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  1. OPEN VOTING OF "MOST IDM 2020 NOMINATIONS" Top 64 will go into the brackets. Poll closed Sunday 12th 21:34 GMT GO
  2. we have automated ourselves out of jobs soon we will automate ourselves out of music making then perhaps out of existence itself? who is to say. let us ponder these things, and perhaps what it is to be truly Most IDM Hiding the fact that you automated your own job. I believe it was Braintree who automated his own job and nominated this entry, many congratulations to him for being IDM, inadvertently so or not. Let us celebrate by automating enthusiastic responses, sadness for moths, rolling lols, and Uli jokes. Many thanks to everyone poking and prodding along this year with the grab bag of IDM entries we had, voting and shitposting and all. Discussion for possibility of a compilation here or in EKT? I dunno, chat.
  3. Link: https://cytoplantastic.bandcamp.com/album/tribute-to-wearing-headphones-without-listening-to-anything Tracklisting: 1. peace 7 - Tribute to Silent Headphones 2. Sweguno - We... Are the Music Makers 3. Kamulja - Helemaal 4. Envmod - NBS IM400 5. MIXL2 - Bet you didn't see that one coming! 6. A Doomed Venture - Don't, I'm Insulating 7. AdB - Grundig 8. The Twisted Brainwrong of a One-Off Man-Mental - Overlords 9. TRICONE - Delay on Not Listening to Anything 10. Kidrodi - Cretaceous 11. Quality Control - Lemon Lime (Gelatin Dessert Mix) 12. DIEVS KUNGS - Nothing Is Right Nothing Is Left 13. Jonas - POW 14. Zephyr Nova - Insular Travels 15. cubus - a minor spectral painting 16. Notein - Nooffone 17. Trilobot - Headphones Dream of Unheard Frequencies Important disclaimer!!! Please do not donate. I do not need the money. This is a free album by and for the watts community.
  4. It's the finals. To choose between two...can you? Each IDM-lover must make this decision at some point in their lives... Michael, or Marcus? Sean, or Rob? Tom, or Andy? Andy, or Ed? Clark, or Chris Clark? Richard, or Richard (the dead one)? You have to decide between the two. Vote hard. IDM depends on you.
  5. Most were close on the last one, guess that means the voting is getting difficult. And/or there's going to be lots more whining this time...and that's okay. This is general banter, after all. Not much else here but whining and complaining and shitposting so what I'm saying is vote and post your shit and start thinking up ideas for tracks based on these entries 'cause it could be any one of them
  6. Almost done, take a moment away from searching Instagram for new Aphex advertisements and vote carefully. IDM needs you.
  7. This one will be make for some difficult choices, perhaps. But you can do it.
  8. Pretty straightforward from the last round to this one. No ties, 59 voters last time, but there were some sad losses... anyway, there's some interesting pairings and some of us will surely cry once this round is done, but we must be strong, together, and push on despite this. Think of the historical significance, perhaps even of the compilation album (maybe?).
  9. Bracket round 1, you get one vote per section, and you have to vote in each section so pick which is the most IDM of whatever choices you have, even if you think they all suck. There was a weird number of votes, with 59 entries having 9 votes or more and then like 18 entries with 8 votes... I didn't wanna leave anything out of the 64 it should start with so I just included the 8-vote-getters as like 'wild cards' basically, and tried to either clump them together in categories together with each other or with other similarly-popular entries (with 9 or 10 votes). I also made the decision to try and group similarly-popular entries together so we would've have something that got 15 votes fighting for something with 9 votes. I did my best, cut me some slack, but if you see a mistake please tell me immediately (PM). So things are a little funny looking, but it's all done as fairly as I could without any knowledge of how to randomize and pair stuff via software or whatever and trying my best to randomize as much as I could. Good thing is this will all be quick for the rest of the rounds, on your end, as there's no videos and only one entry referencing a picture. Easy peasy voting here now, will leave up through next weekend at least. If you're seeing this post you have to vote, those are the rules people.
  10. Vote as many times as you like, but you have to vote in each section I believe. Root used to randomize the entries but I ain't got them abilities so they're in order that they were nominated. I took pains to faithfully replicate as best I could each entry but occasionally there were bits that had to be cut off, and obviously the pics/videos don't really work in a poll so... If you need to refer to images/videos in the nomination thread, the polls being listed in order should help you find the original post, thread is here: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95071-most-idm-2018 I don't think there are any repeats but if so I'll combine them upon consolidation to the next round. Top scorers will go on to a bracket thing next time. edit: I just realized the k subgroup will be over-represented in the polling since voters HAVE to vote at least once in each section and it's a small section. Oh well? I can edit it if everyone cares enough though :)
  11. Ever wanted to see cancer cells move inside an organism? Wait no more: https://www.hhmi.org/news/new-microscope-captures-detailed-3-d-movies-of-cells-deep-within-living-systems
  12. This year's MOST IDM champion is.... [drumroll/snarerush...] Wearing headphones without listening to anything Join me in either celebrating, protesting, or whatever in between. Let it all out folks, it's been an emotional rollercoaster. This year's brackets took place a long time after the brainstorming begun. We started with more suggestions, and it all narrowed down into the tightest race I've seen so far. Also, the top seed won, which I don't think I've seen before either... In accordance with the customs of our people, I'll put together a thread for this season's MOST IDM compilation, which will be called "Tribute to Wearing Headphones without Listening to Anything".
  13. Semifinals are FINALLY upon us. This is a really unusual group of semifinalists this year!! Just noticed that 3 topics are about NOT doing something, and the other is about NOT knowing something. So negative. So IDM.
  14. The quarter finals are upon us. Unfortunately there was another tie last round, between Uli and Losing the "one" in a track. I withdrew my vote, and as typically happens, Uli lost. Better luck next year, Uli! Our top seed, Wearing headphones without listening to anything, is still going strong. Not being able to hold eye-contact is the biggest upset. Every single match-up it's won so far has been by upset.
  15. We're down to 16 contenders! 2 matches last round were a tie. So I had to remove my own vote and declare the other topics the winner. So: Intentionally losing the "one" in a track, and getting lost in an amorphous bath of buzzes, clicks, and clanks beat Obsessing over music from 20 years ago because it's "cutting edge". and Nominating Ulillillia every year until he wins beat Being shamed for listening to repetitive music. So BOTH Ulillillia topics are still in. Ordinary words that sound vaguely futuristic was one of the lower seeded teams, but it's still in the running, after beating The fact that we didn't award MOST IDM to the minipops kid, and Trying to figure out what time signature a dog is barking in. Not being able to hold direct eye contact is also a lower seeded team, but it has beat Creating a flowchart to assess snare rush potential and Laying in bed with all your synths.
  16. Here's round 2. The results from round 1: Both teams about Ulillillia won. Uli's still got 2 teams in the ring! Both teams about amputating a body part and replacing it with something amusing lost. Sorry amputation enthusiasts, it's been real! One of the two teams about holding off on some action until vaporwave is officially declared dead made it though. The other is officially dead. So that means it is time to listen to vaporwave, but it's not yet time to actually make it. We finally found out that infinity to the power of zero amounts to nothing. Feeling inadequate couldn't cut it this year. DeepDream... keep dreaming! Maybe being kind of unsure perhaps of what you're probably doing, I guess sorta kinda wound up not doing the best, maybe, or something. Laying in bed all day with your synths told the nice tits thread that it was closed a long time ago, and people should probably get over it by now. "Working from home" was fired. White people are still rockin' it. MRI scans's results were positive (or negative.. or whatever)
  17. It's finally here. Vote for as many topics as you like. The top 64 will make it into bracketology. Since we have so many topics, we might go with the top 128 instead... One small limitation is you have to vote for at least one in each category. Sorry! I randomized the order to reduce the chances of bias. Since my schedule's more busy this year than previous years, I don't know exactly when I'll close this. But I'll leave it up for at least a week, probably 2. I'll give some notice before closing it. EDIT: I apologize for the typos. I'll be more rigorous when we narrow down the list a bit...
  18. Hello everyone, One of the submissions for the recent tribute to Olympus Mons album was a synth-pop-ish track by peace 7 called "Get Yo Aastumas". As you can probably guess from the title, the track is awesome. You can download the unmastered track here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/44i03911q31uwg5/peace%207%20-%20Get%20Yo%20Aastumas.aif?dl=0 The track didn't quite fit in with the tribute album, but clearly deserves a big release. So we're putting together a remix/cover/homage album. So for all watmmers who are interested, please submit one of the following: 1. A remix, using the original vocal stems by peace 7. 2. A cover, rerecording some or all of the lyrics (you can even add more if you like!) 3. An homage, including other Schwarzenegger quotes from Total Recall. I'm not sure what the time frame should be for this, but I'm tentatively suggesting October 31st as a deadline. That should leave enough time to record some tracks, while also keeping things relatively snappy. Please submit tracks to [email protected] I'm not going to have strict judging on this album, because I want to include as much as I can. but if you submit something that really doesn't fit into the album (like something completely unrelated to this track, Mars, or Schwarzenegger), I'll let you know why I don't think it's a good fit.
  19. The winner of this year's MOST IDM tournament is Olympus Mons! As is our custom, we should put together a tribute album for Olympus Mons. So let's get those knobs a'twiddlin' and make some massive monumental music for this mighty Martian mountain. The deadline for submitting tracks is June 30th July 6th! CLOSED Instructions for submitting a track (please follow these): 1. Write track(s). You can absolutely submit more than one, and you can even get more than one in the album. 2. Send tracks to cytoplantastic [at] gmail [dot] com. I much prefer emails to PMs, because it's easier for me to keep track of all the submissions. Use dropbox or something because the files will probably be too big to attach. 3. In the email, please include your artist name and the track title. Also, please indicate which is the artist name and which is the track title, because it's sometimes really hard to tell. Rules about the tracks (please also follow these): 1. These must be unreleased original tracks. No previously released material please. We want the album to be fresssshhhhh. 2. Please send uncompressed audio (AIF or WAV files). No mp3s. Try to avoid flacs, but if you have to it's not a big deal. 3. Please send unmastered tracks. The winning tracks will get mastered together so that the album has a good flow. 4. You can submit as many tracks as you like. I like to be flexible about including multiple tracks by the same person. So don't be shy. 5. Collaborations are encouraged. Other stuff you should know about how this process works (read this if you're new): 1. The tracks will be judged by a panel of judges, some watmmers, some non-watmmers. The judging will be reasonably anonymous, meaning that I won't include your artist names in the judging process. Please abstain from showing your tracks to other watmmers before the comp is out. Also, do NOT post your tracks in this thread! 2. The tracks will be judged based on their relevance to the theme as well as how much the judges like your tracks. If you submit a really good track, but it's obviously about the international bagel, it probably won't make it. Make the tracks represent Olympus Mons. 3. You can make the tracks of any length. But, a 20 minute jam session might not work so well on a compilation album so keep this in mind. That said, we have some awesome longer tracks on past albums, and it's never been a problem. We also have some great short interludes. 4. The winning tracks will go on an album up on bandcamp. The album will be under a creative commons attribution license and free to download. Album art stuff Usually a watmmer has visual arts ability and volunteers to do album art. If you'd like to do album art, send me an email or post in this thread. I encourage you to come up with an example of the type of thing you'd do. Past albums have had excellent album and track art, and it's really contributed to the experience. Some past compilation albums we've done: 8th MOST IDM winner: Tribute to Mycorrhizae 7th MOST IDM winner: The rogue planet named CFBDSIR_2149-0403 freely drifting in outer space after being ejected from orbit 6th MOST IDM winner: Incomplete Skyscrapers 5th MOST IDM winner: Nikola Tesla
  20. I'm happy to announce: Tribute to Olympus Mons Link: https://cytoplantastic.bandcamp.com/album/tribute-to-olympus-mons Tracks: 1. Tricone - Mars Base Night Watch 05:07 2. Northern Plastics - When the Red Dust Clears 03:04 3. Grain Bastard - 72 Pascal 03:01 4. Nimajeb - Omon 08:08 5. Sweguno - Psalm of the Polypheme 06:58 6. Grain Bastard - Tumbling Red Tragments 03:00 7. kamulja - sherpa 01:52 8. Zephyr Nova - Ascending Olympus 04:56 9. Zephyr Nova - Red Majestic 04:20 10. Raccoon Acid - Tharsis Bulge 03:45 11. cubus - Nix Limpus 12:14 12. iteritinerant - scarpfall 03:51 13. Embers Lucent - Hypoxic Ascent (Venture Beyond...) [Excerpt] 10:21 I'm super pleased with how this album turned out. It has great textures and atmospheres, punctuated by notable moments of beauty, and the occasional beat. In my mind, it's a perfect album for chilling with a good book. Individual opinions may vary though. Apologies for the amateurish album art. No one came forward so I tried to give it a shot myself this year. I don't like it as much as the art of previous albums but I guess it'll have to do for this year. (But don't be fooled, the music is truly great this year). EDIT: I forgot to mention, this is a free album! Please don't donate money. If you feel like donating to a particular artist (or our mastering engineer, Zephyr), many of them have their own bandcamp pages set up. But wait, there's more! This year Peace7 submitted a fantastic synth-popish track called "Get Yo Aastumas". I didn't want to just stick this great track on the end of an ambient-ish album. That wouldn't be the best thing for the album, and it wouldn't be the best thing for Peace7's track. So we're doing a remix album based around this track. I'll make a thread in EKT soon with the track and the original stems, so we can all get remixing. EDIT: The thread's here
  21. This year's MOST IDM champion has been named: Olympus Mons Olympus Mons is the highest mountain in the solar system. It's located on Mars, and looks like this: It dwarfs everest. Here's a size comparison: It's also fantastically IDM. Here's a video of Neil deGrasse Tyson talking excitably about it: [youtubehd]EewwoaWhT2s[/youtubehd] The final match against Applying architectural principles to everyone but actual architecture was extremely close. It was neck and neck the whole time. In the end, Olympus Mons won by a single vote! The full bracketology can be found here. As is the custom of our people, I've started an EKT thread for a compilation album, tributing Olympus Mons. If you're a music maker, head over there. But for now, let's all bask in the superior IDMness of Olympus Mons, and also congratulate Goiter Sanchez, the one who nominated the topic. (He also nominated last year's winner, Mycorrhizae.)
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