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  1. New Floating Points LP. Out Oct 18. Pre order at bleep: https://bleep.com/release/140555-floating-points-crush Single: Shepherd focuses on beats here, with his most dance sounding tunes to date
  2. https://bicep.bandcamp.com/album/isles Belfast-born, London-based duo Bicep (Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson) release their hotly anticipated second album, “Isles”, on 22 January 2021 via Ninja Tune.Two years in the making, “Isles” expands on the artful energy of their 2018 debut “Bicep”, while digging deeper into the sounds, experiences and emotions that have influenced their lives and work, from early days in Belfast to their move to London a decade ago. “We have strong mixed emotions, connected to growing up on an island” they say, “wanting to leave, wanting to return”. “Isles” is, in p
  3. Out October 9th on Ninja Tune Pre-order: https://machinedrum.bandcamp.com/album/a-view-of-u
  4. https://bleep.com/release/81666-actress-azd https://actress.bandcamp.com/album/azd http://actress.lnk.to/azdAP Sorry about title typo. Mod pls fix.
  5. 1. Lapis 2. Morphogene (ft. Ruckazoid) 3. Angel Speak (ft. MeLo-X) 4. Tell U (ft. Rochelle Jordan) 5. Surfed Out 6. Do It 4 U (ft. D∆WN) 7. Celestial Levels (ft. Jesse Boykins III) 8. Isometrix 9. Spectrum Sequence 10. White Crown (ft. Tosin Abasi) 11. Ocean of Thought 12. Etheric Body Temple 13. Dos Puertas (ft. Kevin Hussein) 14. Opalescent 15. Colour Communicator link
  6. From his email newsletter... Thats all there is... no estimated date or title or anything, but it's still excellent news! Also from his site...
  7. People here into this? Breezed through the previews on Boomkat, sounds like it may be decent, need to listen through though... Dirty and lofi ish I guess. RA didn't seem to like it: https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/22937
  8. [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3571454682 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
  9. So this is out today: https://actress.bandcamp.com/album/lageos ''Following the release of the ’Audio Track 5’ EP and live performances at the Strelka Institute (Moscow), Barbican Centre and Tate Tanks (London), electronic producer and musician Darren Cunningham AKA Actress and the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) are to release a full album of their collaboration on Ninja Tune entitled ‘LAGEOS’. Originally performed at the Barbican in February 2016, the project was curated by Boiler Room and LCO with support from Arts Council England and Ninja Tune. The music created a synergy
  10. September 2013 - Ninja Tune - ZEN200 Tracklist 01. Gunshotta 02. Infinite Us 03. Dont 1 2 Lose U 04. Center Your Love 05. Vizion 06. Rise N Fall 07. SeeSea 08. U Still Lie 09. Eyesdontlie 10. Baby Its U
  11. (beautiful cover work by Simon Fowler, also did A&D) City of Fallen Angels Gasoline Agoraphobia Snakes Vs Rats Broke American Dream Don't Walk These Streets Other Side of the World Hell A Concrete Desert Dog (featuring JK Flesh)!!! Pray (featuring JK Flesh)!!! Another Planet
  12. https://soundcloud.com/technicolour-music/hieroglyphic-being-the-discos-of-imhotep The Disco's Of Imhotep is about creating Frequencies and Vibrations for the Listener that are conducive for him or her to Heal The Mind and Body and Enrich the Soul by creating Hemi-Synced Harmonies and music that contains embedded Binaural Beats. We have been made to believe that electronic sounds are just for Movement, Enlightenment, Primal Afflictions and Entertainment purposes, but it's much more... It's Sound Healing, but the ancestors would call it Frequency Medicine. Medicine is Healing and this pr
  13. KMS are doing a series of collaborative albums titled Editions 1-4. Edition 1 is out Sep 18 and features Fennesz. tracklist: 1. Mysteries 2. On My Mind 3. Waves 4. Loving or Leaving 5. Melt 6. Lighthouse 7. Above Water 8. We Walk Together 9. Our Love
  14. Apparently there is a new Amon Tobin album in the works! As per his webpage "Album recording in progress so no tours scheduled. Watch this space for one off appearances but don't hold your breath" To stay in the loop Sign up for the mailing list" PS does this qualify for a thread under new and upcoming releases or does there need to be an official announcement? reed teh rules I know I'm interested to see what he does after Isam, as that was a pretty big departure from his signature sound at least in my opinion.
  15. Oh man I've just realised I still haven't listened to the new Jaga Jazzist. Has anyone checked it ? The single was great !
  16. https://www.normanrecords.com/records/152783-machinedrum-vapor-city-remixes- http://ninjatune.net/machinedrum/
  17. Oct 2014 - Ninja Tune - ZEN216 Helghast Side (Lorn) All In Order (2:28) Broken Oath (1:53) Cassandra Lives (5:16) Colours Run (4:51) Distance (3:27) Down In It (3:39) Ghost In The Grid (2:35) Resist (3:10) Stahl Arms (2:40) Sympathy For Red (2:43) The Gap (5:11) True Law (4:44) Wither (2:20) Vektan Side (Tyler Bates) Killzone Shadow Fall Main Theme (1:55) Vektan Treachery (1:23) Shadow Marshal Academy (1:04) Prologue (3:23) Exchange (3:36) Sewers (1:15) Behind Enemy Lines (3:19) The Armory (3:25) Return Home (1:18) Under Attack, Part 1 (2:19) Under Attack, Part 2 (2:15) The Black Ha
  18. August 2014 - Ninja Tune - ZEN212 1. Aquí, Port Lligat 2. New Haven 3. Uptight 4. Do Me 5. Greater Antilles Part 1 6. Nine 7. Frontin 8. Untitled 12 9. Ahead The Ship Sleeps 10. Rolling 11. Dos Gardenias 12. Heart & Soul 13. Grief 14. In The Shit 15. Dånger 16. Some Jazz Shit 17. Greater Antilles Part 2 http://ninjatune.net/release/faltydl/in-the-wild
  19. June 2014 - Ninja Tune - ZEN213 01. Forgiveness Step 1 02. Glassbeadgames (& Four Tet) 03. Empty Mind 04. Drones 05. Love of Pleasure (& copeland) 06. Two Leads and a Computer 07. Forgiveness Step 2 08. Like That 09. Lullaby 10. Fashion Skater http://ninjatune.net/release/martyn/the-air-between-words
  20. Sounds good. Reminds me of old metalheadz tunes and also burial and machine drum. Full previews here http://www.junodownload.com/products/lee-bannon-alternate-endings/2322773-02/
  21. 1. Maria 2. Snowbal 3. Le Banquet Cassio 4. Locorama 5. Incredible Things 6. The Devil Drives 7. Foamer 8. Oblivious 9. The Emperor's Launderette 10.Six Minutes In Manchester 11. Diagonal Symphony 12. Golden 13. Wongky 14. A Rainy Night In England "Working on a new album for ninjatune. Some really nice tracks coming up." twitter https://twitter.com/...541407685591040 until then, here is an entire album that funki porcini self-released in december 2011 via bandcamp. it is quite beautiful http://funkiporcini....mp.com/releases ninja tune http://ninjatune.net...t/funki-por
  22. Just announced on FB: "Finished my next EP for Ninja Tune - its called DEBRIS - excited to share my new sounds with you. Thanks for sticking around." Release date TBA
  23. Well well well, it has been 20 years already. In 1993 Luke Vibert debuted with the album "Weirs" (w/ Simmonds). So it's time to reminisce and celebrate. For everybody who missed the mix in the mix section:
  24. Jul 2013 - Ninja Tune - ZENS367 Traklist 01 Eyesdontlie 02 Body Touch First single for Ninja Tune LP Thread: http://forum.watmm.com/topic/77230-machinedrum-tba/
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