, you will also emjoy Jon Leidecker's VARIATIONS, on the history of sound appropiation and sampling Enjoy!
  18. VLR Returns with another awesome Central Processing Unit mix, now on CD. He has his pick of the best vinyl releases, and makes the most of it. Recommended. http://www.discogs.com/DJ-VLR-CPU-II/release/7023922
  19. New podcast: INTERRUPTIONS #19. The possibility of drumming, by Morten J. Olsen (of N.M.O and MoHa! fame) One can easily compile a list of tags to describe a mix, but the real question is whether the list comes after the mix, or whether all those items in the list were already in the author’s practise/background to begin with. Or maybe it’s a bit of both? Innate music, innate rhythms, universal grammar, YouTube-anthropology, vestigiality, rudiments, Swiss mercenaries, acid techno and other elemental forms of expression. Norwegian drummer Morten J. Olsen (of N.M.O and MoHa! fame) delivers a true tour de force of a mix in which he manages to connect all those more or less distant dots, in order to share his very unique views on percussion music. Listen: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/drumming-morten-j-olsen/capsula Read: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20150608/19Interruptions_eng.pdf Think: If we look at it from an outside point of view, from the point of view of an alien, it seems there is no actual need for music at all. I’ve heard it being called cheesecake, Robin Hayward mentioned it, quoting someone I don’t know, maybe it means we like it but it doesn’t serve a clear purpose for survival? At first this may seem like it goes against an idea of a universal grammar of music, but, in fact it works quite well considering we are equipped with many traits and tools that we are not quite sure anymore what they are needed for, i.e. they have lost their original function (these include the tailbone and the appendix, Darwin’s tubercle – which is a piece on 10% of the populations ears, and also goosebumps) – and music? Or is it rather that we haven’t discovered its true function, yet? Anyway this phenomenon is called (human) vestigiality.11 Incidentally, the same phenomenon is called ‘rudiment’ in Germanic languages. And then we are right at the core of where my mix is going: ‘In percussion music, a rudiment is one of a number of relatively small patterns which form the foundation for more extended and complex drum patterns.’ 12 Wikipedia continues: ‘The term “rudiment” in this context means not only “basic”, but also fundamental. While any level of drumming may, in some sense, be broken down by analysis into a series of component rudiments, the term “drum rudiment” is most closely associated with various forms of field drumming, also known as rudimental drumming.’ Morten J. Olsen + You can find the complete INTERRUPTIONS mix series here (feat. mixes by Dave Phillips, Felix Kubin, Wobbly, Chris Brown, Terre Thaemlitz, Vicki Bennett, Carl Michael von Hausswolf, Ben Vida, Kenneth Goldsmith...) http://rwm.macba.cat/en/interruptions-tag
  20. autopilot


  21. https://soundcloud.com/soundfokz/a-lovely-day-in-babylon All original music crafted by yours truly.
  22. Guest

    Skirmish Blog

    Hi to all the tune lovers out there, This here thread is about a blog I write on with my friend Kenny. We're mad for tunes of all shapes and forms, but mostly banging ones that will set you up for the week/end. We love sharing music cus there's nothing better than finding a tune that hits you just right, and we hope to share that feeling with as many people as possible. We generally rant in between working and playing so the posts may be infrequent, but we hope to provide more regular updates this year. Hitting off 2014 we've just launched our Skirmix feature, where we've invited a number of Djs/Producers to mix things up for us. By the end of the series we'll have a load of mixes which will hopefully show the broad spectrum of electronic music. We're always open to suggestion so do feel free to comment. If anyone would like to get involved by either writing for us, or sharing your music with us then don't hesitate to get in contact either. Sound! :) http://skirmishblog.net/ Latest post: http://skirmishblog.net/skirmix-ben-pest/
  23. Here's a set I played earlier this year at the Shattered night run by the 86 Beatz crew. It happened at Bar-A-Bar, Stoke Newington, London on Friday May 23rd 2014. The night also doubled as a release party for the Subtle Audio Vol III Vinyl / CD. Was nice to be able to play in the home of jungle to launch the release in style ! Here's a link to the set in case anyone is interested ---> https://soundcloud.com/86beatz/code-shattered-sa-vol-iii-launch-party There's a mixture of brand new jungle / drumfunk influenced stuff from the likes of Equinox, B-Key, NCQL, dgoHn, Nebula, Centaspike & Indidjinous, Tim Reaper, Nolige, DJ Future, MartianMan and Enjoy alongside a few older bits from the likes of Optical / Vertigo (Mark Pritchard) Tracklisting: 1. NCQL - Breathe Of The Eve (Subtle Audio Digital) 2. B-Key - Alchemy (Scientific Wax) 3. Nebula - Untitled Jazz (Subtle Audio Vol III) 4. Vertigo - The Drained (Droppin Science) 5. DJ Future - Is It Safe (117) 6. Equinox - Looking At The Moon (Scientific Wax Limited) 7. Martian Man - Hypno Boogaloo (Scientific Wax Digital) 8. Centaspike & Indidjinous - Ominous Mystery (Subtle Audio Vol III) 9. Optical - Raging Calm (Metalheadz) 10. Nolige - This Generation (Drift EP - Free Download) 11. Tim Reaper - Sounds Of Life (Bustle Beats - Unreleased) 12. Ingram (aka Martian Man) - Self Dreams (Enjoy Remix) (Unreleased) 13. dgoHn - 4.37445 Yards (Subtle Audio)
  24. autopilot

    Moving On

  25. New podcast: INTERRUPTIONS #16. On duration: silence is unavailable, please buy time or switch dimensions. Curated by Dave Phillips A mix that manages to cram in over three hundred tracks, opening with Napalm Death and closing with Hanatarash (both bold statements!), is obviously something more than just a collection of musical snippets. Simply stunning for its unapproachable character, the crudeness of its content and the brilliance of its execution, Dave Phillips' sonic jigsaw puzzle is a true assault on the senses that reflects on extreme durations in music and our relationship with the temporality of sound. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/dave-phillips-on-duration/capsula PDF: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20140220/16Interruptions_eng.pdf You can find the complete series here: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/interruptions-tag/ Enjoy!
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