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  1. I have made similar threads to this before but Id rather stick to one and have this be it... (I changed my username cuz reasons) Any feedback is welcome! Some of my tracks:
  2. I think making a singular thread to share my music is more tidy and less intrusive. Here's a couple new tracks I'm somewhat proud of:
  3. Hello watmm. I have been toiling away with making my own zine, based on electronic musical things. I was looking for zines that talked about techno / idm / noisy musical bollocks but didnt find any, so I decided to start one. I am fairly happy with how issue 1 has turned out and I have had some positive feedback thus far, but I want to get more copies out to my target audience.... probably you lot. So the first bunch of people to send me their address will get a copy, regardless of worldwide location yo! PM please and I promise not to share your address with anyone (yada yada data privacy etc...) Brief synopsis:- If you are at all interest in my project, I would consider submissions for Issue 2 (to be printed circa October 2016), especially artwork (which is my weak point) but anything else too.
  4. I feel like an idiot but I can't get the Bandcamp Player Embed to work. Basically I go to the bandcamp track/album, go to "embed", choose layout, choose "wordpress" (not html), and copy and paste the shortcode into the "Bandcamp Player Embed." However, it always comes up with a 400 error code, as seen below. (Or maybe you don't see it!) What am I doing wrong?
  5. Hello music lovers. Does anyone know a 2:14:00 song in this mix? I have been looking for this for quite some time. I wish you all well in this strange corona era. thank u
  6. Hello there! As the title describes, a dear friend/producer of mine and I started a record label/community to promote music as a group. The idea came to our minds while discussing about the diverse and awesome musicians we find almost by accident, how artists of less popular genres don´t get the exposition we believe they should, and also the fact that we tend to move our music (that´s our perception) as lone wolves. So we didn´t think twice, made use of our enthusiasm (and some skills we learned throught the years) and developed an identity, designed a website, launched a blog and started to contact fellow artists too see if there´s people interested in joining us. The name of the project is aquí yacen records, the spanish expression to say "here lie the records". You can check our website right here: www.aquiyacen.com And this is an article with more information: www.aquiyacen.com/post/welcome-to-aqui-yacen We´re looking for artists who like what we´re doing and feel motivated to take part. It is free, no agreement and you would owe us nothing. Our earning and yours is to meet new cool artists and working with them to improve at what we do. Thank you for reading!
  7. https://soundcloud.com/andonhristovseldt/pif-5 . Made this with no intention at all, turned out fun to work on. Blips and Blops
  8. Warner Music signs Endel, maker of an algorithm/app that generates ambient-style music: https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/27/18283084/warner-music-algorithm-signed-ambient-music-endel Didn't Warner learn from Selected Ambient Works Volume II* back in '94? * SAW II famously was one of the worst-selling ambient releases in Warner Bros history, so much so that Warner issued an internal memo that all ambient music signings/releases must have prior management approval, so the story goes
  9. https://soundcloud.com/ev-ia/xiel Let me know what you think...
  10. Latest compilation from one of my favorite little tape labels, this one's got a real kick to it. https://lowincomesquad.bandcamp.com/album/li-016
  11. As reported by NPR and other outlets: https://www.npr.org/2019/03/18/704458168/myspace-says-it-lost-years-of-user-uploaded-music MySpace lost 12 years of customers' music, over 50 million songs from 14 million artists during a botched server migration. I didn't even know MySpace still existed!
  12. Where do you guys find ur music? do you know of any gold troves? I'm curious for particularly large but rather obscure yt channels or soundclouds, spotify playlists, radio shows, bandcamps, lists.. maybe labels that u follow.. idunno.. whatever you might have stumbled by at some point that opened a rabbit hole. I feel like now with the overwhelming amount of music available it has become really tedious to look trough everything and find anything good... I also feel like surely there is a huge amount of gold out there that will never be heard etc but maybs that's just me Originally I was just gonna start a thread to appreciate this channel and thank whoever made it if they lurk around here but then I thought might as well start this thread. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheIDMMaster edit: another place that I've been listening to lately to find stuff is the zoviet france podcast a duck in a tree.. is wonderful and huge https://zovietfrance.podbean.com
  13. I've been really into noise music as of late and I wanna find other people who are into it. I mainly listen to Merzbow. His music is abrasive yet strangely addicting to listen to, definitely an inspiration of mine. I've been meaning to listen to Prurient but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJHHxOyP_Sc Ever see that episode of Frasier where they find that old Shakespeare actor at the scifi convention? And they get him to do solo Shakespeare and it turns out that he is actually quite deluded and not very good at all? This vid is from 2011 but they were on Letterman earlier in March.
  15. open your music player of choice, play all your music on shuffle and post the first 10 tracks that play. ill start Prefuse 73 - The only boogie down Clark - Mother McKnight Steve Reich - WTC/911 I Amon Tobin - Golfer Vrs Boxer Tipper - Carousel Lorn - Signals Physical & Xzist - Giant Adam Beker - something whatever Culprate - Crash Two Steps From Hell - To glory
  16. Hello, My name is Peter and I am 26 years old. I made this record in my attic by myself a while back and would like to share it with you all - hopefully you will find something that you like. Most of it was inspired by Porcupine Tree / Boards of Canada / Radiohead, but many others as well. The recording setup was about as simple as it gets, with a vast majority of it being recorded through an AT 3035 condenser mic into Logic Pro on my laptop. I originally planned to master it but it never happened, maybe someday. Anyway - if you like it, it is free to download so please do. It is also on Spotify if you prefer that. Any and all feedback is welcome!
  17. Starting a dump topic, to begin here is my latest creation https://soundcloud.com/unhek/jehksa
  18. Alright, this will now be the place to locate my newest WIPs and such. Got a couple to kick it off. One hazy/drug-induced cowboy lullaby http://soundcloud.com/hautlle/lullaby and this one which is more my normal style https://soundcloud.com/hautlle/new-thing-wip/s-N1eh7 both are still under construction. Criticism etc is appreciated.
  19. What do you like to listen to in the morning? Personally I prefer stuff that's quite smooth and soothing, like a warm shower, to wake up to and face another day in this cold and weird world. [youtubehd]jXHKo0lwi3U[/youtubehd] [youtubehd]ejQ7KxUeItY[/youtubehd] [youtubehd]_0KyGAfZDHU[/youtubehd]
  20. G'day. Getting in to the hardware game myself. Recently got a MPC 1000 for sequencing duties and been looking at synths and a mixer to get to pump the jams Got inspirired by watching youtube videos of people jamming with gear. Rly cool to c how a track can be constructed live. Tons of boring techno videos out there but there's also many gems. Keen to watch more i haven't found so post 'em here! Here's a few favs of mine Chill Autechre vibes BOCy jam Kraftwerk - Das Model with DIY machines
  21. I'm starting to get back into music making, it's been since 2005. Excited! Who uses Tabletop to create music? I like a challenge, and that's why I decided to make music iPad only. --> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tabletop/id436080882?mt=8 M
  22. I finished these tracks about a month ago, I don't usually produce fast/dark stuff (but I like listening to it). Let me know what you think! https://soundcloud.com/trilobotofficial/kninnab https://soundcloud.com/trilobotofficial/gazt
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